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A Huge List of Dog Movies

By Paige

Dog MoviesNeed hours and hours of dog therapy? You came to the right place, there are over 60 dog movies on this list, something for everyone.

For each one we’ve provided a link to where they can be purchased on Amazon & itunes, and where available links to their IMDB page and the trailer (or a clip of the film).

This list is so long, the biggest problem you’ll have is deciding which one you want to watch first, enjoy!

101 Dalmatians (1996)

101 Dalmatians

A live action version of the cartoon classic, following the well-loved story line. Glenn Close is cleverly cast as Cruella De Vil & her performance may make you actually like the character a little.

101 Dalmatians Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer 102 Damlations

A Dog of Flanders (1999)

A Dog of Flanders

A family film set in the European where Flanders used to be (now parts of Belgium & France). This is a story about a young artist who finds inspiration in a dog he helps to nurse back to health.

A Dog of Flanders Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

Air Bud (1997)

Air Bud

A movie about a young boy named Josh who moves to a new city & is too shy to try out for the basketball team, until a runaway Golden Retriever shows him how it’s done. With the dogs help he makes the team & avoids those looking to cash in on Bud’s amazing game.

Air Bud Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer Box Set

Air Buddies (2006)

Air Buddies

Air Bud is the father to five cute puppies with his flair for adventure (and trouble). Not only are these puppies smart, but they can talk too. A fact which takes them on many exciting tails.

Air Buddies Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

All Dogs Go to Heaven

In New Orleans in 1939 this is the adventure of a German Shepherd named Charlie and little orphan girl. Double crossed by his former partner Charlie must get his revenge on his nemesis while protecting his charge.

All Dogs Go to Heaven Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer Box Set

Atomic Dog (1998)

Atomic Dog

The Yates family moves down the street from an abandoned nuclear plant and their dog has puppies with a local stray. The stray is super intelligent due to radiation exposure and when the mother dies he wants his puppies, like now.

Amazon IMDB

Bailey’s Billion$ (2005)

Bailey's Billion$

Bailey is a sweet talking Golden Retriever who comes into a rather large inheritance from his eccentric owner. Relatives form a plot to get the money and get rid of Bailey. A great film for kids.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Because of Winn-Dixie (2005)

Because of Winn-Dixie

Based on the bestselling book, this is a sweet story about a lonely young girl who moves to a new town and the dog that changes her life. Winn-Dixie (the dog) opens the townspeople’s hearts to the young girl and helps her make friends.

Because of Winn-Dixie Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Beethoven (1992)


Beethoven is a 200 pound St. Bernard, who is really cute and really messy, and slightly accident prone. This film follows the adventures of his adopted family when a crazed vet tries to kidnap him for animal experiments.

Beethoven Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer 2nd 3rd 4th 5th

Benji (1974)


This movie never made it to the theaters, but found itself a cult following anyway. Benji is a very resourceful stray who may not look like much but he’s a good one to have on your side. A children’s classic that shot Benji to become a household name.

Benji Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

Best in Show (2000)

Best in Show

A hilarious look at the dog show industry. Centered around a large dog show, this movie follows a group of dog owners as they prepare themselves & their animals for the big competition.

Best In Show Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Beverly Hills Chihuahua (2008)

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

A cheeky comedy about a spoiled Chihuahua finds herself kidnapped while her owner is on vacation. She finds herself in the company of a German Shepherd who helps her to evade the evil dognapper.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Big Red (1962)

Big Red

This film is about a wealthy sportsman named Walter & his Irish Setter show dog. Walter hires a boy to care for the dog and as their bond grows, Red’s interest in the show world wanes.

Big Red Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

Bingo (1991)


Bingo escapes from the circus and is adopted by a little boy who isn’t allowed to have dogs. The family unknowingly leave Bingo behind when they move and he tracks his loving boy master across the nation.

Bingo Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

Bolt (2008)


An animated film about a dog celebrity in a Hollywood show who believes he has superpowers. A real world adventure and some unlikely pals teach Bolt that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero.

Bolt Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Call of the Wild (1997)

Call of the Wild

A film adaptation of Jack London’s classic tale about a dog who is kidnapped and run through a string of unfortunate masters & experiences until he is saved by a grizzly, but kind man.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Cats & Dogs (2001)

Cats & Dogs

An animated adventure that shows us what it is really like in the neighborhood when the humans aren’t paying attention. It’s an all out, high-tech war between cats and dogs who are much more sophisticated than you may think.

Cats & Dogs Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Cujo (1983)


An adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel about a 200 pound St. Bernard who contracts rabies. The once friendly animal terrorizes a mother & son who find themselves trapped in their broken down car. Not for kids.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Digby the Biggest Dog in the World (1973)

Digby the Biggest Dog in the World

A British film about an English Sheepdog who manages to ingest a growth formula that makes him continue to grow. His owner realizes he has to do something before Digby grows to gargantuan proportions.

Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

Dog Park (1999)

Dog Park

A romantic film about dog lovers and the idea that dog parks can be the equivalent of a singles bar. A man on the rebound meets an intriguing woman who prefers the company of her dog to that of men.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Doogal (2006)


An animated adventure about a mutt who loves candy and is on a mission to save the world. Along with a motley crew of friends Doogal has to save the world from the evil sorcerer Zeebad.

Doogal Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Eight Below (2006)

Eight Below

The tale of a friendship between 8 sled dogs who become stranded in Antarctica during a particularly cold spell. Their guide Jerry will stop at nothing to rescue them and both dog and man overcome incredible obstacles to reach each other.

Eight Below Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Far From Home – Adventures of Yellow Dog (1995)

Far From Home - Adventures of Yellow Dog

A 14 year old boy named Angus and his dog are separated from his father during a storm in the Pacific Northwest of Canada and must struggle through hardship to find their way home.

Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Firehouse Dog (2007)

Firehouse Dog

Shane’s dad (a firefighter) rescues a dog (Dewey) and put’s Shane in charge of finding his owner. Shane & Dewey clash at first but grow to appreciate each other through a string of adventures until Dewey’s real owner finds him.

Firehouse Dog Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Fluke (1995)


Fluke is a newborn puppy learning about the world around him until the dreams start. Fluke’s dreams lead him to believe he was a man in a former life and sets out on a journey to discover the truth.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Good Boy! (2003)

Good Boy!

A boy named Owen learns the secret about dogs, they are from outer space and have been sent to earth to rule mankind. Owen rescues one of these aliens from the pound and shows the dogs that humans may not be so easy to conquer.

Good Boy! Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey (1993)

Homeward Bound

A heartwarming story about a golden retriever, an American bulldog and a Himalayan cat who are separated from their family. Fearing the worst for their family, these three set out on an incredible journey to find them.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer Box Set

Hotel for Dogs (2009)

Hotel for Dogs

Andi & Bruce are foster children lost in the system who find themselves a stray dog to adopt. One dog leads them to more and they Team up with other neighborhood kids, they begin to take in strays from all over the city & it almost costs them a safe home.

Hotel for Dogs Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Iron Will (1994)

Iron Will

Based on a true story about a teenage boy who enters a 522 mile sled-dog race to save his families farm. The boy faces physical & mental hardship with his dogs, but through determination & hard work he faces his fears and perseveres.

Amazon IMDB

K-9 (1989)


A comedy about a loner cop in pursuit of a big time drug dealer when he is partnered with the best drug sniffing dog on the business, an unruly German Shepherd called Jerry Lee. Hilarity ensues.

K-9 Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer K-9 P.I.

Lady & The Tramp (1955)

Lady & The Tramp

A family classic, this is the story of a cocker spaniel named Lady and a mutt named Tramp who find a unique love in one another. Their cheeky animal friends (& enemies) make this a fun story for everyone.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Man’s Best Friend (1993)

Man's Best Friend

A nosy reporter breaks into a lab that does experiments on animals and kidnaps MAX an experimental dog with the intelligence of a person. They quickly grow attached and he becomes very possessive of her, but her boyfriend…not so much.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Marley & Me (2008)

Marley & Me

Based on the novel Marley & Me by John Grogan, this is the story of an incorrigible yellow lab and the family that grows to love him in spite of his destructive habits. A story that will touch the hearts of anyone who has ever loved a dog.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer The Book

Must Love Dogs (2005)

Must Love Dogs

A recent divorcee is pushed back into the Internet dating world by a pushy friend. She goes through a list of disasters until she meets someone she likes, just as another potential falls into her lap.

Must Love Dogs Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

My Dog Skip (2000)

My Dog Skip

Willie is an awkward boy growing up during the WWII era is given a Jack Russell named Skip for his 9th birthday. The dog brings Willie to life and infuses him with a charisma that changes his life. A touching story about how dogs change everything.

My Dog Skip Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Oh, Heavenly Dog! (1980)

Oh, Heavenly Dog!

A private detective dies and in heaven he is told he will be returned to earth to solve his own murder & his last case. He is overjoyed until he realizes he will be returned in the body of a dog (Benji). A fun comedy for the whole family.

Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

Old Yeller (1957)

Old Yeller

Old Yeller is a classic every dog lover remembers. It is the bittersweet tale of love between a yellow lab and his boy & a tear-jerking reminder that life is fleeting and we should appreciate those we love every day.

Old Yeller Amazon IMDB

Oliver & Company (1988)

Oliver & Company

Inspired by Dickens’ Oliver Twist, this is a musical adventure about a carefree mutt named Dodger and his band of pickpocket pooches befriend a stray kitty name Oliver.

Oliver & Company Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Scooby Doo – The Mystery Begins (2002)

Scooby Doo

Based on the Scooby Doo Cartoon series, the gang is on the way to a popular spring break spot to investigate reported paranormal incidents. The friendship of the whole gang is on the line in this Scooby mystery.

Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer Box Set

See Spot Run (2001)

See Spot Run

A drug sniffing dog is sent to witness protection and escapes to go on the run from a big crime boss. He finds himself in the care of a postman who doesn’t care much for dogs but grows to love the big guy.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Shiloh (1996)


A young boy falls in love with a mistreated beagle pup owned by his abusive neighbor. The bond developed between boy & dog inspires Marty faces the odds & tries everything he can in the hopes of finding a way to save his little friend.

Shiloh Amazon IMDB Movie Clip Box Set

Snow Buddies (2008)

Snow Buddies

Another fun Buddies classic, this time the Buddies are in Alaska to team up with new friends for a frosty adventure. This time they must complete a dog sled race and find their way home.

Snow Buddies Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Snow Dogs (2002)

Snow Dogs

A Miami Beach dentist is forced to go to Alaska to claim his inheritance, 7 Siberian huskies and a border collie. In order to connect with his roots he vows to learn to mush, the challenges he faces create a bond between him and his dogs.

Snow Dogs Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Soccer Dog (1999)

Soccer Dog

A successful man with a love of soccer adopts a young boy in the hopes of keeping his dream alive in the sport. The boy has no interest until stray a dog shows up with a remarkable talent for the sport.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer Box Set

Space Buddies (2009)

Space Buddies

If you just can’t get enough of the Buddies, here is another one. The third sequel finds the buddies in space. Their shenanigans land them on the moon which can only lead to more playful adventure.

Space Buddies Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

The Adventures of Milo and Otis (1989)

The Adventures of Milo and Otis

Milo is a curious kitten and his best friend Otis is a pug-nosed puppy and together they have a penchant for trouble. A fun adventure tale for animal lovers of all ages.

The Adventures of Milo and Otis Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

The Courage of Lassie (1946)

The Courage of Lassie

Who doesn’t love Lassie? This movie is rife with danger for the poor collie as she goes through one trial after another. As, always the good dogs persevere, but this Lassie isn’t well suited for younger viewers.

The Courage of Lassie Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer Box Set

The Fox & The Hound (1981)

The Fox & The Hound

A children’s classic, The Fox & The Hound is the tale of an unlikely friendship between a puppy and a fox kit. Unfortunately everyone grows up & this coming of age story explores two young friends who later become forced enemies.

The Fox and the Hound Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer Box Set

The Plague Dogs (1982)

The Plague Dogs

From the makers of Watership Down, two dogs escape an evil laboratory & run to the hills for their freedom. On their way out they accidentally release a plague virus. Word gets out they may be infected and the dog hunt is on.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

The Retrievers (2001)

The Retrievers

The Lowry family leaves town for vacation and while away are adopted by a lovable golden retriever, Pilot. Soon to be a mom Pilot gives birth to puppies that steal everyone’s heart. The family can’t afford to keep them but Pilot is determined to change their mind.

The Retrievers Amazon IMDB

The Shaggy Dog (2006)

The Shaggy Dog

An update on the classic, workaholic Dave is transformed into a dog where he is taught some interesting lessons about the importance of taking time for family.

The Shaggy Dog Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer Box Set

The Trial of Old Drum (2000)

The Trial of Old Drum

Charlie & his dog Drum are best friends and their life is full of adventure until Drum is accused of attacking livestock. Together they must solve the mystery & clear Drum’s name.

Amazon IMDB

The Ugly Dachshund (1966)

The Ugly Dachshund

Brutus is a great dane, but nobody told him that. Raised with a family of dachshunds, he thinks he’s a little guy too. His goofy good nature makes his misunderstanding about his own size a dangerous thing & he’s sure to make you giggle.

The Ugly Dachshund Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Top Dog (1995)

Top Dog

Chuck Norris meets animal movies in this action packed flick about a cop whose partner is murdered. He takes on a dog named Reno as his new one to help him solve the crime.

Top Dog Amazon IMDB

Turner & Hooch (1989)

Turner & Hooch

Scott is a compulsively neat detective who is forced to team up with the only witness to a crime, a slobbery dog named Hooch. The result is a big mess in Scott’s life, but as he tries to get the dog to help him solve the case they form an unlikely friendship.

Turner & Hooch Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

Underdog (2007)


A scientist and a police dog named Shoeshine are involved in a lab accident which gives the dog superpowers & turns the doctor mad. Shoeshine is adopted by a boy who encourages him to use his powers to help people & save the city from the mad doctor’s plotting.

Underdog Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

We Think The World of You (1988)

We Think The World of You

Frank and Johnny are in a relationship (even though Johnny is married) when Johnny is sent to jail. While there a war is launched over who will care for his dog Evie, at first Frank didn’t want her, & it took an abusive situation to make him realize he cared.

Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Where the Red Fern Grows (1974)

Where the Red Fern Grows

A coming of age story about a boy who works hard for 2 years to save money so he can buy 2 coonhound pups. Together he and his dogs grow up and face all of life’s challenges in a bittersweet story about what it is to really live.

Where the Red Fern Grows Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

White Dog (1982)

White Dog

A young actress adopts a stray German Shepherd & is horrified to learn (the hard way) that he has been trained to attack black people. A sympathetic animal trainer attempts to help the actress cure the animal of this affliction. Mature themes are explored in this movie.

Amazon IMDB Movie Clip

White Fang (1991)

White Fang

Based on the Jack London novel, a young man wants to fulfill his father’s dying wish by finding gold in the Yukon valley. On his journey a old time gold miner and a wolf-dog who will change his life forever.

White Fang (1991) Amazon IMDB Movie Clip WF 2

Year of the Dog (2007)

Year of the Dog

Peggy is a happy-go-lucky single secretary who lives alone with her dog Pencil. When her beloved dog unexpectedly dies, she is forced to find new meaning in her life and leads her to try new things.

Year of the Dog Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

Zeus & Roxanne (1997)

Zeus & Roxanne

Zues is a lively little dog and Roxanne is a curious dolphin who develop a strange friendship when their respective people fall in love. When their new family is threatened they all have to work together to overcome the danger.

Zeus and Roxanne Amazon IMDB Movie Trailer

So Many Dogs

We’ll keep adding more as we come across them, so keep checking back. If your favorite dog movie isn’t on the list, leave us a comment so we can get it up there.

801 Responses to “A Huge List of Dog Movies”

  1. I watched a dog move when I was like 6, I have combed the entire web using over 20 rephrasing of how to explain it each on 6 different search engines. I never even come close.

    Its animated and the dogs can talk (but not to humans, only other animals)

    It’s about a Family Dog whose family is going on a trip (or moving, for whatever reason the dog couldn’t go with them)So they tie her outside for the aunt to pickup. So the Dog thinks she’s being abandoned, and breaks the rope and chases after them but doesn’t catch them in time. The aunt comes and sees the broke rope and thinks she’s escaped and run off. The dog comes back and lives in the house. She has a puppy. I remember her going out and begging for food from people. Then the house caught on fire. and she had to escape via the chimney with the pup in her mouth. a fireman adopts them and tries to find them a home, but the mother knows he is gonna take them to the pound if he cant and they run away. While Running though the forest the pup gets to a tunnel of sorts and the mother is shot buy hunters mistaken her for a deer or something (Reminds me of Bambi). Anyway the pup eventually lands up in the river and is saved by the male protagonist dog. who lives at the dump with a bunch of misfit dogs, one of them is a dog who thinks a boot is her puppy. I remember bits and pieces of other bits of it. Please, I have checked everywhere, dog sites, Wikipedia lists of Animation, dog movies, Talking animals etc. I cannot find it. But I know it exists and I loved it as a child and want to watch it once more just to get that feeling you get when you see something from your early childhood days.

    thank you so much for your time. Look forward to hearing if you can help me locate it as it was a cherished childhood movie of mine.

  2. Timi says:

    I would also add Balto and Hachiko.

  3. charlie says:

    hey do you think you can add the movie clip to all dogs go to heaven and add a movie clip to call of the wild thank you.

  4. jen says:

    watching ‘Hachiko’ makes me realize how priceless the love and devotion dogs offer their masters. the greatest message of the movie for me is the undying HOPE of Hachi that one afternoon, he’d get to see his master come out the door of the train station. for 10 years, he waited there every afternoon, at the same time and same place. i love HACHIKO. it makes me miss my dogs much more….

  5. travis says:

    I’m trying to find a movie where a guy who goes to war has a german shepherd with him that he trains and it saves his lifeand they develope a strong bond but after he leaves he gives the dog back to his family and he’s real emotional and the family sees how much the dog cares about him and they give him the dog. I can’t think of the movie and I’m. Stuck plz help

  6. Can anyone help me with that movie I’ve been trying to find. I’m still looking and just can’t find it. it’s consuming me not knowing what it’s called.

  7. Vetty says:

    Signus Murdoc…I think the movie you’re looking for is “Scruffy”. Hope this helps :)

  8. Indeed that s the name, Thank you so much, I have been looking everywhere to find out that movies name. You have my deepest thank yous.

  9. Lance says:

    Im trying to find a movie/cartoon from when I was a kid back in the mid 80s to maybe 92. There where like 3 or 4 dogs that could talk and they where from outter space or some other time demention. They where different colors like pink, green, and blue, they where picked out of a pound by some kids that they start to help (for what I dont remember). I know its not much but if anyone can help Id be greatful.

  10. Stacy says:

    I am looking for a movie with a poor little farm girl who is unpopular and has very little friends except for her dog. I barely remember anything about the movie as I saw it when I was maybe 10 (I’m 26 now). At the end of the movie, the little girl ends up having friends and the dog is accidentally killed by being poisoned by a neighbor farm. I loved that movie and have no idea what movie it is. Any help?!

  11. Sylvia says:

    Stacy, that movie is called “Little Heroes” Its a wonderful movie~!

  12. lisa says:

    i would add ‘a tale of mary and three puppies’ to the list. Thanks for the list, it really helped me, i’m trying to find some inspirational dog stories xD

  13. tiffany says:

    hi, i was wondering if anyone knows of this movie, ever heard of it, or knows the name?

    its about a little girl, they were poor, and her mother made her daughters dresses for school.. the little girl had gotten herself a dog, and if i remember correctly, she ran away with the dog, the dog ended up dying in the movie, and either the dad or a family friend brought her a new puppy…. in the movie also, the mom had a jar full of money in the garage for save keepings or something…

    please help me. i would really love to watch this movie again.. thanks..

  14. kat says:

    A long time ago I watched a movie on animal planet about a serial killer who only kills five year olds. The cop in the movie has a female german shepherd dog while she is on the case, the serial killer kills her dog. Then she finds out who it is in the end, and her other dog, Feather, which is an australian shepherd ends up killing the murderer in the end by pushing him off a cliff. Does any of this sound familiar? If you know the movie, please let me know. Thanks.

  15. Sierra says:

    I was wondering if anyone tell me the name of this cartton movie,I watch when i was really young so i don’t remember everything
    but there was an old woman that was rich, her family was these dogs she saved from the streets. well the woman died and in her will wrote that her home and money would go to a dog sanctury, but there were people that wanted the money…
    That’s all I can remember, dose anyone have any idea what’s the name of this movie is

  16. Seth says:

    Hi. Can you add hounded please???

  17. Seth says:

    Also please add the fox and the hound 2 and Santa buddies

  18. Seth says:

    Banto II and Banto III and all dogs go to heaven 2 and cop dog should. Be added. To the list. To

  19. Shannon says:

    Sierra and Lance, Is either of you looking for Pound Puppies from the mid-80’s? There were movies and a TV series. Hope this helps!

  20. kai says:

    TRavis i think i can help you are you thinking of cracker? if so your welcome if not im sorry but that is the inly movie i know of that has a man in war and a german shepherd

  21. Alan Mills says:

    When I was kid I remember two dog based movies that for awhile there I wondered if were simply dreams. I found out that the name of one of the movies was: “You Never Can Tell”. The other remains a mystery. I remember there was a a large man witha beard (Zero Mostel?) who would bark at his neighbors and one day turned into a dog. I think the last scene had him returning to his human state and walks home in a wooden barrel. Anyone remember this movie or was I dreaming?

  22. John Bailey says:

    Hi I am looking for a movie my father-in-law remembers and would love to see again. It is very like homeward bound but is just one dog – a Sheltie (like a small “lassie”) which fall of its owners boat and is carried away by the current but survives and tries to find its owner again. It must do of course but apart from the fact it is an old film – I don’t know any more, if you can help – please have a go!

    Thanks, John

  23. khriztina28 says:

    I highly recommend to those dog movie lovers to watch asian films like ” Hearty Paws, 10 promises to my dog , and A Tale of mari and 3 puppies..” I really love the movies. The actors were so great very touching and really nice movie, though I hardly understand the language but definitely one of my best choices!?

  24. Luke says:


    I think the movie you are thinking of could be “Rain” made in 2001



  25. kyle says:

    well they need to add all three of the dalmatian movies (animated and the 2 live actions) but i need to see shiloh and marley and me cuz i have a beagle and i love labs :)

  26. jessie168 says:

    im looking for a movie where there is a family with two kids one girl and one boy when the dad and son are out shopping they save a dog from the pound. but when they get home they see that the women have also bought a dog. apoodle. thats all i remember but i know it was a good movie. if anyone knows what it’s called can you please tell me cause i looked every where but i cant find it.

  27. Christy says:

    Hey guys. I need help finding a movie also. I have no idea what it is called or what it was about, I watched it over 10 years ago. All I can remember is that there was a big dog/medium sized, either Brown or Black and it was with a little white dog. The scene I DO remember, is that they were both running through an open field, chasing a rabbit or something and the white one either got hit or hurt. But I think it died, because it was just laying there. If any of you remember this or have any idea, I’d be really thankful to know. I’d love to see it again.

  28. Janel says:

    You forgot “Hachiko”, made me cry for a good 5 minutes, I was hugging my dog after like he just died.

  29. Lee says:

    Hello, I’m tryin to find a movie about a little puppy (I believe it’s a golden retriever) that – by accident – sets off to the inland of Australia in a small hot air balloon. He makes friendship with a pink kakketoe (or however you spell it)while trying to finds his way back home.

    Thanks, Lee

  30. shannon says:

    Lee, I think you are looking for the movie “Napoleon” from 1994. Here is the link so you can look it up. I haven’t seen it but my daughter recognizes it!

  31. shannon says:

    Hi Christy, I am not positive but the movie you describe sounds like one of the Benji movies. I believe it is the original where he meets a little white dog and takes her under his care/falls in love… Hard to know since I have collected all the Benji movies as my daughter has grown up but don’t have time to watch them all to get you the exact info :) If you haven’t seen them all they are worth picking up in VHS for a couple of bucks (what I did.) If not, possibly your local library has them available in the kids section! Good luck but give Benji a try first.

  32. kat says:


    i think the movie you are talking about is look whos talking now

    hope it helps :)

  33. Tamie says:

    I am trying to find a movie about a boy and his dog who solve the murder of his father. The father had been put in a well. The dog also dies towards the end and becomes a ghost and the boy is the only one who can see him. The father was a police officer and was investigating something and the two men he was gonna arrest killed him. There was also a little girl who helps the boy too, she is his cousin. At the end they are in a big garage hiding and get it on tape that these men did it. Then they are caught by the men, but get away. Not sure who acted in it either or when it was made. any help would be great! thanks!

  34. eillah says:

    i think you are thinking of the movie Plague Dogs. there was a black lab and a white terrier

  35. Francisco says:

    Hello everyone… I am trying to find a movie that i saw when i was a kid (back in the 80s)…
    It is about a gruop of kids who make a rescue plan to save ther dog fro the animal shelter. I remember they were training in an atraction park or something…
    Tx a lot for you help…

  36. malinda says:

    I have been looking for a moive about a girl that lived in the country and she had a dog and the family need to move cuz of money i think but they didnt know what to do about the dog but later in the story the dog ends up eating some poison that a farm put out for the foxs that was eating his chickens. and that is all i remember.

  37. Alan says:

    This is a great list.

    Consider adding Sounder (1972) and Sounder 2. The movies are primarily about the family more than the dog, but he provides the thread through the stories.

    I recommend the book that The Plague Dogs is based on – good but heart-wrenching.

    People remember that movie – Scruffy – that Signus Murdoc asked about – it’s animated but very dark. Look at the comments people leave on IMDB or the history on Wikipedia.

  38. Alan says:

    Also, To Dance with the White Dog first aired on TV, but it’s good and based on a good book.


    Also Balto: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0112453/

    Last animated movie from Stephen Speilberg’s company before he helped start Dreamworks.

  39. Renee says:

    I was recently looking for a movie I barely remember seeing years ago & my details are minimal but I was hoping maybe someone would know & be able to help me? All I can recall is a young boy with a jack rusell terrier and by some accident (run over by a car i believe) the dog dies and the little boy somehow brings it back to life. It isn’t a horror movie like Pet Cemetery I don’t think but it is sort of twisted. And the dog is still a good dog, faithful 7 friendly only he’s sort of stitched up in the face and well that’s all I can remember. Anyone have any ideas to the name of this movie please let me know, thanks !

  40. AMANDA says:



  41. AMANDA says:


  42. Joe says:

    There are two movies that really impacted me and that I saw as a child around 1974.

    The first, I just found: Paddle to the Sea. No dog in this one, but…

    The second, I still can’t locate. What I recall is a puppy crawls into a wooden barrel just as the farmer (?) loads it on the truck and drives away. Of course, the barrel fall off and rolls down the wooded hillside, crashing against a tree. The puppy is now lost and alone. I recall the deep and folksy voice of the narrator. The movie was in color. Any leads out there?

  43. nmraobandi says:

    watched a movie during my college days…

    the master of the dog is killed by a person and dog
    chases the killer…between the run, the killer lays
    a woman and the dog kills the woman..scenting the smell
    of the man on the woman…in the final scene…the killer
    runs to catch a plane and the dog is shot trying catching
    him in the end.

    dont remember the name of the film

    help out finding the name of the film

    want to see it again.

    love folks…

  44. Peter Aird says:

    Red Dog, a fantastic book about a stray dog, by Louis de Bernieres (author of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin) and available on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Red-Dog-Louis-Bernieres/dp/0099429047 – is a new dog movie, in post-production. Watch out for it, if it is half as good as the book, it will be marvellous.

  45. chelsea says:

    hi im looking for a movie about a dog that at first is living with his master a mad scincetist then his master gets killed by some bad guys the dog runs away and is saved by a little boy the doy has a speachel divice that lets him talk and together they try to save the day. also the dog talks in a scottish voice.

  46. Carlse says:

    I’m also trying to find a movie. It’s about a boy who wished to have a dog but instead turned into a dog. It was because he was interrupted during saying his wish by a bee so his phrase turned something like ‘I want, a bee! a dog.’ Can anyone help me please. Been trying to find this one for a long time. Kinda reminded me of my childhood days. I think it was set on Christmas time.

  47. Chris says:

    I’m looking for a movie about a bunch of dogs living in an abandoned house in the city. One of the dogs is a Jack Russell Terrier that is in a wheelchair. Seems like there is an bad gang of dogs after them. Used real dogs. Probably late 80’s early 90’s Thanks.

  48. Kurunji says:

    I dont agree with the list where one of the best movie not listed ….

    Hachiko A Dogs Story (2009)

    This is a true story man how can you miss this …. SAD SAD

  49. Heather says:

    Hello, I am looking for a movie… This movie is about a white dog I think german shepherd, well this man works in a plant and he raises this dog in the basement, I can’t rememeber what happens to the man but the white dog gets another dog pregnant and they have 2 pups one is mean like the father and the other one is nice like the mother. I think it aired on the scfi channel… Can anyone help me please

  50. Samantha says:

    I would like to add Wishbone,Call of the wild old and new one, And An all dogs Christmas corral.

  51. Legend Nguyen says:

    Hi Christmas is coming and i want to get my dad this movie he always talks about when he was younger and lived in vietnam, but i don’t know if this movie even exist any more. The plot of the movie is 5 dogs rob a bank and i googled it and i got The Doberman Gang which seems right but im thinking this movie is before 1972. So i need your guys help it would make my me and my dads christmas that much better. thanks!

  52. CahosRahneVeloza says:

    Hi, there’s a “Dog Movie” that I once saw when I was around seven-ish (I think) about a dog named “Cavic” (or was it Cavick). I can no longer remember what the movie’s story was about except for the dog’s name. I wonder if some of you here know of it as well.

  53. Ajay says:

    I love watching dog movies i have one.He is very cute
    and adorable.

  54. Mel says:

    I’m also curious about the movie chris was talking about. Does anyone know its title?

  55. nessa says:

    You forgot Balto :)

  56. nessa says:

    @Heather It’s on the list…called Atomic dog :)

  57. CahosRahneVeloza says:

    @Chris: That movie is “Babe in the City”, I think.

  58. Avis says:

    My son’s loved this movie they watched about 10 years ago. I know they would love it as a Christmas gift but I can’t remember what it was called. The only thing I remember is one scene because the boys were crying so hard we thought something bad happened to them. The scene was of a “mean?” dog that was telling his story about when he was a puppy he was not wanted and was left out in the rain and had to fend for himself.

  59. renee says:

    travis the movie is chips the war dog

  60. HACHIKO is the biggest dog movie I have ever seen. This movie is simply magnificent.

  61. CahosRahneVeloza says:

    @Avis: That movie might be “Homeward Bound 2: Lost in the City” & the “mean” dog isn’t exactly mean, he’s just a toughed out street dog is all.

  62. you missed Quill a seeing eye dog story in Japan http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0400761/

    a good watch

  63. Al says:

    @Avis The Movie IS: Homeward Bound II: Lost in SanFrancisco. The puppy’s name is Riley whos a street dog. When he was a puppy the boy who got him in a box with a small bow didn’t want to play with him at all, so the family left him in a cardbord box on the coldess, raineist night of the year. Then Riley thought that humans could not be trusted and made freinds with other strays or street dogs and formed a gang to stay away from humans. Then they meet Shadow, Chance, and Sassy who are the main characters in the movie and help them out. Then when Chance runs away, Riley sends Lyla to chase him. At first Chance thinks she’s untrustworty and keeps running but when she catches up he gives up. Then after a little talk they make friends and take a stroll in Lyla’s favorite place in the city which is the park with geese in the pond. Then Chance Falls in love. Then they go meet Riley. Im not telling you the rest because this is the interesting part and I want you to see the movie yourself at Blockbusters of Netflix. I’ll tell you the end tough. Riley then has a change of mind about humans and helps Shadow, Chance, and Sassy get home by crossing The Golden Gate Bridge. On their way home Chance misses Lyla and Lyla misses Chance. In the middle of the road Chance looks back and says goodbye to the city and Lyla and gets hit by an oncoming truck. The owners happen to be on the car behind it and come out. Peter finds Shadow and The girl finds Sassy, but Jamie didn’t find Chance. Then his father tells him he got runover by a truck. Jamie doesn’t believe him and climbs under the truck and finds Chance alive. They go home happily while Chance is still heartbroken. Then when he gets home, Chance doesn’t want to play at all with Jamie. Then suddenly he hears a famillar bark and it turns out to be Lila.
    The family sees the whole thing and Peter askes if they can keep her, so they did and it’s all a happy ending. Hoped I Helped :}

  64. Barb says:

    Amanda, I was looking for the same movie as your co-worker. I thought I remembered Bruce Greenwood played the main character. I searched the web and found this page http://www.citizenlunchbox.com/famous/dogs-M-R.html. It looks like the movie we are looking for is called “Another Chance.” Although the description of the movie doesn’t sound exactly like it, the page above states that “Rocky” was the white German Shephard in Another Chance.

  65. Suzi says:

    Im looking for an old animated movie, it was something I watched in my childhood in the 80´s, so the memories are vaig. I would love to watch it again. I remember it as being a sad movie coz I would cry. Its about a dog, cant rememebr clearly, it was a female dog i think with a heart shaped necklace (looking like Lady), pretty one and she was on the run, i remember snow a gun and I think she gets hurt. There was some puppies involved but im not quite sure…if any one..Please fill in..

  66. Kathy says:

    HACHIKO, please add this movie. It’s one of the best dog movies I have ever seen. It really touched me. Of course I had crocodile tears running down my cheeks in the end. So moving!

  67. niv says:

    in which movie, the master of the dog is killed by a person and dog
    chases the killer…between the run, the killer lays
    a woman and the dog kills the woman..scenting the smell
    of the man on the woman…in the final scene…the killer
    runs to catch a plane and the dog is shot trying catching
    him in the end.

    dont remember the name of the film

    help out finding the name of the film

    want to see it again.

    love folks…

  68. Alicia says:

    i saw this movie, when i was like, 5,8?
    it’s about a kid, around 16, Edward, i think. who’s the TOP DOG at school. no 1 bully. Well, one day, this new kid comes along and accidentally pours milk all over him. He hangs this kid, Justin Taylor from a flagpole, then he skips school and starts throwing rocks at this white, mangy dog (who hid in a car). BOOM! the car exploded. Then this old guy, ‘The Drifter’ showed up and was like, EDDIE MCDOWD! TO TURN BACK HUMAN YOU HAVE TO DO 100 GOOD DEEDS! or something like that, then he turned Eddie into an AUSTRALIAN SHEPERD. Eddie was caught and brought to the pound (this scene is HIlarious, you canNOT miss it). then Justin adopted him (he could only talk to Justin coz he was the last person he bullied), and was like’ YOU’RE EDDIE MCDOWD!? and Eddie was like, in the fur. Oh, and Justin also has this friend Sariffa (BRENDA SONG as a kid, REPEAT: DO. NOT. MISS.).
    I’m pretty sure it was called 100 DEEDS FOR EDDIE MCDOWD. please, Please, PUH-LEEZE add this movie to the list. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!

  69. John says:

    @barb & @amanda…I’m so glad that you remember that movie also. I do not believe it is “Another Chance”. I think it was a mid 80s movie, but I can’t recall it.

  70. John says:

    Disregard. I researched more & you’re exactly right…it is “Another Chance”. That’s bugged me for YEARS. Thank you

  71. joshua says:

    i remember as a kid watchin a dog mvoie i dont remember the name but its about aboy and his german shepherd the boys mom is abused by his step father or father but the dog helps the boy the boy even brings a hobo guy home and keeps him his moms a bar tender but the movie starts as the boy as an adult tells his story to his son and his dog samson(whose grand father was the boy1 who is a man’s dog when he was a boy) i wanna watch it again please help its important

  72. Maria Luisa says:

    Hi I been looking for a movie I am almost sure is one of Disney’s movies, is a movie in which the boy turns into a dog . The dog looks just like the Shaggy Dog but is not that movie, and is not the 1959 version . The movie is in color and think is from the eighties I am not sure abou that vey is not new and is not super old.
    I will like to buy it . Is not Woof and the boy had brown hair and it was in his teen years. I like it very much , but I can remember more. Maybe it was made for tv only.

  73. Ritu says:

    Chestnut is also a very cute doggy movie

  74. Ritu says:

    @Francisco,I think u are talking about the movie “Little Spies”. It was 1 of my fav. movies when I was a kid.

    Hope this helps!!!

  75. yamna says:

    i watched a movie about 10 yrs ago…. i couldn’t remember the name…there is a dog who gets lost in the forest…and there he find some leopard cubs apparently their mother died and he tries to save the cubs and give them to another mother leopard he finds in the forest..n finally he his saved by his master in a helicopter ..its really a very heart touching movie..i couldn’t find the name anywhere..can anyone please help me out …i would love to watch it again…

  76. jay says:

    i am looking for the title of a british movie about a german shepherd and his role in a family’s life. i think the dogs name was prince, but not sure.

  77. CahosRahneVeloza says:

    @yamna: the movie you’re looking for is “Benji the Hunted”

    @Maria Luisa: I saw that movie once too & yup it’s one of Disney’s old movies… sad thing is I too don’t know its title.

    The lead character on it was this teenage boy who finds this ring that had Latin enscription on it which reads “Din Canis Transmuto!” which is literally “Into a Dog, transform!” & as such he gains the ability to transform into a dog.

  78. JayJay says:

    Hey folks,
    I need your help! I remember about 6-8 years ago, i watched a movie, but the name has slipped my tongue. Its about a man that dies and returns to earth as a dog, but its not that “Benji” movie. It either begins with G or F.
    Hope you can help me !

  79. Looking for a lost dog movie. there was an airport scene and the movietitle began with an e or f. That is all I remember

  80. JayJay says:

    To Debbie Reeves :
    I believe you are looking for: Homeward Bound; lost in san francisco.
    Homeward bound 1 is in the list above, and Lost in san francisco is number 2.

  81. Kim says:

    I’ve been looking for this dog related movie! I thought at first it was Benji Movie,.. but the dog was like Benji/Pekenases like dog.

    All I remember it was early 80’s the movie starts in the airport, doh in plastic airline carrier and a child lets it out! The dog tries finding owner and it runs out the airpot and a plan flys over the dog I believe. There was a time it met up with a Husky/Husky like dog and the Husky ends being beat up by a junkyard person and the little dog saved the husky and others dogs. The Dog travel many miles when it got back to the owner’s house!

    Dose anyone know of this movie?

  82. Kim says:

    Debbie Reeves I think that is the same movie I’m looking for too,.. It was like Benji like dog and a child lets it out and meets other dogs inculding a Husky!

  83. Kim says:

    Josh- Radio Flyer

    Jay Jay- Benji The Hunted

  84. Hanie says:

    I’d like to ask what is the title of the movie based on a true story about a dog who was faithful to his master while watching on the graveyard of his master, he was killed and the accused was convicted. this is related to a trial case and I’d like to know the whole story especially on how the lawyer argued. thanks.

  85. Held3 says:

    I’m looking for an old cartoon movie where a St Bernard saves a child of a house on fire and is crushed by a beam and dies.

  86. CahosRahneVeloza says:

    @Kim: Actually the movie JayJay was looking for is “Fluke”.

  87. LeeSmith says:

    Hi everyone,
    my little sister is trying to find a film she says she watched a few year’s ago, she can’t remember what it’s called but she has described it to me and I can’t for the life of me remember seeing it. She says it begins with a small dog (possibly a highland terrier) being thrown out of a limo on a bridge and that he goes to a house where these 2 dogs live and one of them is a scientist. she told me that one of the dogs talks about how he wants to go into space.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you :)

  88. Kim says:

    @Cahos Thanks,.. he was also looking a while back before Fluke.

  89. Cas says:

    I am looking for a specific movie where the main dog is a German Shepherd. He starts out as a pet and is very close to a little kid (can’t remember if it was a boy or a girl, but I’m leaning more towards a boy) Anywho, the German Shepherd gets taken from his family and sent to war, I think Vietnam. That’s all I can remember. And it’s a live movie, not a cartoon.

    Thanks in advance for any help!!

  90. gina says:

    i love dogs and have watched all

  91. Reesie says:

    I am looking for the same movie Kat is looking for. I’ve been trying to find this movie for years. If you know the title could you let me know. PPPLLLLEEEAASSSEEE!!!! Thanks so much!

  92. Angela says:

    Dont forget some of these movies(:
    Radio Flyer-Two little brothers move with their mom and her new boyfriend. Their best friend Shane is a German Shepherd.

    The Dog Who Saved Christmas-The man gets a yellow lab retriever and the dog was scared to bark but ended up protecting the house. There is also another too called The Dog who saved Christmas vacation.

    Castle Rock-A girl goes with her Grandpa to look after something and when he has a stroke, her and his German Shepherd cross pathes with a runaway from the cops.

    DogCop-When a boy tries to find out who kills his dad, his dog comes back as a ghost.

    TheBreed-A thriller movie about a bunch of teenagers who go out to a vacation house and cross paths with a pack of wild dogs who are trying to get them, when they end of thinking they escaped the dogs wont let them go.

    AceOfHearts-A Police dog Ace is a German Shepherd and is acussed of a crime he didnt committ he is shipped away to be put too sleep. Ace`s partner dosnt believe when his daughter tells him that Ace is still out there and is gonna come back.

    GoldenChristmas-When a women finds out the house that was once her home is being sold she tries to ruin a mans chance to have it, but when they find out that they were once best friends as kids by the help of a golden retriever all ends well.

  93. Angela says:

    Also BadMoon-The Point Of Veiw is of a German Shepherd. His owners brother comes and the dog sences something bad about this guy, turns out the guy was a werewolf and the dog tried to help. When they thought the dog was attacking for no reason he gets sent to the Humane Society. But when the man comes back to kill the family the dog has to get back in time.

  94. Anne says:

    HACHIKO a great movie ever, i cried while watching that movie!!!

  95. Kim says:

    Cas- That movie is “Chips The War Dog” It’s a Disney Movie,…There was a boy and girl! It’s based on a real life story of Chips that was Collie/Siberian Husky/Germen Shepherd Dog Mix. He was not taken, but given by the family to The War Dogs For Defence

  96. Kim says:

    Ps, Cas it was WWII and Chips was given the Silver Star and Purple Heart until The Department of Defence, took the medels away in real life and like in the movie 2 friends of the dog and his handler given the dog their medals to Chips. These medals are located at the AKC in NYC.

  97. To everone who was helping me out ,Thanks. I finally went to another site and found it. Heck’s Way Home. It isn’t on Netflix yet so I probably will have to buy from Amazon

  98. Zack says:

    The movie I am looking for is about a dog traveling home by itself. Along the way it meets and stays at an old woman’s house (I remember the old woman also had a few other pets). During the movie, the dog also meets another dog, but that dog is hit by either a train or a car.
    I know this movie is NOT animated. It is also an old movie. It is possible that it could be a Benji movie, but I am yet to find a Benji movie with these scenes in it – so it might not be.
    Any ideas? Thanks.

  99. sal says:

    need to know some dog movies to help a little girl get over her fear of dogs. The movies need to have dogs that are sometimes cranky as well as content. No horror.

  100. Alexis says:


    i have a child her name is marie and she is doing this thing called book club. She wants to invite her friends over and wactch this movie based of the book The Good Dog. if you know were to get this movie please comment:)

  101. Alexis says:

    ps. hurry up she wont shut up about it!!!!

  102. Alexis says:

    one more thing its by avi ands sloryy if im sppelling things wrongf im on an airplanek

    going to L.A.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Alexis says:

    omg, longest plane ride ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid turbulancevb proboly like 10 more mind till we land! uh

  104. eliza says:


    my sister is looking for a movie. she describes it as 2 dogs and 1 cat. the cats name is sassy and they all go on this adventure and end up getting lost. the famliey looks for them but then they return one day. im pretty sure that the movie was made in 1993. if you can identify this movie please tell me! thanks=)

  105. thebradybunch says:

    hi im looking for the same movie as alxis. we really need this movie for my languge arts class. i would really apprieshate it if you could find this movie the good dog.:)

  106. Angela says:

    Eliza, the Movie is Homeward bound there are two. Number one is called the Incredible Journey. There is a Hymalian cat, An American Bulldog and A Golden Retriever. Than the second one is where they get lost in San Frasico.

  107. Angela says:

    Sal, Ace of Hearts is about a German Shepherd that was commited a crime he didnt do and he had to save the family and runite with them.
    Hatchiko is based on a true story of how a man finds a akita pup and they grow up together as best friends.When the man has a heartach the dog waits for him to return forever.
    Little Heros two dogs have to save their boy when he is kidnapped. Its more of a funny movie on how the dogs do that.
    Homeward bound(1&2)A Hymalian Cat named Sassy, American Bulldog named Chase, and a golden retriever named Shadow all get lost in different areas and as always find their way back home.
    Cool Dog is a newer release its about a family that has to get rid of their German Shepherd til they find a place that can allow pets (they move into an appartment)but the dog comes back to the boy and the landlords are running an illegle petshop.
    The dog who saved Christmas is about a dog who was scared to bark and when he was adopted out he had to protect the family from robers.Second movie of this is same title but with Vacation at the end.

  108. Jaime says:

    I’m looking for a super old movie back from the 90’s, I think. I can’t remember exactly; I just remember being real young when I first saw it but I fell in love with it. It had always aired on The Animal Planet. It was about a young girl from a poor family who had no friends and was constantly teased by the other kids from school, particularly this group of smug girls who were more wealthy. One day the girl comes across this stray dog (a large brown dog, can’t remember the breed) and she names it Blue. Her parents won’t allow her to keep so it hides around the house outside every night. They instantly become best friends and ultimately save and hea; each other from the depression of loneliness and teach each other the lessons of love and friendship and growing up in life in general. They go everywhere and do everything together. Unfortunately in the end, one day while the girl is away somewhere the dog wanders into her neighbors yard who owns a chicken coop and accidentally eats poison the neighbor had left outside because wild animals had ben killing his chickens. The girl comes home to find the dog dead and is beyond heartbroken. Time passes and she never really gets over Blue’s death but because of his presence in her life her things had changed. She grew as a person. And in the end her parents bring her home a brand new puppy.

  109. LeeSmith says:

    …she says it’s an animated film… any ideas?

  110. eliza says:

    thanks so much Angela, my sister will be thrilled to know that. i think she is going to invite some of her friends over to watch it. hopefully none are boys!

  111. eliza says:

    Angela you are a life saver! im elizas littel sister talking, im so glad you told us the name of the movie. when i was 11 i watched that movie and could not remember the name to save my life! anyway thank you so much!

  112. tyler says:

    ok i need to find this movie for my brothers littel boy. my brother said its animated and its about this fox that gets left by its mom and goes to live on a farm with a elderly woman. i think he said his name was tod, i cant really remember but thats all the info i remember. if you can get anything from my clues please tell me!:)

  113. Zack says:

    So does anyone know the movie I am trying to find? I’d really appreciate it.

  114. eliza says:

    Zack, I would say that the movie is fox and the hound but you said its not animated sorry but i cant think of anything:|

  115. eliza says:

    oh my goodness. my little sister is obsesed with this song called black and yellow. its starting to get anoying

  116. Allan says:

    I am looking for a movie that is about this dog, living with a couple, where weird things are happening and the couple can’t figure it out. They start thinking maybe the dog has something to do with it, and watch for this, and realize that the dog is becoming as intelligent as a human where he can analyze things and let his thoughts be known to them. I’m not sure, but I think the couple are soon trying to save the dog as somehow, authorities find out about this and want to take him away for research or something. I believe at the end, they are able to save him, and he has puppies, either through another dog, or that he is a she. I’m not sure about this either.It is a great movie, I probably saw it 30 to 40 years ago, but that is just a guess.

  117. Debbie Reeves says:

    Watched Heck’s Way Home. Good movie.Family moving from Winnipeg to Australia and dog gets caught by dog catcher the night before they leave so they have to leave him behind. Tells of his adventures trying to get back to his owner a boy named luke. THIS IS STILL NOT THE ONE I AM LOOKING FOR! My memory is gone. This is what I remember a dog is left on a farm while the family goes on vacation and he gets loose and goes after them trying to find them. Either a late90’s or early 2000 ish movie

  118. sarah says:

    Please help Im trying to find a film from the 1980’s about a boy called Toby who trains husky dogs the film is called Toby can’t rememeber the rest please help

  119. burris07 says:

    Im looking for movie where a dog had alot of money I think he inherted it. I remember there was a bone shaped couch and a like a dog treat bubble gum machine.

  120. Marie Vray says:

    I saw this movie a while ago but all I can remember is that there was this boy who spent a lot of time on this dog shelter farm thing for some reason and he fell in love with the daughter (they were both not yet teenagers though) and at some point he left some door open and they all ran away. They came back but one died. There was more after that but that’s all I remember. Any ideas?

  121. Matt says:

    Travis, the movie you’re looking for is “Chips, the War Dog”. It was a Disney Channel original movie from 1990.

  122. LeeSmith says:

    @Debbie Reeves it’s not Bingo is it? I can’t even remember what Bingo is about but thought I’d give it a try lol

  123. Jiang says:

    I saw this movie once about a dog turning into a homo shapeion and it’s owner try to change him back an his friends help him hack into a place to get a anitode to turn the dog back into a dog.

  124. tp says:

    the journey of natty gann

  125. Brittany says:

    I would also add Rin tin tin, Balto, Hachi, Chestnut (hero of central park).

    I’m also looking for a movie biased on a book, it was about a boy who owned I believe an old english sheepdog, his grandfather was very sick and he had to find money in order to make him better, so he enters a dog sled race with his only dog who ends up dieing at the end and the grandfather ends up getting him a new puppy. If you can tell me what movie i’m talking about I would appreciate it. Thank you

  126. Debbie Reeves says:

    No, Its not Bingo, I watched that recently, about a circus dog. I wish there was a movie database by the year, I think it was on Starz or Encore Family but I dont remember whe.

  127. Lilmoma Johnson says:

    I have a great movie. It’s called Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

  128. Raj says:

    I saw a movie some years ago, for some reason a dog and its master get separated, here the maste is a little boy, probably the boys family is shifting from one place to another and the dog goes through all kinds of hardships like travels all alone through woods and railroad tracks and in one scene gets hungry and pinches the sandwich of somebody waiting at a railways station… walks a long way along railroad tracks.. i do not remember anymore of the story i need the name of this movie so bad.. the dog i remember is a black and white collie or similar kind of dog.. does it ring a bell anybody…


  129. Raj says:

    hey y’all… i am so very happy i found the movie name…

    it is Heck’s way home…every dog lover should watch it…

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet : )

  130. kory says:

    I’ve been trying to find a movie from when i was young. All I remember is that it was about a boy and his dog who have to enter a race to get money to help his sick mother. At the end, the boy’s dog’s heart gives out and the boy carries him across the finish line. Can anyone tell me the name of this movie please??

  131. Chelsey Darocha says:

    another movie is: Life’s Ruff

  132. Johanna says:


    Great dogmovies listed!

    I’m looking for a movie about a girl and a dog. The girl is an outsider and she feels she doesn’t belong anywhere. I rememeber a scene from the movie when the girl meets the dog. The dog is forced to fight other dogs. The girl has entered the building where the dogfights are held and she stands with her back against the door. The dog escapes and reaches the girl who is standing in front of the door. The dog looks in her eyes and the girl slowly moves and opens the door. I think the dog goes down some stairs and is free. I think the dog and the girl meets and become friends.

    Have anyone seen or heard of this movie?

  133. Zack says:

    Brittany – the movie is called “Stone Fox”. It was a 1987 TV movie.

  134. Zack says:

    Still no luck in trying to find my movie. All I can remember is that a dog is trying to get back home. That he meets an old woman (I think she owns a duck??). And that a dog that he meets is hit by a car or a bus or a train (or something)… I remember dad telling me “don’t be too upset – it’s only tomato sauce”.
    I think I saw this on TV around 20 years ago – when I was about 6 years old. It has been tearing at me since that day – Yes, 20 years!! I really need to finally know what it is. Please help me..

  135. Zack says:

    And yes – it was not an animated movie – thanks for trying to help Eliza, but no it is not “The Fox and the Hound”. But I think this is the movie that Tyler was talking about.

  136. Zack says:

    Has anyone ever heard of a Disney Channel movie called “You Lucky Dog”? It starred Kirk Cameron (from “Growing Pains”). A friend just told me about it, but I can’t seem to find any information about it on the internet. Maybe it’s not a very good movie and that’s why I have never heard of it. – Anyone here seen it? What did you think of it?

  137. Melissa says:


    I have been searching for a movie title for a long time now. I was wondering if anyone knew the title of this movie. Here’s what I can remember from the plot.

    There is a little dog (I think it’s a Jack Russell) and his owner is an elderly man. This man is sitting at a big computer desk and he is downloading information onto a disk. He then puts the disk into a pocket on a backpack that the little dog is wearing. He tells the dog to go. Then I think I can remember a lady coming in after the dog has gone and she pushes the man down the stairs and kills him. I think that later in the film the little dog gets run over and i think he has a broken leg. The family that ran him over keep him I think.

    That’s all I can remember, hope you can help.


  138. shareefa says:

    i want a movie that have 2 small girls and 1 lost dog the live in a hotel but there parent says no dogs in the hotel then one girl and the dog have lost

    please find the name of that movie for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. cc says:

    what about pookey/ pooky?? the little puppy? its so cute

  140. Casper says:

    Please help me.

    I have read all of your comments and none of the movies mentioned is the one i’m looking for unfortunately

    I saw it when I was a kid in the very early 90’s so I think the movie is from the 80’s. It is an animated movie about a family dog (I think it’s a German Shepherd but unsure) that has to leave his family unwillingly for some reason. The dad of the family hands the dog over to a new owner but the dog barks at the new owner and snaps its leash and runs away. Eventually it joins a wolf pack or a pack of wild dogs an I think the majority of the movie is about this. Eventually this pack of dogs/wolves reach the mountains where there’s snow and the dog finds out that these hunters have killed his old master and turns on them.


  141. Casper says:

    Found it after a total of 6 hours of searching the web… It is called ‘The Call of the Wind’ (1983).

  142. MidnightToker says:

    Im searching for animated comedy about a dog living in the city, gambling and running from security, with his small dog friend while singing its a dog s life and i love it. Then he`s owners boyfriend try to drown him. He ends up on a farm, And falls in love.

  143. Janice says:

    hello everyone :)

    I’m hoping you can help me.. I’ve been looking all over the internet for this CARTOON film from when i was little (90s). I’ve read all the comments and no one has mentioned anything similar. I remember that it was based on a farm and there’s a group of dogs and all sorts of other animals. They can talk among themselves but not to the humans. I am sure there was a sheepdog, and i think some of the dogs sleep in a small barn. Then i remember there were hens and an annoying rooster. One day vicious wolves from outside manage to go into the barn at night and kill the rooster. The farmer thinks one of the dogs is to blame and drags him through the snow to the forest, and is going to shoot him. The farmer’s children are heartbroken and so are the other dogs. When the dog is about to get shot,the wolves appear again and are ready to attack the man, but the dog/s come/s to his rescue and the wolves run away. I remember snow, a Christmas tree, and a farm etc. It’s a Cartoon movie! Please, if someone can help me to find it, i would be soooo grateful!!

    Thanks :)

  144. MWoods says:

    I am looking for a movie about a man who I think was a cop. He was chasing a bad guy and goes into a labratory. He ends up being implanted with something in his brain. At the same time a dog is born from the machine, a german shepard I think. The implant causes the man to be able to talk to the dog… Any idea?

  145. Sarah says:

    I am looking for the name of this film I have watched along time ago.. Please someone help me find what it’s called..
    I remember parts of the film..
    A husband and his wife argue.. husband goes to his truck.. their little boy hides inside the truck.. the father drives off.. he realises the boy in the truck when he stops at a petrol station.. he calls the mother to let her know the boy is with him.. as the father and the boy are on the road.. a dog gets in their way.. the father crashes and becomes unconscious…. the boy follows the dog until they come upon an old man’s hut..(the dog’s owner)… A gold enthusiast.. he searches for gold at the river.. there are also a couple of bad guys who want to steal the old man’s gold… as i remember.. the boy does not speak due to the shock..

    The old man sees the boy’s picture on a milk carton.. he then sets out to take the boy back home to his parents.. but along the way he is killed by the 2 bad guys who want his gold..

    Please Help..

  146. Cristina says:

    @MIDNIGHT TOKER, the movie is Rover Dangerfield. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0102813/

    I’m looking for a cartoon movies from late 80’s/early 90’s about some puppies. All I can remember is that there are 1 or two kids trying to hide them in a laundry room, and there is a magic portal through the grocery store that takes them somewhere cool. Any ideas?

  147. S. says:

    Please check this site & watch/ download the movie.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benji_the_Hunted / Benji the Hunted is a 1987 children’s film about a dog trying to survive in the wilderness. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures. This was the last Benji movie to star Benjean in the title role.

    yamna says:
    January 31, 2011 at 1:19 pm

    i watched a movie about 10 yrs ago…. i couldn’t remember the name…there is a dog who gets lost in the forest…and there he find some leopard cubs apparently their mother died and he tries to save the cubs and give them to another mother leopard he finds in the forest..n finally he his saved by his master in a helicopter ..its really a very heart touching movie..i couldn’t find the name anywhere..can anyone please help me out …i would love to watch it again…

  148. S. says:

    Benji the Hunted is a 1987 children’s film about a dog trying to survive in the wilderness. It was released by Walt Disney Pictures. This was the last Benji movie to star Benjean in the title role.

  149. SHELLY says:

    i yesterday watched a dog movie,i wanna name of that movie
    its a story of two little sisters living in a orphan home.they have a lil dog (i think dog’s name is Jeff)
    a married couple living in new york adopt these girls
    girls took the dog to their new house
    but their new father is allergic from dogs and all furry animals
    could any one help me to get the name of that movie

  150. ESH says:

    I am looking film about dog…
    The man saw then a other man want into bucket with water want to sink weakest doggy… he stopped this man… and saved doggy life…
    man which went to kill what doggy is offering the strongest doggy, but man keep what little and weak doggy… the dog grown up strong and become best man frend…
    in the end of film this dog was living with man’s friend (old man) wich at night within error shoot it… ;( Please help :) Sorry for my bad english.

  151. LindyLee says:

    Im looking for a movie about a little girl whose house catches on fire and she becomes an orphan. There is a cat and a few dogs involved. Including a dog on a skateboard… I cant think of the name!!

  152. LindyLee says:

    Also, she hides under a bridge. Its storming. While the house is burning.

  153. LindyLee says:

    its animated and also a disney movie im pretty sure.

  154. Clare says:

    Hi there – hope someone can help me – i am looking for a movie and i cant ind it anywhere – i def remember watching it on video when i was younger, it was about a youg boy who owned a dog, and the dog had a gadget collar so that he could talk – that and the fact that they are being chased by bad guys is all i remember :o(

    please someone help…….

  155. will says:

    i remember a film when i was younger but can never remember the name, at the begining the house is getting demolished and theres dogs, they get away then a girl finds the dog or dogs (cant remember) she looks after them and adopts them in a posh house, then the girl finds her dad at the end who she wanted to be with and they are on a strange boat going down a river. someone please tell me!

  156. BlahBlahson says:


    Think you’re talking about “Eyes Of An Angel”. Doesn’t line up EXACTLY like that but it’s pretty much the same.

  157. elizer says:

    do you know what dog movie is this?

    “a man adopted/owned the dog they’re happy, then the man got a woman live happily with the dog but the dog suddenly leave them because the dog knew his/her life is going to end, the dog did that because he/she don’t want to see them sad because of his/her death”


  158. Melissa says:

    Hi Clare,

    I think I was looking for the same movie and someone told me that it is an Australian film called Paws (1997).

    Hope this helps!


  159. Sarah says:

    Please guys help me out..

  160. Shina says:

    I saw this thriller dog’s movie when I was small but can’t remember the name.
    A family (mom and 2 children) get stuck up in the car and there is this dog (their pet dog) who has gone all mad and would kill them if they try to come out.

    Could somebody help me out?

  161. sohail says:

    hello everyone.,
    I’m looking for a dog movie but I don’t remember it’s name hope you all can help me.
    The story goes like this…….once there was a small peppy, one day a boy was crossing the road and was about to hit by a truck or something but the peppy cam around and saved the boy, from that day on the boy took the peppy along with him and accepted as his pet but it was a trouble for his parents as the dog never does any of their work unless given something to eat for.
    But one day again the dog saves the life of the child and the pet became a true hero even for his parents.

    So the main character in this movie has the ability to talk to himself and always asks for something to eat if any of his owners ask the pet to perform any task…..

    Hope everyone help me finding the name of this movie coz I loved it when I saw this movie but I forgot its name.

    Thank you in advance.

  162. Debbie says:

    To Shareefa, Sorry it took so long, I had to ask grandkids if they remembered name of movie. It is Chestnut- about 2 girls staying in a motel with their new parents and I think the dog they are trying to hide is a Great Dane

  163. Debbie says:

    To Shina- I think the movie you are looking for is Cujoabout a rabid dog

  164. KELLI says:


  165. jsai darshan says:

    it sucks

  166. Jasmine says:

    Can someone pleeeeeease help me? I’m driving myself insane trying to remember this movie. Who knows. Maybe I’m just remembering a dream. Anywho, it’s about a girl who finds a dog (for some reason I keep picturing an abandoned firehouse dog) and takes it home with her. And I’m pretty sure the girl’s family is poor. And at the end you find out the story is being told by her but she’s old and telling her grandkids a bedtime story to get them to sleep cause its christmas eve. And I think the kids end up getting a puppy.

  167. Cassi says:

    I am looking for an animated kids movie, early 90s. A girl and her grandfather are driving in a storm and they have their dog with them, a small dog, and the car breaks down, girl and grandpa get out and try to fix the car and the dog jumps out to chase a frog and falls down a hill. they cant find the so they leave. the dog wanders around in the forest and meets a family of rabbits, one of the rabbits tries to help him get home but vultures and hunters are everywhere and thats all I can remember. Pleeassee help me out I cant remember and its driving me crazy

  168. Aatif says:

    I want to know the name of the movie in which a man is accidently locked inside a shopping mall/general store and the store has guard dogs….the movie is about how the man survives the night…..

  169. icebink says:

    Alpha and omega.

  170. ashish says:

    i am looking for a movie where the dogs in the movie are made of machine and they can understand numbers to follow instructions. i must have seen that movie some 20 years back and i was only 5-6 then and i remember this very vaguely but i just cant locate that movie. please help

  171. Luzzy says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been looking for a movie I watched when I was small back probably in 1970’s about a pack of German Shepherd dogs I think if not wolves that found an infant- yes, human baby and adopted him/her. They were very protective of the baby as if their own. I just remember bits of it but not much. I was very touched about this movie but because I’m like 6 yrs. old then, I can’t recall much. Please let me know if anyone knows about it.

  172. aaron says:

    esh the film is called jock of the bushveld
    brilliant film

  173. Dan says:

    I’ve been looking for a specific movie for a while now.. I can’t remember much of it anymore but I know it must be a 90’s movie, in a part rural, part urban setting. At some part in the beginning of the movie, there are (I believe two) dogs who are on the run.
    They are being chases by two bad guys (one smart, one dumb). The smart one kinda acts like Joe Pesci in Home Alone, but it isn’t him. At some part you’ll see the dogs crawling through a hole in a wire fence. They end up with a family on a farm or something.
    At a certain point they get caught by the two bad guys and they drive off in a black SUV / Van / Car into the city.
    That’s all I remember. I hope someone recognizes this plot..

  174. Sally says:

    Me and my son are trying to remember the name of a film we saw maybe in the mid to late nineties. It was a bout a lonely girl and the parents get a dog but its a dog training to be a guide dog and when its trained its taken away and handed over by the little girl to a man in a wheelchair. She is heartbroken but years later when the dog retires she comes home to find they have it back and it is laying on her bed… Please help its driving us mad no one seems to have heard of it xx

  175. Chris says:

    hi, anyone of you knows a movie about german sheperds? I prefer movies like hachiko and not “white-dog” (since it has negative vvalues). i hope you can help me. i love german sheperds.

    and also, in general, i love dogs, so if you happen to know heart-pounding dog movies, i hope you can give me some. thanks

  176. james garvey says:

    i cant remember what it was called but i saw a film about 5 years ago, it was about a small golden retriever or labrador puppy who escapes from its owner one day and travels around the world. i dont remember much about it but i do remember he some how ends up in a hot air balloon and he also ends up on a desert and other places. its really bugging me and i would really like to know what it was called so i can watch the film. i you know what film i am talking about please send me an email. thanks in advance, much apreciated: James Garvey

  177. Siberian Husky Breeder says:

    MWoods- That movie is called K-9000, it was made for TV in 1991. I remember that one well because I saw it right before I gotten my first Siberian Husky an show dog from her breeder. The breeder and I talked about that film and we where just talking about it again. The guy was indeed a cop and he was implanted with a chip in the ear that help him understand the Germen Shepherd. The film may or may not be on DVD and it’s 20 yrs old. I thought the film was K-9 that went Sci-Fi LOL!

  178. Siberian Husky Breeder says:

    Looking for a movie that was made in the 70’s early 80s and It’s not Poco: Little Dog Lost(I own that on DVD).

    The plot,

    It starts out when a women(late middled age women to older grandma type) was flying of of AZ I believe and she had her little Peke or Benji like dog in a crake and sitting up on the airport check in and lil kid sees it and opens the kennel and the little dog takes off and running the airport. Then I rememebr it gets outside and a plane flys over it head and the dog watches fly off,.. asuming his owner is on it and the dog travels looking for his owner and meets other dogs along the way. I remeber a junkyard where he had dogs caged in like wood/wired man made cages and the guy hates and hurts dog I think was a husky or husky type dog.

    This all I rememer from the film,.. it was VHS my mum rented from a hole in a wall video store my cousin worked at in the early 80’s inSouth San Jose off Kooser Rd,.. I beleive was called Bloosem Hill Kooser Videos. I wonder come to think of it if my couisnwould remember thsi film from almost 30 yrs ago. I dought it,.. but he might!

    My Mum remembers the movie but dose not recall the name,…I’ve been beating my head for many years on this one. I might call some old retried Siberian Husky breeders that has my age and ask them. Only few people I talked too know and seen the film as kids or whhen they had kids,.. but don’t know the name! I’ve been for over 2 years looking on the net for it!

    Please help!!!! I keep thinking the little dog was a Peke or Peke Mix or Higgins aka Benji playing the part of this lost dog,. But I keep thinking it’s a lil’ Pekenese dog!

  179. Just Me says:

    I am trying to find a movie I watched as a kid, but I can’t remember many details. I do remember that the main characters are a man, his son, and his son’s dog (who does not get along with his master’s father). The dog gets into show business (the father’s doing?), but another character (an older business-looking man) wants him out of the picture–no pun intended.


  180. Angela says:

    Sally,the movie is called “More than puppy love.”

  181. Angela says:

    Shina, I believe the movie your looking for is Cujo. A friendly Saint Bernard who get’s bitten my some bat’s and ends up rabid. A mother & her son drive down to the dog’s home & the dog stalks them. They are unable to get out of the car, because the dog is watching.

  182. Debbie Reeves says:

    Please help with any suggestions on trying to find movie. This is what I remember. It was late 90’s or early 2000’s. It was on either Starz or Encore. Not Benji or Homeward bound. Real people not animated.Dog was left on farm and neihbor or relative was supposed to watch it. The dog geys loose and than tries to find its owner. I think the next day a rancher comes by and dorsn’t see dog so thinks owners decided to take it with them, I have checked with the movies on Amazon and wikopedia. Any suggestions?

  183. Jorge Sanchez says:

    Hey there;

    I’m looking for the name of a movie I saw when I was a kid. It’s about some kids that find a dog on the street or something… thing is, the dog gets caught and sent to the pound.

    So the kids make a plan to rascue the dog. They train in a haunted house.

    Does anybody remember it? Must have been from the 80’s.

  184. Nehinearco97 says:

    @CahosRahneVeloza- “Kavik-The Wolf Dog”

    About a boy and a German Shepherd. The GS is a sledding champ and the boy finds him in a plane crash and the boy nurses him back to health. They grow a bond. The boy has to give up Kavik to the guy who bought Kavik. You can watch the rest. 😉

  185. Scott says:

    I am looking for an animated kids movie, early 90s. A girl and her grandfather are driving in a storm and they have their dog with them, a small dog, and the car breaks down, girl and grandpa get out and try to fix the car and the dog jumps out to chase a frog and falls down a hill. they cant find the so they leave. the dog wanders around in the forest and meets a family of rabbits, one of the rabbits tries to help him get home but vultures and hunters are everywhere. Please help me find the title. i have been looking for it forever.

  186. Peter says:

    What is the dog movie about how dogs are supposed to take over earth and the Emperor Queen Dog decides to visit and finds that things aren’t quite up to speed?

  187. marmadoke,chestnut etc greatdane movies u have not put put it yaar and why the hell hotel for dogs movie not coming???which site i have to go to see that movie???reply anybod plzplz

  188. marmaduke,chestnut????not there which site to go for seeing hotel for dogs sombdy reply plz

  189. Nickmars says:

    An animated movie about a pit bull in the 1890’s …………. he is made of fight …… he is rescued by someone and then forced to fight again ………… he never knew his daddy and meets his daddy at the end of the movie …… his daddy was a champion fighter,,,,,,,, I think it was made in the 1980’s not sure

  190. tiffani says:

    hey i am looking for this movie for years its about a old man who had a slead dog team and his favroit was the lead dog one day he took the lead dog to town with him and he tells the dog to stay while he gose into the store the dog get hit by a truck and kills iy and i think its the person that hit the gave him a new husky it was a female and was used for racing the man dosent like the dog that much but takes it. he takes the dog home his wife i think really likes it and says that he should train it.
    on day he took his team out with the new dog and is crosing a lake and the ice breaks and the man fell in the dogs manage to pull the slead out but keep runing the man calls the name of the new dog and she come to him and saves him.
    there was a line from the movie
    it was when there were wolves howling by his cam site it was somthing like ” they dont attack humans there to afaid thats only in that movies they hate dogs and thats why that attack”
    please help

  191. tiffani says:

    debbie reeves the movie is homeward bound 1

  192. brandon says:

    ive been looking for this movie about a girl who visits a family member, possibly her uncle or dad, and she has a dog. the dog finds money that looks like counterfeit but turns up real or something and it’s all tied into this sort of mystery typed theme.
    i think i saw it on disney when i was younger.
    please help

  193. stacy v says:

    i am trying to find a movie i saw, it was about this Border collie that was either given or Found by this women who’s mother had just passed away she was staying with her father the dog was said to be untrainable but in the movie the dog rescues these school kids from a fire and wins some prize in a herding compation can any one help me?

  194. Mama Jill says:

    My kids love Clifford, and he had a movie done in 2004 called Clifford’s Really Big Movie.

  195. TheMightyMonday says:

    Casi, the name of the movie your looking for is The Seventh Brother. An adorable classic that my nephews absolutely love.


    Also, any word on a movie I’m looking for would be a big help. It’s a cartoon 80s maybe early 90s. A group of dogs inherit a mansion in New York City from their elderly owner. I know there is some singing involved and a woman or group of people trying to seize the property from the dogs.

  196. bbox says:

    i was wondering if anyone can help me i would be very grateful, ive been trying to figure out what this films called
    all i can remember is a dog gets run over, so the teenage boy has to look after it and in his room there are floppy disks and he figures out teh dog can talk? then there is an evil woman who wants the gold or treasure and teh old man has a computer, which the teenage boy and his girl friend figure out teh clue which is rabbit ? then the evil monman folloows them to the greyhound racecourse and sits on the moving rabbit and her wig comes off, and they girl and boy figure out the diamonds are in her necklace i think??? PLZ HELP!!

  197. Nick Bolt says:

    Hey guys please help me find a movie I’ve been looking for for a week now. I’ve tried all sorts of keywords, I’ve looked through the above list and even the comments.

    The movie is about a family where the dad is killed and returns as a dog. Eventually he figures out who he is and goes back to his family to find out that his murderer took his place (trying to seduce his wife or what not). In the end he helps save them. I remember one of the scenes where the kid runs to the cemetery where his dad is buried and stays there until the dad/dog finds him. I believe it’s also snowing in this scene. Another thing I Remember from this movie is a talking squirrel. I think he was a talking dog that died and returned as a squirrel. In the last scene the squirrel tells the dog “well, let’s get started! You have a lot to learn about being a squirrel!”

  198. Nick Bolt says:

    WOW! Right after posting this I found it LOL.
    The movie is Fluke (1995)

  199. Vera says:

    I watched this movie as a child but I cant remember the name…Can any one help me please? It is a sci fi/ horror movie type.. It was about this dog who got hit by a toxic waste truck and became super smart. Some how he ends up with this family who has a little girl.he fell in love with or became attached to the little girl and wanted to kidnap her to have his puppys?? but in the end.. there is some kind of disaster and he ends up saving the little girl’s life and dying.

  200. Dulani says:

    hi guys,i’m searching for a movie but I can’t remember the name.The boy’s name was Ricky he lives with his grandpa.His german shepherd was taken away from him for lab testing.The movie is about the way that the boy fight with those bad people to save his dog..
    Please help me to find this movie!!!!

  201. Laura says:

    hi i am looking for a animated film that i watched when i was very young… it is about a series of dog tales…. there is a boy who wears a saucepan on his head and drives a train… it is rather old and i cant remember the exact name… any help??????

  202. Kitty says:

    I don’t know if anyone still checks this, but I’m kinda getting desperate, so~

    I’m looking for an animated movie I saw when I was younger, probably 10 or so years ago. There was a family who was going on a road trip or something, and they took their puppy with them (I think). On the road, the dog either fell out or they stopped and he got lost playing in the woods or some fiasco like that. I remember the puppy running after the car when it was driving away, but he didn’t catch it, and was covered in mud and it was raining.

    The puppy ended up living with rabbits for awhile, but eventually at the end of the movie he got back with his family. I can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, though my mom thought it might be something like ‘The Seventh Rabbit’ (which I google’d, to no results). It’d be great if anyone could help me~ :)

  203. KaraJaneMakin says:

    Please Help me i need to find a movie and i dont no the name of it. Thease to little girls find a dog that nearly gets ran over by a truck, and they like in an adoption place where there are nuns, and so they look after the dog and they get adopted and move to the city and they keep the dog secret from there new mum and dad. So in the end the dog ends up all grown up and it save’s the hotel from being robbed again by to men and the dog is allowed in the hotel. please tell me the name of it!! i need to no.

  204. Lindsey says:

    Cassie, I’m looking for the same movie and can’t remember what its called. I loved that movie when i was little.

  205. kaitlyn says:

    I believe you should add Call of the wild, Stone Fox, and Hotel for dogs. they are all great movies. Its been awhile since i saw Stone Fox, but if i remember right. its about a little boy who has to pay off his grandfathers debt to the bank, and he and his faithful one dog team runs in one of the dog sled races in his home town so that he can earn the money

  206. Sabrina Mardett says:

    This has nothing to do with dogs but I thought I’d ask anyways. For a long time I’ve been trying to remember the title of this movie I saw on tv. I remember these people were looking for kids who could do good magic tricks and there was this one boy I think his name was Damien or something and when he tried to perform his magic trick(I think it involved doves or something) for the people, he messed up. They thought he was no good but then they found the doves in their van and they took him. All the kids were taken to this big building where they were taught more magic tricks and the boy Damien learned from the boss of the place that his tricks weren’t just tricks. The boss told him that he was a wizard…I’m prety sure. Damien was suspicious and soon after, Damien met a girl who tries to help him find out what’s going on. It was a great movie and I want to watch it again but I don’t know the title. Does anyone know? Any ideas? pls help!

  207. Sabrina Mardett says:

    Ok I can’t find this movie. I need help. I don’t remember much there was this family and somehow the dad dies (I don’t remember how) and he comes back in the form of a dog. I think it was a beagle. He goes to the family and tries to tell them who he is. I remember he found out about something that was happening… something bad. That’s all I can remember. Sound familiar? Any suggestions?

  208. Jon T says:

    Help required!

    I’ve been looking for this film for almost 10 years after catching the very end of it on a Christmas Day.

    It’s an Animated movie and it may not be to do with Xmas itself but it ends with:

    A dog leading 2 children back into town from the wilderness, I kind of recall something about a wire fence.. There is a homeless man with a white beard.

    The children are reunited with their parents. They drive off leaving the dog alone, again.

    The dog and the homeless man look at each other and the film intimates that they will look after each other and not be alone.

    Any help appreciated!

  209. nevie says:

    watched a movie during my college days…

    the master of the dog is killed by a person and dog
    chases the killer…between the run, the killer lays
    a woman and the dog kills the woman..scenting the smell
    of the man on the woman…in the final scene…the killer
    runs to catch a plane and the dog is shot trying catching
    him in the end.

    dont remember the name of the film

    help out finding the name of the film

    want to see it again.

  210. nirali says:


  211. Clare says:

    hey guys, i remember i once saw a movie about a young girl who has a toy dog that can talk to her, and only her. i cant remember the name but i remember one of the scenes, im pretty sure the young girl tries to swim in the ocean and almost drowns, but the toy god saves her somehow. i dont remember how, but i do remember that the girl gives the dog to her younger sister when she feels she doesnt need him anymore and he becomes the young sisters helper. i would be really grateful if anyone could give me any ideas at all. :) <3

  212. nirali says:


  213. sam says:

    is this all you got

  214. SUDEEP M C says:

    I have heard of very good movie on a dog called HACHIKO. Hope you put up this one.

    HACHIKO: A Dog’s Story
    A drama based on the true story of a college professor’s bond with the abandoned dog he takes into his home.

    Director: Lasse Hallström
    Writers: Stephen P. Lindsey (screenplay), Kaneto Shindô (motion picture “Hachiko monogatari”)
    Stars: Richard Gere, Joan Allen and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa

    thanking you

  215. angel says:

    Please I’m looking for a movie that I saw on 1990s. It is for children, and there was a little dog and a pretty young girl (maybe she could be 12-14 years old). But I only can remember two scenes. First One. The little dog is tied up in the street, it’s raining, and the dog feels sad because it was abandoned. I think that the girl tied up her little dog in the street, and after that she had a problem and couldn’t come back to look for it, but i’m not sure. The other scene I remember is this girl crying inside a building, we see her through a window in the film, and it’s raining too. Any suggestion?. Thanks.

  216. Jess D-M says:

    I saw a movie in school in the early 80’s but it could have been older, I vaguely remember that a dog was either being abused by his old owner, or maybe the man was homeless and couldn’t afford to feed him. Then the dog gets adopted by another guy who treats him very well. In the end the dog has to choose and he picks the original owner. Anybody remember that?

  217. pam says:


    what breed of dog was in the movie? I have few movies in mind

  218. katie says:

    hi all, can u help me please, i am looking for a film which i vaguely remember watching in the 80’s, i think it was a b+w film, its about a young boy who is dying and his dream is to own a wolf, his mom buys him one and its kept in the basement, end of the film is the boy collapsing in the basement and the wolf is howling signifying the boys death… sorry i dont have anymore details

  219. Sofia says:

    Hi, I’m looking for a movie that I saw the preview on TV some time ago. Can’t remember exactly when (baby brain sorry) all I know is that it’s a comedy. On the preview, there was a man and a woman. I think they were at the woman’s house lounge room. I think the woman was having a date or something and when the guy is about to sit on the couch, the dog/dogs jump on the couch and I think there is a great dane in it. Not sure. It’s not Marmaduke though. Sorry I don’t have many details but I hope someone can help me. It’s been doing my head in. Thanks in advance :o)

  220. jhen arvesu says:

    i was looking for a dog movie that i had seen maybe on the early 90’s but i really can’t remember the title nor the name of the dog and even his breed. the story is something like he was lost in the woods and he found there maybe 3 or 4 lion cubs that he took care until he found the mother of the cubs.

    someone out there know the title of this dog movie, please let me know, thanks..

  221. Valeria Fede says:

    Hello, I am also trying to find a movie my boyfriend saw when he was a little boy: it tells the story of a family with two kids and a dog that moves into a house in the wilderness; the father has to go away (by airplane, it seems) in the winter and the mother, kids and dog are left to face a pack of wolves whose leader, a big black wolf, has a scar on its face. Does anybody remember it?

  222. love bites says:

    the movie that an ugly man travel the world with his dog…evry places they been through they put a mark on the globe until the ugly man died…the plot is something like that

  223. Poornima says:

    I watched a movie years ago in which a small boy’s little pet dog dies but his ghost always with the small boy?
    Dog name is lucky I remember. Someone knows such a movie ? If so, appreciate If I can know the name of the movie. Not a horror movie!In the end of the movie, dog’s ghost turns into small starts and fly to sky..NO clue what is this movie all about. Watched in HBO when I was 11 years old. Thanks if someone threw light on the movie name.

  224. James says:

    @Cassi: the movie is called The Seventh Brother. You can watch it on youtube. I’ve been looking for that one for forever too, but couldn’t remember enough details to figure out how to google it until you posted that. :)

  225. Paul Das says:

    I am looking for the same movie as mentioned by “Chelsea”,

  226. Paul Das says:

    its also the movie mentioned by “Clare”, thanx to “Melissa”, thats the exactly the movie i was looking for….thanx to caninest.com…..

  227. Katy,Betsy says:

    answer for signus murdock
    We too was looking for this film and my cousin Betsy found the answer for you – Scruffy – its a hard knock life.

  228. Aimee says:

    Francisco, I think the name of the 1980’s movie you were looking for with the kids who rescue the dog from the pound is ‘Little Spies’ The RC Hellicopter was very memorable in that one :)

  229. nadine says:

    im looking for this movie i cant remember its name, i watched it like four years ago. i remember that there were 2 girls/sisters in an orphanage, and they went out somewhere, and found a little puppy, they took the puppy with them to the orphanage, and a day or two later they got abandoned by a couple who couldnt get children, they didnt tell anyone because the building where the people who abandoned them lived, dogs werent allowed in it. so they keep the dog, feed it, play with it, and take care of it. the ending was the owner of the building who didnt allow dogs in, had thiefs in his apartment late at night, and the dog saved him and was going to die, but he lived at the end.i think the dog’s name was chestnut. please can anyone help? :/

  230. Sushil says:

    Hi, Im looking for a movie i watched when i was a kid, can`t remember the name. A scientist creates a dog in his lab, the dog looks like benji, in the end the dog dies but he is created again and is fie. i guess the dog talks too (not sure)…

  231. DogsRULEandCatsDRUEL says:

    Debbie Reeves, the movie you describe sounds exactly like Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. Are you sure the movie you are after isn’t Homeward Bound? Because that is exactly how the movie starts… :S

    Also I am looking for any dog movie to watch that is similar to Balto, where a dog is a true hero… Anything with hero-like dogs that I can watch to sate my craving of dog movies! Anything like Homeward Bound or Balto, animated or real, doesn’t matter! 😛

  232. eric says:

    im looking for a movie about a lady and a bunch of dalmations who she throws a party for and they invite other dogs. and its not 101 dalmations

  233. lilys mommy says:

    I used to have this movie when i was little maybe around 5-6 (i’m 25 now) i don’t remember much but its a cartoon movie about a puppy and his mom who lives in an abandoned home or building and it gets knocked down. The puppy either gets lost from his mom or she dies (i cant remember) that’s all i can remember. But its been driving me crazy! i hope someone on here can help me.

  234. Rachel says:

    I am looking for a movie that I watched when I was a kid. It was about a young girl who was on her own looking for her father and she had this dog that seemed to be with her everywhere she went. I have not seen this movie for years and can not remember the name of it or all the details. If anyone knows and could help it would be great. Thanks

  235. jasmin says:

    hiii i forget this movies name but i can discribe it for u so you may email me the name of the movie back so there are 2 girls (sisters) they live in a orphanage and then get adopted this movie was shown on disney channel okay so then they dont like it at first where they are living now plus dogs are banned form the buuilding now they hide it from their new parents and then close to the end their dog goes missing and then one of the sisters goes and found it and then their parents know now wat they were hiding and then polices found the girl and dog.now that building says dogs are allowed :) thanks plus email me back the movie name jasminangell@gmail.com

  236. shalini says:

    please help me to find out a film in which a dog lost in the forest saves tiger cubs.. forgot the name of the film.. any suggestions?

  237. Hannah says:

    I have been trying to find a movie I watched when I was little, maybe 10-12 years ago, about sled dogs but can not remember the name of it.
    It was not an animation and I cant remember any characters names.
    All I can remember definately, is there was a race that the teenage son was trying to win, at the last minute an “Alaskan Native” lets his Wolf lead the teenagers sled team, as i think the dogs were the teenagers dad’s and while training the teenager had killed his dad’s lead female dog (I think that was part of it). Anyway, right before the finish line of the race is a large black ice patch, and all other sled teams slowed right down and walked accross it so as not to hurt the dogs and go crashing into the baracades, but the wolf leading the teenager’s sled team ‘magically’ made all the dogs jump over the black ice instead and they won the race.
    If anyone can help me with the name of this movie i would be so happy!!
    Thanks :)

  238. orangeaislin says:

    Marmaduke should also be added in the list. :)

  239. Megs says:

    Hi there,
    Tiffany, Malinda, and Jaimie… I have been looking for this same movie. All I remember is a little farm girl somehow gets a dog, they become best friends, and he eats some poison and dies. Then at the end the old farmer that put the poison out brings her a new puppy. WHAT IS IT CALLED?!?!

  240. C.J. says:

    I have been looking for an animated movie my daughter watched when she was a little girl. We can’t remember the name of it and can’t find any info. on it. She watched it in the early 90’s but we think it was an older movie. A family was forced to split up their children due to hard times. They went to live with different family members. One of the little girls went to live with her aunt(Judith)we think was her name. She was really mean to the little girl. The aunt had a show dog that she cared more about than the little girl. We think the dogs name was Contessa. At the end of the movie the show dog ended up in a dog sled race (go figure). The little girl and the dog won the race and rescued the mean aunt. If anyone has any ideas please please let me know. I would greatly appreciate any help. I’m sure this movie was not a really popular one..but my daughter loved it and I would love to find it for her..Thanks again!!!! C.J.

  241. danche says:

    this is an old movie its abot the dog …. some granny trawels by plane with the dog and lefts him on airport and than the dog goes on some difrnt,wrong destination and wants to come back home .does anybudy know whats the title of this movie please tell me.I’ve seen it long ago. :)

  242. person says:

    hey i am looking for a movie were there are two boys they are brothers an can’t remember if it is his real dad or step dad but he abuses the kids and there is a german shepherd in it dose and one know what it is it would really help if you did

  243. Amanda says:

    Lance…. You are probably thinking bout Fluppy Puppies! I loved that movie when I was little!

  244. Lauren says:

    Ahhhh! Cassi, I have been looking for the same movie! I’m sorry I’m not more help. I wish I knew what it was called!

  245. lola says:

    i need help looking for a movie about a boy that buys a dog that barks for everything but when the boy follows him at night he finds out that the dog is from a diffrent planet.he later wakes up to find that he can hear what all the dogs are saying

  246. Navin says:

    A great movie…
    please add it..

  247. Navin says:

    Surely HACHIKO make feel u to love dogs..
    I cried after watching the movie

    HACHI : A DOG’S TALE (2009)

  248. Karleigh says:

    Hi! I am looking for an ANIMATED movie about a rich old woman who has lots of animal s that love her, but she dies and leaves her entire estate to the animals, but her niece and nephew want to kill the animals so that they can inherit her things. If anyone knows the name, i would be SOOOO grateful!! :)

  249. Karleigh says:

    @ Sierra,

    The movie we are both looking for is called Millionaire Dogs. I dug a bit deeper(I spent 3 hours straight searching for it) and I found it! :) YAY!!!

  250. Gary says:

    can any one help i am trying to find 2 films that i watched as a kid but cart seem to reamber what they are called they are both cartoon films

    one is where there is a cat a dog a donkey and another anime and they sing in a band and the ending the cat and dog falls in love

    and the other is where some fat dog gets dumped in a river and then a owner of a farm finds him and takes him in and the dogs was from veges and then falls in love with a dog hew lives on the farm

    if u can help then thank yu :)

  251. Savannah says:

    I’d really appreciate it if someone could tell me what dog movie this is. A boy befriends a dog, but there’s a man trying to hurt it, so the boy eventually yells at the dog to leave him. “Can’t you see I don’t want you anymore? Just get out of here, you stupid, dumb animal!” I know it was parodied on Spongebob, but I can’t find/remember where it originated from. If anyone can help, that’d be great.

  252. Meg says:

    Hey Guys, I’ve been trying to find this movie for like over a year i haven’t watched it in years all i can remember is that there is a boy around 11-15 and his dog… towards the end of the movie the dog dies but the boy see’s the dogs ghost and either the boys father or step father buys him a new puppy……. Any idea on what its called???

  253. linda says:

    Debbie – sounds an older movie called Incredible Journey

  254. linda says:

    please add – The Trial of Old Drum, Incredible Journey, It’s a Dog’s Life, Frankenweenie, Good-bye My Lady

  255. Masha says:

    Okay, I really hope someone can help me here! I’ve been looking for this movie for years, and I still haven’t found it. Anyway, this movie is about a pup, who gets left behind (or lost) In a forest. A group of yound rabbits find him, so he starts living with them. It’s animated. If somebody knows this movie, PLEASE TELL ME!!!! I will give you a million virtual hugs:3

  256. Joy Thornton says:

    The Doberman Gang, 1972 – should be on the list. It’s about a group of doberman trained by crooks to rob a bank. I managed to watch it again via youtube. I heard there is going to be a remake soon.

    See links to wikipedia and youtube:




  257. Cassy says:

    I’m looking for a Christmas movie I think it was only ever aired on T.V. It is with dogs that are in a band. I remember it from the 90’s and the main singer in the band had a father who ran away or something like that? The father ends up dressing as Santa at the end. I NEED to find this movie!

  258. Mary says:

    Looking for a B&W film from the 1950’s or 1960’s called THE DOG WHO SAVED THE WORL possibly made by the National Film Board of Canada or CBC Television in Canada. A group of children build a snow fort and have snowball fights the dog is a Newfoundland or St Bernard and dies saving the kids in the end. My children watched this movie dozens of times until the taped wore out.

  259. Meli says:

    That movie with the rope broke Sounds like the cartoon called Scrappy. It sounds just like the one I watched

  260. Meli says:

    Did anyone find out what that dog movie was? The one where the boy wishes on a star for a dog but says he want’s to be a dog and then the next day he turns into a german shepherd?

  261. Ridwaan says:

    thanks angela, i was looking for the breed and did not know the name and you help me a lot

  262. AVI says:

    Guys do you know the name of the film based on a dog’s revenge on his master’s killer that nmraobandi and niv is talking about..The dog was killed in the end..this one is a thrilling movie…watched it on VHS when I was a kid…Plz do tell if any of u guys happen to know about this film

    Thanks in advance…

  263. Melissa says:


    I am looking for an animated movie that I saw some 20 years ago. It’s about a St Bernard dog that lived in Vegas I think, he played in shows. But his owner got tired of him and threw him in the river in a bag. He was rescued by a farmer and than lived outside with the other dogs of the farm. He wanted to return to Vegas but he fel in love with an other dog at the farm. At the end of the movie I think that they also got puppies. I was only 5-6 when I saw it and i remember it very vaguely.

    Does someone know this movie?

  264. arnizoom says:

    Hello, I need your help !!! About 5 years ago, I saw a movie with a kid and his dad (his name was … Gordon). The kid adopted a dog from the shelter. They played together. I don’t know the movie’s name, so pleeeease help me !! :(

  265. Gary says:

    anyone know the name of the movie where the girl finds a fighting dog(doberman or rott) that is half beaten and she tries to help it 90s movie

  266. Moffett7 says:

    My husband and I watched a movie on tv about a man who owned a pitbull (I believe) and they were best buds. The man was trying to get custody of his daughter and needed money. A man told him about pitbull fighting across the state line. He didn’t want his dog to fight but in the end he agreed. The dog ended up winning his fights but the the man who talked him into letting him fight owned the “top dog” whom he had wanted this man’s dog to fight. The man’s dog ended up being killed. It’s a tear jerker of a movie but for the life of us we can’t remember the title. Can anyone help with this?

  267. quay says:

    ok. . .I remember this movie from when i was a kid it was a 90’s movie i use to watch it on type it went like this (i think)
    it was about a little girl who had a dog and so the little girl and her grandpa was on there way back home and it was rainig and i think the car stop working or something and some how the dog fell out the car & he/she went sliding down the hill & so the found out he was missing and they tried finding him & he became friends with i think rabbits or something but in the end he finds his way back home DO ANYBODY KNOW THE NAME OF THIS ? IT WOULD HELP ALOT THANKS

  268. eliza says:

    i have been looking for a animated dog film for ages but i cant find it, i watch it about 6 years ago and all i can remember is a dog was living with a woman, then a man came (maybe her boyfriend or something) and chucked him out. then i remember part of the film they were chased by a conviharvister? i cant remember. if anyone has a idea what is it please tell me :)

  269. duke says:

    can anyone remember the movie “Rain”?

  270. Gary Branson says:

    I am trying to figure out the name of a movie a friend recommended to me. It’s about a guy who had a past life as a dog and whenever he drinks a specific brand of sherry he remembers that life. Does anybody recognize this movie plot?

  271. LILLYPAD says:

    i am not sure Debbie Reeves are you realy sure it sonds a lot like homewardbound

  272. LILLYPAD says:

    Dan….it might be air buddies but i am not sure look it up

  273. LILLYPAD says:

    my son wants a movie for his birthday he described it as this

    a brown or red dog meets a st. bernard and somthing about the dog thinks he used to be human and then somthing about the st.bernard dies and turns in to a squrril


  274. LILLYPAD says:

    Luzzy i think its jungle book

  275. Gareth says:

    Hey,I’m trying to find a film from the late 70’s or eighties about a dog making its way home. Its not Homeward Bound or Benji. This dog can’t speak & the movie isn’t animated. Although there is an airport scene at the beginning & I think the last scene shows the dog running up a road home to his owner just as she is moving house. The dog has many adventures on the way home. I think there is a desert scene, a young sick child involved too. Would love to find this movie. Thanks

  276. Molly Herschbach says:

    I’m looking for a movie. I watched it at a family friends’s house when I was little. I think it was Family Home Entertainment (the coloring & drawing styles were close to a dead on match with the movie Willy the Sparrow(English version) animated not real people). I don’t remember much only that it was dark (night time possibly in the scene) & the puppy fell down a hill. The family drove off not realizing what happened to the puppy. In the end puppy is happy & surrounded by people I don’t remember if it was his (I remember it was a male) family or other people (I think it was his family). I’m not sure if it was a short story movie or a full movei. If you can help it would be much appreciated.

  277. nitin says:

    i am searching for a dog movie which i saw in my childhood,forgot the name of the movie.
    a dog is lost in canada,and takes a long journey back home for 3000 miles on many freight trains to come back home, after maybe one or two years later.
    thank you so much in advance for all the replies

  278. rejky says:

    8 below

  279. Jason says:

    The Ugly Dachshund (1966)

  280. Michael says:

    Hi there. So glad I found this site–by luck. The people seemed to be very helpful in helping others find films. I’ve been looking for a particular film myself for years, but unfortunately for me here, my story deals about a person in jail, hence it has nothing to do with dogs. So I was wondering, does anyone know a good website where I can ask about the title about a movie by stating its story line, like many have done here with success?

    thank you

  281. signalhund says:

    @ kat : The movie we both were looking for, is named “Scent of danger” aka “Scent of murder” !

  282. keigrowsclover says:

    Plz help me to find this cartoon, it means a lot to me. I cant give an full description because i don’t remember much, i was like 10 or something. I remember a pack of talking(to each other not to humans) animals, not the same species in some cold place, looked like canada or Alaska, pretty sure there was snow on the ground. The protagonists were wolves or some kind of wolf-dog, I am not an expert but they looked like wolves, i can remember other animals of the pack too, like raindeers, foxes, squirels and such. The pack was travelling together for many episodes, i can’t tell the purpuse of the journey but i can remember human presence(roads). I remember also that they were in a rush. The male wolf/dog had a deep voice in the dub so most likely in the original too. The wolves/dogs i remember were white and grey.
    That is all i remember, i tried searching everywhere(google pictures,cartoon databases) but with no luck, i suspect that the cartoon has not made in the English speaking world, because of the fact i could’t find anything about it. For an uknown reason i believe is French Canadian or something, maybe because the landscape looked Canadian.
    Sorry about the long post, any help you can provide is welcomed.

  283. Amber says:

    you forgot Cool Dog, Rin Tin Tin, All the Lassies,Homwward Bound 2, Shiloh 2 and 3 and Hachi and All the Baltos, and The 12 Dogs of Chirstmas, and the 2nd Bengi, and Hounded, and Santa Buddies, and the Fox and the Hound 2, and You Lucky Dog, and Ace of Hearts, and 101 Dalmations and 101 Dalmations 2 (animated) and 102 Damations, and Aussie and Ted, and Frank, and The Dog who saved chirtmas, and a Golden Chirstmas, and Life is Ruff, and First Dog, and A dog named Chirstmas, and My Magic Dog, and A boy and His dog, and all the air buds, and All dogs go to heaven 2, and all the Beethovens, and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2, and Cats and Dogs the revenge of kitty galore, and the biscuit eater and Scruffy. Gosh u forgot alot

  284. Yolande Weston says:

    Hi, I’m looking for the name of a film or possibly a tv play that I saw in the late 70’s or very early 80’s, I think it may have been a European film but I’m not entirely sure. All I remember about it is a young child living in a block of flats finds a large dog but is not allowed to keep it in the flats so keeps it up on the roof. I think the dog was taken away by somebody. The child may have spent time in hospital and is desperate to get the dog back. If I remember rightly they get the dog back in the end. I aways thought the film was called “come back doggy” but have never been able to find anything like it.

  285. Kati says:

    Travis! The Adventures of RinTinTin! C: That’s the movie you’re looking for!

  286. Amber says:

    Also u forgot Dog Goe, Angel Dog,Top Dog, Lenny the wonder dog, and Hurcules saves chirstmas,

  287. Abby says:

    I’m looking for a movie too! I watched this movie a lot when I was really young, so the early 90’s. It’s an animated movie about this little girl who moves in with her really awful aunt for some reason. Her aunt has this stuck up show dog with a bunch of puppies. The little girl finds a husky and she has a sled race with the dog I think. I can’t remember too much, but I would really love to find it again!

  288. Steph says:

    Don’t forget,Turner and Hooch, All Dogs go to Heaven,K-9 and Rudy or could be known as Rinty to some from Katts and Dogs

  289. Paulpacs says:

    sarah says:
    March 8, 2011 at 2:21 pm
    Please help Im trying to find a film from the 1980?s about a boy called Toby who trains husky dogs the film is called Toby can’t rememeber the rest please help

    My reply:
    I got the Title of this Movie, IT IS TOBY MCTEAGUE (1986), i’ve been looking for this one too for a long time but the name toby always gets connected with MCGUIRE, so it messes up the search. This is about SLED DOGS, wherein the finale, the LEAD DOG is BORROWED from an OLD MAN and it LOOKS like a WOLF. and the DOG knows the course very well and WINS.

    Hope that helps.

  290. Michelle says:

    I remember bits of a film I saw years ago altho whenever I describe what I remember to my friends and family they have no clue to what the film may be and think I’ve dreamt it!? I’m sure I havnt and it’s driving me mad not knowing what it’s called, plus I really want to watch it again! I must of been ten or younger, all I can remember is a young girl who’s father goes off to war, she has a cat and a dog who don’t get on (obviously) I think she goes to sleep and in her dream the cat and dog can talk (the cat and dog are now humans dressed as a cat and dog) they go on an adventure and the cat and dog become good friends even when the little girl wakes up and they are back to bein animals, the only over bit I remember is the little girl goin to heaven and speaking to her sister who hasn’t yet been born! I know it sounds crazy but I’m sure it’s a film from my childhood and I really really want to watch it again, can anyone please help me?

  291. Anne sin beste says:

    Signus I know the movie you’r talking about , but it does not exist anymore or it kind of does but only on Dvd an vhs movies in old movie shops and stuff , but i dont think you will find it on the internett ..

    And travis the i know the germen sheperd movie 2 , i think its called somethink like the war dog , or i know what its called in my language but i cant find it on english :-/

  292. Jeff Stevens says:

    I am trying to get the name of a movie. It’s a Christian film from way back when. Saw it in 93-94 around there so it was made I believe in 80s or 70’s. It deals with a dog that gets hit by a car I think. The dog is Black. and it isn’t the film White Dog either. It is a Family film and a great one. Think it might be welcome back or welcome home or something like that. Not sure, can someone help me and where could I find it.

  293. Christine McKinzy says:

    Hi my name is Christine I watched this movie where a young boy gets sick with pemonuia. Can anyone tell me the name.

  294. Merryl says:

    There are two new dog movies that I know of that don’t seem to be on your list: Red Dog (an Australian movie) and Hchi (starring Richard Gere)… TWO GOOD MOVIES !

  295. nicki says:

    i remember seeing this movie where two girls get adopted and they go live in this hotel but they bring there dog with them secretly. but in the hotel there are no dogs allowed but the owner of the hotel was going to get robbed but the dog stops them i really like this movie and i want to see it again but i forgot the name

  296. Fabiola says:

    Hey I have really been looking for this dog movie. It’s about a dog who gets lost and a bunch of bunnies find him and they teach him how to pull out carrots, and the little girl which is her owner looks and looks for him. Can anyone please help me find the name of this movie? please also I think it was made like in the mid 1980’s. It was in color if that helps. Thank you very much plz help me

  297. sarl says:

    i’m looking for a movie about a dalmatian dog that a girl found on some train tracks or a fireplace. she fed him and he came after her. he stayed at her house and later on her dad let her keep him. she named him “baskerville” and then entered him a competition. he turned green for some reason. he ended up winning.
    he also could speak in the movie, but only in his mind and to other dogs.
    do you know the name of the movie?

  298. Isabel says:

    hei , jeg leter etter en tegneseire film om hunder , den er veldig gammel , så den når jeg var en liten jente , den handler om at en gutt som trener opp sin hund , åsså må de kjempe mot bjørner en hel gjeng med bjørner. husker ikke va den heter , plis hjelp meg

    Hi iam looking for a animated movie about a kid that trains his dog up , and in the end they must like fight bears , please help me!

  299. Tom Weber says:

    Please add RED DOG (2011) to the list – this is an acclaimed award-winning hit in Australia – not yet released to the USA – (maybe soon?) – about a crossbreed dog who inspires the townsfolk as he roams about Western Australia – based on a true story

  300. Sarah says:

    I have been trying to think of the name of a short-animation film (about 15-30 minutes long) that I watched as a child. The first part of the vcr had Peter and the Wolf on it and the second part had these two small dogs/puppies. One was black and one was light brown. There were no people in the film or words said. The dogs were at an old house with trapdoors/practical jokes at every turn. It’s rather humourous. If anyone remembers the name, please help!

  301. Gabby says:

    I am looking for an old movie I watched when I was like 6 years old. It is an animation movie about a little girl and her father driving on a highway and almost getting into an accident. Then her pet fell out the car…i’m not sure if it was a cat or a puppy…probably a puppy. Anyway, he is lost in the forest and makes friends with rabbits and other animals. His owner, the little girl goes back to the highway looking for him but can’t find him. the pet eventually makes it home.

  302. Anthony C says:

    Hey everyone,
    i am looking for a movie where there is a mut dog and a white pootle, its with real dogs and at the end they’re in the woods and the mut fights off wolfs to protect his master. I dont really remember much but if you can help please let my know.

  303. Mc says:

    Hey. So I watched this movie several years ago and I don’t remember much… I thought it was called “Duke”, but apparently not. In the story the dog is owned by some old dude that’s like, rich and wealthy. He leaves all his money and stuff to his dog, which I believe is named Duke… I watched it when I was a little kid so I dont remember much, like I said. And I remember that some of the relatives were mad that the dog got the money. And I remember a few bits and pieces of scenes. There was a dinner party and I think the queen was there with a pomeranian. And at the party at some point there was a conga line… There was a scene when the people were on horses and they were riding through the English countryside hunting. And somewhere towards the end I think there was a wedding… This has been driving me crazy for a really long time, please help. >_<

  304. Mc says:

    Cassia, I watched that one when I was young aswell. Come to think of it, I cant remember the name either. Now we’re BOTH going mental >_<

  305. Mc says:

    Cassi! I FOUND IT! Its called “Tiny, The seventh brother” XD

  306. Anjaneyulu says:

    u missed MARMADUKE

  307. sadie says:

    okay i’ve been searching for a while now and i’m unable to even find whats it is about a big brown dog. the movie starts with him laying at the end of the bed and farts. he owners then say his name which is the name of the movie. a dog named Sammy really likes him and there’s this rottweiler who likes Sammy. anyone know!?!?!

  308. evie says:

    I really want to figure out some move i saw about a year ago. Its about boy who meets a girl and the boy has some tree house thats out in the woods and they get lost in the woods. Its called something like Golden retrevers idk. I need an aswer fast!:)

  309. coolya says:

    nice website and my favourite movies are the buddies series and snow dogs and shaggy dog

  310. karina says:

    Hi Please help!

    Once upon a time there was this movie… yes it’s true 😉
    Okay the movie is about a large dog (a German Shepherd I think), the dog is supposed to be either a police dog or a army dog (can’t remember) but the dog is very bad at it. I reemember that the dog is put in a dog Kennel and this young man hear the trainers talking about putting the dog down. The young man is taking care of the dogs and starts training the dog after work, to rescue the dog from death. They become friends.
    Do any of you know the name of this movie?

  311. nicky says:

    i cant remember what a dog film was called it started with a pet shop and there was a cardboard box left outside i think with Labradors but they were all golden except for one and no one wanted him so he got left there over night while it rained but that all i can remember. does anyone know what the movie is please

  312. Tee says:

    I remember a movie where a golden retriever named alex helps a man and woman defeate a monster. there are several movies but i can not remember the titles.

  313. Amber says:

    hey I’m looking for a movie that I watched when I was younger.
    I think it was about a boy who’s dog(a golden retriever maybe?) was hit by a car or the boy found it.. cant remember.
    Anyways, the dog has some kind of microchip(he cant talk) thats really valuable and some bad guys kidnap the kid and take him to a place(some kind of factory) and tape him up and hang him from a hook and rope thats hanging from the ceiling. They make the kid call for his dog(the dog has super-hearing because of the chip) and the dog saves the boy when the bad guys lay him on a conveyor belt that leads to a large blade. The dog saves him just in time.
    I really want to see this movie again but I just cant remember the name.
    Hope you can help! Thanks!

  314. jesus says:


  315. jesus says:


  316. Charlotte says:

    I’ve been searching for this movie all over my homecountry (Denmark)I’m not even shure that it’s not a danish movie, I really hope you can help me. I watched it when I was child, maybe 20 years ago, I can’t really remember.. It begins as a real movie but turns into animated(cartoon).. It’s about this boy, who has a little red car.. not like a toy car, it’s big enough so that he can sit in it. He pushes at button and he travels into a parallel universe via a black/white spiral/tunnel (this is where the movie turns into animated)He turns up in a strange land, where he meets a dog (maybe this dog can talk, or maybe it’s something I’m imagening) they travel together through this strange land, where they meet different weird characters (A man who directs or composes the colors of dawn or something and a scary character with no face, who tells the boy to move an entire mountain of sand with a stick or something) during all this the boy is told about these two princesses who are locked up in a castle or held as prisoners.. (something tells me that the castle is made of glass or mirrors, but I’m not shure)The two princesses don’t look exactly like humans, but a bit ghost-like.. they are glowing, like light.. One pale red and one pale blue, maybe.. The movie ends happily, and the little boy travels back to his own universe, via the black/white spiral and the dog travels with him.. and the movie turns into real movie again.. I really hope you can help me! Every night the last couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to sleep, because I’m trying to remember this! I asked my sister if she could remember it, but she says I’ve dreamt it, which I don’t believe..

  317. Shannu Mohan says:

    I remember watching a movie when i was really young and i don’t know what the name is.
    All i remember is that there was a Boy and a Dog. Once the Dog became sick or something and was about to die. The family took the dog to a doctor or some kind of scientist or something. This Doctor guy injects something into the dog and the dog not only becomes normal but also get some powers, the doctor then checks the dog by throwing a very bouncy ball and the dog calculates what is going to happen and catches the ball. The movie end by the Boy throwing a frisbee high up in the air and the dog jumping and catching it.

    Any Ideas which movie this is? 😕
    Thanks in Advance

  318. olivia says:

    heyy what is the movie were there is a young boy and he has to go over a fence of a junkyard and he gets bit by a dog on the ancle and he is a lengend in the town and his friends find out who he is and he becomes a hero in his town

  319. GRAHAM says:

    “I’m also trying to find a movie. It’s about a boy who wished to have a dog but instead turned into a dog. It was because he was interrupted during saying his wish by a bee so his phrase turned something like ‘I want, a bee! a dog.’ Can anyone help me please. Been trying to find this one for a long time. Kinda reminded me of my childhood days. I think it was set on Christmas time.”

    I think I may also be after this movie but not 100%.

    I can remember seeing a movie (animated) on xmas eve about 15 years ago (in Australia) that had a little dog in it, but the only scene I can remember was the dog urinating in front of either a large, angry cat or a large, angry dog that was either trapped in a cage or in a pound.

    Been doing my head in ever since lol

  320. wbcolyer says:

    I remember watching an animated movie n the 80s about a man and his dog who go on adventures in their house in outer space. I’ve looked online for almost 20 yrs trying to find it and nothing. I do kinda remember the song Mas Que Nada being in it, but I can’t be sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  321. tammy says:

    I am trying to find a movie been looking or a couple months now. i think burris07 is refering to the same movie. It’s about a boy who can hear and translate the thoughts of dogs. he grows up to become a psycologist to dogs and this old guy brings in his pet dog (lucky) eventually the old guys dies actually murdered by his 2 great nephews and his great neice he leaves everything he owns to the dog since he was rich. he leaves the dog to the psycologist. i remember parts of it like going to court and proving that he can communicate with the dog also some things he bus like shoes and bones gallor also replaces marble floors for turf from like a football feild and couches. i think the boy who got the dog played in groing pains but cant remember for sure all i know is he has curly-ish hair it was dark . . . . . please helpim lookingfor it for my lil brother please

  322. Sheree Lewis says:

    I didnt see “The Dobberman Gang”… It’s a trained pack of dobermans who rob banks…its really old!

  323. El Miller says:

    I am looking for a movie about a girl lost on an island and finds an injured yellow lab which is wild and the leader of a dog pack. She helps the dog and they become great friends. Anyone know the name of the movie.

  324. dany saad says:

    hi i am lookin for a movie i dnt know what it’s call but it was about 2 girls in an orphelina in a day they found a small brown dog they take him and take care of then a family without kids a husband and a wife they take this 2 girls without knowing that tehy have a dog then they went to a hotel which the director dont like animals to enter hotels when the family knows that these 2 sisters have a dog and the husband has an allergy over dogs they decide to let the dog go one of the 2 girls gone with the dog without telling her sister and at the end of the movie the dog catch 2 burglars who want to steal the hotel the 2 burglars stapped the dog but the dog did not dead…anyone can help about its name plz thank you

  325. Michelle says:

    I recognize almost all of the ones that have been asked about…although perhaps the only one that wasn’t identified is “Millionaire Dogs,” a German animated film about a group of rescued dogs (plus a parrot) who inherit a fortune and must defend it from two greedy relatives of their rescuer. Debbie Reeves, that sure sounds to me as if you’re remembering Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. The animals in the hotel with a Jack Russell in a wheelchair is Babe: Pig in the City (not so much a dog movie as an animal movie.)

    Okay, I’ve read this one…and now here comes MY ultimate dog movie list. Get ready for this. And we’re only talking full-length feature films/movies, so awesome TV series (e.g., Wishbone, Rin Tin Tin, Krypto the Superdog, etc.) don’t count.

    Beethoven (and first sequel; I also like the third, but the others are either mediocre or bleh)
    The Incredible Journey
    Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
    Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
    Look Who’s Talking Now
    Oliver and Company
    Oliver & Company
    Lady & the Tramp (The sequel’s okay.)
    The Fox and the Hound (I happen to love the sequel, too.)
    101 Dalmatians (Love that sequel as well, actually. The two live-actions are also good.)
    (…guess I’m only counting realistic dogs, so the Goofy Movies don’t go here…)
    All Dogs Go to Heaven (Love the sequel and TV show, too.)
    Balto (Both sequels are okay…)
    Millionaire Dogs
    Roadside Romeo
    Alpha and Omega (Well, it’s technically a wolf movie, but they’re similar enough to dogs.)
    Rover Dangerfield
    Plague Dogs
    Nine Dog Christmas
    All or most Scooby-Doo, Pound Puppies, & Lassie films
    The Adventures of Milo and Otis
    To Dance With the White Dog
    Cats and Dogs
    Best in Show
    Operation Dalmatian: The Big Adventure
    The Ugly Dachshund
    Zeus and Roxanne
    Good Boy!
    Old Yeller
    Greyfriar’s Bobby (Disney version is best, imo.)
    Big Red
    Savage Sam
    Where the Red Fern Grows
    The Trial of Old Drum
    Far From Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog
    The Shaggy Dog (and D.A.)
    My Dog Skip
    Marley & Me
    Firehouse Dog
    Call of the Wild
    White Fang
    Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
    A Dog of Flanders
    Eight Below
    Snow Dogs
    Iron Will
    Air Bud (can take or leave most of the sequels and “Buddies” spin-offs, though…They’re all right, for the most part.)
    The Benji movies
    Hotel For Dogs
    The 12 Dogs of Christmas
    Because of Winn-Dixie
    The Duke
    The Retrievers
    Miracle Dogs (and sequel)
    Turner and Hooch
    Beverly Hills Chihuahua
    Top Dog
    Chestnut: Hero of Central Park
    Life Is Ruff
    Soccer Dog
    Oh, Heavenly Dog
    See Spot Run
    The Gold Retrievers
    Atomic Dog
    Bailey’s Billions
    Man’s Best Friend
    Hearty Paws
    My Dog Tulip

    I could add every last one listed or mentioned here, but I’ve already named all of the best dog films…see most of my list, and you’d good! Can’t WAIT for the full-length Frankenweenie this Halloween! Yes, I am a dog/animal movie connoisseur. 😉

  326. Michelle says:

    Oh, and of course, “The Revenge of Kitty Galore” to go along with “Cats & Dogs,” as well. ^_^

  327. Michelle says:

    UGH…typos…I meant, “See most of my list and YOU’RE good!” D: Okay, done for now! XD

  328. Tracy says:

    HI, I will add my name to this list of needing to find a movie for my mom. she said she saw it on TV back in the early 1990’s or even earlier. said it starred a German Shepard that saw his master killed by a man and through the movie the dog was determined to find that man. Its in the Yukon era, they have a cabin by a lake. The man that owned the dog had another man there and i guess they found some gold and the one man killed the other and stole the Gold. and the German Shepard hunts down the man that killed his master. The man that did kill his master also thought he killed the German Shepard but only nicked him. She said it was heart warming and is good for 10 year old to see, shows how one dog that is loved can do anything to avenge his master. my mom said she is not sure if the man kills himself to get away from the dog at the end because he is driven crazy or if he gives himself up to the police. But its a good dog lovers movie and worth seeing she said. I would like to see it but don’t know what its called. Anyone seen this movie before? Any help would be great. Thank you :)

  329. Taamika! says:

    you forgot to add:
    Far From Home: The adventures of yellow dog:
    its about this boy who finds a yellow Labrador Retriever and adopts it, then one day his father takes the boy and the dog on a fishing trip i think it was, and theres a storm and the boat crashes and the boy and the dog get washed up on this island and the try to survive.

    Mans best friend:
    this one is one of thoe thriller ones, its about a nosy reporter woman who breaks into this lab where they test animals and she opens the cage on this killer dog but instantly the dog gets attached to her then she gets caught so she runs out and the dog follows her and she ends up keeping the dog and the dog ends up killing a few people, like the postman and he even tries to kill the womans boyfriend, in the end the lab owner finally finds the dog and tries to get him but the dog tries to kill him and the lab owner shoots him

  330. Aurang zaib says:

    i do not remember the movie name the stori of the movie is one boy and one gire the are go to forest there are a alot of dogs

  331. just me says:

    I’m looking for a movie as well. It’s an animated movie about an old lady that passes away and leaves everything to her dogs. The dogs can talk. I only remember one seen and it was a little girl dog I think she was a chiuahuah!?!?!? and she was walking on a treadmill. Also I think the house was a little ran down.

  332. dahlia says:

    Someone out there, please help me find…

    I’m trying to find the movie about the young boy who loses his Saint Bernard somewhere in France, maybe Paris specifically.
    The young boy tirelessly searches for his beloved dog, to finally find him in the middle of a busy city square sitting along side an old man. The boy realizes the elderly man is frail and blind. The boy’s dog has become a seeing eye dog for this man. The boy observes his dog from a distance while the old man and dog walk together. It is so heart breaking, since the boy selflessly allows this strange old man to keep his dog for his needs. I saw this movie in the early 80’s I believe, in a school classroom on a film projector.It was such an emotionally moving film. It stays in your heart.
    Does anyone recall this film? It would be so amazing to see it again.

    Thank you

  333. Danielle says:

    I remember watching a movie a couple of years ago.. It was a disney one, and it wasn’t animated. It was about this guy (I think he was a scientist, not sure) that brought home a beagle puppy for his son.. He had a choice of these little doberman puppies who were being forced by their dad to try to be adopted or something… But he chose the beagle.
    I remember one bit where he injected the dog with some vaccine.. Ok, just remembered, I think he was allergic to the dog, so he kept sneezing.
    But yeah, all this stuff happened then there was this one bit where the doberman pups grew up and were all evil..
    (The dogs in the movie could talk btw)

    I’m not being mistaken for the movie ‘Saving Shiloh’ am I??
    So does anyone know what this one’s called? Thanks :)

  334. Danielle says:


  335. bily says:

    im looking for a movie with the dog name bingo that goes around with kids to farms circus and zoo i watch it wen i was a kid cant find it anywhere

  336. Kasey says:

    I reaaalllyyy need to know the name of this movie. it was a cartoon and there was an old lady, she lived in a mansion with a bunch of her dogs and she was gonna die so she wrote her will, but her great niece and nephew wanted her money and were trying to steel it. The niece and nephew were tall, and had purple tinted skin. They wore purple outfits and had short brown hair. This movie was probably from the 80’s. Please help! this is killing me!

  337. Kasey says:

    I believe it’s the same movie @Sierra mentioned a little while back

  338. please help me find this movie about these train killer dogs kills the kids and their leader for picking on his son while he was away in boot camp one kid calls the boy farther the farther i think was an old army guy he command the dogs to kill,wait for the victim to tired themself out by trying to get away the they attack the kids on the camp grown that they were ship to.in other words the dogs will only kill by the boy farther comman.

  339. Daksha says:

    Remember watching on TV. An alsation with a computer implanted in his brain escapes from a research facility, and makes friends with a man. He doesnt know how to play with a ball, when the guy is trying to make a phone call he says, ; ” I’ll get you an outside line” and hooks up to a satellite. Cant remember or find the name, was it K9?

  340. sreehari says:

    hey iam lookin for a movie in which a german shephard goes on a revenge by killing the men who killed his master and at the end dog gets shot by the villain……just cant recollect the name of the film……

  341. Emmy says:

    Looking for a movie about a girl and her dog and the girl gets a stuffed bear as a gift which makes the dog jealous. He then hides the bear then tries to find it for the girl.

  342. Miranda says:

    There was a movie I watched around 2004-2008 and it was about a boy who adopts a dog (collie i think named zorro? not sure)from a shelter where he meets a girl and they start to like eachother. He enters the dog into a dog show. He goes to his aunts house, and she makes pottery and he brakes one by accident. Him and this girl go on a picnic in the woods with the dog.

  343. Jannicka says:

    As a little kid, I used to watch this animated show, maybe it was a movie, around the 2000’s. It was about a small dog that gets abandoned by its owner out in the rain (Perhaps by accident), and he is after adopted by a warren of rabbits. The rabbits teach him how to live like one of them. There is an old castle that has other malevolent animals in it, and the rabbits have to face them. I do remember however, that one rabbit used to sneeze a lot. I have just thought of this film now, and it has been irking me to find out what it is since then. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

  344. Jannicka says:

    @Cassie I think I have found the film we have both been looking for: Seventh Brother/Tiny Heroes.

  345. Clarissa says:

    Hi, I’m trying to remember a movie I watched as a kid in the 90’s I can’t recall a lot of information, but I remember the dog does towards the beginning and the little boy can still see the dog’s spirit or whatever and the dog helps him find clues to some will or something and in the end they find the will buried somewhere in some lunch box looking thing…. I’m not sure if that’s even accurate but I really want to know what this is called
    -thank you : )

  346. preksha says:

    i think the movie u r talking about is the old yeller

  347. emperawr91 says:

    Found movie I was looking for. In case anyone else was searching for this one. The Journey of Natty Gann.

    Natty Gann (played by Meredith Salenger) is a twelve year old Depression era girl whose single-parent father leaves her behind in Chicago while he goes to Washington State to look for work in the timber industry. Natty runs away from the guardian she was left with to follow Dad. She befriends and is befriended by a wolf that has been abused in dog fights, hops a freight train west, and is presumed dead when her wallet is found after the train crashes. Dad gets bitter and endangers himself in his new job. Meanwhile Natty has a series of adventures and mis- adventures in various farmhouses, police stations, hobo camps, reform schools, and boxcars.

  348. Praveen says:

    I remember seeing a dog movie when I was in school on TV around 1996-1999, in the movie the dog is on the run, the dog’s pee is some kinda acid which melt things (even a lamp post), and it’s very powerful one. A scene I remember is that a young boy probably left home alone and the dog is in his house and he is afraid of the dog, the boy tries to hit the dog with a baseball bat but the dog correctly catches the bat with its mouth. Another scene, the leading man probably tries to calm the dog by showing the palm of his hand which the dog starts to lick.

  349. James moody says:

    Im looking for an older movie. It has a kit of dobermans in it that r highly trained. I’m not sure if the whole movie is about them tho. But at the end a bad guy kills this young guys relative. I believe it was his grandpa. And the grandson finds out and has them attack and kill the guy by using the command ” Action”.

  350. Wrah says:

    Hey, people, I am trying to find a film that I started to watch maybe 15 or more years ago – did not finish it, dunno why. It was about a man who got somehow implanted with a microchip and than he was able to understand one dog. I remember a scene when the dog tries to identify an object that is unknown to him – actualy it is a hydrant. Can you help me out? Thanks.

  351. cris says:

    I am looking for a movie about a dog that i think lives with a rich family. I don’t know if the dog dies, or if his owner dies, I just remember something about a beach (maybe the dog running down the beach?) and the song ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’ by S Club 7. Maybe in the early to mid 90s? Thank you

  352. I am looking for a film where Dogs were trained to robe a bank and were successful. Somebody told me it is an interesting movie titled “The Breeds” but I have not seen it on the list. Otherwise, I appreciate your efforts to entertain us. Thanks again

  353. LineM says:

    I am looking for a movie about a dog that gets kidnapped.. It’s a cartoon and it’s prbably from the 80s or 90s.. I think it kinda goes like this: The owner of a dog is walking with the dog and meets another man, gives the man the dog (think he was only going to watch the dog while the owner did something) anyway the man steals the dog.. And that is all I remember.. Does anyone know this movie??

  354. Tayler says:

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone can help me. I am trying to find the name of a film I used to watch when i was small (early-mid 90s). All I remember is that it was about a stray dog that lived in an abandoned building near a butcher and he always went down and stole sausages from them to eat when the butcher wasn’t watching. I think I also remember something about a fire in the building? It was a short film, about half an hour I’m sure. I think the dog was grey. Thanks for any help!

  355. sully says:

    looking for old school film a french yarn about a boy who gets bullied every day at school. a collie of sheep dog with with fur and black spots helps him. he has brown sandy hair and is about 7 years old. cobble stone streets short color film

  356. sully simms says:

    what is the name of the french movie everyone saw in school back in days and old french film about bullying. a boy with sandy brown hair and high water euro knickers gets beat up after school. a large black and white collie or shepherd dog saves the boy even though its a stray dog he becomes its owner.

  357. Seccee says:

    I’m look for a movie and I cant remember the name of it but I think it’s more of a sci-fi movie or horror it’s about a dog scientist has done a experiment on and places the dog and the experiment in some type of woods with a some people I could remember that the dog was ver smart and warned the people about the dangerous experiment that was killing people I can remember the smart dog writing danger in the dirt.if any one knows this movie please I have searched high and low for this movie pppplllllleeezzzzzz some one HELP!!!!!!!!!

  358. Seccee says:

    Please email me also if u can help please

  359. Seccee says:

    I think I found the movie it is called Watcher but for some reason I don’t remember a kid being in it . And I was adding a lot of none facts in the movie also lol horrible memory I have but thanks I actually watched it last night on net flex thanks guys.

  360. zaeee says:

    i love the movie fluke its the best dog movie around

  361. maria says:

    im looking for a movie wherethere is a dog and that dog belongs to santa but it gets lost and santa vistits this christmas shop and becomes the santa that everyone speaks to when they realy want something for christmas and the dog gets found by two little girls and they take it to there care home to show the others and them to little girls get adopted by this lovely couple.if you know the name then please just type it in and ill be whatching alot its just so me and the kids can sit in our posh house and whatch it

  362. Darla says:

    I’m looking For an old cartoon movie I watched as a kid in the 90s I’m not sure if that’s when it was first released or if it was older in and I don’t remember a lot just somewhat of the beginning about a little girl and either her dad or grandfather are driving in a truck at night and its raining they have a puppy with them cuddled under a blanket they get Out of the car For some reason and get back in the little girl checks under thee the blanket and the puppy has managed jump Out of the truck the girl freaks Out But as the rain gets worse the man tells her they cant stay and so the puppy is now on his own I don’t know what’s happen next but I remember all the time and like to find Out What happens so if anyone can tell Me the name of the movie it would be awesome. Thanks!

  363. mia says:

    Hachiko! :)

  364. Mariam Behman says:

    I have been trying to find a movie for a while now. This is what I remember:

    There are two boys talking one is the main character the other his friend. Well his friend is showing the main character a talisman that he got and the main character wants the talisman. His friend tells him to be careful with it and to make sure to look in the mirror before going to bed because he will turn into the last thing he sees. During the night there is a dog barking in an alley and the main character shoos it away. When he wakes up in the morning he is turned into a dog. His mother calls him down for breakfast and he heads down the stairs. The mother freaks out because she thinks the main character is a stray dog but she can’t figure out why the dog is wearing her son’s pajamas. She calls animal control and in panic is throwing random things and hitting him with a broom. The main character escapes and is adopted by a blind musician. Resigned to his new life he amazes the musician and the musician’s friends with how intelligent a dog he is. Later the musician hears about a procedure that could help him get his sight. He starts to play his music in the park with the main character holding the hat collecting money from people. It is there that he runs into his mother as she is getting ready to donate money she recognizes him as the dog that escaped her house and animal control takes him away. I don’t remember how but he was transformed back to normal and reunited with his mother.

  365. Jess says:

    Hey, I’m trying to remember the name of a movie I seen on Animal Planet a few years back about a police woman and two dogs. This is practically how the plot went.


    In the beginning, there is a serial killer who only killed five year olds. The movie started by showing him enter a house and kidnap a little girl.


    The police woman was trying to track down the killer with her 5 year old German Shepherd. However when she thought that she had him on the run, she found her dog trying to disarm a bomb — I think it was attached to a bike. When she showed up, she had accidentally distracted her dog and the bomb went off killing her German shepherd. After that happened, the police woman didn’t want to rejoin the police, but thanks to one of the other police woman she did along with going out and training her other dog Feather — who was an australian shepherd.


    In the end she was able to track down the killer, after he stuffed a little girl into a barrel and pushed her out into a river to die, and thanks to her dog was able to bring him to justice. PLEASE HELP ME FIND OUT WHAT THE NAME OF THIS MOVIE IS!!!

  366. Kristen says:

    Hello, I’m looking for a dog movie from the 90’s/2000’s?
    All I can remember from it was the song, Hot Diggity (Boom what you do to me)
    There were puppies, I THINK Dalmatians..It was a child’s birthday party?

  367. chloe says:

    when I looked at the dog movies there was one movie that I did not see…………………….. hachiko I really want to watch it !!!
    it is not animated

  368. Larry Sumpter says:

    Iam looking for a movie that has a dog looking at it offspring through a fence,he please to see that all the puppies look like him and their mother. That untill the last puppie came out the dog house looking like the dog the next fence over. I would love to get a laugh once more in my life time!!!!!

  369. Ashley says:

    @Tamie, the movie you’re talking about is called ‘cop Dog’

  370. Tay says:

    okay therre was this movie and i forgot the name and it was about these two dogs that escaped the pound and at the end of the movie one of the dogs get shot… and there was no humans i dont think.. and they animals were talking

  371. indrajith jerry says:

    dogs are the bornhood friends for human…… i love dogs…. those tail, toungue, ears so nice…… ha ha ha……..wow wow….

  372. indrajith jerry says:

    i have a dalmatian dog,,, so nice………wow wow wow…..

  373. Katerpillar says:

    I don’t see Beverly Hills Chihuaha I+II in this list. Such funny movies! Thanks for the list anyways!

  374. brian elliott says:

    i need help with a title. all i remember is a girl moves in with her mom i think. in an appartment. has lots of money. she finds a dog in the park and brings it home. she tries to keep it hid but the nanny finds it. she is a very funny lady. she helps the lil girl take care of it.

  375. Sanjana says:

    hello everyone..please help me find a movie name.
    I once saw a movie about a wolf dog that’s psycho and is killing everyone; however this little girl loves the dog and it attacks her once but then in the end it protects her while they’re in a tunnel (sewer) where some poles fall in and he pushes her out of the way.

    The dog ends up dying and in the very last scene they bury him, and then we see from the point of view of the dog – he’s running back passing the clothes line and going through the kitchen and jumping on the bed and licking the owner’s face. The dog had then come back to life.

    Any ideas?

  376. Vidsy says:

    Hachiko s always d best…. i jus love dat movie a lot..I was cryin for a whole day watchin dat one movie… I jus cant stand seein such a lovable and faithful dogs getting screwed and dying… its sooooo sad…. :( :(… still this gives an inspiration to toher ppl who r killin dogs and torturin those poor people… dogs r d most faithful and d best companion ever.. u can talk to them anythin and trust me. even if u hate them and hurt.. they wont do dat… bcoz.. dats wht dogs r lik… true to their ppl 4ever… do love dogs… and keep them safe… i dnt mean spend for them lik hell.. no no.. nt lik dat… but do not treat them bad… and do help poor people also… common.. cant v all save few cents from our dollars dat v r spendin daily… for no reason… after a month if u check out.. u wud have so much to giv for the poor… do have the mind to giv always.. then to recieve or get… only when u have the mind to giv… u will get better ones later… god will alwyas help only those who help the poor… so keep dat in mind.. and plzzz… dnt be addicted tomoney… and jealous of others… jus dnt giv a damm abt ppl above u bcoz dat will only bring u more nd more of bad character.. see ppl below u and feel contend and happy for wht u have and see urself.. u will b happy and satisfied always… IF U WANNA LIVE HAPPY… then EXPECT LESS… and GIVE MORE… to POOR or ppl who r NEEDY.. u will have better life then… :) :) :). god bless every1.. take care

  377. jeanette says:

    hi, i wondered if anyone could help me find this film i can only remember abit but the bits i can remember are quite clear.

    well it has this boy in who’s about 12-13 and i think he finds a dog and i think his dad makes him take it to this rescue centre which is like a farm. and the owner of the rescue centre lets the boy help out where he dont have any friends. i cant quite remember what the boy was doing but he accidently let the dogs out and everyone who worked at the centre was looking all over for all these dogs, they found all but one. that one they never found got hit by a car and i think it died. the boy was so angry with himself he ran inside and didnt speak to anyone. so this lady who is good with people made a vase for him to smash t make him feel better.

    later on in the film considering they lost the competition 1 already, people saw the connection the boy had with the dog he found the let him train the dog up to enter in an agility course and they end up winning the competition. thats all i can remeber please if anyone knows what it is let me know i really want to watch it again it is a family movie.

    the little boy had dark brown hair i think, and there was a girl about his age who helped with the dogs i think she had blonde hair. and the dog he found i think was a like the dog in fire house dog and hotel for dogs. and i think the boys mum had died.

  378. robert says:

    i love dog very very mutch

  379. Geetha C says:

    I am looking for a movie which I saw about 15/20 yrs back. The central character is a chimpanzee *(or was it a dog?). He is taught sign language. At the end of the movie there is a court scene in which he gives testimony thru sign lang and the case is solved and his master is released. It was a lovely movie. The court scene was superb.

  380. Priya says:

    Hey all canine lovers,

    I ve become mad…searching for one movie, where the army guy trains the dog and for some reason i just cannot recall the name of the movie and also the dog whch becomes the bone of contention to many, eventually , help the army contingent to find an army officer who gets lost due to an avalanche and then the dog would be felicitated with a army officer title.
    It would be nice to know the name of the movie, whcih is drivin gme crazy for somtime now…..tq so much..:))

  381. helen carberry says:

    Johanna says:
    March 27, 2011 at 3:07 am
    Great dogmovies listed!
    I’m looking for a movie about a girl and a dog. The girl is an outsider and she feels she doesn’t belong anywhere. I rememeber a scene from the movie when the girl meets the dog. The dog is forced to fight other dogs. The girl has entered the building where the dogfights are held and she stands with her back against the door. The dog escapes and reaches the girl who is standing in front of the door. The dog looks in her eyes and the girl slowly moves and opens the door. I think the dog goes down some stairs and is free. I think the dog and the girl meets and become friends.
    Have anyone seen or heard of this movie?
    the film is about a dobbermann the film is the tender aka the eyes of an angel it as john travotta in it the girl saves the dobbermann and in turn he saves them both i hope this is of help to you

  382. helen carberry says:

    Stone Fox
    Powered by:

    Format: DVD

    Region: Free, playable

    Shipping: $3.00 Worldwide

    Shipping Duration: 5-10 days

    The made-for-TV The Stone Fox is set in 1905
    Wyoming. Young Joey Cramer is determined to enter
    his dog–played by a canine named O.J., previously the
    star of the “Disney Family Movie” Skeezer–in an
    adult-dominated sledding race. It’s all for the sake of
    Cramer’s ailing, destitute grandpa Buddy Ebsen. The
    boy’s competition for the $150 prize is more than
    formidable: the winner for the past several years has
    been taciturn Shoshone Indian Stone Fox (Gordon
    Tootoosis) and his intimidating team of Samoyeds.
    Filmed in Canada, The Stone Fox was originally telecast
    March 30, 1987–smack-dab opposite the annual
    Academy Awards ceremony (no wonder you’ve never
    heard of the film).

    genre(s):Children’s/Family, Drama
    director(s):Harvey Hart
    featured cast member(s):
    – Jason Michas
    – O.J. the Dog
    – Gordon Tootoosi

  383. muthu says:

    hi everyone …
    I’m looking for a old dog movie but I don’t remember it’s name .
    In the opening scene dog lost in the forest and in the climax , dog master find his dog from helicopter after dog save two baby tigers from wolf.

  384. Dave says:

    Hello Everyone

    I am looking for a movie which i wantched long time back. I can recall few scenes out of it.
    Please help me in finding that movie.
    I remember that there was a lady and her dog who gets lost in jungle. rescue team saves the lady but dog is left alone in jungle. few days later, lady finds her dog outside her house..coming out from jungle which was near her house.
    Please help !!

  385. Javier says:

    Om looking for thos movie about a girl and her german sheperd dog went with her grandpa or dad to a water wale up in the dessert and the girl went for a walk with her dog and got lost in the dessert amd found a mexican guy that was wounded so he helped her get home

  386. Arvs Escolano says:

    Can someone help me. I was looking for a thriller movie where dogs chases a group of people in a resort . something like that. I don’t know the title, does anybody know the movie Im talking about? I need the title. Please HELP ME!!

  387. Arvs Escolano says:

    Can someone help me. I was looking for a thriller movie where dogs chases a group of people in a kind of rest house. And there was a scene where 2 people rode a car and the dog came chasing after them and one dog jumps in the window of the car and almost bit the guy..
    I don’t know the title, does anybody know the movie Im talking about? I need the title. Please HELP ME!!

  388. Simon says:

    I am trying to find the name of a movie I saw on television a few months back. It involves a girl hitching a ride on empty train cars going to Alaska to find her father I think, she gets off in a town and witnesses a Malamute or Siberian Husky in a dog fight, the dog escapes and she finds it in a train car. The two become friends until she is placed in a school for girls and the dog is taken away in a crate. Later I think she falls in with a group of orphans. This is all I know, any suggestions on the name of this movie? Thank you

  389. Tia says:

    I’ve heard quite a few people asking about the film with the old woman leaving a will for stray dogs – the film is called Millionaire Dogs. I was trying so hard to look for it and now I have found it! Sierra, is this what you were looking for?

  390. zainab says:

    There is a movie about two orphan sisters who have puppy and they get adopted and their father is allergic to dogs so they secretly raise him.The older sister runs away with the dog later in the movie.Please tell me the name of the movie I can’t remember it.

  391. Jemma says:

    Greyfriars Bobby!!!!

  392. Brian says:

    I have read every single response on here and none are what I am looking for. I remember a movie, it went to theaters because I specifically remember watching it on a movie screen as a child. It was an animated film, old style animation before CGI. It was sometime in the late 80’s or early possibly mid 90’s (88-94 or so)The movie was about several dogs, a group or whole civilization even. I remember very little, there was kind of a leader dog, I think a young boy dog and at the end of the movie there is a giant dog. A huge sheep dog who is about the size of a house or so, I think he was a legend or something. I don’t think there are any people in the movie, if there are their role is minimal. It is not oliver in company. Can anyone help me?

  393. Guro says:

    SCARY childrens movie

    Movie with lots of different trained animals
    If i remember correctly a little black dog with a red collar( i do believe it was a terrier) was tied up in somebodys back yard which was connected to a forest. It rains and thunders and the little dog escapes.

    Somehow he ends up in an animal land controlled by a dictator monkey(spidermonkey I believe) whom all the other animals were scared of. There were birds, bunnies, cats, dogs and a wide assortment of animals. Of reasons unknown, the monkey dictator would put animals on a train, and something bad would happen.

    No humans were in this movie, only animals. Not animated.
    I do believe it was made in the 70/80’s judging by the memory of the film quality in my head(…).

    If anything of this rings a bell please let me know, after searching and asking every person in my age-range with absolutely no luck, I am starting to think it was my imagination running loose.

  394. Claire says:

    Hi i have read all of the above and the film i’m after isnt there :-(
    It was on tv in Scotland in the early 80’s

    2 small dogs one looked like a fox the other a white long haired j russel (best i remember)
    Its a live action ….. the owners move house and the dogs take off after them eventually finding them …. miles away.
    Bit vague but if anyone can remember seeing it etc please let me know as the the dogs were the spit of my childhood pets :-) xx

  395. Angela says:

    I think a movie that was left out was Love Leads the Way. It was a Disney film I think in the 80’s about Moris Frank and him getting his first dog, a German Shepherd named Buddy, from The Seeing Eye. It was really sad at the end, when Buddy is sick, and these people want Moris to proove she’s a guide by setting up an obsticle course. And even though the dog is sick, she still guides him around things and in and out. It’s a very heartwarming and touching movie. I wish it were on dvd.

  396. April says:

    Renee it’s not Frankenweenie I know what your talking about it was also an old black and white film the boy and his jack russel Sparky were playing ball in the yard when the ball rolled out in front of a car and Sparky was hit chasing the ball and the lil boy brought Sparky back to live Ive been trying to figure out what it’s called cause I believe Frankenweenie may be a knock off of it

  397. Brian Craven says:

    Hi I saw a movie of a Dog movie when I ws a child. It was call: Kelly and me only way I
    found it thought being on a poster of that movie. it was made by Von Johnson Kelly and Me.

  398. dazza says:

    Hi all,
    I am trying to find the name of a movie for my mum, all she can remember is that there is a family with a dog at the airport, a kid lets the little white dog out of its cage and it runs away. She said it meets another dog along the way that gets hit by a truck and dies. At the end the old lady is then getting in her car when the dog comes running down a hill and they are reunited.
    Anyone know the title? its quite old, maybe 80s.

  399. elton tarpley says:

    Please help me find this movie from several years ago about a man that gets left in a Dept store after closing hours and has to stay a step ahead of a doberman or two until morning. Can anyone help w a title?

  400. kelin says:

    Im lookin for this cartoon movie that i watchex in the 90s about three homeless dogs, its 2 boy dogs, 1 black & 1white dog & a girl dog, the first scene starts on the highway with the white dog fallib out of the back of a truck & they allget chased by a bulldog & at the end of the movie their lookin into a window with a little boy & a familh & the family brings all gthe dogs inside & that becomes their home
    Please help me with the title, it was my fav movie as a kid & it happens durin xmas time

  401. CytoTigger says:

    I wanted to add the movies Miracle Dogs (Cute puppies bring health and happiness to the denizens of an Ohio hospital in Miracle Dogs. When young Charlie Logan (Josh Hutcherson) and his parents (Kate Jackson and Ted Shackelford) accidentally run into a stray Springer Spaniel, the injury is minor but the dog turns out to have cancer in one of her forelegs, which has to be amputated. To save the dog from euthanasia, Charlie smuggles her into the Cleveland Clinic, where his parents work, and keeps her in the basement with the assistance of the cantankerous custodian (Stacey Keach). But in no time the dog, now dubbed Annie by Charlie, starts wandering through the hospital, miraculously healing the patients) and Miracle Dogs Too (A boy stumbles across two lost dogs who appear to have otherworldly powers, but his plans to keep the cute canines lead him into a devious criminal underworld). Both excellent movies.

  402. Elle says:

    I need to figure out what this movie is called or I might go crazy!!
    I saw this movie when I was really young.. So I only remember some parts. But I remember those parts really well:
    -Maybe released in the 80’s or early to mid 90’s I would guess
    -About multiple dogs
    -I remember one scruffy crazy looking dog that was funny
    -Maybe a cat in it? Or maybe it was a puppy that was new to the homeless dog clan
    -there was an older, nice female dog
    -a really mean, rich dog who loves in another home.. Somehow is part of the story by the end
    -I remember a scene at night where there is this car on a bridge looking thing and a mean, rich guy is inside the car making a deal with a smaller man that is smoking and clearly scared of the rich guy. Basically, the rich guy in the car starts rolling up the window and choking the smoking guy, causing the guy to cough and wheeze

    I know this is a lot.. But please help!! IT WILL DRIVE ME CRAZY!

  403. Adi says:

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a movie… This movie is about a dog (I think a german shepherd). Don’t remember much of the detail but it’s about the master of the dog is killed and then dog chases the killers….

    dont remember the name of the film
    Can anyone help me please

  404. Samson Blaze says:

    I would add all three movies of Balto, Hachiko, and the other movies that tells about Buddy, the main dog character in the movie Air Bud. And also there are more Lassie movies so add those too, as well as the other movie about the air buddies.

  405. Sally says:

    Looking for a black and white movie where a dog and a racehorse become human to solve the murder of a human (possibly their owner). It was the best movie, but I only saw it once. Does anyone else remember this? It had a scene where the dog/man was on a bus and the horse/lady ran it down in high heels – truly a hoot.

  406. Courtneyj says:

    I keep remembering a movie I saw when I was a young girl, but I can’t remember the name. The movie is about a dog whose owner dies and leaves the dog to a young man to watch after. I don’t know if the owner left his estate to the dog to the guy. Parts of the movies I do remember is where the guy took the dog to a pet shop a bought him tons of toys. Also, the dog’s room and a hugh bone shaped couch. Anyone have any guesses? Thanks.

  407. KiraBelle says:

    I’m trying to remember an animated movie I saw back in the ’90’s. It was a Christmas movie about a stuffy little white-ish dog (maybe a West?) and a brown/black and white fluffy cat. I think the dog’s name was Nick and the cat was maybe Holly? Not sure though. I’d really love to find this movie. Any ideas??? I got stuffed animals of the dog and cat from the movie th wasat Christmas so I know it existed…just can’t remember the name.

  408. Mikala says:

    Please help me find this movie I watched when I was about 4-6 years old.No comments mentioned this. One was close though. I think at the beginning the dad dog/wolf (I have no idea)was with the spirit white? mother. They had babies(when the mom pretty sure it was the mom) was still alive and had to sell them . Every pup got bought except this different color girl pup. She grows up to a teenager? and I think tells her dad(runs away) to this wooded area than to a snowy mountain area. She goes into a cave and finds a spirit mouse who she doesn’t know the mouse is a spirit until he disappears. The mouse helps her somehow. I think something glows blue? The dog/wolf finds a wolf?pack. The only next part I remember is the ending. The girl tells her dad that she belongs with the wolf pack. She floats away on the iceberg with the wolf pack and the mouse spirit appears and waves then disappears again.I think that the dad talks to the mom again. I’m pretty sure the title had a w in it and it had something to do with spirits. It’s animated (as in cartoonish drawings)and not new but not super old. Please (repeated) help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  409. Mikala says:

    sorry the !s go off the pg. (maybe)That’s how much I want to find this movie!

  410. cutiee says:


  411. Bert says:

    Please add “Hachiko.”

  412. Ralph says:

    A Boy And His Dog (early 70’s, I think), starring Don Johnson, based on a Harlan Ellison story. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, features a telepathic terrier.

  413. Barbara says:

    Looking for the name of an animated christmas movie starring an old stray dog named Chauncey. He befriends a doll and a teddy bear that were thrown away by their children when they got new toys. He takes them to a homeless man in the junkyard (Santa) who fixes them up and Chauncey then takes them to a school.At the end of the movie the doll and the teddy bear get picked up by children, are looking out the back end of a bus and Santa comes and takes the old stray dog with him.They used to show it on the 25 days of Christmas on the Family Channel before Disney bought the station and changed it.

  414. Claire says:

    I am looking for a dog movie that I watched when I was a lot younger but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is called, but it has to do with a boy and sled dogs. The boy is always joking around and ends up having his team pull him into his school in only his underwear. I think he also tries to race a 16 dog sled team in the movie and one of his fathers best dogs may have been put down. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  415. vicky says:

    looking for a old movie about a English bull terrier,it was the story of a dog whose owner put him in dog fights,till he lost then beat him and left him for dead.the move had a voice over for the dog.

  416. Maya says:

    I need someone to help me, when I was young I watched a movie on Cartoon Network (I think)
    It was animated/cartoon for kids, about a group of dogs who lived in a big house, from what I can remember, I believe that their owner died and the mansion and dogs were left to the person’s relatives who didn’t want the dogs or something of the other. And the dogs fought to keep their home. The dogs could talk to each other. Sorry, that’s all I know. I’ve been searching for it for ages now.

  417. valia says:

    I think “Red Dog” must be here its reali a gred movie for dogs and its based on real story, and legent

  418. suzanne says:

    For whoever was looking for the movie with the little dog that was travelling and met another little dog who he made friends with which later was killed and had an old lady in it.
    Sounds a lot like Hambone and Hillie.
    Was a fave of mine but so sad

  419. Therese says:

    12 dogs for christmas

  420. Wootwoot says:

    Okay, a shot in the dark here! In the 1980’s, as a child, I remember seeing a movie about a dog named Poundcake. I vaguely recall the plot, these kids make a fancy collar for the dog that spells out Poundcake and the neighborhood bullies steal the collar. I believe it was Canadian, I could be wrong, but they used to play it on Nickelodeon in the 80’s. I cannot find any evidence that this movie existed anywhere, does anyone else remember it?

  421. jomz says:

    Hi.. Please add “Red Dog” it is also based on a true story and a legend in Dumpier Australia. (they also made a statue for him – like hachiko) thanks

  422. Katie says:

    @Signus….the movie you are looking for is called Scruffy

  423. Liza says:

    Looking for really old movie – some 25 yrs ago – i think the name of movie was LOVEDOG. Was a very sweet story of this loving dog (animated) that can kind of float through the air. Cant remember more, but it was really inspirational and touched your heart. Cannot find any trace of it on the web.

  424. Laura says:

    To Zach the movie that you are probably looking for is “You Lucky Dog” a 1998 movie with Kirk Cameron. You can find it on the IMDb website

    To CahosRahneVelosa the movie “The Courage of Kavic the Wolf Dog” a 1980 release may be the movie you were looking for also listed on IMDb website
    Also the movie with the person turning into a sheepdog there were actually three Disney movie with this premise. The one I believe that you are looking for is “The Shaggy Dog” from 1959. The one that MariaLuisa mentioned might be “The Shaggy DA” from 1976. The last one from 2006 was also called “The Shaggy Dog”

    To Hanie your movie might be “Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog” from Disney in 1961. There is also a newer version from 2005 that was filmed in England called “Greyfriars Bobby”
    Hope this helps. :)

    I would also like to see “Lad: A Dog” from 1962 added to the list. It is based on the Albert Payson Terhune novels about a collie.
    “Big Red” a Disney movie from 1962 based on the Jim Kelgaard book about an Irish Setter.
    The movie “Lassie Come Home” from 1943 based on the Eric Knight book that started the whole Lassie dynasty, and all the other Lassie movies that have also come out.

  425. Matt says:

    Hi I’m looking for a movie where a boy and his dog goes on an adventure to find his missing parrot or something. Boy (main character’s dad is maybe a cop. There was a scene when that parrot got in hands of a fat boy in a swimming pool (in a shopping mall I think). The main character is later caught by the police somehow and captured in the police department. He is ordered not to leave and even had his father guarding him. But his dog rescues him by secretly going there and makes thousands of empty copies to keep him busy and unguarding to rescue him. The main character and his dog also made floor of some room slippery to further escape from the hunting cops in there,and managed successfully. Also to get home they have to take busbut his dog isn’t allowed in it so he disguised him as an old lady in wheelchair. But someone later found out it was dog after licking that passenger. The boy later finds his parrot when that fat boy earlier returns it to him. The boy then comes closer then yells “BOO” which sends him diving accident into that pool. Thanks in advance.

  426. Su loves dogs says:

    “To Dance with the White Dog” is THE all time greatest dog movie EVER!!! IMHO of course! 😀

  427. dclaijvg says:

    emkd [url=http://choubichanluuyubiwa.coastalcaliforniarealty.com/]????? ?????[/url] [url=http://daininkichanluuannka.centenaripalaumusica.org/]????? ??????[/url] [url=http://mbtteikakaku.createdonearth.com/]mbt ???[/url] [url=http://mbttokukaku.askmiddleeast.org/]mbt ?[/url] sior
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    [url=http://choubichanluuyubiwa.coastalcaliforniarealty.com/]????? ??[/url] [url=http://daininkichanluuannka.centenaripalaumusica.org/]????? ?????[/url] [url=http://mbtteikakaku.createdonearth.com/]MBT[/url] [url=http://mbttokukaku.askmiddleeast.org/]mbt ??[/url] zxuk
    [url=http://choubichanluuyubiwa.coastalcaliforniarealty.com/]?????[/url] [url=http://daininkichanluuannka.centenaripalaumusica.org/]????? ??[/url] [url=http://mbtteikakaku.createdonearth.com/]mbt ??????[/url] [url=http://mbttokukaku.askmiddleeast.org/]mbt ??????[/url] rbwq

    nfxl [url=http://choubichanluuyubiwa.coastalcaliforniarealty.com/][/url] [url=http://daininkichanluuannka.centenaripalaumusica.org/][/url] [url=http://mbtteikakaku.createdonearth.com/][/url] [url=http://mbttokukaku.askmiddleeast.org/][/url]

  428. Kay says:

    @LindyLee It’s the Tom and Jerry Movie

    I’ve been looking for a movie for years, it has a dog therapist that pretends he can talk to dogs, who is given a wealthy mans dog when the wealthy man dies, but the dog is given all of the mans money. It turns out that the therapist could talk to dogs when he was younger but he suppressed the ability and now whenever this dog gets hyper the man… well, he doesn’t exactly become the dog, he just acts like the dog and says all the things the dog is thinking. I remember that they somehow end up in court near the end. It’s live action.

    Any help would be appreciated
    Thank you

  429. Patricia says:

    I am trying to find the name of the movie where a dog takes the role as a babysitter. My daughters teacher has given them the tasks of finding this movie name. Thank you

  430. Jodi says:

    Ashish! I think the movie you are talking about could be called Chomps! It is a robotic dog who takes orders from the guy that made him!

  431. Jodi says:

    Does anyone remember a kids movie about a family that has to get rid of their dog because the snooty neighbor ladys dog dosnt like him! The little boy who is about 10 decides to run away with his dog to save him from the pound! There was a song on there that kinda goes like this , The dogs name have to be toghther! They end up finding the boy because his sister finally decides to tell her parents because she knows her brother could get hurt! The dog does nit get sent away! Please help me find this movie!

  432. Jodi says:

    Debbie I know what movie you are talking about but I can’t remember the name right now!

  433. maria says:


    Few years ago, when i was a child i saw a very nice movie but now i can’t find the name. i just remember a scence when a boy must leave his dog in a small island and he feed it yoghurt. It is an old movie (80’s-90’s). If someone know something adout it, please help me.

  434. nick says:

    im looking for a movie i saw when i was younger its about a police officer and his german shepard police dog the dog gets killed and his owner barries him then the dog sum how takes over a mans body so now theres a strange guy acting like a dog but turns out its his dog he lost.

  435. finbarr says:

    story line of film.
    a germanshepard dog is chased by every dog in village and he runs from them. his owner sells the dog gets transported by plane.the plane crashes in the mountains.the dog has to fight to servive while making his way back to the village.

  436. JB says:

    Can we add the movie RED DOG?It is an amazing story aswell….Thanks…

  437. stefania says:

    you can add frankewinnie to the list :) it worths it!

  438. Callie says:

    my grandma is looking for a movie but can’t remember the name. she said it has to do with a cop who was killed and comes back as a dog to solve his own murder. she says it isnt Oh heavenly dog with chevy chase, that it is older than that.please help.

  439. sue says:

    Looking for very old movie of a dog & horse that were angels, , they come down to earth in form of human the lady was the horse, & the man was the dog ,, ,what there purpose was I cant remember,
    but were sent to change someone,s life,in the end ,the lady gallops up to heaven in the form of the horse, & then the mans walks away as the dog ,
    I was 16 when I saw it am 58 now , cant think of any acters , either ,so maybe someone may have heard of it ,

  440. Dave says:

    My wife saw a movie or tv movie in the 60’s I believe, that she only remembers a small part of….An old man has a dog that does tricks, a spoiled rich girl wants that dog, the old man will not part with him…finally the old man dies and somehow the little rich girl gets the dog, but the dog will not do tricks for her….in the end the dog dies too and meets the old man on a stairway to heaven or something like that. I have been searching for years to find this movie or show to no avail….any help would be appreciated.

  441. Divyanshu Raghav says:

    Hello All,

    I am looking for a movie which i saw 7-8 years back i guess. All i remember is that there was a lady and a dog who gets lost in forest. When the rescue team comes to save the lady, they pull her up through ghe chopper but leaves dog behind. Few days after, lady finds her dog coming out of forest nearby and coming to her. These are the only scenes i remember….Please help !

  442. Kay says:

    Elle I think you are talking about oliver and company

    Courtneyj I think we might be looking for the same movie. Do you remember a dog therapist? also, if you find out the name of it can you please let me know?

    maria you are not thinking about airbud are you?

    Sorry if none of that was helpful

  443. Kay says:

    I think this is the movie people are looking for where the boy makes a wish and turns into a dog


  444. CallieLou says:

    kay- i think you are talking about You Lucky Dog with Kirk cameron. its on imdb.

    sue- i think we are looking for the same movie and i cant find it!

  445. CallieLou says:

    sue- i think i found it!!!! You Never Can Tell (1951) with dick powell and peggy dow. I found it on a site called raremoviemart.com for about $13.

    For all those looking, its a bout a dog who inherits a fortune and is poisoned for it. then comes back as a PI and a horse comes back as a women to solve his murder.

  446. Marie says:

    This has been bugging me for years. I saw this movie a while ago where there was this boy who spent a lot of time on this dog shelter farm thing for some reason. I think the opening scene was at an ice rink and there were kids playing hockey and he got in trouble… but anyways, he fell in love with this girl at the shelter, but at some point he left some door open and the dogs all ran away. They came back, but one got hit by a car and died. I just remember the girl being angry with him and running away and telling him to go away maybe? There was more after that but that’s all I remember. Any ideas?

  447. Kay says:

    CallieLou you are my hero for finding this! Thank you 😀

  448. CallieLou says:

    Kay- your welcome!!!! it took me awhile but i found it and with shipping it came to $18. i ordered it for my grandma right away!!!

  449. CallieLou says:

    Daniel and the superdogs- a troubled boy works at a kennel where he trains a dog for an upcoming contest

  450. CallieLou says:

    owd bob-A recently orphaned teenager moves to the Isle of Man to live with his gruff sheep farmer grandfather, and they bond over their shared love of a dog

  451. Gary milwood says:

    There was a movie about a family moving frame the city to their ancestors farm and on the way there was a truck accident where a collies owner was killed and the collie went to live with the family who later started a sheep farm. Does anyone know the name of the movie?

  452. coo says:

    looking for a movie where a golden retriver named jupiter and like a man is trying to kill the dog( jupiter) also boy was riding in hus dads station wagon yelling out jupiter

  453. michelle says:

    (quoted from Sierra)
    but there was an old woman that was rich, her family was these dogs she saved from the streets. well the woman died and in her will wrote that her home and money would go to a dog sanctury, but there were people that wanted the money…
    That’s all I can remember, dose anyone have any idea what’s the name of this movie is

    I’m also looking for this movie, can anybody help me out?

  454. Lofty says:

    Hi where can I find the movie Chomps

  455. Sierra M. says:

    Could you possibly add Miracle Dog to the list.

  456. Sierra M. says:

    Could you also add A Golden Christmas 2: A Christmas Tail too, they are both really good movies.

  457. Sierra M. says:

    The movie Scruff is a little kid movie but, I really liked it when I was younger and, my little sister is 4 and she likes the movie pretty good so, maybe other kids her age will like it to!

  458. Hawraa says:

    I remember watching a movie when I was either 6 or 7, so it was probably around 2006, 2007. I only remember one scene from the movie but I loved it and it was sad. Here’s the scene

    So I think it was a robber that broke into the house where the dog lives and then the dog tries to save the family but is stabbed in the side with a shard of glass.

    I think the movie started with an A but Im not sure. I really loved this movie but I can’t remember it’s title. Please help!!

  459. Michelle says:

    “but there was an old woman that was rich, her family was these dogs she saved from the streets. well the woman died and in her will wrote that her home and money would go to a dog sanctuary, but there were people that wanted the money…
    That’s all I can remember, dose anyone have any idea what’s the name of this movie is”

    Is the movie you’re thinking of animated? Because Millionaire Dogs is the first thing that jumps to mind. I loooove that film.

    Scruffy is pretty good, and certainly worthy of the list. Miracle Dogs and its sequel could be added, too, along with Sierra’s other suggestions. And perhaps Cinnamon.
    C.H.O.M.P.S. is available for streaming on Netflix, if you subscribe to it.

  460. samantha says:

    hi there, I don’t know if this site is still alive but there is this one dog movie I loved so much when I was little and I only watched it once, its about a golden retriever dog that got knocked over in front of the little boy who owned him and it comes back as a ghost to protect the little boy and train the little boys new puppy. I thought it was called ghost dog but when I googled it I couldn’t find it, so I’m hoping maybe you’ve seen it.

  461. faith m says:

    i am looking for this movie it is about a dog who is in a truck and see’s a frog and chasese it

  462. Diana Holt says:

    I am looking for a movie for my grandchildren. I cannot remember the name. Maybe, it had the name Nikita in it. I know the dog was a Chinese breed. A man befriend the dog and for years they were best friends. Every day the dog would walk the man to the train station in the morning on his way to work and every evening the dog would meet him at the train station. This went on for years until the man died of a heart attack. After the death of the man every day the dog would walk to the train station through town in the morning, as he had for years with his master, and lay there at the station and waited until the evening train showed up. Rain, sleet, hail or snow the dog was there everyday for years until he died. Following the dog’s death, the town erected a statue of the dog at the station. It’s a great little movie. Thanks for your help.

  463. Bert Freeman says:

    Hachiko. The statute at the train station was the unique component. A little syrupy, only because the movie dragged out the predictable ending. Wish I could find a woman as loyal as this dog…lol. Richard Gere’s character dies, his dog refuses to accept the reality that he isn’t coming back. Genre’s widowed spouse actress made some spy movie roles in the “Bourne” trilogy.

  464. Michelle says:

    Diane Holt–You’re definitely thinking of the world-famous Hachiko (aka Hachi), the Akita (Japanese breed; you were close! 😉

  465. Lak says:

    The dog with a microchip is K9000, I was looking also for the title of the movie a long time ago.

  466. pankaj says:

    i dont know any one knows but i watched a hindi movie when i was 6 may be 7 or 8 in that movie a small girl has lost her dog. she searches for it every where . idont remember properly but i think there were floods in the city during the time she lost her dog. ithink the dogs name was tiger. it would be a great help if any one finds the name of this movie.
    i am 21 now and this movie is buging me a lot

  467. pankaj says:

    i dont know any one knows but i watched a hindi movie when i was 6 may be 7 or 8 in that movie a small girl has lost her dog. she searches for it every where . idont remember properly but i think there were floods in the city during the time she lost her dog. ithink the dogs name was tiger. it would be a great help if any one finds the name of this movie.
    i am 21 now and this movie is buging me a lot

  468. Rebecca Gray says:

    Ugh okay so I’m trying to find a movie I watched as a kid! I rented it in the early 90s! I can’t remember anything about the movie except the cover was of a white and black dog with neon surf shorts or neon shirt and looks like he may have had sunglasses on! Really cool dog and I think he surfed?!?! Big flashy neon letters too! I know it’s not much to fall on but it was my favorite movie as a kid and now I can’t remember it to save my life and can’t find anything on it!! Someone please help me find this movie!!!!!! It may have been late 80s to early 90s movie!!

  469. Rebecca Gray says:

    I know I’m not giving much but reallllly wanna find this movie!!!

  470. Derek says:

    What is the name of the Disney short film that has a hunting dog, as a puppy is raised by Racoons, discovered by a farmer who raises it with other coon dogs? On a hunt for racoons, the dog defends a racoon on a fallen tree. Anyone remember this cheezy Disney short? It is not animated.

  471. Michelle says:

    Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is as heartbreaking as one would expect. (So, for that matter, are Greyfriar’s Bobby and the Futurama episode “Jurassic Bark!”)

    Derek: The raccoon one is “The Hound That Thought He Was a Raccoon”–it’s a great 48-minute, live-action short film narrated by the gifted Rex Allen. Can’t imagine why they don’t make ’em like this anymore. I love “lost animal” movies. x3

    Anyway, whenever I can’t find something that I KNOW existed, I keep doing as many Google searches as I can come up with it until finally, one day, I happen upon what I’ve been looking for. Try to use the most specific set of search terms of which you can be absolutely certain, and maaaaybe something will come up that’ll lead you to the film you want…I think all the ones I know have been mentioned by this point. (Of course, I listed scores of them last year, so…xD)

  472. Michelle says:

    Actually, “The Hound That Thought He Was a Raccoon” (talk about your ambiguous titles) is really adorable. I recommend renting it for $1.99 on Amazon! It reminds me of a combination of The Fox and the Hound, The Incredible Journey, Milo and Otis, and a few other ones…even including Where the Red Fern Grows, due to the dog being a Redbone Coonhound. It really is a shame that classics such as this aren’t more popular; there’s something so charming, touching, and timeless about them. They’re the kind of thing that will ultimately last, I think.

  473. Rasza says:

    I would recommend
    Chips:the War Dog
    Nikki: Wild Dog of the North
    Eight Below
    K-9 and K-911
    Kavik: the Wolf Dog
    Iron Will
    Oliver and Company

  474. Amanda says:

    Hi, i’m looking for a movie my mom let me watch when i was about 8 or 10(23 now). they only part of the movie i can remember is that there were a band of dogs and eventually they all turned on an evil guy(the guy had 2 rottweilers if i remember correctly). please help

  475. Kay says:

    Hi Amanda
    Was it Oliver and company?

  476. Neha says:


    I am trying to this movie i saw as a kid. Probably 80s or 90s. Its about this cop/detective and a dog who is fitted with a microchip that gives him the ability to talk as well as super intelligence.
    I don’t remember much else but one of the scene is when this cop throws a ball for the dog to fetch, he asks “why did you throw it if you wanted it back”. Also the closing scene is the cop with his new girlfriend and this dog at a beach where he asks him to just be a dog for now. I am really looking for it and cant find it anywhere. it was real good fun. Help please

  477. Peg Howard says:

    All About Cats and Dogs

  478. James says:

    Can someone help me I saw this moive back in middle about this girl who waked up as a dog Becaues her freind put some type of spell or coures on her cuz she was upset that she broke a promrss to her to go hang out something like that.

  479. James says:

    It was in the 2000s

  480. James says:

    I saw this moive in back in middle school were this girl wakes up as a dog. Becaues her freind put some type of spell or coures on her cuz she upset that she broke a pmoriss to her can anyone help me

  481. Lori says:

    I am looking for a movie about a German Shepherd. All I can remember is a mean old man put the dog in a bag and threw it in the river. For whatever reason we used to watch it on the last day of school back in the early 1980’s. I just remember crying so hard I was sick. Please help!! Thanks!

  482. BigGameJames says:

    I’LL need some help finding this movie ill saw back in middle school. Its about this girl who wakes up as a Dog one day, Because her friend put a spell or cures on her. can someone help me please?

  483. Michelle says:

    That sounds as if it could be Oliver and Company, if it was animated…Dodger’s gang vs. Sykes and his two Dobermans…

  484. Sofia says:

    Hello everyone… I am trying to find a movie that i saw when i was a kid (back in the 80s)…
    It is about a gruop of kids who make a rescue plan to save ther dog fro the animal shelter. I remember they were training in an atraction park or something…
    Tx a lot for you help…

  485. Zaneta says:

    @jessie168 the movie your looking for is look whos talking now.

  486. valencia says:

    this is a documentary on channel 13 i saw about a female dog she was the alpha and she had puppies then where she was staying was becoming dangerous so she took her pack and her puppies and lef

  487. Jessica says:

    when I was younger I watched a film and I believe the storylines goes something like this:
    a family goes on holiday and the pets don’t like the idea of going into cages and escape? they try and find their way home and come across a house fire and then one of the pets go in and save a boy and a hamster? I believe. The pets get separated from their owners who are children and then they think one of the dogs gets hit by a car but they don’t.. I believe one of the owners was a girl?
    I really want to see this film again if someone can help would love it! thanks

  488. MaryFer says:

    Hello everyone, I remember watching a movie about a poor girl that didn’t have a home and the lady that adopted her was very rich and evil, she had her as a maid, and one day she found a dog and I don’t remember if the other one was a cat or a dog, well and they were helping her scape, I remember one scene of the movie was that there was a captain with a boat and he had already seen the girl before and he was looking at a milk box
    and finded the girls picture saying reward, so he was trying to find her too. I will appreciate if you help me, ohh and it’s an animated movie.

  489. Michelle says:

    Jessica: That’s Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco. The pets Shadow, Chance, and Sassy escape their carries and flee the airport. Shadow rescues a little boy from a house fire, and Sassy saves his kitten. In the end, it is believed that a truck hit Chance while he was standing in the middle of the road mourning the fact that he had to leave his new crush in the city. Much to his boy (Jamie)’s happiness, Chance is merely hiding beneath the vehicle. Sassy’s person is the daughter (Hope) of the family. Enjoy watching the movie again; it’s wonderful and I ADORE it.

  490. Emily says:

    I remember watching a movie when I was like 8 about a sheep dog..Misty or something. I remember she herded sheep’s and that’s all I know..

  491. Jerina says:

    Hmmm.. adding up socks.. :) japanese dog movie titled 10 promises to my dog

  492. Mario says:


    Im looking for a movie that i watched when i was a kid(90s), but the only think i can remember is the end of it. There was a guy that had a dog/wolf(not shure if it was a mix or something), he fell thru the ice into the water, he was calling for his dog, but the dog had other plans. He was in the forest meeting with his wolf friend, they had puppies i think. As far as i recall the guy died and that was the end of movie.

    If someone can remember it or has some idea of the movie name it would be a great help. Thanks

  493. Matthew Jewell says:

    i watched a movie a while back. it has a dog in it. its starts out the girl lives with her dad because her mom just died. the aunt wants her to move in with her but she doesn’t want to. i remember them going to a pizza parlor a few times. and the aunt gets 2 neighborhood kids to try and rob their house but the dog won’t let them. thats all i can remember of this movie.

  494. shirley balliet says:

    looking for a movie possibley named kirby of stonegate on the cover of the vhs tape the little dog possibley gray/white\tan terrior in front of white gates green follage or kirby of greenbrier. I’m not sure of the name just know its about an estate dog. please help me find the name of this movie.

  495. Mikey says:

    I saw a movie years ago when I was younger. I don’t recall many parts of the movie and I have tried to find it for so long now. I think it was 1 or 2 dogs that get lost in the forest of a mountainous area. I truly don’t remember any part of it but in the end, the master was in a helicopter trying to find them. He eventually finds them at the top of this mountain and I think they were on the run from this cougar or something like that. Thats all I have I am sorry :( hopefully someone can help.

  496. Mary says:

    I remember watching on TV a movie about a lady who gets a job at a home for children and she gets a dog(Skeeter I think)and this dog becomes an excellent dog for the children and the dog is a small shaggy tan dog, found at the pound. The lady gets bashed by one of the girls and the dog wants to go with her but gets lost then the lady tries to find the dog>
    Hoping someone can help me. Thanks.

  497. Dave says:

    Why watch the same movies when there’s so much to see?
    I think this search for old, mostly pretty poor dog movies is rather pathetic.

  498. michaelmolinar says:

    I am looking for a cartoon movie about a blue dog who wants to be a man and gets his wish but he then regrets it and get broke soon after the boy and his dog go and travel around

  499. Jason says:

    I remember watching a movie a long long time ago, probably before 1997 or 1998. It was about a couple of dogs, I think one was a beagle and a golden retriever, I could be very wrong. Either the beagle or they both got captured and sent to a science laboratory and got experimented on. The golden rescued the beagle but the beagle was blinded temporary from the experiments. Then I think the golden got shot. Sorry, these are just pieces of memories. I hope you can help me with it.


  500. Jason says:

    Oh by the way, it was not The Plague Dogs and it wasn’t animated either. It was the good old school voiced over dogs.

  501. Stephanie says:

    Hello! I need a lite help.

    I’m looking for a cartoon movie, about a dog that livet in the city with his owner but her boyfriend dosent like the dog so he leavs it either on a farm, but he ends up at a farm where he meets a beautiful female dog and he falls in love and so on. The dogs can talk to eachothe and the male dog wears a tie.
    Does anyone know what movie this is.

    Thankful for help

  502. Susan says:

    I’m looking for a movie about a troubled boy who goes to live with his grandfather who has a dog. That’s all I can remember about it.

  503. Deanna says:

    I have 2 Weimereners and was told by a co-worker dog lover about a movie where a Weimer saved 3 boys. She said the name of it was Touch of Evil, but the only movie I can find by this name is with Orson Welles from way back when. Any idea of what movie this might be, maybe she was just off a bit with the name of the movie. Thanks!

  504. Don says:

    In the movie, The Third Man (1949), what breed of dog was held by the man in the courtyard?

  505. JoeM says:

    I am looking for an old movie about a boy and a dog. Its likely to be from before the 1960s. Maybe before color movies. All I can remember is the boy leaves to get his dog that might have been sold or sent to live somewhere else. I might be remembering the details wrong. Anyway, the boy gets his dog. He meets up with an old man who is traveling who also has a dog. I believe he talks the boy into going back home. Hopefully I have this right and someone knows the title. I saw it on TCM late several years ago and dozed through it because it was so late.

  506. Jessica Jenkins says:

    Hi i am trying to work out what this movie is! i watched it when i was little so about ten years ago
    I remember the beginning i think theres a family and they are on a day out or something and they stop soemwhere and they leave the door open and their puppy gets out, it then begins to rain and the family rush back into their car and drive away not realising the puppy got out and the puppy is left, lost the puppy goes into the woods and makes friends with all the animals that live there and lives with them until at the end his owners find him again. Its a cartoon but i just cant remember what its called!

  507. Dannie says:

    Hello I am looking for a movie I watched when I was like 5. All I remember is that there were 2smallish dogs(mabey stray) and that they found this house and a way to get in through an airvent(?)by climbing up boxes. Its an old mansion house that’s well decorated like for rich people back then. One day the dogs are in the house and thief’s break in. (im pretty sure one of the dogs was female)So the dogs, feeling like its their home start barking and yipping at the robbers. One of the robber kicks what I think is the girl dog and sends her flying into the wall. I also rember crying cause she died. Plez help me!

  508. Pasan says:

    I am looking for a film about a boy who turns to a dog due to Christmas wish, “I wand to be a dog”. any one who knows the name please help me to find it.

  509. Lee says:

    Red Dog is a great dog movie, you can stream it on Netflix.

  510. Jim Wegryn says:

    Here is a site that has over 880 famous dog names… http://www.jimwegryn.com/Names/Dogsall.php .

  511. Anonymous says:

    Trying to find a movie where a father buys his son a puppy for Christmas but the son does not want it. The father then leaves the puppy in a box along the road in the rain. It was from quite a few years ago.

  512. brannan says:

    Hello. Looking for a movie that prob came out in the late 80s. It was a cartoon about a big shaggy dog that sees a falling star while he is outside at night. I think he is next to a campfire. He goes to investigate and there ends up being these alien guys with crooked faucet shaped noses and they are trying to get this little star thing. There is also a puppy that looks just like the bigger dog. The alien leader guy keeps yelling “my star!” Because the dogs take the little star. At the end the big dog wakes up and it looks like the whole thing was a dream, until the smaller dog comes running up and then it makes you wonder if it was real.any help on this would be great. I can’t find anything online as to what the name of this little kids movie is.

  513. Danelle says:

    Im looking for a movie about a little boy and a german shepard. The boy has to get rid of his dog because his got a new job in another state. The apartment complex (or hotel) will not allow dogs. So the boy and his dad take the dog to a zoo. The boy leaves a picture and something else I believe it was a note saying where he was going, on the boys collar and says goodbye. As the boy drives aross country he throws treats out the car window so the dog could find him. Needless to say the dog finds him, and at the end I believe the dog gets hurt but ends up being a hero after taking down a bunch of bad people. I cant think of the name of this but I saw it a couple years ago on Netflix with my 4year old. This was on of his favorite, would love to find it somehow. Thank you to anyone that could help me with the name. Greatly thankful!

  514. Danelle says:

    COOL DOG!!! :)

  515. Hi I wos wundering whut movie is the one about a kid namd Josh and he has a weak hort and his docter said no running arond. the famile got him a dog namd sonny. but this man said that that’s his dog. so he trid to get his dog bak

  516. Audra says:

    Please, help me find this movie- I last saw it in 2000, a mean neighbor has a mean, ugly looking dog and this young boy really wants to tame it, and he finally gets the old neighbor to give it to him. This boy and his father ride out to this farm to pick up the chained up dog and the father says something like, “If you want him, take him.” The neighborhood kids all work together on this dog and go on some big adventure. I remember a scene where the whole town was having a celebration by a lake and the kids where planning their trip- the dog may have run away. It is not Shiloh, and I believe the movie is old because it was on VHS rented from a library. The dog looked like a wiry-haired mutt or Irish Woldhound, something like that. Thanks for your help-I’ve been searching for 14 years now!

  517. Audra says:

    Please, help me find this movie- I last saw it in 2000, a mean neighbor has a mean, ugly looking dog and this young boy really wants to tame it, and he finally gets the old neighbor to give it to him. This boy and his father ride out to this farm to pick up the chained up dog and the father says something like, “If you want him, take him.” The neighborhood kids all work together on this dog and go on some big adventure. I remember a scene where the whole town was having a celebration by a lake and the kids where planning their trip- the dog may have run away. It is not Shiloh, and I believe the movie is old because it was on VHS rented from a library. The dog looked like a wiry-haired mutt or Irish Woldhound, something like that. Thanks for your help-I’ve been searching for 14 years now!

  518. Abhi says:

    Hi , I just need to know the movie name . which i have watched some 10 -15 years back in HBO channel.unfortunately i havent remember the movie name. So , Movie synopsis is as such .
    (no humans are shown in this film. only leg of an old men and its not a animated movie.)

    A Retired sheriff goes to a forest for a vacation/official purpose with his Dog (white small tail dog) . he tie a knock and leave to his work place on one day. Being a new Place dog feels very ackward and it s a huge Dense forest which makes dog to fear every leaf sound . So due to some reasaon (which i forgot) dog left the place and runs for the owner. Meanwhile, Fox and thier gang tried to chase this White dog wicih is newly came to their den and Film will be more on Black fox with a bunch of foxed trying to chase this white fox. (this particular scene no less to hollywood feature films where well made). Mean while a Tiger and its cubs are seen .. by which one of the cub got missed and Fox try to pick that cub and which white dog saves it try to give to tiger. The entier movie is on one day (i.e, Dog misses out in morning and Reached owner at evening).

    Full of chases and runs and BGM is mind blowing. I would be Very thankfull if you can help me on this movie name.

    Thanks in Advance . Great to see a bunch of response for this thread :)

  519. Beanbag says:

    I’m looking for a movie I saw years back about a boy & his dog that were good friends with an older guy that wnet into the war. The gy gives his hat to the little guy to keep for him when he gets back. The next thing I remember is the little guy goes to the baseball field & is having a bad day & when his dog fines him , he slips the dog hard making him yep & run away. He thens goes looking for him in one of those camps for soldiers but can’t find him. He later discovers his buddie came back & mix up with other bad guys that’s got boot leg wiskey in a shed. The dog ends up lock up in the shed but gets out some how &is reunited with his friend. That’s all i remember. Can you help me. Thanks




  523. Lucca says:

    Hachiko is a fantastic movie, but it is also very sad.

  524. Jodie says:

    I am looking for a movie that has ‘Who let the dogs out’ as its closing credit. Help

  525. kirsty says:

    Stephanie ur looking for rover dangerfield

  526. kirsty says:

    Jason i think ur talking about the film fluke both retriever dogs tho but the plots what ur saying

  527. Lilly Vandahart says:

    You NEED to add Where the Red Fern Grows.

  528. Lilly Vandahart says:

    Also, White Fang TV series was great. You can find it on Neflix and I recommend it if you like dog adventures.

  529. Linda Fisher says:

    I looked at lots of these posts to see if the movie I’m looking for was mentioned, but I couldn’t read them all! I’m looking for a late 70’s-early 80’s movie about a St. Bernard in the mountains of Switzerland, I think, who goes out in a storm and saves some children, I think! Anybody else here that old????! It was a great movie.

  530. davan says:

    i watched this movie once about this boy around 10 years old living with his mother and his father a cop died while trying to catch thiefs ,the theifs killed the cop but forgot about the dog and they didn`t realize that the dog followed them to they hide spot and the they killed the dog because they thought he wouls show the police where they were when the family heard about the death they thought that the dog had died too
    then it show a few years later it shows where the ghost of the dog come back and appears only to the little boy and the dog helps the little boy solve his dad`s murder and the dog`s . first the dog take the boy to the hideout but the boy marks the spot and goes home. the next day they go back to the hide out and see that the people aren`t there so they set up traps.when the people come back the boy hides while hiding the boy sees his father`s hat.later the boy tells the dog to disract them and make them scared so the dog runs out ad barks which startles the theifs and then the boy runs out which gets them afraid because they are afraid they step right into a trap which is a net and the boy tells them who he is and they are shocked and the boy notifies the police and the boy goes home the movie ends where the boy discovers that the dog whistle keeps the dog near and when the dog is about to disappear the boy tries to use the dog whistle but the dog lets out a howl so the boy stops blowing the whistle in the actual ending the boy sees the ghost of his dad in police uniform and the dog wearing a police hat .


  531. Kelsey says:

    Hey Signus Murdoc, I know what movie your talking about its called Scruffy.

  532. Kelsey says:

    Jessica Jenkins your thinking of the movie the 7th brother or in hungarian a hetedik testver. The puppy is named Tiny in 7th brother and in hungarian its Vacak, who has 6 rabbits as friends.

  533. Michelle says:

    “Trying to find a movie where a father buys his son a puppy for Christmas but
    the son does not want it. The father then leaves the puppy in a box along the
    road in the rain. It was from quite a few years ago.”

    That’s Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco. It’s the scene where Delilah tells Chance about Riley’s past.

  534. Kelsey says:

    Davan you are thinking of the movie Cop Dog the dog’s name is Marlow.

  535. Naomi Sims says:

    There is/was an Austrailian movie on VHS,made in the 70s or 80s about a man who found a puppy on the side of the road. The dog is half dingo & half domestic (Austrailian sheep dog?). Man & dog grow to love each other.This man has a brother who has a sheep farm, & the dog’s owner works for this brother (who wants him to get rid of the dog because he is convinced it will start killing the sheep).The dog’s owner secures the dog at night. As feared, something begins killing the sheep, & the sheep farm owner is convinced that this dog is the culprit & wants to kill this dog, but the dog’s owner cannot bear to part with the dog, so he leaves the farm, & ends up living in a tent with his dog. Not a happy ending here, as the dog’s owner actually dies while living in the tent with his friend who stays with his body afterward, but it was a testament to the bond of love between them. The name of the movie was the dog’s name. I remember the picture on the VHS cover showed the dog standing on the backs of 2 sheep within a herd..Does anyone know the name?

  536. Mollie says:

    I’ve looked at a lot of these comments but can’t find what I’m looking for! When I was younger, there was this animated film about dogs that I used to love.. But I can’t remember much about it at all! I’m sure that the film started with a bird, and it was flying, and then the film opened with a birds eye view of a city. I also remember that there was a dog character who loved music and listened through headphones… There really isn’t much else that I can remember which is annoying, but if anyone has any ideas as to what it could be I’d love you to let me know!

  537. a movie in which two little girls have lost their parents and they are adopted these two girls hide a puppy from their parrents

  538. Alexander says:

    there was a movie when i young and the boy had a dog named jupiter, the boy dad gave the dog to be put diwn but the learned of the man who gave jupiter to be put down but then the boy and his dad drove around in there stationwagon and the boy was yelling jupiter….jupiterif it helps it was around the time club house dectives and the darango kids were be shown on NBO

  539. Kit says:


    The movie is “My Dog Skip,” with Frankie Muniz & Kevin Bacon.

  540. Kit says:


    I think your referring to the movie ‘The Shaggy Dog.’ it has the song Who Let the Dogs Out.

  541. Kit says:

    I’m looking for the title of an old, black and white, movie where a German Shepherd, killed when his owner is murdered, is reincarnated as a man who solves his owner’s murder. Somehow a horse, reincarnated as a woman, factors into it.

    I watched it several times when I was a kid (the 60’s). I remember a lot of it, but one memorable scene; the woman (reincarnated horse) is running alongside a bus but you here the sound of a galloping horse.


  542. Katie says:

    I’m looking for a film about a young boy sees a dog run into the street and runs after it and I think the young boy died and then a few years later there’s a young girl who got adopted but doesn’t speak until sees a dog run into the street and screams and then the man runs after her and grabs her before she gets hit by a car and the dog didn’t get hurt

  543. Michelle says:

    Mollie: The animated movie you want with the bird, the city, and the headphones is Millionaire Dogs. 😉

  544. Nick says:

    A few years back I had seen a movie about a German Shepherd in a war stricken place and an American soldier raises it in that place itself with the help of a German soldier and the dog helps the American soldiers in the war and when it’s time to go back home the general of the soldiers refuses to let the dog enter American land and that the dog is German and at the end when the general and that soldier are snowed in the dog saves them. So, the general seeing the heroics of the dog allows the dog to go back with the soldier. I want that movie’s name. Help please!!

  545. Nick says:

    A few years back I had seen a movie about a German Shepherd in a war stricken place and an American soldier raises it in that place itself with the help of a German soldier and the dog helps the American soldiers in the war and when it’s time to go back home the general of the soldiers refuses to let the dog enter American land and that the dog is German and at the end when the general and that soldier are snowed in the dog saves them. I want that movie’s name. Help please!!

  546. Kit says:

    Reading through the posts, and doing a little sleuth work (slow day!) I found this wiki link. It’s comprehensive but is begging for enrichment!


    I found only one Jupiter on the list, a great dane from ‘I love Jeannie.’

    I watched that show religiously, from pilot, before reruns!! I don’t remember any dog on the show…

  547. Freddy says:

    I’ve been looking for this movie for the longest it’s about a puppy that fell out of truck or jump out for some reason I don’t remember but the the dog starts living with rabbits and became part of this rabbit family has anybody seen or know a animated movie that sound close to that?

  548. Danne says:

    Hi all!
    I am looking for a dog movie that puzzled me for years, had it on an old drive that died and that made me very sad

    Its about a dog, that lives only about 7 years, I cant remember the name or the plot really
    Only that the movie made me cry to my bones when it died
    I think it might have been a great dane though, because I remember the dog being really big when he grows up

    Anyone can point me in the correct direction, then I would be forever grateful since I am longing for this movie after my own dog died last year out of age after 14 years together, RIP Zelda, I miss you my belowed dog

  549. team kuneho says:

    i want a horror movie 9 or mre german shepherd dog i dnt remember the tittle please email me thank you teamkuneho@yahoo.com

  550. team kuneho says:

    i dont remember the tittle of the dog movie 9 or more german shepherd movie please email me teamkuneho@yahoo.com please

  551. team kuneho says:

    german shepherd horor movies in the forest

  552. Kath says:

    I’m sure you probably found your answer by now but just thought I would add that I think the movie you are talking about is called “Scruffy (it’s a hard knock life for scruff)!

  553. Zel20 says:

    when i was a kid i watch a movie that people turn into a dog or a hound and they sex when they see each other i dont know what’s the title of if i forgot it., can anyone help me find this good movie?

  554. andrea says:

    I keep thinking of a movie. Had puppies in a box being given away but this 1 puppy never gets picked. A lil boy stops and the puppy saying pick me take me u smell like cookies and dirt. They go on. Dog ends up jumping out and running off and was a stray. He finds the boy again latrr and remembers “cookies and dirt”. That line cookies and dirt cookies and dirt sticks out in my head lol anyone know this movie?

  555. carrie says:

    Hello all, I’m looking for a film I watched all the time when I was little, in the early 80s. It’s a black and white film, in which an old man leaves a farm on horse and cart with a little dog. The old man is very poor. He dies (I think he was hit by a horse ?). The dog lays on his grave but then returns to the farm. I use to cry every time I watched it.
    Thank you

  556. Alex Goebel says:

    The name of the movie described in the first comment is scruffy. Can someone help me find a movie where a dog is in a car with its family but something goes wrong where the dog gets out of the car and is left behind. The dog then goes into the woods and starts a new life with the animals there. I also remember a frog gurgling water in the movie. Its animated and made before the 2000’s.

  557. Alex Goebel says:

    Nevermind. Its called the seventh brother. Freddy this is your movie

  558. cmbuckner says:

    What is the title of this movie??? I saw just a few minutes: dog steals little girl’s teddy bear and buries it in leaves in the back yard, when dog goes back for it leaves have been taken away in the back of a truck and dog chases truck through town, somehow a bigger dog ends up with teddy bear in it’s mouth and runs away from other dog with it.

  559. kelsie says:

    I wish there was a movie to the book no dog’s allowed. It’s sad but it’s good book.

  560. Tiara says:

    What’s the movie when this lady owns a german shepherd and a St. Bernard. The German shepherd was a search and rescue and he gets killed. The lady didn’t want work any more because she lost her dog and she didn’t want to put her other dog in jeopardy but she train the st. Bernard to be a search and rescue and he was better than the German Shepherd

  561. jhondevera says:

    Digby the Biggest Dog in the World (1973) is my all time favorite dog movie. Man, I have watch this film more than I can remember.

    A Dog of Flanders (1999)although not the movie version but the cartoon series made me cry. I’m 15 years old that time .

  562. carla says:

    love this website great movies put some more movies on the website like I said I l o v e love them

  563. Makey says:

    U can also add Balto and both Alpha and Omega movies…it’s about wolves, but…they are very good movies. Thanks for the list..I found some nice movies 😀 Greetings from Serbia 😀

  564. peary says:


  565. Jay says:

    Pasan the title you are after is A dogs tail

  566. Jeff Warne says:

    I saw the movie about 1975 about a St Bernard in the Alps rescuing a young girl named Susi. I would really like to find it and show it to my sister Susi whom we named after the movie character. Please assist!

  567. Patrisha says:

    Does anyone know the breed of dog in the movie little man with the Waylan Brothers – he was only in the dog in the film. Thanks. P

  568. Joanne says:

    I watched this movie when I was young and it is REALLY annoying me that I can’t find out what it’s called..

    I remember a young boy with a dog, and he makes this device to translate what the dog is thinking so it can ‘speak’ and I think the dog helps him investigate the death of his past owner or something??

  569. Iks says:


    Am very puzzled and restless about finding a classic movie.
    In that movie the dog gets help from the highway for his owners after a car accident and their car tumbles down in to a bay /trench from top leaving owners unconcious and stuck. The dog gets helps from the high way but IN THE END THE when people tell owner that his dog helped them get to the car in the trench, HE COULDNOT BELEIVE AS THE DOG’s dead body was LYING BESIDE HIM and the DOG DIED in the accident.

    a big Dog lover.

  570. Miah says:

    anyone who wants to watch movies free online just go to tubeplus.com http://tubeplus.me/ You can watch them free there. TONS of movies.

  571. Audra says:

    @Andrea, the movie you’re looking for is Look Who’s Talking Now. Cookies and Dirt!

  572. karen s crowe says:

    Travis the movie is called spot see my pooch on time in war

  573. karen s crowe says:

    You have to special order the original from wrangler in texas

  574. Brooke says:

    I’m looking for a movie from a while ago. I can’t remember much except two orphans who I think find a dog (brown with black nose) and there are criminals who go in a house to rob it and the dog ends up saving the town. I know the dog almost dies at one point and at the end the orphans get adopted from a family. and the orphan sneaks the dog inside . also one of the orphans the younger one was blonde

  575. Amy says:

    I can remember its a film where this boy in high school lives with his mum and dog I think and one day when he gets back home there’s two men there who kidnapp him and his dog is very clever I don’t know if he’s a robot or something like that and if I can remembe the Golden Retriever was a golden retriever I think and the boy is tied up and leaves a trail of sweets and then his dog finds him

  576. Amy says:

    The dog is a golden retriever
    Please if you know the film reply because I do want to watch it again such a beautiful film like.

  577. Daniele says:

    This is great! But there’s a movie that I just can’t think of that I used to like as a child. I barely remember it but there was a dog that went to a basket with balloons and it floated away and he went on all these adventures. (No, it’s not Up). If anyone knows I would love to find that movie again! Thanks!

  578. Aubrey says:

    can someone please tell me what movie is about a dog (from another planet) that tries to talk to some earth dogs and convince them to invade earth. and i remembered there’s a party that they ruined which a great dane shows up. please help me look for this movie.thanks.

  579. berry says:

    Please help!!!! I’m looking for a movie {animated} where boy dogs are seperated from girl dogs and try to escape

  580. Hannah says:

    Aubrey is the movie you’re looking for Good Boy??


  581. Luke says:

    Can someone please help me find the name of this movie? I remember watching it years ago. It starts off with a momma dog and her puppies and a dog catcher comes and takes them to the pound but one of them gets left behind. He ends up walking around on his own and finds another dog who takes him under his wing. There was a scene where the puppy was walking along a fountain and also one where the two dogs get captured and taken to a lab. They eventually break out but one of the dog gets shot and dies. At the end the dog reincarnated into a squirrel. I believe that the little puppy was a white lab

  582. holly says:

    Some of the movies people were wondering about are: Chips the War Dog, Little Dog Lost, Benji (the Hunted?).

    There was a movie I watched as a kid about a teenage boy who takes his dad’s sled dog team out without asking him and either kills or hurts one of the dogs. Then he and some of his friends enter a race with a different lead dog or something. I think a dog dies in the movie. This movie must be from the late 80’s or early 90’s.

  583. Justin says:

    Looking for a name of a movie I watched as a kid in the 90s. I can’t remember much specifics but I do remember there was something turning the dogs evil, and one scene in Paticular, the parent dogs got turned evil against their pups… Man I wish i could figure this out… if anyone has an idea, pls, let me know

  584. Caera says:

    I’m looking for a movie I can’t remember the name of. There’s a mutt who becomes this boys friend. First scene I remember is of the boy getting knocked out in a stream and the dog unzipping his jacket to lay his head on the boys cheat until he wakes up. The boy later gets kidnapped and there’s a bomb in a suitcase and the dog knows which suitcase it’s in but no one else doea (there is a pile of suitcases). The suitcases might be briefcases. The boy is tied up and the place catches on fire. Dog saves the day. Probably a 90s movie and a little dark for a kid. Maybe a TV movie. Anyone know it??

  585. Caera says:

    The movie isn’t animated. Please and thanks :)

  586. Caera says:

    Luke that movie is Fluke. Made me cry as a kid.

  587. Raj says:

    Can anybody tell me the name of the movie where a dog gets separated from the family while they are moving home and the dog follows them going by train and going on the railroad tracks in one scene it gets to meet a vagrant and falls down from the top of a bridge into the river.
    The dog finally gets united with the boy. I think this movies background in Canada.

  588. Chris says:

    Back in the late 70’s early 80’s my dad took my sister and I to watch a movie. I don’t remember a lot of it but I think I remember that it was about moon shiners and when an agent would come around they had a dog that farted when they said boomer and it was so bad it would knock the people out. Have been searching high and low for the name of that movie. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  589. Camille jameson says:

    Hey everyone,
    I’m trying to find a movie I watched from my younger years. It’s a bit of a spin off of 101 Dalmatians, it’s non animated, and basically it’s this lady living with like 10 or so Dalmatian puppies and the pongo and perdita. She invites over children with dogs and they sing songs and the dogs play games and stuff, it’s super cute. Some one please help me out! Thanks

  590. lauraa says:

    @Karleigh and maybe, @TheMightyMonday
    I was going nuts by trying to remember this animated movie about dogs, and a mansion, with those evil twins. I got counfused because I did not remember that their owner was an old lady not an old man.
    and, I think that is the movie qhat @themightymonday is looking for, too
    I’m so relieved that I finally know it is called Millionaire dogs. agh

  591. bea says:

    Can you please help me to find the name of a movie about a dog that got lost, has found some abandoned cubs looks after them while his owner hires a helicopter to find him. the dog sees and knows that it is his owner but will not show himself until he finds a nun for the 3 cubs (-1) and makes her to look after the cubs. then he goes outside and barks, happy end,

  592. Henriette says:

    Hi my friend is looking for a movie about some kids who can turn into dogs or wolfs…. hope it is okay to ask here and sorry for my shitty english :)

  593. VenusRussell says:

    I am looking for a movie about a dog who is chased and picked on by all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Somehow he ends up lost in the wilderness during the winter where he has to fight off wolves and other wild animals just to survive. He learns to kill to eat if ye is to survive. When he finally gets back home all of the neighborhood dogs come after him and biy, does he have huge surprise for them!! Does anyone know the name of this movie. It is NOT animated.

  594. Håkon says:

    Hei ? whenoe i was kid i were at my Brothers house. He saw an film. That was animated of an husky. I remember Thatcher the dog and a teen boy were training. Then they walk out to kill some super bear. I remember in the dog training the dog practiced to hold breath under water. Any idea what film im thinking about?

  595. Shelby says:

    I recently saw a dog movie and I’m wondering if someone could help me figure out what it is called. It’s about a son whose father is not happy with how he’s handling the family business. The only way to redeem himself is to get a Jack Russel Terrier (I believe) to California in time for a big show on Christmas Day. Along the way, he somehow meets this blonde woman and they go through the desert. One other part I remember is that they get pulled over while driving in an RV and get put in jail. The woman’s ex finds them and chases them a bit as well. In the end, the 1st man and the woman get married. Thanks!

  596. SaraWolf says:

    I remember this film from when i was younger about 2003 that I first saw it.
    It was about a young teenage boy whoes mother has dies and its just him and his dad. His mother had a dog (a beautiful Borzoi) who keeps escaping and going to her grave. At one point there is a girl who is the daughter of one of the women running the kennels/rescue the boys mother used to work at (i have a feeling the girl is called April and the boy called Daniel) The boy lets all the dogs out of the kennels in a fit of rage at one point.
    The lad ends up with a little white terrier who the two of them end up training and enetering a dog show where at the end they win.
    Has anyone got any ideas please?
    Its been driving me mad and i cant find it anywhere, its a old, simple film thats live actors rather than animated.
    Any help greatly appreicated
    Thank you

  597. Michelle says:

    Wow…wish I remembered what SaraWolf just asked about. I’d love to see a film starring a Borzoi, but alas, all I know of is a great book about one by Lynn Hall that’s called “Riff, Remember.” Would definitely be interested in that if anyone else can supply a title or info.

  598. JOHN says:

    hi im looking for a movie where a guy kill this dogs owner and the dog take revenge and complete hes mission can u email me the name pls to john.skills@hotmail.com thank you

  599. Carol Hay says:

    I think i am looking for the same movie that Allan March 6-2011 was looking for, the one i am thinking about was kind of scarey & the dog could understand humans. Seems like it was a yellow lab. HELP, this is driving me crazy trying to remember it!!!

  600. Mitzy says:

    Ed Miller if you are still looking for a movie about a girl lost on an island and finds an injured yellow lab.

    The Movie was 1964 – Island of the Blue Dolphins.One of my favorites

  601. johhnyjyp says:

    i like pickles

  602. Amy says:

    Can someone please help me remember the name of an animated movie from the 80s? It was about a big white sheep dog (maybe?) that lived in the country who wandered into the field and got picked up by a UFO. He traveled to another planet and when he got there he met a female dog that did a swan dive off a tall waterfall. He also met an orphan puppy. The two of them were trying to stop a bad guy from taking over the town (or planet?) but I can’t remember his motives. They sneaked into his lair and confronted him, and he said “that’s the way the cookie crumbles” and crushed something in his hand. But in the end they saved the day, and the big sheep dog had to go back to Earth. When he got home he resumed acting like a norma Earth dog (on all fours) but he looked up at the stars and wondered if it had all been a dream. That’s when the farmer pulled a new puppy out of his truck to surprise the sheep dog, and it was the orphan puppy he had met on the planet, and they ran around in the field barking and playing. I’ve been trying to remember the name of this movie for ages. I used to watch it over and over because I had it copied on a tape from TV. I think it might have been on HBO or something, originally (maybe).

  603. Marcus says:

    I’m looking for a certain dog movie, I can’t remember it’s title but it’s about a dog that got left behind, then the dog tracks his owner by the scent of the boy’s pee because everytime the car stops the boy gets to pee.

    The dog went on to look for his master, the dog also got caught in a small dog pound but manages to escape and helped the other dogs, the dogs even pushed a pick up truck towards the pound to destroy it.

    The dog also got jailed, I dont remember the reason but the dog got jailed if I remembered it correctly.

    I just really need to know what movie was it….

    Thank you

  604. Leah says:

    Sierra, is the film you’re looking for Millionaire Dogs?
    the animated film about a rich old woman who leaves her money to her dogs that she took in from the street

  605. Dusty says:

    @ Naomi. The Aussie movie with the half-dingo is called “Dusty”

  606. Meaghan Edwards says:

    Marcus, that was Bingo :)

  607. Jocelyn says:

    I need some help with a title of a movie that’s hard to find. I saw it when I was really little and only remember the beginning and the end in full detail. I rented it at a blockbuster store on VHS. It was PG and it was released in the 1980s or 1990s. It was in color not black and white and it wasn’t cartoon or animated, it was a live action movie. I think it was a children’s movie. But I don’t remember the title for the movie. It did have a few cuss words in the movie.
    The movie was about a 8 or 10 year old boy wanting to hang out with his friends (skate boarding or biking around his neighborhood, can’t remember) and it was already 7:00pm and his mom said it was getting too late out and besides he has homework to do and school the next morning. He went out anyways and didn’t get back until 10:00 or midnight. He went to bed when he got back and at 1:00am, he heard a pack of dogs barking and howling in the distance outside (I think his bedroom was in the basement). He wanted to sleep but the noise got louder and louder, then he pulled the bed sheet covers over his head and finally went to sleep.
    The next morning his mom came down to wake him up (I think the boy’s name was Sam or Hector, but I’m not sure because it’s been a while since I seen the old movie) and the boy felt weird that morning. The mom said to wake up so he won’t be late for school. She pulled the bed sheets away and what she saw scared her. She either decided to call 911 or her neighbors (the phone was right by the end of her son’s bed) and the son said in his mind why are you scared mom, it’s just me? And we saw that he was a Border Collie. He was still wearing his blue and white striped pjs. The mom is talking on the phone and says her son ran away leaving a filthy beast wearing her son’s pjs. The dog who could still talk in his mind was confused as to why his mom said that about him. He still didn’t know he was a border collie. The mom kicked out the dog with a broom and the dog who was still a boy trapped in a dog’s boy decided to run off going down the neighborhood. I don’t remember the middle of the movie very well, but his mom was searching everywhere for her runaway child.

    At the end, the spell wears off and he turns back into a boy. But he’s still crawling and thinks he’s a dog and he’s naked. His mom finds him a couple of blocks away from their house and asks where have you been. Before turning back into a boy, when he was a border collie, he met up with a guy who plays a guitar or plays in a band. The guy wants to keep the dog and tries to name him. I think he accidently calls the dog/boy a bad name like Sh*t or He** or something and gives the dog a name tag.

    The boy accidently transforms into a dog/Border collie from some weird spell. The old movie never fully explains why he became a dog for a day. I also think the boy used to not like dogs very much before waking up as a dog on his own bed the next morning.

    If anybody has ever seen or heard of this ”hard to find movie” PLEASE let me know!!! I MISS watching it and I want to watch it again. I only saw the movie once before returning it back to blockbuster. It was a pretty good movie for ‘a boy gets turned into border collie for a whole day before the spell wears off in the evening’.

  608. niv says:

    story plot is like -dogs master been killed & dog takes revenge .the killer runs to catch a plane and the dog is shot trying catching him in the end.

  609. ni says:

    watched a movie during my college days…
    the master of the dog is killed by a person and dog
    chases the killer…between the run, the killer lays
    a woman and the dog kills the woman..scenting the smell
    of the man on the woman…in the final scene…the killer
    runs to catch a plane and the dog is shot trying catching
    him in the end.
    dont remember the name of the film
    help out finding the name of the film
    want to see it again.

  610. Lyn says:

    When I was growing up in the 80s I used to hire the same video from the shop & I would LOVE to remember what it’s called. If anyone can help me you can officially call yourselves a GENIUS! ????

    It was a cartoon film – There was a dog & some kids and the dogs nose used to fall off and would be like a little black rubber ball that would voice away. I remember something about keys too.

    If anyone can help you will be breaking about 10 years of frustration!! I’ve tried for so long to remember the name of this – thanks!

  611. tuesday says:

    hi there. iam looking for a dog movie. and have no clue what it is called. arghh I remember 8 or so dogs getting lost or left behind in Alaska I think,, and most of them die I remember one getting eaten by a whale and only one of them survived. please help
    thank you

  612. alia says:

    im searching for a film i cant remember his name it talks about 2 little orphan girls find a dog and there’s one family take them and they tried to hide the dog

  613. diamond says:

    Hey Travis the movie you are looking for is chips,the war dog.

  614. diamond says:


  615. diamond says:


  616. Kathi says:

    Very old movie about a giant dog, Clifford size. Dog is white and grey? Goes on an adventure and carries boy around on his back. Not a cartoon.

  617. LR says:

    Does anyone know the movie that contains the following scene?

    An adult dog asks the pup hi name. The pup responds that he doesn’t know. When the adult dog asks what the pup’s owners call him, the reply is that his name must be “No.”

  618. Zulfiqar Ali says:

    I’m looking for a dog movie,I remember this film from when i was younger about 1989,1990 that was on air on our television in Pakistan that I first saw it.
    it has the story of dog who was near to win the race single handedly on iditarod trail sled dog race and dies near wining line and after this other participants who were in the bunch of dogs get stopped behind him to give him the credit to win.

  619. Rose says:

    I remember watching a black and white movie in the 1950s about a dog and a boy. I only remember the ending.
    At the end the dog is in a cage with is on a horse draw wagon with other dogs in separate cages. The boy is looking a the dog in the cage and all of a sudden the driver gets down and opens the cage and the dog runs to the boy. Dog and boy are finally together, the end.
    Anyone remember the name of this movie?

  620. Hope says:

    I watched a movie when I was little about a boy who’s father was a fire fighter and guy was going around burning a bunch of houses. The father is going to put out another fire and the boy gets stuck in the fire station. The guy that’s going around lighting houses lights the fire station and the boys dog saves the boys life.

    Anyone know? Please help me….

  621. helen says:

    the film your are looking for is stone fox

    for the june the 4th one

  622. bri says:

    hi, i’m looking for a movie in which doberman have been trained for a holdup or something…so long ago…
    babe is also a great movie, dogs, the pig and other animals.
    white dog : incredible, red dog :great!
    and the movie with 2 dogs and sasha the cat if im not mistaken? thks, br

  623. Susan says:

    I am searching for the name of a movie shown on a DIRECTV movie channel during March-April 2015 about a Doberman dog and a boy about 10 years old, probably filmed somewhere in Chicago or NY. The boy found the Doberman, who was sick and hungry below an elevated train track. The boy lived in an apartment nearby with his father. The boy fed the dog water and food several times daily to make him well. Within days, the Doberman would follow the boy to his apartment where they played. The Dad came home finding the dog and told his son to take him back to where he found the dog. Within a week, the Dad and boy had to move to CA, but the boy could not take the dog. During the drive to CA, the boy left his socks, shoes, clothing for the dog to find him. The Doberman ran and traveled all the way to CA to the home where the boy lived and was allowed to keep the Doberman. The name of the movie was the Dog’s name. However, I cannot remember the name. It was a name with about 10 letters and was not a typical dog name. I have racked my brain trying to remember the movie name. The Doberman had excellent training and it was a very good movie. Of course, I have owned 5 Dobermans and love them so much. I have searched the movie channels on DIRECTV, but cannot find the movie again. Please help me to find the movie. Thank you so much.

  624. Lisa says:

    Okay so when I was really young my mom had a movie playing about a dog. I know in the end the boy had to get rid of the dog or something and so he threw something, maybe a ball, to get the dog to chase after it and then he left the dog. That’s all I can remember but if anyone knows this movie please tell me.

  625. Ember says:

    Kathi, um The Neverending Story? The ‘dog’s’ name is falcor.

  626. Ember says:

    @TUESDAY. there are 2 films with that plot. The original japanese movie and the American remake. The remake is disney called Eight Below. The original is Antarctica (???? Nankyoku Monogatari).

  627. Ember says:

    @bea, if u are still looking the movie is called Benji the hunted

  628. shirleena says:

    Hello out there could someone please help me? (:
    I’ve been looking for this movie for ages now and its driving me crazy !

    I remember a scruffy looking guy sitting at the boating dock with a big drum of water and a bag of puppies and he was just about to drown the last pup when a young boy stops him and talks him into letting him keep it ,
    I think he might run away with the dog or maybe he just moves away because he’s older when it jumps back to them…
    There’s also something about a bear or wolf ? don’t remember nothing else but I hope that’s enough for someone out there to no what I’m looking for.

    Also it was an old movie but still in colour, late 1980’s till early 1990’s… Thank You (;

  629. Davros says:

    Hi! after a movie about a dog gets killed and comes back as a human to find his killer, he is accompanied by a horse, that comes back as a woman & together they unravel his mystery death.

  630. Betty Jean King says:

    I am looking for movie made in the 1940’s-50’s about an older man and a little dog that could talk but would only talk to the older man. I thought Walter Brennan was the older man but I am not sure. It is not the movie “Good Bye Lady” which he is in. It is a black and white movie.

  631. aaliyah says:

    Hi. I am looking for a movie i watched when i was little probably aroumd 6 (14 now) antway i remember this movie caugley but i do remember it was about a dog and a little girl maybe in nyc but the dog gets lost/ runs away and i think it ends up dying in the end… So sad cried for a long time but if you could help me i would deeply apprrciate it. Thank you

  632. arjub says:

    this is a great list, and helpful comments. however, i still can’t find what i remember as being a scary movie as a kid (or maybe tv episode) where a boy can hear his dog talking, and other dogs too, and the dogs want to eat people? i remember a scene where all the animals escape from cages and run out of the chain-link fence area. it creeps me out, because i think about what dogs must be thinking when they lick people and sit there staring at us…

  633. Yona says:

    Im looking for a movie that’s similar to Hachiko. I never watched Hachiko though. I was looking for it and came upon this site. Its a Japanese movie about a dog named Happy and how the dog stayed with the owner, he himself died. The owner was poor and his car ran out of gas in an abandomed meadow. Winter came and he couldnt move but the dog would go everywhere and get food and run back to the abandoned meadow again and again. In between the movie they go to random flashbacks of how the man and the dog ended up like it. Apparently, the wife and the daughter moved to the wife’s house and was excommunicated completely from the man and Happy. And well, they eventually died. And then these two people who were shown a little here and there in the movie paid their respects and one of them buried the man’s bones with Happy’s.

  634. Audra says:

    @LISA…Air Bud seems like the movie you want!

  635. Audra says:

    Please, help me find this movie- I last saw it in 2000, a mean neighbor has a mean, ugly looking dog and this young boy really wants to tame it, and he finally gets the old neighbor to give it to him. This boy and his father ride out to this farm to pick up the chained up dog and the father says something like, “If you want him, take him.” The neighborhood kids all work together on this dog and go on some big adventure. I remember a scene where the whole town was having a celebration by a lake and the kids where planning their trip- the dog may have run away. It is not Shiloh, and I believe the movie is old because it was on VHS rented from a library. The dog looked like a wiry-haired mutt or Irish Woldhound, something like that. Thanks for your help-I’ve been searching for 15 years now!

  636. Audra says:

    @Susan…The movie you are probably looking for is called Eyes of an Angel (1991) with John Travolta!

  637. Johanna says:

    Please help me find this Movie!
    It´s about a small dog (White I think) who gets left behind when his owner has to move. The owner is an old lady.¨
    The dog runs away to find her and on the journey he finds a dog friend who later on gets killed by a car (if a remember correctly) The dog gets a lift by a motorcyclist as well :)
    In the end he reaches the new place but the old lady gets in a car so the dog runs after and then she hears him and stops the car (of course!)

  638. MystMoonstruck says:

    @Davros ~ Your movie is “You Never Can Tell” (1951) starring Dick Powell. From IMDb: A tycoon leaves $6 million to his German Shepherd, King, with his secretary, Ellen, as trustee. King is poisoned, and Ellen inherits but is the prime suspect. But King’s spirit thinks he knows who did it and wants the chance to prove it. Enter Rex Shepherd, private eye, who snacks on dog food, and his sweet-talking secretary, Goldie, a former race horse.

  639. MystMoonstruck says:

    @bri ~ The Doberman Gang (1972) From IMDb: After a failed bank robbery, an ex-con, an ex-waitress and a few of their friends train a pack of Dobermans to rob a bank for them. // The movie was so popular that they made three more:
    The Daring Dobermans (1973)
    The Amazing Dobermans (1976)
    Alex and the Doberman Gang (1980 TV movie)

  640. MystMoonstruck says:

    @Kathi ~ It could be “Digby, the Biggest Dog in the World” (1973). From IMDb: Digby consumes a bowl of Project X, a liquid growth formula. Soon, he becomes a sheepdog of gigantic size!

  641. MystMoonstruck says:

    @Henriette ~ There is an animated series (anime from Japan) titled “Wolf’s Rain”. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0367439/

  642. MystMoonstruck says:

    @Holly ~ Your film could be “Toby McTeague” (1986) starring Yannick Beeson. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0090181/

  643. MystMoonstruck says:

    @carrie ~ It could be the Disney movie “Greyfriars Bobby: The True Story of a Dog” aka “Greyfriars Bobby”(1961).From IMDb: Scotland 1865: An old shepherd and his little Skye terrier go to Edinburgh. When the shepherd dies of pneumonia, the dog remains faithful to his master, refuses to be adopted by anyone, and takes to sleeping on his master’s grave in the Greyfriars kirkyard, despite a caretaker with a “no dogs” rule. // TRIVIA: You can visit a statue of Bobby on George IV Bridge in Edinburgh, which is near the graveyard where old Jock is buried.

  644. MystMoonstruck says:

    @Kit ~ You Never Can Tell (1951) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0044223/

  645. MystMoonstruck says:

    @Aatif ~ This was asked long ago, but I can answer it:
    Trapped (1973 TV movie) starring James Brolin // From IMDb: A man is accidentally locked in a department store overnight and finds himself pursued by six Doberman guard dogs.

  646. tg says:

    hey guys am looking for a movie title ,i only remember a little bit about the movie which is 2 brothers and a sister thy have a dog named “Timi” and they have only a father and they take a lot of adventure together and it is a TV-serious. please help i really need to know the title there is a lot of memories with it :)

  647. Rick says:

    You left out “A Boy and His Dog”

  648. Madison says:


    I’m looking for a movie I saw when I was a kid and it was about a beagle and all the dogs talked but the humans couldn’t understand. The beagle has a Rottweiler friend and a litter of younger sisters and brothers that this redneck couple steals to sell? I remember two scenes:

    1. One of the puppies look sick to the couple so they drop him and leave him to die and the older brother beagle saves the day and rescues the little brother from an alligator.
    2. The beagle is scared by his Rottweiler friend and says that he shouldn’t scare him like that because he was only a year old.

    Also there was a duck? I remember at the end that there was a singing duck and I think he was singing “Disco Duck”?

  649. Yamuna says:

    Hello! There is a movie, probably from the 1930’s or ’40’s about what appears to be a pit bull who lives on the streets. He ends up picked up and used as a fighting dog. A woman recognizes his potential as a show dog, and he wins best in show, and finds his home. I cannot remember the name of this movie, but would like to see it again. Anyone recognize the scenario? Don’t know the actors. I think the dog was white, and perhaps more of a Bull Terrier than a ‘Pit’ Bull, but not clear.

  650. Mirelitkitten says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m looking for someone to help me with a movie as well. I saw the movie in my early childhood, so I guess it was either made in early 80’s or even 70’s. It is about a japanese family and their dog, as far as I remember, it was a shiba inu, called “Goro”. They lived in Canada, and were about to move to a different city, but as they travelled they had a car accident, and the family members were hospitalized. The dog was taken by someone from the hospital (a nurse maybe?) to keep him while the owners get better, but the dog run away and went all the way back to its original home to find his family. I remember they were showing the map of Canada how he run across the country. I guess it was a japanese version of Lassie? 😀
    I tried to type in several different phrases or even the dogs name, but could not find anything, not even similar to this movie. Anyone have a clue on this? :)

    Thanks in advance!

  651. KTrue says:

    Hello I am looking for a movie I watched as a child in the early 90’s. It was a live action movie, about a couple of kids a boy and a girl, who run into a talking dog. The dog is the partner of either a private eye or a detective. The dog needs their help to get his partner out of trouble, but he helps the kids set up their parents with each other. In one scene they do this garden party sort of thing, and the cups and coasters and stuff all rotate. I wish I knew the name, and for some reason can’t seem to find it through google. If someone has mentioned this one above I’m sorry, but there were way too many responses to read through them all.
    Thank You

  652. Charlie says:

    I’m trying to remember a movie I watched when I was a kid about 10 years ago all I can remember is that it’s about this family and they have two dogs a big one and a small one and the parent go away or something and these robbers come to the house and kidnap a little boy and I remember them putting him in a barn or something. And the two dogs rescue the boy. I remember the dogs doing things like pouring oil on the floor and putting string in door ways as boobie traps. (Kinda like home alone but with dogs) and I remember one scene really vividly where a maid is hovering listening to loud music and the kidnappers wrap the vacuum wire around here and put her in a closet. I’ve been trying to find out the name of the movie for months but I can’t even remember what the dogs look like. Please help if you have any information.

  653. Anna says:

    Hi, I’m looking for an animated movie I saw in art class in lower school (I’m in high school now). It’s about a man and his dog in a log cabin, and they get trapped in a blizzard on March 32. That’s all I can remember. Thanks!! :)

  654. Anna says:

    Hi, I’m looking for an animated movie that I saw in 2000-something. It’s about a man and his dog. They’re in a log cabin and they get stuck in a blizzard on March 32. That’s all I can remember. Thanks!! :)

  655. sammy1993 says:

    Hi I’m looking for I film I watch a few months back
    It about a young girl to goes to work on her grandfather range/horse breeding and befriend a working dog and near the end the do has to be put down but it happen,also the father is a widow and like a vet who is trying a mysterious

  656. sammy1993 says:

    Hi I’m looking for I film I watch a few months backIt about a young girl to goes to work on her grandfather range/horse breeding and befriend a working dog and near the end the do has to be put down but it happen,also the father is a widow and like a vet who is try to solve a mysterious Illness which is causing dogs to die suddenly please help because I really would love to watch it again I’ve looked on loads of websites even the channel which it was on

  657. TR says:

    In the early 70’s, I watched a low budget movie with simple plot about kids and a dog. The young boy grows attached to the dog during the course of the movie. It was not a mainstream movie (e.g., Disney, Lassie, etc.), so it could have been made for TV. I don’t remember much about the movie, except that the family lives out in the countryside with the dog. I don’t think the dog was a collie, but maybe a gold lab or something along those lines (it’s been a long time). The dog dies towards the end of the movie, and in the closing scene, you see the dog bed, the dog’s collar on top of the dog bed, and the young boy briefly visualizes the dog in the bed. Over the years, my older sister constantly reminds me how sad I was about that movie. I’d love to find it and give her a copy for Christmas.

  658. Angel says:

    Looking for movie I’m sure the dog name is lucky. He helps a boy stay living with his stepdad after mom dies. The mom aunt had papers with the moms signature saying the boy lives with the aunt if she should die. But at end it shows the signature wasn’t the moms the aunt forged signature. I

  659. Cindy says:

    I’m looking for a animated Christmas movie @1989-1990 (it was on VCR tape) about a young dog who play a guitar who meets his dad that left when he was a puppy, His father didn’t want him to go in music business, But the young dog makes it…

  660. Valentina says:

    Hi :)

    I am looking for a movie about a girl without parents. She lived with her grandmother but.. I don’t remember very well.. she was sent to live with her uncle. I think it is a Christmas movie, there was snow.. a dog.. At the end the girl is adopted by her uncle. The name of the movie was something like “Bach and Beethoven”, but I can’t find such a movie.
    Anyone?>. .. .

  661. granny says:

    I saw a movie years ago about a German Shephard and a young man that were in training for military duty…both were kinda screw ups and almost washed out…also remember they endured combat together…I think the dogs name was Skip…maybe not….it was a great movie and drivng me to distraction to see if someone else has seen it…I think was wwII era maybe ??

  662. Karla says:

    Can anyone PlEASE HELP ME I’ve been searching for a movie that I saw when I was about 5 or 6 years old.I tried google and nothing.It was a cartoon/animated movie about an old rich lady who lived in a big house and she had a bunch of dogs and all I remember was that one night she read a story to them and she never woke up and the dogs were at her funeral and then the house was going to be sold or taken down and the dogs had nowhere to go and this evil couple that looked like ants I kid you not, were trying to get the money or house that the owner left. PLEASE HELP ME

  663. Karla says:

    It sounds similar to the one Sierra (top comments) mentioned please help me

  664. Dogs4ever says:

    I’m looking for a movie where there is a dog maybe called Rex and the dog gets killed by a car and the driver was a scientist who tried to bring him back to life. I watched it a long time ago and I can’t remember the name any help is appreciated

  665. Dogs4ever says:

    I watched a movie a while ago with a dog maybe named Rex who I thought was a German Shepard Rex got hit buy a truck and the driver was a scientist who tried to bring the dog back to life I can’t remember all of it please help me find this movie any help will work

  666. Wendy says:

    I’m looking for an animated movie, from possibly the 80’s.
    I don’t remember the plot, only a certain scene, and up until I started my search, I could have sworn it was Lady and The Tramp, although now I know that is not the case.
    The ONE scene I remember is dogs in a shed, or a dog pound, and they are singing sadly, I don’t remember about what, but it was a do-wop sad song, shoo-wop-a-wop like sad song.
    I searched and searched and even watched lady and the tramp again, and it definitely wasn’t that, although there is a sad dog pound song.
    PLEASE, it’s driving me crazy! lol

  667. Chris says:

    granny: are you thinking of “Chips, The War Dog”?

    Here’s a clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcSPs01H0Ow

    And this is the cover image: http://www.dogchannel.com/images/dog-lifestyle/dog-movies/movie-chips.jpg

  668. Dog Lover says:

    I’m looking for a movie about a boy who gets framed for trashing a restaurant, and then has to go live on his grandfather’s farm. There he befriends a dog and a pawn shop owner. The pawn shop owner dies, and the boy is devastated, so the boy gives the dog the same name as the pawn shop owner. At the end the dog almost dies but everyone lives happily ever after. Thanks :)

  669. Audra says:

    @Angel…your movie is My Magic Dog

  670. Lewis says:

    I saw a movie a while ago about two dogs, one little and one medium size who rescue a boy who was kidnapped whilst he was home alone by two men, probably 1990s anyone got any ideas?

  671. Ben says:


  672. RGI says:

    A friend is looking for the movie in which apparently the original owner of a lost dog (a boy) and the girl who found him have to “prove” who he belongs to in some kind of community court. They decide they will both call him at the same time and see which owner he chooses.
    Any leads?

  673. Valerie says:

    Hello I really need help to find this movie!!

    It’s been annoying me for a while now it’s a movie i used to love as a kid but I can’t remember the name only parts of it
    It’s about a boy he’s maybe like 12 and going through a rough time his mum died i believe and then he had this one dog but that one is just really depressed and keeps going back to visit his mum’s grave and then he finds another one a small dog(i don’t remember how) and at some point he helps at a shelter with a girl and he leaves the door opened by accident then all the dogs run out and one gets hit by a car and dies ? I also remember at the end of the movie he enters the small dog in a dog competition

    If someone knows the name of the movie please I’d really appreciate it

  674. Topa says:

    hi, am looking for a movie… a dog fighting/ battle of a dog. I saw it when i was still a kid and i dont remember the title (in fact, i dont know it). In The end, in the final battle…the dog fight with a pitbull. anyone know the title?

  675. Tufty says:

    My sister wants to find out about this old move (90s maybe.) In this scene there is this treasure or something and this dog who talks is on this dog racetrack and this evil woman who is looking for the treasure and riding on that rabbit thing (the one where the dogs have to chase in the dog racetracks.) I’m sorry if I dont have a lot of detail but it is about this treasure and people trying to get it.

  676. Cindy says:

    Someone mentioned that the famous worldwide favorite movie dog, Lassie, was a “half Collie.” Not true. Lassie was a purebred Collie as was Jean the Vitagraph Dog of Thanhouser Films fame.

    Here’s a good question for everyone. As a child of the 1960s I remember watching an old black and white movie at night that had a snow white Collie. The dog was walking and running in a woods I believe at night, and if I remember right he or she was protecting someone or something. Bugs me that I don’t know the name of the movie, or where the beautiful dog came from. Snow white Collies have always been pretty rare.

  677. Cindy says:

    Jean the Vitagrapgh Dog, a Collie who appeared in a number of Thanhouser Films. http://www.wikiwand.com/en/Jean_(dog)#/Life_and_career

  678. halle says:

    i saw this movie when i was younger about two sisters that get adopted and take a golden retriever puppy with them but the dad is allergic and the dog saves the family

  679. Audra says:

    @Angel your movie is called My Magic Dog.

  680. Alli says:

    Hey guys I need help finding a movie. I watched it when I was little. There was like a grey dog & he got separated from his owners & he got lost in this big field & had to try to find his way home. & there was one scene with like a hawk that tried to swoop down & get him

  681. Alex says:

    What movie was it that there was a son and daughter and the mom got a puppy for the son because he was getting in trouble but it was a service dog in training and the girl got real attached to the dog and when it was time to give the dog back she ran away with the dog. What is that movie called?

  682. Karina says:

    Hi :)

    I am also looking for a movie and I hope you guys can help me out! I remember watching a movie when I was younger (~late 90s) which told the story of a young/little white dog (I remember the dog having pointy ears, like triangles) who I think could talk and had friends and maybe was in search of his family. And I remember the dog and his friends seeing this dirty older dog around the movie. Then at the end of the movie it was raining and this cleaned up the dirty dog’s fur, making it look very white and the little dog realised that the dirty dog is his mother. I am sorry for the weird explanation but I really hope someone can help me out!

  683. CA Wilcox says:

    I’m looking for an old black and white movie about a young boy who visits a racehorse farm for the summer with his dog. The top racehorse isn’t running well until the boy’s dog arrives. At the end of the movie the boy has to decide to go back home with his dog or leave the dog behind with the racehorse.

    Does anyone know the name of this movie? It’s probably from the 1950’s.


  684. Engstfeld says:

    Looking for a dog movie made sometime in the seventies. A trapper is starving to death in a brutal wintery environment and is forced to kill is dog in order to survive. Only the dog senses it before the man can shoot him and the dog runs off. The dog is taken in by a boy and his family and they become fond of the dog. Later on, the trapper shows up in town in the summer or sometime later and encounters the boy and dog and wants to take the dog back. After much consternation, they agree to let the dog decide. They place the dog between them separated by some distance and the dog keeps running back and forth to each trying to decide. In the end, the dog decides to return to his original master.

  685. Maria says:

    I am looking for a movie where two adults reunite because of the dog & they used to be BestFriends as children & they find there names carved into a tree & there old lunch pail . ? &

  686. taz says:

    im looking for a movie, which i believe i watched either on the disney channel or the family channel as a kid, it’s about a boy who’s dressed in from what i recall a very baseball like outfit. in the area that they live in there is a dog, who is wild and rabid and who previously bit the boy, when he was a child and left severe injury on his leg around his ankle. at the end of the movie, he overcomes his fear when he is forced into the area where the dog is kept to get something for his friends who all rely on him. i can’t remember the name or any character names and only the before-mentioned portions of the plot. if anyone can help me i would deeply appreciate it. thank you

  687. TravisDix says:

    the shaft smooth, thick, and heavy. The last two feet of that was steel: a slender leaf-

    bloody hard to bend those stiff Stark knees of yours and let me keep a little dignity?

  688. Sam says:

    All I remember from this movie were a bunch of Dalmatians living in a house and they had this cool machine, like how candy stores had candy where you pull something and it lets out a little bit. In the movie it would let out the dog food. Also, the song zip-a-dee doo dah is coming to my mind but I just don’t know if it’s from the movie or not!

  689. Ashley says:

    There was a movie about a dog who dies and its spirit goes into a man and he acts like a dog. He goes to a physic and he finds the family. They were trying to find out who killed someone or the dog I can’t remember, but i can’t remember the name. If anyone does please let me know. I believe Matthew Lillard plays the guy who acts like a dog.

  690. Linus says:

    I saw a movie as a child. I can’t remember the name. I think the movie was made in the 70’s and it was about an old man living on the american country with his dog. For some reasone the old man is sent to jail for something i don’t remember (could be tax crime) So basicly the hole movie is about how the dos sruvive around the house alone untill one day to old man (he must be 60-70 years old) comes back and find his best friend still alive

  691. Sammia says:

    hey guys im looking for a very old movie, i saw wheni was young, its about a boy who’s mother just died and he is now with his father, and his mother used to do agility competitions with it i think it was a type of hound, and now the dog misses her trainer so much that she runs away to the graveyard and doesnt want to compete anymore. if the movie sounds familiar plz tell me ?

  692. sophia says:

    whats the movie it was on netflix a boy has to dig a tree out of a black guys backyard dog gets hit black dude dies?

  693. Kim Keister(Animal Control Officer) says:

    I’m looking for this dog movie I saw as a kid in the early-mid 1980s. I used to think it was a Benji movie, but it was not a Benji movie. I think “Hagens” aka Benji was the dog in it(Kinda like when Higgins was the dog in the movie “Oh Heavenly Dog”(Which is not an official Benji movie even if Benji/Higgins was the star). Well with that said.

    This movie starts with an old lady and her dog. She goes to the Phoenix Airport(I think she was flying California) and she places the dog in the carry cage kennel to be taken and place on the plane. There’s this small child that sees the dog and starts talking the dog and opened the kennel and the dog gets out to wonder the airport to find it’s owner. The dog then runs out the airport and onto the runway(I think) and a plane flies over its head. The old day when reaching the destination is told her dog got loose. The dog embarks on the adventure to find the old lady and along the way meets other dogs and finally finds his owner.

    I only remember bits and pieces of the movie. The airport stuck in my mind clearly all this time. I recall a scene dog get caught by someone and kept in a cage in a junkyard and the dog tried to escape and one the dogs that were like a Husky or shepherd type dog fights the bad guy and is hit with the bat and I believe he was killed trying to help the other dogs escape.

    I’m trying to find the name of this movie for many years. I would like to see the movie again. I recalled my mother renting from this hole in the wall video store in 1985?

  694. Dar says:

    @Yona, the title of the movie is “Star Watching Dog”.

  695. mary says:

    Hi I’m looking for a film about a boy whose mother is dead so he has to go to his grandparents with his dog because his father must work or something. his grandparents live in a farm with several animals and they have an old golden retriever. A comete gives the boy the power to speak with animals. at the end maybe I remember the old golden retriever dies.

  696. mary says:

    hi, I’m looking for a film about a boy whose mother is dead and he has to go to his grandparents with his dog because his father must work or something. his grandparents live in a farm with several animals and they have an old golden retriever.then a comet gives the boy the power to talk with animals and they help him get over this sad period. at the end the old golden retriever dies. do you know this film?

  697. Audra says:

    @Susan…Eyes of an Angel is your movie

    @Luke…you are looking for Fluke

    @Angel…your movie is My Magic Dog.

  698. sunita says:

    Can anyone help me to find the movie name. It is about a little girl and her dog. She lived with her working grandmother. A babysitter looked after her. when her grandmother goes to office in night, two intruders tried to kidnap the girl.
    Plz tell me name of this movie.

  699. Alex says:

    I have been looking so long for a movie I used to watch a lot when I was younger. It’s an animated movie about dogs that escape a kennel, but someone is always chasing after them with a net to put them in a truck and take them back to the kennel. What movie is this?

  700. andy says:

    I watched a movie about a careless detective who unwillingly got injected with a serum to enable him to communicate with a special breed German Shepherd. They can communicate each other.

    Does anyone have any knowledge about the movie, the title? I think it is between 1985 to 1999 era (before millennium).

    Many thanks

  701. Abby6063 says:

    Hi all, I am trying to remember the name of a cartoon I used to watch as a little girl (I watched it on VHS in the early 90’s). my memory is VERY vague. It was a cartoon about a dog who protected his master, a farmer, and the farmers livestock from a fox or a wolf. I know it was animated and the animals could talk to each other. I know one of the final scenes took place at night as it was blue and I want to say it had the “wolf in sheeps clothing” message in it but that is just a guess.

    I don’t believe this was a full-length movie- probably a short (no more than 30-40 min) that was released on VHS. Thanks so much to anyone with any ideas! google did not work for me!

  702. Linus says:

    I’m looking for a movie i think is made in the 70’s could be early 80’s to. Any way the movie is (as i recall) about an old man living alone with his dog. One day he is forced to leave his house and put to jail. Not entirely sure why. Could be tax crime. Any way the dog has to survive alone for a hole year. But when the old man finaly returns he found his dog in the back yard. A very touching movie and i remeber i cried as a 7 year old when i saw it 1986.

  703. potter says:

    where are all the black and white dog movies–like ace the wonder dog

  704. Dave says:

    A friend gave my daughter a vhs movie about a Dalmation Named Baskerville…I believe the movie was set in the depression years and a little blond haired girl found or the dog followed her home and the parents almost had to give the dog away…Does anyone remember the name of the movie…Her copy, which she wore out suddenly disappeared and I can not find the movie listed anywhere.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

  705. kittycat says:

    what is the movie were there is a young boy and he has to go over a fence of a junkyard and he gets bit by a dog on the ancle and he is a lengend in the town and his friends find out who he is and he becomes a hero in his town

  706. Vicky says:

    Meli, the movie you are looking for, about a boy who wishes for a dog and instead becomes a dog is “A Dog’s Tale” (1999).

    Mariam Behman, the movie about a boy who turns into a dog and befriends a blind musician is “The Dog Days of Arthur Cane” (1984). I think that it is also known as “Dog Trouble”.

  707. Vicky says:

    Maria Luisa, the “Shaggy Dog” was remade into a 1994 TV movie. It might be the one you are looking for.

  708. LindaH says:

    @CahosRahneVeloza The movie you are thinking of is Kavik the Wolf Dog

  709. LindaH says:

    @Maria Luisa you are thinking of the remake of The Shaggy Dog, I believe

  710. Sian says:

    If anyone still looks at this help! I honestly cannot remember the name of the film and have looked everywhere. It’s an animated film about these stray dogs who come across this house, the old owner (bit of a rocker) has other pets, but dies sadly. And all the animals make it on their own for a little while before trying to save the house from someone trying to buy it/ knock it down or something. Honestly cannot remember much more about it, anyone know what I’m on about? Think it was meant to be based in new york or something.

  711. Mary says:

    “I am looking for a film about a boy who turns to a dog due to Christmas wish, “I wand to be a dog”. any one who knows the name please help me to find it.”

    A Dog’s Tale (1999) directed by Craig Clyde

  712. Ray B says:

    I have been trying to find this movie for years. Its about a boy and girl brother and sister and i think its their grandma has a heart attack. theres a funeral scene I think. Anyhow somehow they end up with the kids driving the truck and a cop chasing them. Then they jump out of the truck and the truck rolls back and hits the cop car. And then the kids are out in the wilderness and the little dog falls over a cliff or waterfall or something (I was really little mind you) and they had a bigger dog like a collie. The boy almost gets bit by a rattlesnake and these two guys find them, and theres a scene of the kids sleeping at the guys cabin. No idea what this movie was. Can anyone help? email me at esperanzab93@gmail.com if you know what it was! Id be eternally grateful!

  713. Audra says:


  714. Victoria says:

    @sierra I think you’re thinking of Millionaire Dogs. Hope I helped!

  715. MICHELLE says:

    Hi! I’ve been looking for ages for a movie which I remember since I was a kid. It was on TV, probably 10 years ago, if not earlier.

    It is about a small girl, who was having a puppy (with white fur), but her father was against it so he put that dog into a sack and throw it out of the bridge into the water. The girl jumped after him and as I remember, it ended happily.

    Plz help me, as I have no other possibilities of finding that one… :(

  716. Mads.vang says:

    Can anyone help me remember the name of a certain movie I saw when I was a kid?
    I don’t remember much but.
    Last time I saw it I honk it was on VHS.
    It was about a dog, you see it first when it’s still a puppy. It’s in a crew of other dogs. They fight a giant bear to save the dogs owner I think. I know this is not a lot of information but it’s just been haunting me that I don’t remember the name.

  717. Annie says:

    I remember a movie from when i was really young, and i dont know the title. i think the main characters name was “tiny” and its an animated movie at christmas time. The mother dog starts the movie and shes preparing her pups for adoption. then “tiny” is chosen by a family but falls out of the car on the way to his home… i think he went and lived in a junk yard for a bit. But at the end tinyy found his family again in a church on christmas eve…. I can’t remember anything but i’d appreciate any help :)

  718. lisa says:

    Hi i am looking for a name of movie that is is Chinese movie with a dog and a boy and boy’s grandfather. The little Chinese boy lives with the grandpa and stumbles upon a soi dog and adopts the dog. The life is very hard for the 3 of them and dog helps the little boy with daily chores taking milk to sell door to door. it is very emotional movie but i cant seem to know the name or able to find it on line.

  719. Purnima says:

    Hi.I am trying to find a movie that I watched as a kid. A boy n his family living country side have a some kind of sport where they have to hunt n win a competition. The boy in the competition rescues a man. Later he gets two puppies dont know from where n they grow together. Later coz of son issues country side the family has to move to town/city. They cant take the dogs with them. Eventually one of the dogs gets shot n does n the other just does on its grave n then the family moves to city. Anybody knows this film.

  720. Cana says:

    I am looking for A movie about a Shepherd dog that lives with a cat and a family with a daughter that has friends with purse chiwawas , the shepherd can only talk to other animals though. he eventually has to move with his family and becomes friend with a rescue dog, has a party when his owners are away and takes the rescue dog on a date. Somewhere in the movie he falls in a suage and the dad of his family saves him, this happens because there was an earthquake, and he goes to save the rescue dog that fell in first. Sorry if this is confusing but I’ve been looking for this movie cause I watched it when I was younger and I thought was a good movie and I’d like to watch it again. If you could help me, thatd be fantastic.

  721. shijoy says:

    I saw a movie years ago about a dog that his master killed by enemies and this dog got injured and treated by someone with some extra power(other animals capability) and this dog killed all who killed his master….it was a great movie…could you please help me to get the movie name…PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE……

  722. Anonymouseeeee says:

    Hi, I am looking for a movie where a girl/niece got moved/sent to live with her aunt and the girl is treated horribly. The girl finds a dog on the street while she is looking out the window, she sneaks out after being trapped in her room and adopts it without the aunts consent. The aunt has a poodle and the poodle is pregnant, (in heat). The girls dog is forced to act like the poodles but is very clumsy. Near the end the aunt enters a dog sledding race and gets stuck in a ice patch that caved in, the niece who is also competing helps her and saves her.. What is this movie called???

  723. Ashleigh says:


    I have been literally going crazy trying to find this one movie about a Jack Russel dog and a boy. The boy I think gets in trouble and has to volenteer at a dog shelter. There he bonds with a Jack Russel. He meets a girl named April and they dont get along very well at the beggining. A lady comes to look for a dog and wants to buy the Jack Russel, the boy gets mad and lets all the dogs out and ran away. 2 of the dogs got hit and then he feels bad. The lady brought the Jack Russel back cause she didnt like him.

  724. Ashleigh says:


    I have been literally going crazy trying to find this one movie about a Jack Russel dog and a boy. The boy I think gets in trouble and has to volenteer at a dog shelter. There he bonds with a Jack Russel. He meets a girl named April and they dont get along very well at the beggining. A lady comes to look for a dog and wants to buy the Jack Russel, the boy gets mad and lets all the dogs out and ran away. 2 of the dogs got hit and then he feels bad. The lady brought the Jack Russel back cause she didnt like him. The boy kisses April and i think the dog competes in a dog competition at the end.

    Thats all i can remember and hopefully you can help!

  725. Casey says:

    You guys missed several great dog movies. Here’s a list:
    – Balto (this is my all-time favorite dog movie)
    – Balto II: Wolf Quest
    – Balto III: Wings of Change
    – Shiloh Season
    – Saving Shiloh
    – Max
    – All Dogs Go To Heaven 2
    – An All Dogs Christmas Carol
    – Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (this is the saddest dog movie I’ve ever seen)
    – Finding Rin Tin Tin
    – Alpha and Omega (I consider this a dog movie since wolves are in the dog family)

    Please add all the dog movies that I listed above.

  726. Crystal says:

    I am looking for a movie about a boy who is followed home by a dog and he gives the dog pudding. Eventually he yells at the dogs and tells him to leave and the dog does. Can anyone help me??

  727. Thomas says:

    Hey 😉

    I´m searching a movie from the late 70ies to the early 80ies. My father doesn´t remember much, apart of 2 scenes:
    -the dog pees once on his owners face, as the owner fell asleep under a car with a welding gear in his hand.
    -when the owner annouces in the car that they will cross a bridge the dog puts his paws on his head (out of fear?).

    Allover it was a very funny movie according to my dad, some scenes took place in a sort of garage/car repair shop.

    Thanks in advance for every help!!

  728. 33Hilario says:

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  729. Brooke booth says:

    Hi I can not find the name of the film I’m looking for. It’s about a road that collapses and 2 dogs are stuck inside the hole in the road. And the owner of one of the dogs has to jump in a river to save him. Any ideas?

  730. popsgreys says:

    Want to purchase copy The Runaway greyhound in movie

  731. Rhonda says:

    Looking for a movie that starts out with several puppies in a box sitting in front of a store with free on the box. It turns dark and raining with 1 puppy left and it get out of the box and runs away. Can’t remember anything else. Anyone have an idea?

  732. Natalie says:

    I very vaguely remember a dog movie that was on Netflix, and I can’t remember much, only a few small details. I remember a large dog, I don’t remember of it was a Great Dane or a St. Bernard or a golden retriever or what, his name was like Ben or something? There was also a female border collie mix who was in love with him. There was something about a puppy mill who shipped puppies in boxes, and at least one (maybe two) kids, a woman, I remember them being kidnapped by the puppy mill. I can’t remember what the movie was called and it’s seriously been bugging me. Can someone help?

  733. David says:

    Looking for a movie I seen a very long time ago.

    A Young boy and a puppy are shipwrecked on an island and grow up together. The dog dies after many years and the boy is rescued sometime after. As the young man is headed out to the big ship off the island he can see the dog running across the beach like he used to before he passed.

  734. HollieX says:

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  735. Pieton says:

    The main character is a stray dog who gets taken into a massive house filled with other dogs who all have their own special talents (only one I can remember is the girl dog who likes to do circus things). The owner then dies and the dogs are all sold to different horrible people and the main dog tries to prove that the house was willed to the dogs (or something like that)
    I know its a cartoon make movie and I know its an oldish movie as last time I watched it was when I had it on video tap. I just can’t remember what its called and I can’t see it in that list.

  736. Alexandra says:

    I really need your help I have been looking fir this movie for years! Here’s what I remember:
    The main character is a pretty small dog
    He meets a group of dogs who teach him how to live and help them out
    There’s this man who keeps chasing them with a net to take them back to the kennel

  737. Alexandra says:

    I really need your help I have been looking fir this movie for years! Here’s what I remember:
    The main character is a pretty small dog
    He meets a group of stray dogs who teach him how to live and help them out
    There’s this man who keeps chasing them with a net to take them back to the kennel.
    At one point the main dog gets captured and the other

  738. Alexandra says:

    I really need your help I have been looking for this movie for years! Here’s what I remember:
    The main character is a pretty small dog
    He meets a group of stray dogs who teach him how to live and help him out
    There’s this man who keeps chasing them with a net to take them back to the kennel.
    At one point the main dog gets captured by this man and the other dogs save him.
    Please help me!

  739. Alexandra says:

    Oh wow it posted 3 times sry

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  741. Jaana Susanna says:

    I think I am looking for the same movie John wrote about in 2010 – “Hi I am looking for a movie my father-in-law remembers and would love to see again. It is very like homeward bound but is just one dog – a Sheltie (like a small “lassie”) which fall of its owners boat and is carried away by the current but survives and tries to find its owner again.”
    I think it must be an early 80s or even older movie. I went through posts from 2010 but I couldn’t find any hints about that movie (maybe I missed something). Could anyone help?

  742. Lenore J. Takacs says:

    looking for movie Back in the70’s has to do with a Dog that goes though a lot and it’s name is Kelly

  743. Kathy says:

    Don’t forget the original “Incredible Journey” from the 60’s, that the 90’s version (“Homeward Bound”) was based on.
    Also don’t forget the original Disney “Shaggy Dog” and its sequel, “The Shaggy D.A.” Disney also has “The Ugly Dachshund” (about a Great Dane). “Marmaduke” is also about a Great Dane.

  744. Kelsey says:

    I am looking for a movie about a dog that can talk and for some reason he leaves his owner that was a scientist I think that was getting arrested maybe. The dog finds a boy and a girl and the dog is trying to find something. On scene I really remember is the dog and the kids go inside of a building that looks very small but than when they went inside it was really big.
    Thank you so much, hope you know the movie?

  745. Kasia says:

    This is futile… for years i’ve been trying to find out about a movie i’ve seen as a little kid back in Europe… it was an American movie and the only thing I remember is a medium size dog enteting a house with big windows in summer…
    Thank you!!!

  746. Leo says:

    I’m looking for a name of a movie that I’ve seen maybe 8 years or less when new I’m guessing ? It’s about a dad payed for a German Shepherd dog guard dog w/o the daughter knowing about it .She came home from school & was killed by the dog . Then the dog was killed not shown full detail . Then soon the mom noticed the town had a cult or witches or something who bring them back ( the children ) out of a cow’s stomach . But when age 7 or 10 down those lines with dark hair , she became mean or evil ? The town said at that age she was to be killed ( the child ) , because at that age , they became evil or something ? Maybe she heard the conversation , & didn’t trust anyone after that ? .She can’t leave town the girl or she will too , get the same dog attacks at the throat as well , w/o the dog that is dead & burned , or ashed at morgue at the border of the town . The mom decided to at the ending of the movie to try to kill the daughter copy version of the real daughter finally trying to get the girl’s trust .Then the mom out in a field , she killed the girl by dropping her out of her hand maybe so she will fall from a water holder that was big metal tank like thing with metal legs to hold the water in the tank , thing , or killed the girl a different way . I forget . Then the girl died . I’ll be very grateful for everyone’s help trying to figure it out for me , & for typing it for me on this site . I do like the movie titled : White God ( 2004 ?), as well , & White Fang 1991 , & Benji The Hunted (1987 ) .

  747. Leo says:

    I also like the movie titled : Devil Dog : Hound of Hell , cast : Kim Richards , & Richard Crenna , Yvette Mimieux , Ike Eisenmann ( 1978 ) . I wish there was a part 2 version of it , because the other version with similar titles seemed to suck , born , & couldn’t get into the feeling of enjoying , or liking the movie at all , aka get into the movie . Maybe that was just me ? .

  748. Tailor says:

    I am looking for a movie that i watched several years back. It is about a boy and a girl who come to together and help a dog win the dog show. And i have not been able to find it anywhere, it is now the “best in show”

  749. Oba Apondele says:

    Looking for a film I watched as a six-year old kid in the 60’s.
    My Dad played it for us on a reel projector.
    I believe it was called “GIVE A DOG A BONE”.

    There was a character called “King Rat” who was turning people into animals by getting them to say “I couldn’t careless” or something to that effect.
    There was also a boy (don’t remember his name) and his dog,
    who somehow stopped King Rat’s plans and saved the world.

    I still remember part of the theme song.

    “Please, Thank-you and Sorry,
    Magical, Magical words (or sounds)
    Changing people from piggies,
    Humans from horses and sheep
    into what they were meant to be.”

    I have searched without success and would really appreciate any help.

  750. Sarah says:

    A young boy was living with his father unhappily after his mother passed away. He found a Jack Russell Terrier and grew attached to him. I remember he was friends with a boy who’s mom asked him if he still brushed his teeth to which he replied “top to bottom, side to side”.

    He took the dog with him to his grandparents and went on a picnic with them and his friend where he trained the dog to jump over logs.

    He became friends with a young red haired girl who’s mom ran a shelter. She had a dog there named Picasso who was killed by a car when the boy let all the kennel dogs out. The girl and her mom live in a yellow and white house.

    There’s also a Borzoi who’s featured throughout the movie as it belonged to the boys mom. He shows up either at the little girls place or a friend of the boys mother. They’re shocked when the see it. I remember it walking through a bushy area or forest.

    The dad, I think, develops a crush on the girls mom.

    I thought for the longest time that I dreamed this movie up as I couldn’t find a reference of it anywhere.

    Any help will be very much appreciated.

  751. Tess says:

    Okay, so I don’t know if I mix a couple of movies here, but I’m looking for a movie with a dog that’s out on the county side, I think it’s on its way home. It stays with dirrerent people on the road, and one I remember is a man with a wooden trailer, like a circus-trailer. I think the dog is a border collie, but I’m definitely not sure. The dog eventually find its way home to a child, in the rain?

  752. Akash says:

    I’m searching of movie in which a road dog is very clever whenever dog catcher came then he ran away

  753. Nancy says:

    For anybody who is still looking for the movie about the Bull Terrier that narrated his journey from the street to dog fights to champion show dog. I had been Googling it for days and found it. It’s called “It’s a dog’s life”.

  754. Shivraj says:

    Dear mam, where can I get ‘its a dog life’ movie. I searched that movie more time but not get on any site, pls tell me if you know

  755. aubrey says:

    i’m trying to find a movie that i watched when i was little which wasn’t that long ago because im only 13. but it’s about this dog and i’m pretty sure he was like a messy or clumsy dog. but he could talk and so could all the dogs and the cats in the movie. and he’s a family dog. and i remember it being a christmas movie. and it’s also a animated movie. pls help. thanks!!

  756. aubrey says:

    ^^ i also think the dogs name started with a w. but i’m not positive

  757. Kabeer says:

    An officer killed by criminal and his dog follows the criminal. But the last moment the Dog will be killed by
    police. It was an interesting thrilling movie.

  758. Bob Hall says:

    QUIGLEY the movie staring Gary Busey and a white Pomeranian named after the title (Quigley)

  759. Kellli says:

    Looking for the name of a movie I caught late night on tv a few years ago. The husband and wife had a dog and the wife was killed in a car accident and the dog survived. The police took the dog to the vet but apparently did not tell her why they dog was brought in. She tracked down the husband and kept leaving messages for him to pick the dog up. He was shocked/grieving and it took him a couple weeks to bring himself to get the dog and she (the vet) was mad that it took him so long. She eventually finds out the guy’s story and she and the husband end up bonding over the dog and fall in love.

  760. Gene says:

    It was around 1958 when my dad took me to see a movie. I was a young boy about 6 years old at the time and did not know that my father was slowly dying from cancer. The movie we saw was about a boy who lost his dog. The entire movie was about the boy’s dog trying to find his way back home and about the boy not giving up hope that his dog would return. After weeks of waiting, the boy’s mother gently convinced the boy he should accept that it’s likely the dog was gone forever. The final scene was of the boy digging a hole to bury the dog’s toys. As the boy started putting the toys into the hole, he heard a yipping sound and looked up to see his dog running toward him from over a nearby hill. It hurts my heart that I cannot remember the name of that movie. That was one of the last things that my dad and I was able to do together before he became too ill. I would be forever grateful if you could tell me the name of that movie.

  761. Kensley says:

    Back when I was like four or five I watched a movie about these brown dogs (A mother and her pup). The pup went with humans and I remember this bird followed the dog. The the mother and the pup met again and they went with humans into this cave, and the two dogs went outside. I remember a cougar came up and tried to kill the pup, then the mom jumped out to save him and fell on a rock underneath them. I remember the pup said something like don’t leave me please, I remember the mom died and buried the mom. That’s all I remember of the movie I think it starts with a k I can’t find it anywhere. Can anyone tell me if y’all know the name of the movie? I would love to watch it again. Thank you!

  762. Cleo says:

    A dog called “Buddy”. Movie starts out that there is a bad bad storm (Lightening) and the dog is on the side porch. He does not like storms, so he takes off. If found about 40 miles away and put in a dog pound. Woman gives to a young girl whojust lost a mother and is not talking. ( about 6 years old) Woman who lost dog has a 20 years old son in the service. Woman put ads in a lot of papers and a man replys. Manand child and woman share dog for a while. Both travel back and forth to each others homes. Great movie for young children. Csn you tell me the name of the movie? I would like to get a copy for the great nephews to watch. thank you

  763. amal william says:

    watched a movie during my college days…
    the master of the dog is killed by a person and dog
    chases the killer…between the run, the killer lays
    a woman and the dog kills the woman..scenting the smell
    of the man on the woman…in the final scene…the killer
    runs to catch a plane and the dog is shot trying catching
    him in the end.
    dont remember the name of the film
    help out finding the name of the film
    want to see it again.

  764. reza says:

    An American action film that runs counter to the street work of a man who takes himself as a woman and steals a woman with a helicopter. In the end, the head of the movie is thrown by the criminals and the stolen woman is released.what is movie?

  765. debbie says:

    I cant remember the name of a great movie I saw with a German shepherd that was in combat with his master. The man was killed by his childhood friend to keep from exposing his illegal sell of weapons. The most touching scene was when the let the dog go to the casket. they (the family)was contemplating putting the dog down because he appeared violent. The dog just wanted to let them know who the killer was.PLEASE help me with the name of this movie! Thank you so much.

  766. Sarah says:

    Hi! I’m looking for a movie (probably early 2000’s but that’s just a guess) with a mom and her son who have a dog (I think a golden retriever). I think the dog gets hit by a car in the beginning of the movie but by a scientist who somehow saves the dog and he ends up getting powers of some sort– I feel like he ends up being able to talk but I haven’t seen it in years. It is a children’s movie and isn’t animated.

  767. NeedsToKnoe says:

    I need some help to find a movie about a dog that looks like german sheppard but i think is a mix of some sort.
    All i remember for certain is that he is unusually strong and when he finally finds a human he can trust they show that trust like this. The human makes a fist and the dog gently holds it in his mouth. In advance, thank you so much!

  768. Charlie says:


    I’m looking for a movie from the late 70’s or the 80’s. What I remember is there was a slead dog that was injured and the owner of the dog was going to kill him, but a man that lived in a cabin took the dog in and took care of him and they became friends. The dog would come and go and one day the dog was gone Indians came upon the man’s cabin and killed him. When the dog made it back he laid down by his dead owner, after awhile the dog went out looking for the killers and found them. Could you please tell me the name of this movie? Thanks

  769. Patrick says:

    A lorry driver pulls into a layby and hears a sound. It’s an abandoned alsatian puppy. He takes him home and keeps him for the rest of his life. At one point in the film the mans daughter is so fed up because her school friends won’t come round because the dog is always farting she slips it a load of pills and tries to poison it There’s a scene where the man has the dogs head down the toilet trying to get the pills out of him. Also remember when the dog is getting old on one trip to the vets the vet suggests time for a new one at which point the man nearly punches him. The film ended with a view of the daughter many years later opening her house/apartment door and being greeted big a great big alsatian of her own. Please help. I know this is an old film

  770. steve says:

    can you find the name of the movie that had a dog from the future come back in time to help a boy.

  771. goingcrazy says:

    Been trying to recall a movie title and it’s driving me bonkers. I watched it as a kid. The only thing I can remember is this girl is visiting her grandpas? farm for the summer and I think they are getting ready to be bought out or they have to foreclose or something but her and her friend gets the idea to enter a litter of puppies in a contest to win money to save the farm? I am seriously going nuts bahahahaha.

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  774. Alan Mills says:

    When I was kid I remember watching a movie about a man with a beard (Zero Mostel or Sebastian Cabot?) who would bark at his neighbors and one day turned into a dog. I think the last scene had him returning to his human state and walks home in a wooden barrel. Appeared to be a 50s or 60s film. Anyone remember this movie or was I dreaming?

  775. Kwon says:

    Can’t remember the name but : There was a kid who I think was being forced to move over to his dads for the summer and I think his dad got him a dog ( golden retriever ) and he named it I think comet or something after a planet and there were these people trying to kill or do tests on these dogs and they had to stop them.

  776. Jaelyn Guinn says:

    I’m trying to fine this movie I watched 10-15 years ago. I’m pretty fuzzy on the details but it’s about this family that have a dog rescue and it’s centered around a (couple?) greyhounds and trying to rehabilitate them I think. But they also trained the other dogs there. I’ve searcges every where and can’t find anything

  777. Cheyenne says:

    There’s a movie about a dog who gets hit by a car and he gets like a super chip in his brain to keep him alive and the people can see things through the dogs eyes and the lab guys got an evil lady partner who like dognaps him or something. Does anybody know the name of this movie? Its driving me insane.

  778. Sarah says:

    Jeanette and Marie, it’s Daniel and the superdogs. Just found it myself. :)

  779. Rocker says:

    There’s one dog movie but I can’t remember the title, something along the lines of Puppy in Lost Forest or Lost Puppy in the Forest

    It’s about a puppy lost in the forest but a good half or most of the movie is about the puppy interacting with the woodland critters. It’s like bambi in the aspct that they all talk like disney cartoon charas. (Its not a disney movie I believe)

    I can’t remember much of it as I was in daycare so I was probably around 4 or 5. I still remember a lot of my childhood.

  780. Rocker says:

    I should also mention the release date of the film is ‘most likely’ in mid to late 80s as the style of art is a bit different. Think along the lines of The Troll in Central Park or Fifo, or The Little Toaster.

  781. Jack says:

    Looking for an American(?) family movie about a divorced mother, her daughter and a man with a german shepherd dog. They met in the park, the young girl tried to help her mother to create a partnership with that man. The title is “Mom, Mr. Wolf and me” or something similar. Probably from the ’80s.

    A hint:
    A Russian movie from 1977, “White Bim Black Ear”.
    The owner of Bim (the dog) ER to hospital, the dog try to find him and travelling across hundreds of miles to the Capital of Russia (or another city far), met good and bad people then finally…
    This movie was nominated to Academy Awards 1979 in “Best Foreign Language films”.
    A bit similar than “Lassie” novel/moovie but Russian. I studied to reading from this novel – ~40 years ago.

    2nd hint:
    Belle and Sebastien. I red the novel first also.
    A nice story about an orphan boy in France during WW2.
    The boy rescued a St. Bernard dog (in the movie an Pyrenean Mountain dog) and making a deep and eternal friendship.
    In middle of the ’60s was a TV serie from the novel and in 2013 made a French moovie feat. Tchéky Karyo. This second one is a little far from the original story, german troopers, rescued jews, love affair (not w/ the boy!)

    And an interest:
    Kántor (“Cantor” because the loud voice).
    A Hungarian TV serie about a most famous Hungarian police dog. 279 success cases, more than 78,000 kms in action – and dead in a mission.
    The original novel’s author was a policeman, the main character “Csupati” (means: “All of TI” because his name is “TIbor ToTI”) was the real owner of Kántor.
    After the dog’s death its body was prepared and 40 years ago was exhibited in the “Police Museum” in Budapest, and still there.
    The serie shown a few cases in B/W, you can find on YT but with HUNDUB just w/o subtitle. Maybe interesting for dog fans.

  782. Dog lovers will love this movie! ? Watch ‘Ek Kutta Do Chor’ here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLZtM_AzD8w

  783. Shea says:

    Hi, I’m trying to find an animated Christmas short. It’s about an all dog rickband performing Jingle bells. One of the characters is also hoping to reconnect with his father…. early-mid 90’s if I’m correct.

  784. Symaira Bolden says:

    Ok so I must remember this film from like a fever dream or something because I remember it so vividly but no one else does. So the basis of this film is this; there is a group of dogs and like a parrot that have all been adopted from different parts of the city by this older woman. She has a niece and nephew that are super selfish. So the older woman dies and leave LITERALLY everything to the dogs and the niece and nephew found out that if they can keep all of the animals out of the house for a few days while the will is being handled, then everything will go to them. So the niece and nephew split the dogs and send them all over the city and the animals have to find their way back to the house in time to get the house back.

  785. Ciara says:

    Hi! I need your help finding this movie that has gone clear off the map! It was think about a collie dog (but it was not Lassie) that was a friend of the boy. The boy’s father was kind and the villain had animosity toward him all the time. I remember the villain either didn’t help the father when he was hanging off a snowy cliff or pushed him, and the father of course dies. Then the bad guy came down stole the father’s silver buckle belt. The boy challenges the bad guy and the dog and he set off to prove the guy had killed his father. In the end, the bad guy ends up falling off the very same cliff. PLEASE let me know what this movie is, I saw it when I was 6 and nobody knows what is is. I think the movie title was one word, the name of the dog, I believe, and it started with an ‘A’. Thanks in advance! Have mercy on me and let me know!!!!!

  786. Patricia says:

    I need help with a movie! Its been killing me for years. It’s an old movie that I watched when I was a kid in the 1980s. All I remember is there is a dog/wolf in a pit. His previous owner finds him there and rescues him, and slowly befriends him again. I have watched all the White Fang/Call of the Wild versions I can find and goggled it countless tiems (all I get are dog fighting pitbull pictures). Thanks!

  787. Ognjen Tadi? says:

    I’m looking for a cartoon! All I remember is the end of the movie – a group of dogs gathers around their (owner?), hes a old man holding a walking stick and he has a white long beard, and dies on his rocking chair. The dogs realize that hes gone and they walk out of the house. Please help because I’m really sentimental about it.

  788. Telecastermdd says:

    ???????,??????????! .

  789. BlackVueqnp says:

    ???????,??????????! .

  790. Olympian945 says:

    I’m trying to find a film I saw with my dad about a Germanshepard who goes of to be a bomb sniffing dog in Vietnam (I think) and his owner (a little girl) writes to his handler can anyone help??

  791. Feedermjr says:

    ???????,??????????! .

  792. Karen Peach says:

    signus murdoc, the movie you looking for is from a book called Tuesdays Dog.
    travis, the movie you looking for is called Rain
    olympian945, the movie is called Rain

  793. Cynthia Brown says:

    Looking for a movie where a little boy dies and goes to heaven. He is given a box with his dog’s collar in it. Very old movie; black and white. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

  794. Eduarda says:

    Ok so I’m looking for the film for literally 4 years and I can’t find ANYTHING so I reeeally hope you can help me! first of all, sorry for any mistakes, I’m actually brazilian.
    So this film was a japanese animation, I don’t know exactly when it came out, perhaps around 90’s? It was about a boston terrier I believe and he got lost or ran away and didn’t remember the way back, something like that. Then he finds some dogs at the street and become friends with them but keeps trying to find his home. I remember a specific scene of him waiting outside a store for his owner, tied to a streetlight or smth like that. Please guys, I’ve been looking for this for a long time! You’re my last hope.

  795. WILDKATgwt says:

    ???????,??????????! .

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