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Advertise on Caninest

Advertise on Caninest

Why Caninest?

Founded in 2008, Caninest is a leading website about dogs featuring a variety of entertaining & educational content focused on the canine animal. The site publishes weekly, is promoted via carefully maintained social media accounts and sees around 100,000 pageviews a month. We are happy to provide you a tailor made advertising package based on your needs, just get in touch to learn how.

About Our Traffic

Content and promotion is focused specifically on people within the dog industry and we’ve developed a large network of readers across various social profiles & promotions.

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We offer several different advertising zones which can be purchased for a competitive monthly or yearly fee.

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Get In Touch

If you have questions or are interested in advertising on Caninest please contact me via email so we can discuss your options based on the needs of your business.