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Saluki – Ancient Dog Breeds

By Paige

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A slim, lean dog the Saluki is a natural athlete and comes from the eastern Turkestan to Turkey. Meet another member of the ancient dog breeds of the world.

The History

This elegant and lean animal is thought to be related to the handsome Afghan Hound (another ancient breed). The royal dog of Egypt, the Saluki takes their name from the city of Saluki which no longer exists today. Their likeness appers on tomb paintings that date back to 2100 BC.

The Muslims considered them a gift from Allah so they were only offered as gifts & were never sold.

Global Popularity

This breed was introduced to England in the mid 19th century where it was primarily used to hunt hare. Since then they have spread to other parts of Europe and North America and have become a popular dog because of their regal bearing and sweet attitude. They were recognized by the AKC in 1929.


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About the Breed

This is a tall, slender breed that is obviously built for speed & endurance. They are sweet, loyal and often become very attached to one person, although they can possess aloof tendencies. This breed is generally of submissive temperament and as long as they feel secure they are a pleasant & calm dog. It should be noted that they posses deep-rooted hunting instincts & while they are good around other dogs they are likely to chase (or worse) other animals.

Traditionally they were used as hunting dogs (hence the strong instinct to hunt prey) and also for racing.

Saluki animals with a patch of white on their forehead are thought to have been ‘kissed by Allah’ making them especially hardy & fast.


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Interesting Fact

Of all of the ancient dog breeds we’ve visited so far, the Saluki is thought to be one of the oldest pure breeds in the world. In fact, recent Sumerian excavations that date back to 6,000 or 7,000 BC have unearthed dog carvings that bear a physical resemblance to the regal Saluki.

Other Names

Gazelle Hound | Arabian Hound | Persian Greyhound | Tanji | Persian Sighthound

Old Guys of the Dog World

We hope you enjoyed this quick look at one of the ancient dog breeds of the world. Stay tuned, because we’ll be getting to know more of the in the coming weeks.

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