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Freaky Photoshop Dogs

By Paige

Photoshop Dog

Image from IceDesign

The last in a series of 5 posts showcasing some of the best dog photoshop we could find.

It seems that photoshop artists like using dogs as their subject whether they are humanizing them or creating freaky hybrids.

Photoshop Canine Style

Photoshop Dog

Couldn’t I have been a stog?
Image from Serrator

Photoshop Dog

Hey, nobody can spring into action like me
Image from Sassydeb

Photoshop Dog

Dita Von Doggie
Image from hobbit90

Photoshop Dog

Petco Marketing Team
Image from gutbomb

Photoshop Dog

Someone needs to take this guy for a nice long run
Image from Penzioner

Photoshop Dog

Do my ears the way you did yesterday, a little curl makes me look younger
Image from Mundo

Photoshop Dog

Heeeey Ladies, what’s your sign?
Image from HoHouse

Photoshop Dog

We’ll call him drippy!
Image from bbunni1404

Photoshop Dog

There’s nothing to see here fella, move along
Image from tokoskeef

Photoshop Dog

The rarely seen wolf squirrel leaves the tree for food
Image from cj

You Know You Want More

And you can have it, 5 whole pages of it. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5.

2 Responses to “Freaky Photoshop Dogs”

  1. mid says:

    This is so unique and hilarious!! you have a gift!!

  2. Stephanie Kate Attenborough says:

    make more cool dog things yo.


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