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Foxes in Art

By Paige

Grannonia and the fox

Grannonia and the fox – Warwick Goble

Recently we’ve become obsessed with art (canidae art that is) and we’ve slowly been sharing our findings with dog lovers everywhere.

Today we take an artistic look at pretty little foxes, who are actually more of a cousin to domestic dog as they are not of grey wolf ancestry.

With their bright red fur and sly nature (or so they say) it’s no wonder artists try to capture their essence.


Foxes – Bruno Liljefors

Fox in the Snow

Fox in the Snow – Gustave Courbet

Returning To The Foxes Lair

Returning To The Foxes Lair – Heywood Hardy

Vixen with Cubs

Vixen with Cubs – Bruno Liljefors


We happen to think that foxes are fabulous and if you liked these you may like our dog art collection too.

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