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Feeding Your Dog A Real Food Diet: Its Bark Is Worse Than Its Bite

An informative guest post by Eleanor D. Van Natta over at Sage By Nature. Be sure to check out the first part of this article series on her blog: How I Cut My Dog Food Bill in Half.

FergusI have been dogged for years by a desire to feed my animals the best nutrition possible. I needed it to be simple with my busy lifestyle, especially after children came along.

All along I have known that the ideal diet was far from the regular dog and cat “food” sitting dried up in bags, or sealed into airtight cans, stacked on grocery store shelves. My need was fueled by reading multiple books that examined the appalling nature of mainstream pet food and its ingredients.

Even so, going from “natural” to “super premium” to whipping up entrees in my own kitchen has taken me years of trial and error. It has finally, though, brought me to the table of real, raw food for my pets.

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Afghan Hound- Ancient Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound

Image from ladymier

Perhaps the most elegant of the dog breeds, the Afghan Hound is definitely one of the most recognizable. Their lineage dates back thousands of years and they are the first ancient dog breed we’ll be sharing.

The History

The Afghan dogs are native to Sinai and are referenced to in Egyptian & Afghanistan accounts from over 4000 years ago. Their slender, noble nose is clearly reminiscent of Anubis himself.

These animals were highly prized so their lineage was kept relatively pure and their export was highly prohibited for centuries.

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Ancient Dog Breeds

Ancient BreedsDomestic dog breeds are descendants of the mighty Grey Wolf that we’ve domesticated & started breeding for specific characteristics.

There are a myriad of dog breeds & types in the modern world, however there are a few of the ancients still around. In 2004 14 breeds were identified through genetic research as having bloodlines closest to the grey wolf. These animals are thought to come from the earliest domesticated members of the canine family.

In the coming weeks we’ll take a closer look at each one of these ancient breeds with pictures & interesting facts.

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Dog Movement Terminology

Running DogWhether you are a professional dog groomer, a breeder or simply a dog owner, knowing basic terminology is always a good thing.

We’ve come across miles of terminology with regards to our canine friends and have been sharing it in smaller, more targeted batches.

If you haven’t already, go check out basic, head & face & dog hair terminology.

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Dogs in Motion

Dog in Motion

Dogs are high energy animals and most breeds are meant to cover quite a bit of ground on a daily basis. Or in other words, motion is a dog’s middle name.

Their high spirits and fun-loving attitude makes them ideal subjects for action photography. Here are some fun pictures of dogs in motion, from jumping to running to playing, they are always having a good time.
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