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Dogs & Their Men in Art

By Paige

Portrait of Federico II GonzagaThe old saying says that dog is a man’s best friend and while it’s been amended by most (female) dog lovers to include those of the fairer sex, it is a true statement nonetheless.

Lovers of All

We like to think of dogs as equal opportunity pals, they like people of all walks of life. However the images below do show us clearly the bond that develops between a man and his dog – or in some cases, an artist and their dog.

Honing Skill

Many modern artists (of both male & female persuasion) use animals as the core of their art, honing and perfecting each bit of muscle & hair. It’s interesting to guess which of these artists loved dogs & which ones painted them only because they were being paid to.

Many of these are portraits of wealthy individuals and their animals were used to say something about them for posterity.

Waiting Servant with Dogs

Waiting Servant with Dogs – Andrea Mantegna

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace – Briton Rivière

Portrait of Guido Baldo II della Rovere

Portrait of Guido Baldo II della Rovere – Angelo Bronzino

The Lucky Dogs

The Lucky Dogs – Richard Ansdell

Boy and Dog

Boy and Dog – Bartoloeme Esteban Murillo

Sacramento Indian with Dogs

Sacramento Indian with Dogs – Charles Christian Nahl

Portrait of Gilbert-Marcellin Desboutin

Portrait of Gilbert-Marcellin Desboutin – Edouard Manet

A Ride through Water: Safe Crossing

A Ride through Water: Safe Crossing – Ernst Bosch

Boys With Bloodhounds

Boys With Bloodhounds – Francisco de Goya

More Dogs & Their Men

This isn’t all of it so stay tuned in the coming weeks to see more men & their dogs (and maybe a few ladies too). For now why not check out more interesting dog art.

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