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A Guide to Dog Basics



Regardless of how much you know about dogs, it’s always important to re-visit the basics. Whether you are a current dog owner or planning to get yourself one.

A basic understanding of the anatomy of your animal is essential
for any dog owner. Their health and happiness is reliant upon the care you give them, so grasping the basics is important.

Not only does this help you in proper care, but it also makes it easier to discuss and troubleshoot your animal with your vet.

There is a long list of dog breeds and one that will continue to change based on the bloodline mixes and new breeds being developed.

Each breed has its own physical characteristics, depending upon their natural habitat and their man-made uses.

As the site grows we will continue to add information & images about the specific breeds.

Owning a dog is a never ending discovery and there is always more to learn about these animals of ours. We will continue to add strategic information and terminology through articles and pages and keep everyone informed when we do.

Dogs come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Like a fingerprint, each canine color and markings are completely original and unique to them.

Lets face it, this is the absolute most important part of owning a dog, knowing how to care for it. Common sense plays a big part in the care of any animal but understanding a few basic elements can make it even easier.

Stay tuned because we will continue to publish tips and advice on the best way to care for your pet.

Part of owning and loving a dog is the fact that they make us smile. A big part of this site will be dedicated to celebrating our pets and the special effect they have on our lives.