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Rooftop Dogs 2

Rooftop Dog

Image from Suicine

A few weeks back we posted a collection of images that featured dogs perched on rooftops & it was so much fun we just couldn’t resist a few more.
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Girls & Dogs Together in Art

Young Lady in a Boat

A few weeks ago we shared an artistic post with paintings of men with their dogs, but this time it’s all about the women & we found a wide variety of woman & dog paintings to share.
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Alaskan Malamute – Ancient Dog Breeds

Alaskan Malamute

Image from SCMW

The largest of the Arctic dogs, the Alaskan Malamute is a Nordic sled dog that comes from the Arctic Wolf. Meet another member of the ancient dog breeds of the world.

The History

The Malamute name comes from the Mahlemut tribe in Alaska who bred these hardy animals & their use by this tribe dates back 2 to 3 thousand years. A highly valued member of society, the Malamute pulled sled was the primary source of transportation over frozen tundras.

Their keen sense of smell, hardiness & inner compass have made them the dog of choice for Polar expeditions throughout the years.

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Dog Show Terminology

Dog Show

Image from Van Felt

The world of dog shows is a large & varied one. Each breed often promoting their own more specialized shows as well. However there are some general terms that are fairly universally recognized regardless breeds.

Defining Dog Shows

We wanted to put together a basic list of terminology that will help those who want a basic understanding of the industry. We’ve written them in laymen’s terms and hope they are easy to understand & follow.
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Dogs & Their Men in Art

Portrait of Federico II GonzagaThe old saying says that dog is a man’s best friend and while it’s been amended by most (female) dog lovers to include those of the fairer sex, it is a true statement nonetheless.

Lovers of All

We like to think of dogs as equal opportunity pals, they like people of all walks of life. However the images below do show us clearly the bond that develops between a man and his dog – or in some cases, an artist and their dog.

Honing Skill

Many modern artists (of both male & female persuasion) use animals as the core of their art, honing and perfecting each bit of muscle & hair. It’s interesting to guess which of these artists loved dogs & which ones painted them only because they were being paid to.
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