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Poodles Wronged

By Paige

Dyed Poodle

Image from BDH

Animal lovers in general we are very opposed to this type of adornment. Seriously, these dogs are beautiful just the way they are. Dying them to satisfy our own egos is just wrong.

Chemicals Are Painful

Dye is caustic by nature, if it stains it has to be strong. Coloring can burn an animals skin, burn their eyes and puts them through an uncomfortable and unnatural process.

Not to mention a dogs sense of smell is incredibly powerful – think about how dye hurts your nose, then magnify that 100s of times to consider how it affects their fragile nasal membranes.

Even the Safe Stuff is Wrong

Square Cut PoodleI know that most professionals use food coloring or beet juice to dye their animals. While this may seem like a responsible way to do it, dogs skin is sensitive and they can have an allergic reaction to anything.

Plus, not all professionals follow the rules, which means that putting your animal in the hands of a groomer could mean indirect abuse.

Dye Your Own Hair & Leave Your Dog Alone

Health issues aside, animals have feelings too. Holding them down to force your will and aesthetic demands upon them is sort of barbaric and intensely disrespectful.

Dyed fur is of absolutely NO benefit to a dog. If you need a change, dye your own hair.

Prime Examples

I target poodles here, simply because they are the most often dyed of the canine family – but many different breeds are affected by this practice.

Dyed Poodle

Image from jonner

Dyed Poodle

Image from Joan Thewlis

Dyed Poodle

Image from justalexanders

Dyed Poodle

Dyed Poodle

Image from julebule

Dyed Poodle

Image from hubpages

Poor poodles, as if their freaky haircuts weren’t punishment enough.

Top image from privatjokr

51 Responses to “Poodles Wronged”

  1. Chays says:

    I never actually thought before about their more powerful sense of smell. I’ve dyed my dogs and cats for years using non-toxic manic panic dye. I always test it first on a very small area to see if it irritates the skin because every animal is different, but I’ve never had any negative side-effects. I just put on my gloves, rub it in, and wash it off as though it was shampoo or something. They are always just as happy as can be because they’re getting a bath =] && just so you know, I say ‘cats’ but I only ever dyed one cat because he LOVED to take a bath.

  2. Paige says:

    Hi Chays,

    That is one strange bath-loving cat you had. 😉

    Unfortunately our pets can’t talk to us, so when they are uncomfortable we don’t always know about it.

    Our opinion is that dogs (and cats) are beautiful creatures just the way they are.

  3. LabLover101 says:

    This is sad. I agree with you Paige, animals in general are beautiful just the way they are, we don’t need to dye them or dress em up like people, leave that stuff for yourself!

    I feel so sorry for these dogs above that had to go through becoming pink or square or have a horse painted on their side. I mean, imagine what their doggie friends are saying…

  4. Missy says:

    Ever hear of dogfighting or animal shelters? There are so many worse things that could be happening to these dogs. If they are healthy, loved and in forever homes, who cares if they’re pink? I personally think it’s cute, and my Maltese sporting multicolor bangs last fall to match my own. No they cannot speak, so while they can’t say they are uncomfortable, they also can’t tell you they like it. It’s kind of presumptious to think that they all hate it.

  5. M'mo says:

    Actually, dogs CAN tell you when it’s uncomfortable. My dog whimpers, pulls away, whimpers, and gives me a sad look when she’s uncomfortable while I groom her. I take her signals and change what I’m doing.
    Dogs in general can use body language and vocalisations to communicate. They can tell you they hate what you’re doing by growling, whining, snarling, even screaming in some cases. (Small dogs and shiba inus are more apt to screaming and it’s not always because of pain.)
    That said, I don’t like the idea of dyeing the area around the eyes. That would be like humans dyeing their eyebrows or eyelashes. It’s not a good idea.

  6. sam says:

    I think that what they are doing is an art. Is tatooing a bad thing too? If your saying an animal is like a human, then tattooing is inhumane too.

    yes the animal is beautiful without dye, and cuts, but its not inhumane.

    We die our hair, and cut our hair.

    So just dont think about the bad.

    If the animal can’t stand it, then I could see about not doing it.

    But it’s not gonna kill an animal to get a cut and a dye.

  7. Tori says:

    So…dogs and cats are “beautiful the way they are”? Who, exactly, do you think made them “the way they are”? Not a single dog of any breed from the most basic mutt to the most bizarre and derived hairless breed would exist without the intervention of human beings. We’ve been modifying dogs and other animals for many thousand years. Compared to its wolf ancestor, I’m pretty sure your average poodle is just as “unnatural” as it’s pink counterpart.

    As for what your pink poodle’s “doggie friends” are saying about it’s new dye job, you should be far more concerned with the dog’s floppy ears and shortened tail, because these are far more important to canine communication than how Fido’s hair looks.

  8. Jackel says:

    Sorry, I disagree. Vegetable based dyes are quite safe, and certainly don’t smell any worse to the dog than shampoos or spot-on flea products. Dogs don’t need to be bathed; it makes them more pleasant for us. Personally, I bathe my dogs when they get smelly, but they would rather stay smelly. How is an “art poodle” groom/dye job any worse for the dog than a typical poodle trim? The breed has to be carefully maintained lest it mat anyway, and well-trained poodles actually love the attention of being groomed.

    The many breeds of dogs are works of art to begin with. Their personalities and appearance reflect the needs and aesthetics of many different people. As long as a safe dye is used, I have no objections to colorful pooches. If anything, it shows that the animal is owned by someone who cares enough about it to get creative with the grooming—which means the dog is groomed regularly and most likely gets all the rest of the care it needs, too.

  9. poodle lver says:

    In the picture above with the poodle that has all the squares- I do not think that that is inhumane. The poodle has the squares where his or her most important joints are. LABLOVER101- anomals are colorblind. So how the hell are their doggie friends going to make fun of them? Yes, I do agree that putting a horse on poodle or making him or her is inhumane, because it is taking the dogs dignity. Poodles are one of the most dignified dogs on earth. Now giving them strange cuts isn’t all that bad, like a Mohawk or something. My poodle has an afro and everyone who nsees her always comments on how cute she is. And SAM, tatoos hurt when you get them right? So why put your dog through that same pain. If you want to experiment with different looks, experiment with yourself. NOT the animal! I agree with Jackel, use safe dyes that smell like dog shampoo.

  10. Alcorn says:

    First, do you damn research. I dont particularly support doing this to dogs either, seeing as they look silly, but i am atleast aware of the facts. The dye used is NOT in any way harmfull to the dogs. In fact, in shows such as these one would be disqualified for using harmfull dyes. Most poodles adore being shown, as is obvious if you know poodles or have ever seen them shown. This is the case for most dogs in general really. So, if the dogs arent harmed and enjoy the attention of being shown etc., why should you have a problem with it? You dont have to like it, but you neednt be so blatantly clueless either.

  11. aimee says:

    i like the way that now everyone has opposed what you have said so much you have not replied to any of it! im a dog groomer, and i dont think its inhumane. people who used those dogs for grooming compotions love the hell out of them and would not do anything to harm them. the dog is unaware of what it looks like so does it really matter what colour it is, or wether or not it has been trimmed square instead of rounded? and many dogs are only dyed for a grooming compation not all year round. what i think is more inhumane is when people negelt their dogs and dont get them groomed at all, leaving them to become matted to the skin, causing sore skin conditions and painful pulling on the skin, something i see quiet often- that to me is a lot more upsetting than a pink poodle. do you reaserch beofre you lash out in future and judge a trade you seem to know nothing about.

  12. aimee says:

    and as for you saying that all groomers ‘hold the animals down and sunject there own will on to them’ is so wrong- every dog i groom i love like its one of my own, i would never do anything to a dog that was not in its best intrest, AND the majority of animals love it as they recieve so much attention and fun when they come to us. you are very, very naive.

  13. Bernie Carter says:


    you know just because YOU dont like it, here is yet again, another voice that decries abuse. you make it sound like the owners hate their pets……jesus christ, just leave them alone. its not like they are skinning them for fur.

  14. wolf_canis_lover says:

    they are animals not people, i personally won’t do that to my dogs, but it’s every dog’s owner, that’s what i think!

  15. Scott says:

    People chell out all Poodle love there owners and will do any thing for you like all good dog’s do.
    next the squares fake they where do in some ones PC
    Show cut for Poodle and any show cut for dog’s are from the time when Poodle first come from Germanys water reteriver the Pom on the legs protect the jionts and hip the front is for the heart and lungs and the pom at the end of the tail is the French makeing fun of the English Food coloring your white poodle pink, Blue is cool and make the own feel good
    the Poodle love the human and we love the dog.
    what is not right is not takeing the time to look up why we shaved the back of a spaniel.
    Read a Book.

  16. ljmarkie says:

    Wow, this is kind of funny… To each thier own though I suppose. I am inclined to believe that most dogs LOVE the kind of attention they get from this type of extensive grooming. I also believe that owners who go this far off the beaten path for thier animals appearance care for and attend to thier animals a great deal. I can’t see this kind of owner putting thier animal in pain or otherwise allowing ANY harm to come to them. As for weather these animals get any flack from thier peers about thier color…I can’t see how that would factor in since dogs are color blind. I personally wouldn’t go to such extremes, but, mostly because I think I would get flack from MY peers for doing so. Just my two cents.

  17. Vinicius says:

    Well.. you said “poor poodles” to a bedlington terrier and a malti-poo. the blue one, and the panda looking ones arent poodles (panda is the malti poo and blue is the bedlington)
    Any ways- its not like the dog is embaressed to be colored. dont say it is cuz thats just stupid. arent you dog lovers the ones who say dogs dont care about your skin color, how you look like, if your sick and shiz… well they dont see that on themselves either. colored dogs are just as happy. and there are organic paints, and normal dyes, which do not affect. and groomers abuse has nothing to do with painting their fur. cuz even if you dont paint their fur the groomer could still abuse. thats in the owners control cuz its he/she who decided what groomer. i think its stupd that new york out lawed this cuz wt happened to the US’s freedom? if you like.. paint a dog with house paint, or human hair paint, thats cruel. but if you use natural/organic dyes, its totally fine.

  18. Naomi says:

    There’s a malti-poo and a Bedlington terrier in your ‘poor poodle’ part. haha.

    It’s not cruel is my own opinion.
    Dogs don’t know that they’re being dyed, let’s be honest. They’re colour blind. And it doesnt harm the dogs in any way if done correctly of course.

    If anything it wilol attract more attention from the dog, and if that dog was my dog he’d be the happest chap in the world. He LOVES being played with by young childeren in the street.

    Okay, so it’s cosmetic for the owner – so what? WHo’s to say that the dog doesnt get care and love?
    It’s not like the dog cares, or even knows what’s going on.
    It willnjust think it’s going for it’s regular shampoo.

    I see no bad point at all when it comes to dying your dogs fur.

  19. Ryan says:

    There are far worse things being done to animals than dyeing their fur. I have two Standard Poodles that both get their hair dyed. They both get very excited when they see the grooming table is out, and appear to enjoy the pampering and preening that is involved with grooming them. As long as proper dye is used and precautions are taken to insure the dog’s safety I see nothing wrong.
    They walk differently after being groomed and dyed, more confident more outgoing, tails constantly wagging. My best description is: They “strut”. Tail docking and ear cropping for looks alone is far more barbaric(Both practices were started to prevent injury of the dog in doing the job they were bred to do and do have their place in some working dogs lives), as is de-clawing a cat. Where is the outrage over the horrific atrocities committed against racing greyhounds, whippets, galgos(spanish greyhounds) and fighting dogs.
    My dogs are the most well fed(not fat, well fed as in quality of food) and cared for dogs I know. Do not presume to tell me I abuse my dogs. I adopted a retired racing greyhound who was abused for the first three years of his life and my family and I did everything for him to make his new life a good one. When we found out he had bone cancer we drove 3 1/2 hrs away to OSU Veterinary clinic to enroll him in an experimental drug trial, amputated his leg to try to stop the cancer from spreading, made the 3 1/2 hr trip (one way) every other week so he could get 8hr. chemotherapy/checkup sessions. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make my pet’s lives happier and healthier.
    Do some research before judging people and their pets, there are very few breeds that haven’t suffered in some way from our selective breeding, a little hair dye is probably the least of cruel thing man has done to his “best friend”. BTW the “poodle squared” picture is complete fantasy, and obviously Photoshopped. The “dyed poodle” picture from Dave Barry’s Blog is a Bedlington Terrier, and the Panda dog is a Maltese Poodle mix. So much for Poor Poodles.

  20. Amy says:

    Their “doggie friends”….lol really how weird are you to think that dogs have friends like people do! Weirdo!!

  21. Kendra says:

    I don’t know about you but my dog LOVES attention from people. Dying his coat gets him more attention not less so he’s extra happy. It’s not as though he sits in front of the mirror pouting about the shade of blue I used. Get real people, dogs don’t care what color their hair is. We are superficial not them. Go ahead and dye em if it makes you happy just make sure your using dog friendly products.

  22. elvis says:

    don’t you have better things to worry about?

  23. Lucera says:

    this is very silly. My poodle dislikes being groomed so i would never force another hour of grooming stuff on her (in fact i do my best to get it done with quickly and make its as fun as possible) but if she wasn’t opposed to obligatory hours of bathing and clipping and brushing to prevent matting i would love to try dying her. As an art student who works in fibers, i have quite a bit of experience in dyes. there are a lot of dyes out there that are really bad for you (respirator and elbow high rubber gloves type) but ive also learned a lot about safe dying methods. Hell, i turned my dining room table bright red with Gatorade mix. Poodle people would never go near a dog with anything they wouldn’t cover themselves in. This article is disrespectful to the professional groomers out there who dont just copy from the book. Whose to say that poodles shouldn’t have mini mohawks instead of mini afros? (typical of even a normal “puppy cut” for a poodle)

  24. Emma says:

    I have a poodle and I have never dyed it and I feel if you want a dog thats a certain color then get a dog that color don’t change your dog because you want it to look like that

  25. Nicole says:

    ps, 2 are bedlingtons and ones a maltese.

  26. Nicole says:

    oh, and show dogs are bleached, as well as “touched up” with a nose color for incomplete pigmentation or a natural color dye to cover stars

  27. Poodle Mom says:

    I am a poodle Mom. I love them with all my heart and treat them as children. As we live on the water they run in the ocean all the time. I have had poodles in my family always and standards since 02. My standard first girl become sick. I noticed her attitude was not right and took her to ER. A receptive owner knows how they feel, no words needed. No money spared no expert resource untapped, we still lost her. She had pink ears and a pink tail from time to time. Our boy is black so doesn’t get color. The color used is vegan and very safe. My girl now is not too happy when she goes to the groomer, and just saying “groomies” gets my boy dancing. Poodles must be groomed! Poodles always are cute to me, no matter the cut. As for natural state, is not humane, mats and mess. They have hair like us and it keeps growing. Mats can be painful. One important thing to understand about grooming needs is that poodles will get ear infections, if their constant hair growth deep in the ear canal is not removed.
    As for the color, it is just like putting on shampoo. Most dyes are vegan and very safe. The shaped cut is just a cut. They need one anyways. Poodles like to be noticed, and adored. A cute hair do does just that. My girl may not care how much she is petted, but seems to have fun teasing people. She goes up to be petted then tosses her head and pulls out of reach. and then keeps repeating. When she isn’t comffy with the situation she looks at the human trying to pet her, looks at me and barks while clinging to me. I prevent them from bothering her. My boy is just a ham for all love.
    It offends me to think that someone is so stupid that they think that people torture their poodles for their own vanity. Poodles have no problem expressing their feelings!
    Tomorrow she’s being groomed and I was thinking of a pink tail, so I came across this in my search for ideas.
    Next time you bitch about something I suggest doing research. Contact breeders, vets, groomers, SPCA, etc. look at hair dyes and vegan options. As a neuroscientist I would never make assumptions with out research!

  28. Shebam says:

    Do you seriously spend half your day commenting on sites like these, bickering back and forth between what dyes are safe or not? Please, people. There are dogs getting beaten and forced to fight TILL THE DEATH and being RAPED by the sickos out there and you’re worrying about something like altering their appearance? If we want to give dogs what they love, let’s buy a deer to crap in our yards and set our dogs loose. Would you want them in your house then? If the dog is fine, I say let them be dyed. If it’s painful, don’t do it.

    Oh, and dogs do have friends, idiots.

  29. marinastar says:

    Paige, I love your stance and thoroughly agree. Your first three sentences say it all: Doing strange cosmetic changes on dogs turn them into “accessory” objects (as opposed to living creatures) and is solely to inflate the owner’s ego. To invalidate your stance by pointing out there are worse forms of abuse is like saying emotional abuse to children does not count because you can’t see the lash marks or broken bones. That is a logical fallacy. As to dogs “not knowing” that the owners are turning them into a joke, I suggest your respondents read “INSIDE OF A DOG: What Dogs See, Smell and Know” by A. Horowitz. All dogs pick up on your mental and emotional states. And we know that poodles are extremely sensitive creatures. And they have their own emotional limits. For example, my poodle has skin allergies and even without them, a long grooming session is a stressful event. He is sweet, cooperative, and puts up with everything just fine, but he is stressed when he leaves for the rest of the day. I know there are exceptions, perhaps some show dogs glory in the attention, but the family dog I think should be spared this indignity. Paige, you are right: dye your own hair; leave the dogs in their natural state. (Yes, “apricot” “blue”–my boy is blue–“parti-colored” are NOT natural colors but breeder-induced; so enough already. We don’t need pink too.)Thanks for letting me air my opinion.

  30. leigh says:

    It seems to me that those of you who think dying your poodle is cruel should really do your homework on the subject before opening your mouth and letting your belly rumble……..i myself own a white standard poodle and have her paws dyed pink (shame on me!!!). I work within the veterinary profession and would not condone anything cruel or inhumne being done to an animal. I see on a daily basis neglect and cruelty, and dying a poodle i can assure you does not fall under this catergory. Poodles in fact love being groomed they are by nature attention seekers who have a great sense of humour,unlike many of you.

  31. Chuu says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the panda dog is insanely cute? >.<"

  32. sam says:

    you are all retards. a dog is a dog, not a object for humans to practice art on. you are a weird creep if you enjoy dying your dog. why dont you do it to your own fucking hair if you like it so much. take you dog on a walk and play catch with it, give it love and not hair dye you retarded slop fucks

  33. Kristy says:

    Those dogs are safe and have a great time with there moms… I bet if they could talk they would wanna go.

  34. Vinicius says:

    i really think everyone that hates on colored poodles are stupid, im sorry. but its much worse a badly groomed poodle then a well groomed colorful poodle. adding a dye is like putting on shampoo, it wont hurt the dog at all, and dogs are so self conscious about their image… it hurts a poodle when their fur is matted, i applaud these furry mommies for dying their pups. i have a poodle, and she is very okay with being groomed, its not cruel at all. just because a little girl doesnt want her mommy to brush her hair doesnt mean the mother shouldnt… thats bad parenting, a mom should always brus hher daughters hair, regardless if the child wants it or not, just cuz itll hurt the girl when its all tangled. same goes to poodles. good parents do good things to their animals regardless if they want it or not. dogs also want a lot of treats, and they also want to eat all day and have sex but that isnt possible isnt. i guess we should all stop neutering because it is painful. yes, its healthy for the dog (just like grooming is too)but i guess the dog just cares so much if it has its balls intact …

  35. Megan says:

    Are you kidding? Have you ever opened a can of dog dye and smelled it? it has no oder. You want to know what it is that you smell when you die your hair? it ammonia and paroxide.

    Guess what? there is none in the dog hair die! before you open your mouth make sure you know what you are talking about. Instead of picking at owner that do take care of their babies and spend over $100+ to dye their dog. Why don’t you talk about dog abuse, shelter, puppy mills and things that really hurt and animal!

    Also spend more the 2min on your articles. Come up with good, concrete points. research the subject so that your articles dosen’t sound like you pulled them out of you ass.

  36. erin says:

    Poodle haircuts at one time had a specific purpose when they were working dogs. Poodles were water retrievers and the “poofs” on their joints, back and head were used to keep those areas warm in the frigid water. Yes, they can get ridiculous but they once had a reason. I agree with your stance on dyes.

  37. AndriaMonique says:

    I’ve dyed one of my Poodles and there is absolutely no harm in it. I think your article is ridiculous and there are much worse things that people do to dogs than merely dying their hair, in fact it is more an act of pampering than supposed ‘abuse.’ If you are fine about shoving a needle in a dogs spine with a microchip in it, then you should have no problems with the people who want to pamper their Poodles by dying their hair.

  38. Lona says:

    I disagree with you totally we get our hair dyed all the time with all the chemicals and crap in them at least the stuff that dogs dont have all the bad stuff in the dye get over it!

  39. Nat says:

    I can’t claim to be an expert on the matter so can’t really comment on whether the dye itself is harmful. By what people here say, it should be fairly harmless, although we can’t know for sure whether it irritates the skin or sense of smell of the dog, can we? All I know is it makes a mockery of your dog. I know everyone is different. Some people like tattoos, some people think they’re tacky. Same with piercings, different styles of clothing and haircuts and colours, etc. I just know I would be extremely embarassed walking my dog down the street looking like an absolutely joke. I respect my dog too much. People may say to you, “Oh, that’s so cute! How cool!” but most people think it’s downright stupid, if not cruel. My dog is awesome enough without having to be experimented on with different colours or be made to look like a different animal. I have less of a problem with this than I do with people who don’t give their poor dogs any sort of help in the grooming department and allow them to get matted or dirty. But I still don’t get this trend at all. Just my personal opinion (everyone is entitled to one, I suppose).

  40. Reeses says:

    Why don’t people just cut their dogs hair and leave it at that?
    In my fully honest opinion, dyeing the animal is… Weird.
    Although i do have pink hair myself, let me tell you it’s a long and tiring, and VERY uncomfortable process having it dyed. Having my hair bleached and recolored was not very pleasent, even if I had a pretty cool hairdo in the end.
    I do see how some people would call it as an \art/ to dye and cut their dogs hair to a specific style.
    But your basically making you animal the canvas! It’s a living creature.
    Humans are very heartless to use other living creatures as tools. We have done so many twisted things to animals for breeding purposes, and to that I am saddened. Cutting their ears and tails off.
    That’s just SICK. I am a true animal lover, and it pains me to know they are put through such painful and horrifying processes.
    I’m only giving my opinion. I’m not expecting anyone else to agree.

  41. Alex says:

    Just No. WRong to dye your dog or cats hair because they can’t tell you if they actually want it. But for people its different because we have a choice to choose if we want to do it or not. A animal doesn’t know what hair dye is, so they won’t want it to be rubbed all over their gorgeous hair. What kind of dumb people nowadays would do that sorta thing to their dog. OOhww “I’m doing this to match my own outfit or something…” well ummm you just go put a paper bag over your head and well, you know the rest…!

  42. katie says:

    Thanks for the photos! It gave me inspiration on coloring a poodle for a pet expo this weekend. Sorry you are so uneducated about creative grooming. Next time you write an article, make sure you know about it first. Have a great day!

  43. K3eternal says:

    It’s funny how easy you can spot ignorance. Both Paige and her supporters not only made incorrect and presumptive statements but were very rude and insulting to the owners and groomers that dye dogs. Ignorant people never debate properly. They always start attacking the debater/opponent instead of staying to the topic at hand. Those that supported dyeing dogs disagreed with Paige respectfully by providing info that supported their stance. The only thing they said in regards to Paige and her supporters was that they needed to research their position more. There wasn’t any cussing. My only question is how can you tell it’s a Bedlington in the pic and not a poodle with a Bedlington haircut (which I’ve seen before)? I’m trying to learn to distinguish different dog breeds by their physical conformation but hybrids make it more challenging.

  44. Andrea says:

    If a dog owner wants to paint his or her dog, then they should be able to do so without any problem from anyone else! There are so many other, worse issues that are coming up in the animal world and you are over here bitching about a pink dog??! For example, a couple of weeks ago, I was at a gas station and I kept hearing a dog whimper. I looked around the building and saw two kids beating a puppy with sticks. I yelled at them to stop and asked them why? Their answer:”we dont have a place to live, so we are going to kill her so she dosent have to starve and be without a home”. I went over and grabbed the puppy, and told them I would take her home with me. One of them said ” your not taking her without paying money for her”…..i gave him every dime I had, bc I wasnt going to sit back and watch a puppy get killed by two kids for no good reason. This is the type of issues you need to be addressing,not pink dogs, understand?!

  45. Bray says:

    Is it harmful to dye your pets?

    The answer is… possibly. It is possible for your pet to be physically harmed from exposure to pet dyes, and the dyeing process can be stressful for your pet.

    Pet owners who wish to dye their pets need to consider that a pet’s coat covers the entire body – it isn’t the same as dyeing just the hair on your own head.

    Any ingredients in the pet dye will be absorbed by the skin, and two major issues are associated with the use of pet dye.

    Using Pet Dye: The Lowdown on Dyeing

    The first issue is that pet dyes are relatively new.

    No long-term studies have been performed to determine if pet dyes are really safe for pets – especially if the animal is repeatedly exposed.

    Secondly, pets can develop an allergic reaction to dyes. Even mild food-coloring-based dyes can cause an allergic reaction, particularly in cats that will lick and ingest the dye while they groom.

    Some pets should never be dyed.

    Exotic pets including gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and chinchillas can develop serious health issues, ranging from respiratory infections to pneumonia, if they are dyed. Pets that are difficult to bathe or who have any existing health problems should never be dyed either.

    source: http://www.petside.com/article/it-okay-dye-your-pet

    i’m not totally on “Paige’s” side but do keep in mind, nothing is always “safe”, theres always a down side to everything.
    It’s good to groom and show some love to your pets, but when it comes to appearances sometimes less is more.
    its just a pointer.

  46. jen says:

    *No long-term studies have been performed to determine if pet dyes are really safe for pets

    just because they seem okay for now doesn’t mean that it may effect them in the long-term.

    i had a friend that stupidly try dye her dog by herself, and her dog became really stressed after she accidentally put food coloring in her dog’s eye. the dog is fine, but she lives with me now cus i after that, she couldn’t trust herself with another pet. so if your going to dye your pet, PLEASE have a professional do it.

  47. Emma says:

    Vegetable…veggie…..vegetable! Don’t worry if you can eat them then the dogs can wear them…cry babies!!

  48. First let me say Lindys in Columbus is one of my favorite restaurants, so I was anxious to try the Lake House.
    Unfortunately I was disappointed. Our waitress seemed disconnected,
    was not friendly and seemed like she didn’t want to
    be there, so that was not a good start. We started with the lump crab
    appetizer which was good. They don’t give you enough tortillas to dip, so I asked for a couple more and saw
    a charge on my bill for that. The place is loud, so be
    prepared. I had the shrimp and lobster fettuccine which was ok,
    a little bland, and the Lake House salad, which was good, original.
    Unfortunately I didn’t see anything interesting on the cocktail
    menu so I had water. My bill for the 3 items came to $48, which I thought was a bit high for what I got.
    There are other places I would rather go if I’m going to spend $50
    for a meal. I look forward to going back to Lindys in Columbus again but the
    Lake House, probably not.

  49. Santiago says:

    It is very hard to “kill your babies”, especially when the mere act of writing that phrase puts images in my mind of Meredith Meredew being force fed his poodles by wronged ham, Edward Lionheart . 

  50. Firenze says:

    Diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism, he’s been prone to depressive episodes for as far back as he can remember, but on one occasion back in 2003 he reached the place few pull back from. Why did he? ‘Because I opened my eyes and saw my two poodles sitting on the floor in front of me, and I knew that I could not.’

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