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Dog Owner Look-A-Likes

Owner-dog look alike

Image from Morning theft

The third installment of our dog & owner look-a-likes, if you missed the first two be sure to check them out, Pt.1 & Pt. 2.

We can think of a million reasons why dogs & their owners might look alike, but why bother listing them? This collection is proving the theory one image at a time.

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The Biggest Dog Breeds

There is a long list of dog breeds out there and we did a little research to bring you the most extreme sizes we could.

Here are images of the big daddies of the dog world, or the giant dog breeds. These animals are the biggest canines on the planet.

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Why Do Pretty Girls Like Big Tough Dogs?

Girl & her dog

Ironically enough we see a lot of men with wimpy dogs and women with tough ones. Of course the ladies tend to believe that dogs are woman’s best friend, not man’s & these women prove this fact.

There is something sexy about a big, tough dog at one end of the leash and a cute girl at the other.

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Owners Who Look Like Their Dogs

Owner-dog look alike

Image from byte

When we started looking for owners & dogs that look alike we had no idea just how many we would find. We can’t tell if people choose dogs that look like them or if the pairs start to look more & more similar the longer they are together.

Either way, these dogs & their owners look eerily alike, and each photographer did a great job of capturing their similarities on film.

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Dog Hair Terminology

Dogs have plenty of interesting hair styles to go along with all of those coat types, colors and patterns.

Here is some common terminology used to describe different dog hair styles with real examples.


Dog feathering

Image from bobtravis

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