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Dog Breed Coloring Pages

Dog Breed Coloring PagesAnother installment of our dog breed coloring pages & this week we are featuring line drawings of a Bull Terrier, a Pug and a Collie.

We were so happy to find so many breeds for coloring because it’s an artistic way to learn some of the physical traits different breeds are known and bred for.

Although we love all of today’s breeds, unfortunately we couldn’t find a larger Bull Terrier or Collie. Sorry, you’ll have to test your fine coloring skills.

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Dogs in the Bathroom

Dogs in the BathroomSome dog lovers enjoy making their homes an homage to their favorite animal, others like a doggie accent here and there. We say dog it up!

A few weeks ago we posted about dogs in the kitchen to share some useful canine themed kitchen utensils & accessories. Today we move to another tiled room in the house, the bathroom.

Here are some doggies you won’t mind having in the bath, in fact they may actually leave you cleaner.

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Samoyed Coloring Pages

Samoyed Line DrawingDog lovers have a tendency to love everything dog, so some dog drawing pages seem like a fun way to enjoy both looking at and creating art.

We started looking into it and found some really cool dog breed line drawings that can easily be printed and colored. For some of the breeds we were able to find more so we’ll share them with you a breed (or a couple of breeds) at a time.

Today it’s all about coloring the Samoyed, a dog from the frozen tundra of Siberia (yeah, we know they are supposed to be white) but that’s the fun of art.

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Dogs in Art 2

Scratching Dog

Scratching Dog – Kim Duryang

Animals have long been popular artistic subjects. Their constant animation, their fur (or wings or scales) and their ability to convey a wide range of emotions all make them challenging to reproduce.

Here is some more unique and fun art that features our canine friends in a variety of situations. If you haven’t seen part 1 already, be sure to check it out too.

Many an artist has made it their life work to accurately represent a specific species & thankfully many of them favored dogs.

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Dogs in the Kitchen

Dogs in the KitchenWe know mother used to tell you to keep the dog out of the kitchen, and for good reason…dogs are just dirty. Lucky for us there are a lot of clever dog lovers out there who turn their love of the animal into something useful.

Here is a list of fun doggie theme items that can be used in the kitchen, from muffin pans to knives to cookie jars there is something to suit your countertops. For each product there is a brief description and a link to where it can be found on Amazon.
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