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Dog Tail Types

There are a variety of tail shapes and sizes in the canine world. Here is a brief description of the basics and examples of breeds with each tail shape.

*There are more tail shapes, (lots of them) and we think we have cataloged the main basics here. If that’s not the case, we’d love feedback from anyone who knows their tail.

Bob Tail

Bob tail dog

Image from visualazn

A naturally occurring short stump of a tail.
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Dog Coat Patterns

Although there are a wide variety of dog colors, the patterns give us an even broader range of colors & combinations. Some patterns are breed-specific, while others can be found across many breeds.

The genetics of color is beyond us, but here are some of the basic patterns those genes produce with real examples.


Belton colored dog

Image from vetrobeck

A white base coat with tiny spots over most of the body giving the impression of blue, yellow or orange colors.
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Dog Ear Shape Cheat Sheet

Dog Ear Shape Chart

*Click image for a larger view

Recently we did a post about the different ear shapes found in dog breeds, then decided to put together a cheat sheet for those who want to be able to identify ear shapes on the fly.

Feedback is always appreciated from those who know their ears. :)

Dog Colors

There is quite a long list of dog colors. We put together general information for some of the essential basics, along with real examples of each one.


Black Dog

Image from Himmel.R

Dark eyes and dark feet pads, can have white markings.
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Afghan Hounds – Supermodels of The Dog World

Afghan Hound

Image from Sighthound

Afghans are majestic and magical looking dogs that happen to bear a strange likeness to the supermodels of the world.

We don’t know any personally, but we’re thinking they might be equally as high maintenance.

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