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Dogs & Their Men in Art 2

Portrait of Thomas WentworthA few weeks back we posted the first part of this collection, an artistic compilation that celebrates man & his dog (don’t worry ladies, we’ve got some with women & dogs too.

The Big Choice

Although we do find it interesting that there are so many more paintings with women & their animals than there are of the men. This may beg the inevitable question, doesn’t that make them woman’s best friend?

Not The Fickle Type

We think they probably like all of us equally, and that a woman would be more inclined to feel enough emotion for their animal that they’d insist on their pets inclusion in painted portraits.
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Pekingese – Ancient Dog Breeds


Image from deanna_

The Pekingese takes its name from the ancient city of Peking & they were almost considered royalty themselves. Meet another member of the ancient dog breeds of the world.

The History

This compact, stocky little breed comes from what is today called Beijing in China & they were sacred among the people as they were thought to drive away evil spirits. Because of this serious job they were only owned by royalty & those who didn’t possess noble rank were expected to bow in their presence.

These little dogs were so highly thought of that theft of a Pekingese dog was punishable by death.

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Dogs & Their Women In Art 3

The ladies in the Bois de Boulogne Goldsmith in 1897 on a cart

It’s been so much fun compiling all of this amazing dog art – in fact we’ve put together quite a collection & we’re not done yet! We’ve already shown you men & their dogs (& pt. 2) as well as women & their dogs (& pt. 2).
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Wolves For Coloring

Wolves for ColoringLast week we posted about wolves in art and we have such a thing for their wild character we decided to post some more fun wolf art…the kind of art you can color in.

We’ve Done it Before

Previously we’ve posted coloring pages featuring different popular breeds, including the Bull Terrior & the Pug as well as Great Dane & Spaniel. But this time it’s all about the wild cousins and we’ve found some fantastic wolf line drawings that are just begging for some color.
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Wolves in Art

Wolves Attack

Wolves Attack – Józef Chelmonski

Lately we’ve been featuring quite a bit of art in dog form, whether it’s dogs & their men, dogs & their women or just plain dogs we like to see canines on a canvas.
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