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Dog Colors

By Paige

There is quite a long list of dog colors. We put together general information for some of the essential basics, along with real examples of each one.


Black Dog

Image from Himmel.R

Dark eyes and dark feet pads, can have white markings.


Blue Dog

Image from ambiebambie39507

A dark metallic grey, some breeds are born black and lighten with age, others have a dilution gene that lightenes their coat.

Brown or Chocolate

Liver Dog

Image from -meryl-

Ranges from deep, dark brown to a lighter and redder color.


Cream Dog

Image from Allie’s.Dad

Pale yellow to a creamy white color.


Deadgrass Dog

Image from The_Ladd

Light tan, the color of dead straw.

Fallow or Wheaten

Fallow Dog

Image from myoldpostcards

A cross between pale cream and fawn coloring.


Fawn Dog

Image from Elliott P

Can be one of two shades, a light red-brown often with darker red or black tips. Or a pale grey-brown caused by a dilution gene.


Gold Dog

Image from Johnath

From pale apricot to rich golden yellow to a sandy, honey color.


Grizzle Dog

Image from Johnath

Can be a roaning mixture of black, blue-grey, steel grey or red with white.


Red Dog

Image from Per Foreby

The color of cherry or mahogany wood, including deep, dark reds to rusty golden reds.


Silver Dog

Image from me’nthedogs

The color of aluminum or a shiny coin and comes from an extreme dilution of a blue animal.


White Dog

Image from Billa

White dogs have no pigment in their hair and white animals with no pigment whatsoever are albino.


Yellow Dog

Image from SenzEnina

A light yellow to blond color.

Stay Tuned

We’ve got more on the way, we’ll also be posting about dog coat patterns and markings.

7 Responses to “Dog Colors”

  1. Robin says:

    Beautiful photos!

  2. aimee says:

    ilove allies.dad and meryl

  3. snakey says:

    http://clubs.akc.org/NBC/beagle_colors.html has some lovely photos of dilute saddled sable dogs, which they call tricolors.

    http://www.txdachshunds.com/isabellaandtan.html The “fawn” or “isabella” dilution sure does look like the deadgrass Chesapeake Bay retriever…check out the nose color especially.

    http://www.bordercolliecolors.com/welcome.html With the traditional black-and-white being by far the most popular BC color, it’s a delight to find out they actually come in pretty much every known dog color and pattern.

  4. Steph says:

    I wonder what is the breed of the black dog

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