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Dog Hair Terminology

By Paige

Dogs have plenty of interesting hair styles to go along with all of those coat types, colors and patterns.

Here is some common terminology used to describe different dog hair styles with real examples.


Dog feathering

Image from bobtravis


Flag dog tail

Image from Maitiand82

A long fringe of hair on the tail.


Dog mane

A profuse growth of hair on the neck of a dog.


Plume dog tail

Image from failsroad

A heavily feathered tail that is carried arched over the back.


Thick dog ruff

Image from wseward

Thicker, longer hair that grows around the neck.


Dog topknot

Image from talekinker

A tuft of hair on the top of the head (often decorated).

More About Coats

Part of what we love about dogs is the vast diversity that can be found in their breeds. If you liked this post, check out more about dog coat types, coat colors and patterns.

One Response to “Dog Hair Terminology”

  1. foxxy says:

    You should change that maned wolf out of “mane.” that is not even the same species as a wolf or a dog. They’re only distantly related, even more distant than coyotes or jackals.

    You should put in a picture of a long haired chihuahua, which has a mane by the breed characteristic.

    For a natural tail, you should get a photo of an American Alsatian. It’s not an AKC breed, but it was bred to have a natural tail despite being bred from fully domestic stock.

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