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Dog Coat Types

By Paige

Most people know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes and to add even more to the mix they come in all different textures too.

Here are the basic dog coat types with a brief description & a real example of each one.

Corded Coat

Corded dog coat

Image from wooohooo

Coat is long and matted giving the appearance of a mop or dreadlocks.

Example of breeds with corded coats: Komondor & Puli

Double Coat

Double coat dog

Image from uggwar

Generally found in breeds of the north which endure cold temperatures. Double coated dogs have a thick, heavy topcoat with a shorter, finer undercoat.

Example of breeds with double coats: Huskey, Belgian Tervuren

Feathered Coat

Feathered dog coat

Image from Tomas Caspers

Coat is feathered on the ears, back of the legs and the underside of the tail.

Examples of breeds with feathered coats: Gordon Setter, Cocker Spaniel

Jacket or Smooth Coat

Jacket dog coat

Image from Dark Morelia

Coat is tight to the body and smooth to the touch.

Examples of breeds with jacket coats: Bull Terrier & Dachshund

Long-Haired Coat

Long-haired coat dog

Image from soggydan

Hair is longer than an inch in length.

Examples of breeds with long-haired coats: Cocker Spaniel & Long-haired Dachshund

Short-Haired Coat

Short-haired coat dog

Hair is less than an inch in length.

Examples of breeds with short-haired coats: Greyhound & Boxer

Single Coat

Single coat dog

Image from S1ngh & K@ur

Coat has only one layer, there is no undercoat.

Examples of breeds with single coats: Doberman & Poodle

Standoff Coat

Standoff coat dog

Image from MitchD50

Generally found in cold weather breeds, this coat doesn’t lay flat but puffs out from the body.

Examples of breeds with stand-off coats: Norwegian Elkhound & American Eskimo Dog

Wire Haired or Broken Coat

Wire coat dog

Image from onkel_wart

Generally found in cold-weather breeds, this coat has a coarse outer layer that protects the animal from the cold.

Examples of breeds with wire haired coats: Wirehaired Pointing Griffon & Boarder Terrier

Now For Some Color

You are up to speed about the different types & textures of dog coats, why not learn about their coat colors and patterns as well?

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  1. kim cutro says:

    very interesting examples of dog coat types, would like info on color types

  2. Walter LeBon says:

    Would like info on which colors various breeds have.

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