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Dogs in Art

By Paige

The Watermelon

The Watermelon – Grace Hudson

It seems that artists have always had a soft spot for animals & often portraits included the subject’s favorite animal. There is an amazing amount of canidae art out there & we are determined to bring you a large chunk of it.

Here is a fun collection of dog art from artists all over the globe, each one putting their spin on our canine friends.

From wolves to foxes to domestic dog, artistic talent has always had an appreciation for the animal form and dogs were always readily accessible.

Education is Everything

Education is Everything – Jean-Honoré Fragonard


Saved – Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

Bull Dogs

Bull Dogs – Vero Shaw

The Dog Cart

The Dog Cart – Henriette Ronner-Knip

The Champion

The Champion – Sir Edwin Henry Landseer

At The Stables, Horse & Dog

At The Stables, Horse & Dog – Edgar Degas

A Ride Through Water: Safe Crossing

A Ride Through Water: Safe Crossing – Ernst Bosch

More to Come

Of course this isn’t all of it & there is plenty more to come so be sure to check back for art using other members of the canidae family as subjects as well as part 2 of domestic dogs.

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  1. Gary Minshall says:

    What a neat deal you got going here. I enjoy good art and I love dogs, little kids, and of course horses. A GREAT site to look around in.

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