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Saluki – Ancient Dog Breeds


Image from deanna_

A slim, lean dog the Saluki is a natural athlete and comes from the eastern Turkestan to Turkey. Meet another member of the ancient dog breeds of the world.

The History

This elegant and lean animal is thought to be related to the handsome Afghan Hound (another ancient breed). The royal dog of Egypt, the Saluki takes their name from the city of Saluki which no longer exists today. Their likeness appers on tomb paintings that date back to 2100 BC.

The Muslims considered them a gift from Allah so they were only offered as gifts & were never sold.

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15 of The Cutest Dog Toys

Dog ToysLets face it, there are very few things dogs love more than their toys (except us, of course). Not to mention, they are natural born chewers so it’s important to give them something they are allowed to chew so they don’t take it out on your favorite pair of shoes.

Play Time

We went out and found some of the cutest dog toys in town, 15 of them to be exact & brought them here for you to ohh & ahh over. Some for big dogs, some for small dogs – we’ve got everyone covered. For each one there is a brief description and a link to where they can be found on Amazon.
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Caninest Dog Information on Kindle

Caninest KindleFor those of you who don’t know about it already Kindle, it is Amazon’s latest mobile vehicle for techie bookworms – a wireless reading device. This allows readers to access to books & websites on a lightweight device that features a special screen which reduces glare and a battery that lasts a month on one charge.

Read About Dogs Anywhere

Because we want our readers to be able to enjoy dogs no matter where they are we added Caninest blog to their service for those who prefer it. The Kindle device allows users to wirelessly download hundreds of thousands of titles…not to mention the over 1.8 million out-of-copyright books that can be downloaded free of charge.
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Wolves in Art 2

Wolves Attacking a Sleigh

Out of all of the canidae art we’ve shared the wolf art has to be the most dramatic & intense. Often the subject is in dire straits or in attack mode, both of which seem to put them in peril.
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Dog Social Networks

Dog Social Networking

Image from WB – CMH

We like to participate in social media now & again and think that dog lovers should stick together in the wide web world. So we’ve developed a list of dog-specific social networks that our dog loving readers may want to become a part of.

Pack Mentality

It’s no secret that dogs are pack animals and by nature they like the company of others & we think dog owners tend to be social animals as well. These networks are online places where people who share an animal mindset can meet, discuss news & share pictures.
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