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Girls & Dogs Together in Art

By Paige

Young Lady in a Boat

A few weeks ago we shared an artistic post with paintings of men with their dogs, but this time it’s all about the women & we found a wide variety of woman & dog paintings to share.

Dogs Love Us All

Painted in softer colors the women and their dogs are often more whimsical and sweet than the stately portraits of dogs with their male counterparts. Interestingly enough we found many more female-dog pair ups than we did those with men.

Kind of makes you wonder who’s best friend dogs really are doesn’t it?

Girl with Greyhound

Girl with Greyhound – Berthe Morisot

Madame Rejane

Madame Rejane – Giovanni Boldini

Sara with her dog in an armchair

Sara with her dog in an armchair – Mary Cassatt

Diana the Huntress

Diana the Huntress – Gaston Casimir Saint-Pierre

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady – Jacopo Pontormo

Portrait of Archduchess Maria Christina

Portrait of Archduchess Maria Christina – Johann Zoffany

Maria Teresa von Moser-Ebreichsdorf

Maria Teresa von Moser-Ebreichsdorf – John Quincy Adams

Portrait of Wife

Portrait of Wife – Boris Kustodiev

Dogs & Their Women

If you like the art there is plenty more of it to come. We’ve got another section of paintings with men with their dogs and even more women to share in the coming weeks.

2 Responses to “Girls & Dogs Together in Art”

  1. kelly says:

    can anybody tell me who painted the first painting?you gave every other painting’s title and artist except the first one! i love this painting but what is it called?? who painted it?? please help!!

  2. Carol says:

    “Young Lady in a Boat” by James Tissot

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