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Funny Dog Signs 2

Funny Dog Signs

Image from bixentro

We had so much fun creating our funny dog sign post that we had to keep the torch burning through part 2. Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure there will be a part 3 too.

Silly Dog Lovers

We found signs from around the globe (although most of pt 2 looks American to us) but they all have one thing in common – they made us giggle. So we’ve collected them to share & we’ll continue to stash them away as we run across more.

They just go to show that dog lovers like a heaping dose of humor when it comes to their animals.

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Lhasa Apso – Ancient Dog Breeds

Lhasa Apso

Image from Dzoker

The first small ancient dog we have explored, the Lhasa Apso of today is a popular lap (& show) dog worldwide. Meet another member of the ancient dog breeds of the world.

The History

This squat little breed originated in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet centuries ago & they are named for the city of Lhasa. Initially their breeding was limited to holy men & nobles and they were used as watchdogs in temples & religious centers.

These small animals were considered sacred by the Tibetan people as it was believed that when their master died his soul entered the Lhasa Apso’s earthly body.

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Dog Leg Terminology

When it comes to the dog world, there is a lot of terminology to learn & understand. Everything from head & face terms, dog coat types, & ear shape is subject to a long list of types & terminology.

Here are some basic definitions to dog leg terminology, we’ve separated them by front & hind end & provided the cheatsheet (click the image for a larger view) to the right for quick visual reference.

Forequarter Terms

The terms below refer to the front end of the dog or forequarters.

Bowed Front
When the forelegs curve out between the elbows & pasterns.

Down in Pastern
When the pastern is weak & overly sloped.
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Women & Dogs Together In Art

Belgian summer by the sea ladies with their dogs

Lately we’ve been posting a lot of dog related art with a specific focus on portraits & paintings that feature either men or women and their canine friends.

A World Trend

It’s been really interesting to see the wide variety of styles and representations of the love between animal & master. They come from places around the globe (well, mainly the western world) but it’s still a nice variety of artistic types.
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Funny Dog Signs

Funny Dog Signs

Image from zoomar

Dogs are most definitely among the clowns of the animal world, their natural exuberance and complete lack of self-awareness provides just the right mix of unrestrained silly.

Animals Resemble Their Owners

We like to think that means dog owners have a sense of humor too and some of the signs below prove this theory beyond a shadow of doubt. Regardless what language they are in, each one conveys it’s meaning in simple, direct terms (and often with the best imagery).

Some of them are more subtle than others, but they are all in good fun and show the amiable spirit of animal lovers.

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