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Owners Lucky Enough To Look Like Their Dogs

Owner-dog look alike

Image from keeping it real

There is a grain of truth in the idea that people and their animals look alike. When dog shopping most people choose dogs that match their lifestyle, climate and activity level (if they’re smart) so it makes sense that there would be underlying similarities.

Except we think that it’s the owners who look like the dogs, not the other way around. Either way you look at it, here are some dogs and their owners who look eerily similar to one another.

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Dog Coat Types

Most people know that dogs come in all shapes and sizes and to add even more to the mix they come in all different textures too.

Here are the basic dog coat types with a brief description & a real example of each one.

Corded Coat

Corded dog coat

Image from wooohooo

Coat is long and matted giving the appearance of a mop or dreadlocks.
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Fabulous Foxes

Fabulous Fox

Image from Humanoide

Foxes are found in a wide range of climates & habitats. The red fox is perhaps the most recognized, most common and most photographed, but we like them all.

They don’t call beautiful women foxes for nothing, the fox is a fabulous animal.

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Dog Terminology

Basic Dog TerminologyHere is a list of general dog terminology with a brief description to help you learn more about the world of canines.

Knowing the basic dog terminology doesn’t make you a better owner, but it does make you a smarter one.

The angle formed by the joints of the shoulder, upper arm, elbow, stifle & hock.

Bad Mouth
Any type of unsatisfactory bite with regards to the specific breed standards.

Symmetry of conformation & proportion overall.

Barrel Chest
A rounded ribcage.
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The Tail Docking Controversy

Puppy with docked tail

Image from kushwaha

Considering our stance on dying or coloring dogs, our readers probably know how we are going to feel about tail docking (don’t worry, we have a problem with ear cropping too, that’s a rant for another day).

C’Mon Give Us A Good One…

We’ve seen plenty of “reasons” why it is done and not one of them satisfies us. Anyone who has seen an actual tail docking (or the recovery process) will probably agree. Tails are the way they are for a reason, who are we to question Mother Nature & change them for our own benefit?
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