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Types of Wolf

By Paige
Gray Wolf

Image from ortizmj12

Wolves are proud beautiful animals, but its still easy to see in them bits of the domestic dogs we have come to love.

Habitat Plays A Role

Most of the wolves worldwide are subspecies of the mighty gray wolf.

Although they all have common genes, their location has had an effect on their physical characteristics, feeding practices and basic nature.

Some of the gray wolves can (and are in some circles) considered a different species due to their extreme isolation from one another.

Meet the Wolves of The World

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)

Gray Wolf

The wolf from which most others arise, the gray wolf is the largest of the canid species. They can be found in a wide variety of habitats throughout most of North America.

These animals survived the ice age and are thought to be the ancestor of domestic dog. They may not, however, survive mankind.

Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)

Arctic Wolf

Image from Raphael Quinet

The Arctic Wolf can be found on the islands of the Canadian Arctic and the north coast of Greenland. Because of their extreme isolation and the harsh conditions of their environment, not much is known about this subspecies of gray wolf.

We do know that their coat grows almost pure white and thicker than their cousins to maximize wamth in constant cold.

Tundra Wolf (Canis lupus albus)

Tundra Wolf

Image from Wolf Zone

Also called Eurasian Arctic wolf, this animal is found throughout northern Europe and Asia, often in the arctic and boreal regions of Russia.

Among the largest of the grey wolves, these animals have a fine coat of fur and are often hunted for it.

Arabian Wolf (canis lupus arabs)

Arabian Wolf

The Arabian wolf was once found throughout the Arabian Peninsula, but now their territory has become scattered to bits of several different countries.

This subspecies is smaller than most and tend to live and hunt in small packs of 2 or 3 animals. They are also one of the few that aren’t known to howl.

Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)

Mexican Wolf

Image from guppiecat

The Mexican wolf is one of the most endangered canids on the planet. Originally they were found through most of northern Mexico and parts of the Southern US, and they were declared an endangered species in 1976.

What remains of the breed lives in zoos and wolf sanctuaries.

Russian Wolf (Canis lupus communis)

Russian Wolf

Image from AFB

Found in north-central Russia and one of the 5 subspecies found within the Russian Federation. One of the largest of the grey wolves, the Russian Wolves are champion predators. Because of this, they thrive in the wild and their numbers grow quickly.

These animals are also known to be more aggressive towards humans than other greys. For these two reasons, the Russian wolf is legally hunted to keep their numbers down.

Italian Wolf (Canis lupus italicus)

Italian Wolf

Image from riandreu

Also called the Apennine Wolf, the Italian wolf is found in the Apennine Mountains in Italy, some areas of Switzerland and parts of southern France.

A medium sized wolf, their bloodlines are thought to be particularly pure and relatively unaffected by domesticated dogs.

Eqyptian Wolf (Canis lupus lupaster)

Egyptian Wolf

Once found throughout the Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula, now the Egyptian wolf is only found in northern Egypt and northeastern Libya. This subspecies is relatively small and often mistaken for the Golden Jackal.

They are critically endangered due to over hunting.

Eurasian Wolf (Canis lupus lupus)

Eurasian Wolf

Image from Hans H. Siegrist

Also called Common Wolf, European Wolf, Carpathian Wolf, Steppes Wolf, Tibetan Wolf and Chinese Wolf. Originally found throughout Eurasia, now they are only seen in Central Asia.

The fur of this subspecies is generally shorter, more dense and richer in color than their cousins in North America.

Eastern Wolf (Canis lupus lycaon or Canis lycaon)

Eastern Wolf

Image from 3iw

Also called Eastern Timber Wolf, Eastern Canadian Wolf and Eastern Canadian Red Wolf, there has been speculation as to whether they are actually a subspecies of the grey wolf.

They are thought to be a hybridization between the grey wolf and red wolves or coyotes and a distinct species in their own right (Canis lycaon).

The Eastern Wolf is smaller than their cousins and often have physical characteristics similar to coyotes (who they’ve have been known to inter-breed with).

Great Plains Wolf (Canis lupus nubilus)

Great Plains Wolf

Image from First People

Also called Timber Wolf and Buffalo Wolf, this is the most common subspecies of grey wolf in the continental US.

The range of these animals used to cover the whole of the US and southern Canada. However relentless hunting and habitat destruction has resulted in their protection as an endangered species.

Luckily the Great Plains Wolf has made a great comeback and their numbers are rising again.

Northwestern Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)

Northwestern Wolf

Image from Town News

Also called Rocky Mountain Wolf, McKenzie Valley Wolf, Canadian Wolf and Alaskan Wolf, the Northwestern Wolf is found in western Canada and in Alaska all the way down the Aleutian Chain.

Over the past decade 11-20% of the Alaska’s wolf population is harvested every year thanks to people like Sarah Palin. They are predators perfectly suited for their environment, so numbers remained large in spite of the hunting.

Indian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) or Canis indica

Indian Wolf

Image from (nz)dave

Also called Desert Wolf, the Indian Wolf is another of the subspecies that can be considered its own species (Canis indica). It has been suggested that their bloodlines have not been crossed with any other subspecies for 400,000 years.

They can be found in eastern India and because of their habitat are smaller than their North American cousins.

Iberian Wolf (Canis lupus signatus)

Iberian Wolf

Image from (nz)dave

These animals can be found in northern Portugal and northwestern Spain and differ physically from the more common Eurasian Wolf.

The Iberian Wolf gets their latin name from the dark marks on their tail and on both front legs. Signatus means “marked”.

Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis)

Ethiopian Wolf

Image from Retriverman

The Ethiopian wolf is one of the rarest mammals on the planet & can be found only in the tiny Afro-alpine region of the Ethiopian mountains.

These animals were once thought to be jackals and their local name, ky kebero means red jackal. However recent genetic tests show that their bloodlines are more closely related to the big grey of North America. Which of course, makes their existence on the African continent a bit of a mystery.

Red Wolf Species (Canis rufus)

Red Wolf

The red wolf is not the same species as the gray wolf, although there is speculation that they are a naturally occurring hybridization of grey wolves and coyotes.

These animals used to be found most areas of the southeastern US, however now they are only found in southeastern Texas and Louisiana.

The Red Wolf is smaller than the grey with longer ears and shorter fur which is displayed in various reddish colors.

Be sure to learn about more of the dog family members the true dogs and the foxes & basal dogs.

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  1. Arty says:

    Assuming that certain mixed breeds of husky/wolves/samoyed create a larger breed of dog, what logical mix would create such a big malamute?

  2. Lilianne says:

    I had no idea there were so many different wolves. It is very interesting to read about them. Thanks for the web site.

  3. Jenny F. says:

    Wolves are such wonderful and beautiful creatures it is a shame most are endangered! I read once no wolf had ever killed a human an that wolves are usually friendly to humans, that is if your not trying to kill it!!! GO WOLVES!!!!!!! :)

  4. Jenny F. says:

    SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Kayla v. says:

    i’m doing a school project can i use the info and pictures please?

  6. Kayla v. says:

    u forgot the rocky mountain wolf

  7. Paige says:

    Hi Kayla,

    You are welcome to use the information to research for your project, just don’t turn it in as your own work. The pictures are not mine to give, however feel free to contact the photographers. There is a link under each picture to the source of the image.

  8. Jenny F. says:

    The Northwestern Wolf is the rocky mountain wolf Kayla!

  9. Miki says:

    Wolves are one of the finest predators on our planet.
    Some of the wolf subspecies need our attention like the indian wolf.
    love to help save animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. laura says:

    there r a lot of different wolf breeds out there..its kinda like buying..a dog thats smarter than u…then they have been bred down to have so dog in them…or a hybred…its all good..but it is really best all do there resourse study…i have rescued many ,,,and people abuse them because they think its a dog…NO its your family member…do not tie them to a tree..do not lock them in a room,,,we need to worship the wolf…the eagle..etc..they do not get flees..the only thing u have to worry about w a wolf…is when it molting,,it inner layer of fur..the companionship ,is unbelievablr…srudt and ask all the stupid guestion …u will get answers..LL

  11. Gurj says:

    You forgot the ethiopian Wolf Canis Simensis

  12. Devin says:

    I love wolves with a Extreme passion. We have to help keep people like Sarah Palin from hunting them. For their fur or justfor the sake of hunting them. We Have To Save Them!

  13. kooshan mehran says:

    ver wonderful!!
    can you tell me about agyptian wolf
    we have in Iran about 1000 wolf

  14. Paige says:

    Thanks for the reminder about the Ethiopian wolf, don’t know how I missed them. They’ve been added. :)

  15. Jason Sweatt says:

    By allowing the hunters in Alaska to hunt the wolves, Sarah Palin is doing the wolves a favor. When a species becomes that succesful in a given area they can quickly become overpopulated and outgrow their food sources. Thinning the packs a little bit helps them to survive as a whole!

  16. Paige says:

    Aerial hunting of wolves from a helicopter or plane with a rifle is nothing but sport. If population control is necessary, then obviously this is not the way to do it.

    Also what kind of people do you imagine it attracts to offer a $250 bounty on a wolfs head?

  17. Jason Sweatt says:

    Actually, managing a herd or pack from a chopper is the easiest way to do it. But I do agree with you about the bounty. That kind of thing is not needed. What humans have done to wolves is unforgivable, but we’ve also done the same thing to their major food sources. Until we can bring back the numbers of several species, keeping the packs at a level consistant with their PRESENT environment is our responsibility. We owe them that much.

  18. Mitch says:

    mind if i use this info for a story i’m working on.

    also this is a great site

  19. Paige says:

    Hi Mitch,

    Thanks for your compliment & sure you can use the info for your story. We wrote the copy, but we didn’t take the pictures. However each image has a link to the source underneath it. :)

  20. mitch says:


    and also if you want to look at any pictures or drawings of wolfs
    why don’t you visit http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&section=&q=wolfs.

  21. To kooshan Mehran and other

    Hey everything. My Name is Tomasz

    Egyptain wolf is now consider as Canis aureus lupaster and are recognize as subspecies of golden jackal, but some authors and future study can confirm a new status of its canines, native to northern Africa, mainly desert regions.
    Some egyptain jackals found in Eritrea, in coastal desert in 2004, know as Danakil desert, local people call them as wucharia, what mean a wolf. It is possilbe a distinct species of canid.

    Koen de Smet, belgian biologist research in Ahaggar Mountains with Farid Belbachir wrote me lately by email that there live also some “mountain fennec” know by local people, but there not confirm taxonomy these canines and he waiting for camera trap’s photo, there found also scats and signs some unrecognized canines, not know for Africa and signs of mountain dwelling ruppell’s foxes.

    It is possible that adjule know by tuaregs in Mauretania and western Mali is also wild dogs (Lycaon sp.). Heuvelmans confirm in Sahara some “wolves” in 1986. Some unrecognized canine appeared also in Eritrea.

    Koen de Smet confirm difference between a few population of african wild dogs. Current living saharan wild dog is not confirmed by any science way, but local story it that exist there. Certain north areas of range wild dog is occupied by species in Senegal, Benin, Sierra Leone, Gwinea, Gwinea Bissau, Côte d’Ivoire, Tchad, Sudan, southern areas of Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and a few other isolate populations.

    There is existed wild dogs in a few parties in Sahara, but now is classify by Canid Specialist Group as extinct.

    Ancient sign of “african” wild dog confirm also existence of species/genus in near and middle east of Asia and Persia to Pakistan. How also cheetah. Pleistocene wild dogs lived also in Europe, how earlier Xenocyon lycaonoides and dhole or sardinian dhole, close related to Lycaon.

    Photo in first post is not include to saharan wild dog but common south african wild dog, there still not exist any photo or trap foto of saharan dwelling wild dog, it is too elusive!!! Sahara is too big!!

    Saharan canines is very mysterious!!

    Status of Canis lupaster in northern Africa is still unknown and unfamiliar to science. These are exist excpept egyptian jackal also saharan wild dogs(adjoules), some white rock dogs, mountain fennecs(Algeria) wucharias (Eritrea) and other know and unknown canines creature.

    But also in Iran, keep rare and still unfamilar species as corsac fox, what is one of most unknown carnivore. There is no ecological data on golden jackal, red fox, sand fox or gray wolf and many unrecognize species what science still not recognize.

    Canids conservation International 2014

  22. Tomasz_Pietrzak says:

    dear Kooshan

    Egyptain wolf are consider as subspecies of golden jackal, whith large ears, and long legs. These canines are still uncommon out Egypt and native to desert region in Libya or northern Sudan. There in Eritrea naturalist caprute on camera some photos of strange canid what can recognize as relative to egyptain jackal.
    thomasquatl at gmail.com

    arabian wolf from Israel:
    Canis lupus arabs
    golden jackal:

    egyptian jackal:

  23. Raven says:

    wow this website gave me all the information that i needed. thanks. I never knew that there were so many different types of wolves and they all look different in there own way it fasinating!

  24. Arya says:

    And what about East Carpatian Wolf? I have one beautiful czechoslovak wolfdog – mongrel German Shepard and East Carpatian wolf.

  25. Paige says:

    Hi Arya,

    The Eurasian Wolf (Canis lupus lupus) also goes by Carpathian Wolf (among other names). :)

  26. wolf_canis_lover says:

    my favorite animal, but there is people who is still killing those wonderful creatures, some endangered and some to be endangered by hunters
    btw, hunting is NOT a sport!

  27. kylie says:


  28. retrieverman says:

    The Egyptian wolf you have photographed is not the one everyone is talking about. On the Sinai, there are Arabian wolves, which is what that animal is. It is a small subspecies of C. lupus– C. l. arabs.

    This is the Egyptian wolf that has been moved to the golden jackal species: http://retrieverman.files.wordpress.com/2009/09/strange-wild-dog3.jpg?w=424&h=301

    It has characteristics of both wolves and jackals, and it is possible that it is a hybrid of both, a unique species, or just a wolf-like subspecies of golden jackal.

  29. Paige says:

    Thanks for the info retrieverman! :)

  30. hanna says:

    wow,with so many types you would think there would be more wolves in the world.

  31. ka says:

    Wow thanks a lot guys

  32. Ian says:

    Wolves are beautiful creatures, but with the growth of man, soon it will die. All the animals that thrive now only live in small parts of the world. Like wyoming and AK. To bad we can’t give them back some space….. ;(

  33. Izzy says:

    Did you notice you have put on the arctic wolf, their fur maximazies wamth?

  34. Paige says:

    Yup Izzy, that thick, lovely fur keeps them warm even in sub-zero temperatures. :)

  35. Izzy says:

    No u spelt warmth wrong.

  36. Izzy says:

    i love wolves they are so cute

  37. maziar says:




  38. u forgot the timber wolves they are in important too. In fact I own one they are really amazing. It’s fun to watch him play with other dogs. He forgets he bigger than the others and gets a little rough, but its awesome.

  39. Izzy says:

    Lol this information has been really handy and i love wolves :)

  40. Yasmine says:

    Wolves are the best animals in the world. If I could I would own a Wolf for a pet XD. When I grow up, I want to be a Zoologist, so I can help all the Wolves and outher animals that are in danger!! <3

  41. Chelsea says:

    I think you guys need to put more stuff up about the tibetan wolf please because that is the information i need so please if you could put that up for me

  42. Chris says:

    “Thanks to people like Sarah Palin”??? What? If the whole world was like Sarah Palin there would never be another animal species go extinct. Like most North American Hunters she understands the need for and the importance in following game laws. We as an advanced society pay biologists and ecologists to recognize when a species is over or under hunted/trapped and then make the necessary adjustments.

    If you really want to hate something hate people that drive vehicles. They kill a way larger percentage of Candis on this planet than do hunters and trappers. So really you are more of a cause for species destruction than hunters…unless of course you don’t drive.

    “Researchers conducting a recent study near Champaign, Illinois; found that Sarcoptic mange and vehicles were the major causes of mortality for urban foxes. Vehicles and coyote predation were major sources of mortality for rural foxes; hunting and trapping accounting for only 7 percent of deaths.”


    Anyway the best thing we can do is save, preserve and recreate habitat…native like it was 2000 years ago habitat. If it was grass then it needs to be grass now etc…that is a big problem when it comes to canid survivability.

  43. Andou says:

    the information for MAZIAR:
    The Iranian wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) is a subspecies of Grey Wolf which ranges from Lebanon, Northern Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran. The Iranian wolf was thought to be the most likely direct ancestor of the Dingo [1], however recent evidence has shown that the dingo most likely descended from domestic dogs of East Asia.

    Standing 18 to 30 inches tall at the shoulder, Iranian wolves weigh between 55 to 70 pounds.[3]

    The short, pale color of their fur helps them to blend into the semi-arid landscape of their habitat. They have little to no undercoat, thus keeping them cool in the hot Middle Eastern climate.[3]

    They apparently seldom howl.

    Lately research of the mtDNA of the Indian Wolf, formerly thought to be a variant of Canis lupus pallipes, confirms that this is a new species of wolf, now called the Canis indica, separate and distinct from other wolf species in the world.[4]

    It is distinguished from the Arabian Wolf by its darker fur, larger size and proportionately larger head.

    Current status
    Israel seems to be the last hope for the Iranian Wolf’s survival in the Middle East because it is the only country in the region where they have legal protection. There are between 150-250 wolves all over northern and central Israel.

  44. Sami says:

    i need to know the food chain of the Eurasian or mexican wolf.

  45. Hazel Cullen says:

    Hello wolf lovers!!! I indeed am intregued by wolves and have a deep passion because I am a wolf. More commonly know as a werewolf. THIS IS NOT A JOKE I am (or so I think I am) the only werewolf on the planet. I would like you to send me an email so I can tell you all about me and my family and other things. Please email me at hazelcull01@yahoo.com.

    P.S. I only turn into a wolf when mad or upset.

    OH WELL I GUESS!!!!!

  46. Kristin says:

    @Hazel Cullen
    You’re an idiot.

    Not even addressing what you even claim, with the name ‘Cullen’ no one would even take you seriously. Lol.

  47. nancy says:

    wow thier are soo many kinds of wols cant belive it>

  48. Melissa Estrada says:

    I love wolves they my fav save the wolves i love em

  49. Vanessa says:

    Thats cool….. Could u plz give me more info about the canis lupus albus wolf I need the info for na project :]

  50. Michael Sills says:

    Save the wolves!!!! they are beutiful mammals.

  51. Andrew Sills says:

    Wolves are Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  52. Kayley says:

    Go wolves! My favorite and I knew this before the Canis lupus occidentals A.K.A. the north western wolf.

  53. Lisa says:

    there aLL SOOOOOOO CUTE !!
    <3 <3 <3 <3

  54. Riley says:

    i had no idea there were so menny wolfs!!!
    There all so cute and to that Lisa girl
    That is realy gross!!!!!

  55. Jonathan says:

    I think this is super awesome

  56. Jonathan says:

    I never thought that there were 16 types of wolf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Kayley says:

    My actual favorites are the Eastern wolf(canis lupus lycaon)and the tundra wolf(Canis lupus albus).

    Who here loves all of the following animals:
    Snowy owl
    Barn owl
    Spotted owl
    And the spirit bear (A.K.A. the kermode bear)
    If you do,please tell me by leaving a comment or emailing me. My email is kayleyschnare@gmail.com. Please do so!

  58. Kayley says:

    To the Riley guy,
    Is your last name Keck?
    If it`s not forget I asked. But if so, I know you from a friend.

  59. Kayley says:

    Does anyone want to be friends or does anyone have any coniferous forest/animal questions? If so,email me or post a comment. My email is kayleyschnare@gmail.com. Thanks! =D

  60. Kayley says:

    I have a newer better email. It is shadowthewolf13@gmail.com

  61. Kayley says:

    Hello? Why is nobody replying?

  62. Amber says:

    My boyfriend’s grandmother owns a wolf. Well, somewhat. She’s 80% red wolf, 12% german shepard, and somehow, 8% weimaraner. She is the most beautiful animal I have ever seen.

    She’s extremely domesticated – his grandmother found her on the side of the road when she was only a few months old. She owns a boarding school for dogs and works with veterinarians, so she had all the help she needed to train her. The wolf’s name is Emmy. :)

    She isn’t even a year old yet, and when standing on her hind legs to give us a hug, she is about 5’7″. Taller than me, actually.

    She’s the sweetest thing ever. Shows no temperament yet or anything. Acts like a regular dog but shows wolf-like tendencies when it comes to having an alpha dog in the house, eating her food, and howling.

    :) Anyone else own a dog that’s part wolf?

  63. Saffie says:

    Wolfs are such cute animals i think they are wondeful things to see

  64. charlotte says:

    lisa girl that is sooo gay! :)

  65. esiah shipp says:

    wow,i didnt think there would be so many types of wolves.Wolves are my fave animal,they are soooooooooooooooooo kool.At my 5th grade graduation this indian guy came and told us storys and fables.He said he owned a baby wolf that had been abandoned cuz his mom got shot, but it was breeded with a huski toooooo

  66. esiah shipp says:

    Hey paige,what is your last name.im doing a report on wolves and have to do a bibliography and it includes the authors full first and last name.dont worry i know i can use this for info.cuz i read the other messages, but i dont need the pictures.

  67. esiah shipp says:

    ugh im bored…so im just doing this, waiying for someone to text back but i do have a loy of info thanks paige u helped me a lot i finished in one night

  68. esiah shipp says:

    anyone there?

  69. Paige says:

    Hi Esiah,

    I’m Paige Filler and I’m glad this helped. :)

  70. esiah shipp says:

    lol hazel you arnt the only one

  71. esiah shipp says:

    omg you texted back yay oh thank you for the last name…that sounds sooo familiar

  72. matthew peterson...im a nerd says:

    hey this website is kool essiah is that reall true what u said?

  73. suzy says:

    i love wolves so much i that i act like one, i almost bit someone i like to growl too. they are so cool! ^-^

  74. rhiannon :) says:

    i lovee wolves :) xxx
    i think they are amazing animals xx
    i hate the hunters who killed most of them xx
    i dont know how anyone could kill such a beautiful creature. it is just sick xx

  75. izzy says:

    i act so much like a wolf too i bite and run and everything like one

  76. shenhav says:

    thanx for the great inf’
    i wonder… are there any kind of wolves in australia or new-zealand?

  77. Zax says:

    Wolfs are real cool.I had a pet wolf his name was Udo.He was a bit of a spaz but he was cute.one time he jumped on one of my nephews.^w^ LOL.He was so cool.We gave him to my neighbor,because he was the one who gave us the wolf and his male and female died.now i have a husky who is part wolf.P.S Zax is only my nickname.

  78. Taylor D says:

    i am writing a book about wolves and i am using the great Gray wolf pack as my subject. none of those photos will be used and i am only 11 so this would brighten my eyes about the wolves

  79. Kayley says:

    I know izzy! I am the SAME way! Wow…(Creepy) Hey people someone email me who loves to talk about wolves and loves mountains and like all the wildlife on mountains! My email is kayleyschnare@gmail.com =D cool! I might get a penpal!

  80. Michael Sills says:

    I Like Wolves… I had no idea there was so many types of wolves in the world

  81. Itanbi says:

    wow this is realli gr8 site…mind if i use some info for my bio assignment??

    p.s. m obsessed with wolves. they r sooo cute. i just love them…:D

  82. T-dogg says:

    This website is sweet, though there are like.. over 30 subspecies of wolves. You covered a good majority, nice work paige. (and, by the way, LOVE the pictures!!) And oh, before I forget, to the person that thinks shes a werewolf…. seriously? Stop watching movies like that, its kinda stupid, and stupid of you to even remotely believe that your a fictional character. Some people have some pretty wild imaginations.. Unless that person is like.. 8 years old.. she shouldnt be believing that shes a werewolf. lol. Ive heard some crazy stuff, but wow. ANYWAY, LOVE THE WEBSITE!

  83. kody says:

    Ok jus wanna say ive always been a fan of wolves even as a child and then when that show big wolf on campus showed up it became an obssession. Wolves, werewolves, spirit wolves, etc if it has the word wolf in it im interested. Btw im doing a research report on wolves and i was wondering paige if you knew exactly how many species of wolves there are in total. Also is it true that most kinds of wolves are just descendents of the gray wolves and if so how does the dire wolf factor in?

  84. Thomas Quatl says:

    “Also is it true that most kinds of wolves are just descendents of the gray wolves and if so how does the dire wolf factor in?”

    This is really not truth, that the many “wolves” are descendants of gray wolf. Many wolves are not descendants but subspecies of gray wolf, and are still include to the same species – gray wolf. Siberian wolf, Great Plains Wolf, Iberian Wolf, Italian Wolf, or Northwestern Wolf are only subspecies of gray wolf, geographical form.

    However a few of this, that aren’t descendants, aren’t subspecies, too. In according to latest molecular studies Ethiopian wolf is evolved from others wolf-like canids, about 4 millions years ago. Red and eastern wolves are sister species to the coyotes, and then dire wolves are further relative of Canis lupus , and can be counterpart of gray wolf (what evolved in Eurasia) in North America. Hilmalayan wolf are primitive wolf species, and hereby is one of sidebar branch of pleistocene ancestors of modern gray wolf as well as indian wolf. Egyptian jackal is relatives of small jackal – like canines, what extinct in pleistocene in Northern Africa, and nor close related to golden jackal or gray wolf. Arabian wolf, what can be sidebar branch of gray wolf lineage and can be more related to gray wolf than indian wolf to gray wolf!!

    Other wolves include maned wolf and Falklands wolf what are extant and extinct, respectively are south american endemic canid not related to Canis genus, and can be distinctive group of Canidae, however include to canini tribe.


  85. silver says:


  86. Victoria says:

    These wolves are soo awesome!!, there my fave animal in the universe. Luv the wolves ppl, help them survie the wild!!!!!!!

  87. elizabeth says:

    Hey this website is awsome it really helped me thanx paige you are awsome!!!!!!

  88. uno says:

    wow this webdite rocks!!!!!!

  89. elizabeth says:

    i wish i owned a wolf luckys

  90. Alyss says:

    i hate Sarah Palin, damn her to hell for hunting my favourits berrd of wolf, the Northwestern wolf.

  91. humera xxx says:

    i dident know that there waz sooo many diffrent wolfs (y):-)
    love wolfs lotz
    like jelly totz

  92. humera xxx says:

    loveeeeeeeee itttttttt

  93. Shantell says:

    I think they are cute and awesome well my friend devin likes big foot.

  94. wolf expert says:

    Wolfs are the smartest type of animal. They quardinate their attacks and hunt in packs!

  95. Natalie says:

    “shenhav says:
    February 5, 2010 at 11:40 am

    thanx for the great inf’
    i wonder… are there any kind of wolves in australia or new-zealand?”

    None in Australia, although they used to have a Tasmanian Tiger, which is now extinct.

    New Zealand, to be honest, sucks balls in the animal department.
    (I live there, so I can diss it all I like.)
    We have no mammals apart from bats, and the one amazing animal was killed by our natives.
    The Moa.
    Look it up on google images, it was a huge, tall bird, that was flightless.. A marvel, and unique to NZ.

  96. mrs webb says:

    u forgot one
    the maned wolf the beat of all so add one more to that list

  97. Paige says:

    Hi Mrs Webb,

    You’re absolutely right & the Maned wolf is another sub-species altogether. They are Chrysocyon brachyurus and they are not part of the grey wolf family. Interestingly enough many of their habits are quite different from the grey wolf descendants.

    Looks like we’ll have to do a post specifically about this interesting animal! :)

  98. kid5 says:

    I need to know how many types of wolves there are. Anyone profesinal know??

  99. Josh says:

    I need to know the population of each breed of wolf! I

  100. jade says:

    hey esian and hazel you guys are not the only ones.wolves are my favorite animals.paige, there are a whole lot more of wolves.i love wolves i act like theme all the time, infact i have two dogs and i’m the one with the most domonince.

  101. jade says:

    hey jonathan what’s your last name i think i know you.

  102. jade says:

    hey paige, can i print the pics?

  103. Paige says:

    Hi Jade,

    None of the pictures are actually my work, each one has a link to the photographer underneath. They are on the web under a creative commons license that allows you to use them as long as you credit the photographer for the work. If you want to print or use any of the pictures you should contact the photographers directly for permission. :)

  104. jade says:

    ok, thanks paige will do.

  105. Vamp says:

    Kill the stupid things. who cares about a pack of nasty mutts? I’m sick of that wet dog smell

  106. lonewolf says:

    guys if ur on bebo add me im lone wolf

  107. lonewolf says:

    and im loving this website very nice job please help me to make the love of wolfs knowen

  108. Daysha Muncy says:

    Does the eastern wolf has a short tail or was it biten off or is it wagging its tail?

  109. Ok, first of all, Hazel Cullen, you are not the only one, the term is Therian though.
    Second I do not believe you, because most therians don’t ‘advertise’ is like you just did. There is a difference between advertising and being really open about it.
    WTH is with your name? Cullen. Really?
    People like you give Therians like ME a bad name!

    I love wolves, they are no words in the English language to explain how I feel about them. I feel a connection. This site is a good source for wolves.

  110. Heather says:

    Wolf are awesome.

  111. Brenda says:

    Wolfs are the most cutest things. Protect the wolfs. DON’T KILL THEM. (love wolfs)

  112. Sean "The Beast" Dixon says:

    Wolves are beast(like me) and should be saved so they can do their true job… Hunt down the Easter Bunny.

  113. Leon says:

    I LOVE wolves. I have this dog thats half husky and half wolf dog. Hes white so im thinking hes part Artic Wolf. But he might be tundra. can’t tell.

  114. Leon says:

    ARE Artic and Tundra wolves the same? thanks ppl!!!

  115. Soul Wolf says:

    No, they are slightly different.

  116. Soul Wolf says:

    I want to get a Grey Wolf but I think I need a license

  117. Soul Wolf says:

    LOVE and PROTECT the WOLF!

  118. zz says:

    lisa has problems

  119. CASSANDRA says:

    My fiance and I have a half wolf half who-the-heck-knows-what hybrid. He’s bull headed and hard to train but gorgeous and wonderful and a BIG WHIMPY BABY! I love the wolves of this planet, they hardly get the love and respect they deserve. Thanks for sharing this great info with us!

  120. Witucki says:

    I am the answer

  121. Sherilyn Bright says:

    wolves r awesome but the reason they kill them so that the caribou doesnt have to be extinct and the wolves will be too populated. yah I do feel the same way about the wolves but they r still awesome. so the hunters r doing a good job by hunting them and yah it is sad but they r still wolves in the world that r still living u know.

  122. Sherilyn Bright says:

    yah so that lisa gurl is freaken nasty but anyways the hunters r not cool but the wolves r awesome and I did had a wolf that is part husky too but she died her name was daisy and yah she got killed by my uncle. so its ok bcuz she had alot of porky pines inside her mouth. then her son dante died by my uncle too. dante was the smartest dog in Goodnews Bay of Alaska. and now dantes son is my dog and his son baby and my dogs name is max.

  123. Sherilyn Bright says:

    I think wolves r awesome but if there are too many the hunters will have to hunt them down bcuz the caribou will be gone and us eskimoes need to eat native food. not only other food that r not native food. but I do feel bad for the wolves but that will have to do is kill the one that destroys farms u know. so yah wolves r awesome and thats all I have to say.

  124. Sherilyn Bright says:

    oh I am from ALASKA in Goodnews Bay. anyone heard of it?

  125. kagome says:

    ? Alaskan Tundra Wolf
    ? Alexander Archipelago
    ? Arabian wolf
    ? Arctic wolf
    ? Baffin Island wolf
    ? Bernard’s wolf
    ? British Columbian wolf
    ? Cascade Mountain wolf
    ? Dire wolf
    ? Eastern Timber Wolves
    ? Ethiopian wolf
    ? European wolf
    ? Common Gray Wolf
    ? Great Plains wolf
    ? Greenland wolf
    ? Hokkaido wolf
    ? Honshu wolf
    ? Hudson Bay wolf
    ? Indian wolf
    ? Interior Alaskan wolf
    ? Iranian wolf
    ? Italian wolf
    ? Kenai Peninsula wolf
    ? Labrador wolf
    ? Mackenzie Valley wolf
    ? Tundra wolfs
    ? Maned wolf
    ? Manitoba wolf
    ? Mexican wolf
    ? Mogollon Mountain wolf
    ? Newfoundland wolf
    ? Red wolf
    ? Southern Rocky Mountain wolf
    ? Texas Gray wolf.

    are other types of wolves

  126. Harlan says:

    I was really enjoying the site until I read the entry that said, “Over the past decade 11-20% of the Alaska’s wolf population is harvested every year thanks to people like Sarah Palin.” I thought I was reading an official scientific, unbiased fact sheet. Then suddenly I am slapped with someone’s political slant. How can I trust anything on the site now? How do I know any of this is legitimage science? Now I have to go research other resources to verify the material. Is nothing sacred anymore? I don’t care 2 cents about Sarah Palin, but I would like to know the information I am reading isn’t someone’s politically biased and slanted information. Save your hate for the “Slam Sarah Palin website,” and this site be a serious fact sheet. For heaven’s sake!
    – Harlan

  127. nicholas says:

    Wolves are amazing XD
    I do not why people could kill them they are to amazing and beautiful
    I have a dog to bad not part wolf
    This site is just amazing and i love think this is the best wolf site i have ever seen its just amazing
    Btw anyone share my passion for wolves email me
    nickfeth@yahoo.com or add facebook or myspace
    myspace look for nickshere10@aol.com

  128. nicholas says:

    btw my dogs name is bear and he is part huskie chow and german shepard

  129. bricelin says:

    wolves rock like jacob black

  130. Kayley says:

    Hey! Great website! If there is anyone on here that loves pretending that they are wolves, I have the perfect website! It is called Wolfquest and it is a free online game. You have to download it first but other than that it is SOOO much fun!
    P.S.To that stupid other Kayley, Get a life and don`t give people your email. Someone can stalk you for that.

  131. Kayley says:

    I forgot one thing; My love and passion for wolves runs so deep in my body I can`t even put it into words like another person said.
    I could not live a day knowing that the wolves would be extinct. This is where you can help. If you are in the woods try not to cut down evergreen trees. Wolves love that protection that the forest gives them. Also if you see a wolf den leave it be. A wolf will not fight you, but run. And it can be very long before the wolf finds a new den. I hope you try to follow these tips as best as you possibly can. I might have more for another day so watch for MY comments and not that stupid other persons. I think someone is using my name, and I dont know who. (Maybe it was that Lisa girl…) Anyways, thanks again for reading my suggestions.
    P.S. to Paige: You should really put in a part on how you can help save endangered wolves. I would be happy to help.

  132. brekken gentry says:

    hi kayley you love wolves to thats awesome cuz i love wolves too! :) its sad what people do to them :( well email ma at brekkengentry@yahoo thx !!!!!!!!!!! :)

  133. brekken gentry says:

    hey kayley my brother is going to shoot a wolves!!!!!!! :(

  134. wolf luver says:

    wolfs rullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll wooooooooootttt

  135. Sunkit says:

    I love wolves but I thought there were only, like , three or four types!

    Thanks for this website, its really good, plus I needed something to do my project on…

  136. trenton says:

    i am doing a school project on wolfs

  137. Dormin says:

    Well this helped me a lot X3 now on to writing mwahahahaahahaha. I hope wolves stay around forever.

  138. Elena says:

    Wolves are the coolest animal in the world!! :]

  139. coyote wu says:

    i love wolves, they are very intelligent and organizable, they mainly use their talent to hunt but not their smart body.

  140. adil54679 says:

    i’m doing a school project can i use the info and pictures please?

  141. Hey id like to say that this is an awsome site. Im only 17 but one day im going to do anything and every thing i can to save and protect thes magical animals. the wolf (to me and hopefuly every one els) is the most important animal. 1,000 and 1,000 of stories, poems, and tails are told about wolfs! stories past down from people all over the world. its funny but out of all the tails iv heard 98% are tails of their beauty, smarts, courage and every thing inbetween.The other 2% are made up fairy tales ment to scare us and make us think they are blood thirsty human killing crazd beasts. but thats why their fairy tales righy? and their now way of discribing my love and passion for wolfs.saying i was a wolf would be wrong but like my family over generations i belive in the spirit of animals and nature. and i feel the spirit of the great wolf flow through my vains! i only feel 100% at home when im out doors.(its not me being crazy. and im no tree hugging hippie! juat a teenager trying to keep the hopes and dreams of my ancestrs alive and doing what they intended me to do).but. yaaa. funny comments some a little odd but great info. keep up the good work paige! may the spirits watch over you.

  142. tyler says:

    you forgot alaskan tundra wolf alexander archipelago wolf bafin island wolf bernards wolf british columbian wolf cascade mountain wolf greenland wolf hudson bay wolf interior alaskan wolf kenai peninsula wolf labrador wolf mackenzie tundra wolf mackenzie valley wolf manitoba wolf magallan mountain wolf new foundland wolf n.rocky mountains wolf s.rocky mountains wolf texas grey wolf vancouver island wolf common red wolf florida red wolf swamp wolf hokkaido wolf arabian wolf iranian wolf dire wolf and maned wolf i checked this all out at world of wolves trust me my favorite kind of animal is wolves but i wouldnt know all this lol im only 11 but i thought i would put this so this website could get better then world of wolves if you have some of these already then sorry for wasting sometime saying it and you can check world of wolves to see if i left any off that you dont have becos i left some off becos i heard them on your website i also know alot and love greek mythology and i hate what has happened to all these endangered animals especcially wolves i love wolves and metal rock but im concerned about all animals even the dodo didnt deserve that fate that it got anyways im a pretty good speller so i would figure these are all accurate spelling im also in 6th grade go 6 GRADE!woot

  143. tyler says:

    plus, you guys shouldve heard paige you can do it but you might wanna ask the people who started the pictures at the websites that are under the pictures

  144. tyler says:

    i just checked my second to last comment and its baffin island wolf

  145. tyler says:

    also dont comment bad about me writing all this i hate those comments that people always talk bad on youtube plus if any of you play world of warcraft i play on bokasu or mahskawa on the scarlet crusade server on the horde side

  146. Gregory Rolin says:

    A few notes:

    On wolves of the Asia:

    You left several types of wolf out–the Himalayan wolf, the Honshu wolf, the Ezo wolf, and the Tibetan wolf. The Honshu wolf (Canis lupus hodophilax or Canis hodophilax,taxonomy is uncertain) is officially extinct and inhabited the three southern islands of Japan (Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku) and was the smallest wolf–only a foot tall at the shoulder. The Ezo Wolf (C. l. hattai) was larger and was considered a distinct supspecies of the gray wolf; it lived on the northern island of Hokkaido and also Sakhalin Island. The Tibetan Wolf (C. l. chanco) inhabits Mongolia, China, the Korean peninsula and of course Tibet. It is morphologically and behaviorally very different from C. l. lupus, the common Eurasian wolf–it is a distinct subspecies of it’s own. The Himalayan wolf is genetically distinct from both gray wolves and domestic dogs–it lives in northern India and Nepal and mitochondrial DNA evidence indicates that it has not interbred with gray wolves for 800,000 years and that it did not contribute any genetic material to domestic dog lineages. It’s name and taxonomy remains a confusing issue. It was first named C. laniger (Hodgson, 1847), then considered as part of the Tibetan subspecies of gray wolf (C. l. chanco, Grey, 1863). The proposed scientific name now is C. himaleyensis, though C. laniger would have priority if Hodgsons’ observed animal was the same as Julie, the Himalayan wolf in an Indian zoo from which the DNA was extracted. It is unknown whether other wolves in Tibet and other parts of East Asia (C. l. chanco) are the same as ones from India–DNA testing was done on Indian wolves; also, the Tibetan wolf is thought to be the most probable ancestor of modern domestic dogs based on the locations of ancient breeds and mandible morphology, while the Himalayan wolf is known to have played no part in the domestication of the dog.


    On North American wolves:

    Based on mitochondrial DNA, the red wolf and the Eastern wolf are the same species, with no difference in DNA. They are not closely related to the gray wolf (which evolved in Eurasia, likely India, 800,000 years ago and spread to Europe and North America later (in both places evolving into it’s present form about 150,000 years ago)). They are closely related to the coyote. The coyote/eastern wolf/red wolf ancestor split from the gray wolf ancestor in North America at least 3 million years ago, with the coyote and Eastern wolf/red wolf branch splitting relatively recently (150,000-300,000 years ago or 750,000 years ago depending on the source), according to mitochondrial DNA analysis. If the same species, the red wolf and eastern wolf would likely be given the scientific name of Canis lycaon as the Eastern wolf was named about 75 years earlier than the red wolf. Although red wolves sometimes interbreed with coyotes now it is unlikely that they began as a gray wolf/coyote hybrid as some genetic evidence suggests otherwise and historically only red wolves, not coyotes or gray wolves, lived in the southeast US (coyotes used to live only in the prairies and deserts of the central and western US). More importantly, the closest relative of the red wolf, the Eastern wolf of Canada (Ontario, Quebec) and northern Minnesota, has been observed (in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario) to kill any coyotes entering the pack’s territory and not interbreed with them (although sometimes Eastern wolves interbreed with gray wolves in some parts of Canada and in Minnesota). Different genetic researchers will, however, class the red wolf and eastern wolf as coyotes, gray wolves, or coywolves depending on the results of the particular study.

    On wolves attacking humans:

    It happens. It is extremely rare and I can find no record of it in North America but it has happened in Europe and Asia and still happens in India. The wolves are typically starving or rabid and in the case of starvation have no alternate food source. They will take infants and small children as they are the easiest prey. Occasionally the wolves will apparently raise the children as their own but it is far, far more common for them to injure or kill them after taking them. This has happened within the last one or two centuries in Tibet and Korea. In Britain, the last wolf alive (in Scotland) was pursued and killed in the 1700s after attacking two boys, at least one of which later died. Wolves in Scotland would regularly exhume graves and eat human remains, to the extent that some Scots started burying their dead on offshore islands or with large stones on top of the coffins. That being said, wolves are smart animals that naturally learn to avoid contact with people and will rarely prey on livestock and almost never prey on humans–they do so only when rabid or starving with little or no alternative.

  147. tyler says:

    yeah i saw the tibetan wolf on there but i thought that that was a name for another wolf she has anyways some i didnt get becos i thought she had thm plus that website probably didnt have every single wolf on it

  148. Wolverine says:

    WOLFS>>>>WOLVES>>>>>>WOOOLVES….I love wolves they are so wonderful, magical and ….i don’t have words to describe…this is awesome i can learn about every type of wolf…LOVE IT!!!!! wolves rulz!!!!

  149. chris porter says:

    wolfs are the best animals my fav is the black wolf im doing a report and i need facts save the wolfs people should not hunt wolves the people who hunt wolves deserve to be hunted them selves

  150. joseph says:

    people who hunt wolves deserve to be eaten alive by wolves my fav is the black wolf it a indian wolf

  151. jade says:

    all wolves are awesome you guys wanna meet a werewolf here i am! i really am a werewolf.wolves are awesome.

  152. selim says:

    hey im a 9 year old who lives in egypt i was boren there but i was raised in canada so im at school evry day and while im there there are dogs who come around the school so i was going after school before the buses leave i went to feed a dog so guss what i found.

    a egyption wolf !!! 😀

  153. Dave says:

    How about the largest, most ferocious, most terrifying, and featured in a Greatful Dead tune, the Dire Wolf(Canis Dirus)

  154. Selena says:

    hi i hade a projet to do on friday and i did not do it at all so my friend told me to go on this website and my projet was done in 30 min thanks

  155. Selena says:

    4 +++++++++++++++++++ oh

  156. Haley says:

    Oh wow. *mind is blown* SO many wolf species, yet most of them seem to be dying out, and to know that I cant do anything to help…Anywhoo, I’ve got a wolf dog, Her name is lyric! We got her when I was…Uhm Maybe just over one? So shes about 11. Yes that means I’m 12 xD. But you wouldn’t know how much a wolf she really is! The person who sold her to us told my dad that she was 60+% wolf and she had a bit of german sheperd and border collie. He also said her father’s father WAS a wolf! Though unfortunatly for lyric, she’s deaf and going blind… Anyways (to my previous subject) I love wolves, they stole my heart the moment I found a picture of one and was old enough to ask my mother ‘what that big doggie was.’

  157. M says:

    i love wolves

  158. page says:

    i love wolves i just wish that they werent endangered
    ihad a dream about a wolf here it is
    dear dream diery,

    i had this crazy but neat dream it was that i trained a

    grey wolf/red wolf.First it bit me and my friends.Second

    i tried meat that didnt work.After that me and my

    friends went inside we had fresh pizza on the table we

    let the wolf in and i gave it some food other then meat

    he/she didnt bite me or my friends.I started to feel

    like i had tamed the wolf he/she let me pet him/her,i

    got to play whith it and i got to walk the wolf around

    the back yard.i just knew he/she would come when i say.

    i called her the misteryious wolf…..he/she will come

    back i just know it…..i hope he/she is real i know

    he/she is real i can feel it……………!thats my dream

  159. Abby Miller ( 11 yrs. old.) says:

    Wolves are one of the endangered species animals, they need our help. Many people on the internet and telivision, and just in person are making the wolf sound like a creature that tries to kill, but it huntes because it has to eat, the only reason that it would hurt a domesticated creature is because their habitats are being demolished by Human Beings, our friends, family, any one that we know or have no idea exist, are part of the destroying, or the rebuilding. Like I said before, they need our help, we are the only ones who can help them. Thank you for your support.

  160. Kaye says:

    Hi, there. I am writing a classroom activity on how kids can help protect wildlife, and your website is very helpful.

    Can you tell me what wolf species live in Israel? They have been protected since 1954, and I understand that there is a total population of about 400 animals–but I haven’t been able to figure out which species.It’s possible that there are two different types, those up north in the Golan Heights and then those down south in the desert. Thanks!

  161. Robert says:

    Dear Jason Sweatt,
    Wolves are amazing creatures and even if some people think we need to kill the wolves, they are amazing adapters and since we kill their food stock they still can live by adapting to their surroundings like the panda bear. We need to save the wolves not kill them as a little game and then say its out of pity for the creatures. It infuriates me that they hunt these harmless creatures.

  162. sarah says:

    After watching “Wolf’s Rain”, I have gained respect for wolves and hope that they will be protected in the future.

  163. Wolves biggest fan says:

    We have to save the wolves before its too late!!!

    P.S sarah what is wolfs rain like?

  164. shewolf says:

    Gregory Rollin (and the rest), when I visited the website you posted, with great surprise I saw my Barley there. It is the mirror image of a very young “dog” that I found in an empty lot in Baja California, Mexico, 20 minutes from San Diego, USA. I live there on the beach and I rescued previously three dogs. This 4th one was so covered with mange and skin infections that had not a hair in his body not even on the tail, just bleeding crusts. He was also severally emaciated, near dead but standing up. After a month with the vet he came home. I was taken aback when his hair kept growing and a little apprehensive about his new looks and size. I have also a Pit Bull, a Chihuahua, and a Cocker Spaniel. Searching to identify the approximate breed of this canine I have found no resemblances at all, other than to the wolf species. The overall color is as the coyotes, but not the ears and muzzle, (longer in the coyote). However, I read that sometimes to differentiate coyotes and wolves DNA testing is needed) He has very light yellow undercoat and darker reddish top. The face is whitish with a light grey/black faint line dividing the muzzle. Eyes: amber but not yellow. His tail is bushy feathered but erect most of the time, (after all he is a happy fellow), but he puts it down when in attention or search mode. His muzzle and the ears are unmistakable of a wolf. He does not howl, but he did not know how to bark either; he was approximately 6 months old. He attempted to howl after hearing my petit Cocker Spaniel who is the unsurpassed howler. I discouraged that since my community of American nationals does not tolerate noise. However, he whines/whimpers constantly as a conversational means if he has something to say. He barks only when he is extremely happy (all the time when I am paying attention to him and includes happy whining). He does not qualify at all as a guard dog, much less a defense dog. He was very agile, like a cat, and got into very high places such as the upper top of the brick barbecue wall, at the edge in the balcony upstairs. No other of my dogs have done that, and considering his size, it is amazing. He discontinued that since he realized he cannot go anywhere from there. But definitely, he stares at the horizon for hours. At all times he eats seating down, something I have not seen before with any of the many dogs I had. He is playful like a puppy but only with me, not the dogs. He absolutely refuses to go to the yard during the day if I don’t go, but even with me he immediately wants to go in. However, he loves to go there at night and even sits there all alone for long periods. He prefers to go there after the other dogs are back inside. So he is nocturnal and a loner. He is the most respectful canine that I ever seen observing to the dot the rules of a pack, never walked ahead of me, for example (very awkward on the staircase); very different of my other dogs! As bad as his shape was when I found him his large teeth were snow white. He did not associate food with the kibble I gave to my dogs, but he learned out of necessity. Once I bought for each of them a large beef bone to play/chew he ATE his in its entirety in less than five minutes! I had to remove all from the other dogs. Unlike all my other dogs, not a piece of a vegetable will cross his lips, but is delighted with a strip of frozen raw chicken (raw only if frozen, for safety). At the beginning, before being house broken, when I came home I found (without exception), my large and very heavy indoor flower pots turned over (but never broken), the soil nicely spread over that section of the floor with his urine and scat on it, but not in any other place. This happened for months until he realized that the yard was the proper place and less work! He seats constantly on the floor by my side when I am in the computer. He follows me up and down the house not losing sight of me at any time. He is not that interested on his dog siblings, only to bumping them off with his head to prevent that I pet them also. All four eat from only one bowl, and they patiently wait in line for their turn to eat. It has been almost 2 years and in spite that I wanted at first to place him safely somewhere, I could not do so because he is so incredible bonded to me with uttermost respect, loyalty and love. He won my heart.
    Sorry for the long message.

  165. Paige says:

    Thanks for your comment shewolf, it’s always great to hear a success story with a rescue. Sounds like Barley is a special animal – not to mention a lucky one.

  166. Cay-cay says:

    I mean dont kill the wolves if they are kiiled by us the nature will definitly have a revenge on us so please dont kill the wolves

  167. Cay-cay says:

    honestly I love wolves like Robert says they are amazing creatures wolves can be useful for the nature I once read about a book of endangered animals and one of them are the wolves please save them and protect their young.

  168. Cay-cay says:

    save the wolves cause for me they are important in the nature, save and protect,them dont allow the hunters hunt anymore cause the wolves are living peacefully in the forest save them and have piety on the wolves, Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon? if kill the wolves you can never-ever hear that cry so I beg of you dont kill them

  169. chelsy says:

    what kind of wolf is a black wolf

  170. kasey says:

    your mums a man

  171. mala says:

    save the wolves

  172. mala says:

    im posting a u tube video about wolves i’l keep you updated

  173. LOLA says:

    these info about wolves are soo awesome! i dint know there so many wolves. and im a huge wolf fan!
    btw…paige, it is ok if i use some info from this page for my project?

  174. wolf says:

    You have to try Wolf meat it is soooooo tasty ummmh

  175. Macy says:

    I love wolves they are sooooooooo cool i already bought 6 of them gettin ready for my seventh they are soo cool :)

  176. Macy says:

    Wolves rule

  177. Kenzee says:

    Wow i never knew that there were so many wolves! I feel sad that such a beautiful creature is almost extinct and all for the pride and ego’s of us humans. Its sick and disgusting and it needs to stop. I hope when I grow up I can at least do my part in trying to keep the wolfs alive.

    But it really is just sick at what were doing to these poor creatures, i mean THEY WERE HERE FIRST!

  178. Corva Crow says:

    What about the maned wolf?

  179. Corva Crow says:

    Chrysocyon brachyrus

  180. kailey says:

    there so addorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. Lil says:

    Had an Eastern Canadian Wolf in my backyard this week. Eating apples that were left over on the ground from my apple trees.Was less than 50 feet from my deck. Never realized they were so big, about 60 lbs I guess. A little too close for comfort. Saw it about 3 p.m. in the afternoon. I live in Eastern Ontario.

  182. Brittany says:

    Man I love wolves and in minnesota they are trying to take them off the endangered list that will make them go back endangered

  183. Keeley says:

    Hi I LOVE wolves thier one of my favorite animals and i absoultly HATE! that ppl r hunting them like leave them alone what did they ever do to u leave them alone and their leave u alone XD <3

  184. Keeley says:

    And Kenzee I agree with u they WERE HERE FIRST WE SHOULD LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!

  185. Keeley says:

    Omg it’s not fair i LOVE the mexican wolf its one of my favorites and its so endangered that its only in zoos and wolf sanctuaries like come on ppl STOP KILLING THEM!!!!!

  186. Blake says:

    Keeley is that u like keeley stiel kiwii?

  187. keeley says:

    Yeah omg i haven’t talked to u in forever whats new?=D

  188. blake says:

    KEELEY like KEELEY stiel??? kiwii

  189. maria perez says:

    i loove wolfs but my question is, how do you save wolfs? and what is the diffrence between wolfs and wolves?

  190. jessica says:

    ya like totally aswome =D hehe

  191. heymickiie 123 says:

    i like love wolves their totally cool

  192. ella says:

    How dare they they do that to the wolves i hate ppl
    even though i am one lol

  193. Haai says:

    Ik hou mijn spreekbeurt over wolven.Handige site!;)

  194. twiwolf says:

    hi im wonderring if there are any good sites to find out more info about the white wolf

  195. Keeley says:

    yeah its like keeley :) haven’t seen you since that night…. you didn’t call me back :/

  196. Keeley says:

    Wolves are naaarly

  197. Keeley says:

    i like totally love wolves their awsome, the way they eat yuuuum :)

  198. tom says:

    I live in Massachussetts- I don’t know for sure but I swear that the animal that got hit in front of me was a timberwolf. I pulled right besdie and had a good look- it wasn’t a coyote I know that for sure. Anyone help?

  199. keeley says:

    Omg srry guys all that nonsense about blake who ever he is my little sister went on and said that like keeley keeley is really u kiwi
    and he spelt kiwi wrong and she went on MY account keyword MY i hate how she does that.
    Oh and Maria perez u can save the wolves and other diffrent wild life by joining this potition called wild life defenders oh and their really is no diffrence between wolf`s and wolves it`s just a way to spell it =D

  200. keeley says:

    Omg sorry guys all that nonsense about blake who ever he is my little sister went on and said that like keeley keeley is really u kiwi
    and he spelt kiwi wrong and she went on MY account keyword MY i hate how she does that.
    Oh and Maria perez u can save the wolves and other diffrent wild life by joining this potition called wild life defenders oh and their really is no diffrence between wolf`s and wolves it`s just a way to spell it =D OMG lil that experence must have been amazing i would have loved to have seen a wolf that close up.

  201. Katie N mi besty Ash says:

    SAVE ALL WOLVES!!! We love em werewolfs sexywolfs any kind you can think of…… Even the noramal type…….

  202. Chaney says:

    On a different website I was reading on wolves and it seemed that at the bottom of every section for a particular wolf, there would be a “status” that either read “endangered, extinct, systemically poisoned, or recently put on endangered list.” This actually upset me and gave me that moment, which I hope every human being has, where I’m reminded of how much harm the human race has actually inflicted on the planet. Obsession, leads to insanity, so I do not get worked up over it and assure myself it is not personally my fault, because I, myself, have not killed any wolves.
    I continue to think about it, and a question popped into my head:

    “would you rather have it the other way around?”

    As much as I do not enjoy the brutality in the “survival of the fittest” approach to life, animals don’t care what I or you think. Wild wolves attack. They have been murdering us for as long as they have existed. Wolves are killers. We domesticated the ones who wanted a truce and they are our dogs now.

  203. imhere says:

    Well, I too was enjoying this site until I came upon the reference to Sarah Palin. I have to agree with Jason, Chris and Harlan, this is not the venue to espouse your political views. Hopefully, you will delete your SP reference from your otherwise informative site. When you do, I will show this to my third graders.

  204. Paige says:

    When Sarah Palin stops paying hunters to shoot wolves from helicopters, we might consider removing her mention. Until then you should educate your third graders about the facts as well as the constitution.

  205. Boog says:

    Hey yal, wassup? wolves are my thang. Thats what i named my gang yal. well i gotta catch my homies dawg! see yal later!

  206. wafz bieber says:

    but wolfs can hrt 2o they bite people or person……….dnt juzt have a pet lke wolfs cuzzzzZZzZ They might eat u or something…………….hehehehehehehehe

  207. wafz bieber says:

    dahhhhhhhh………4 those hu dd not belive………….wat ever 2o u

  208. Madison says:

    SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!! they are my favorite animal and i am also doing a project on them and this was were it brought me so….. SAVE THE WOLVES!!!! btw: my fav wolf is the gray wolf!!!!! 😉

  209. Madison says:

    SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!! they are my favorite animal and i am also doing a project on them and this was were it brought me

  210. Madison says:

    irk go paige!!

  211. Barrett says:

    Paige, I like the site. I was bored and just lookin up stuff on wolves because I find them amazing. I was wondering, what kind of careers can I get into that deal with wild animals? I’m a freshman in college right now and an undecided major. I have no idea what to do with my life but I love animals. Any suggestions? I’m a good student when I put my mind to it but I just find business and the typical majors and careers so boring. I think I’d go crazy if I had to spend the rest of my life in an office. I’d love to be able to work with animals like wolves and be able to do something to help them and other endangered animals. Btw I don’t think your Sarah Palin bit makes your site any less reputable. :)

  212. xavier says:

    veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy coolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll wolvesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  213. Cyberian2 says:

    Why is the Alaskan Malamute so large???? He was bred to MacKenzie River Huskies and Northwestern Wolf. The largest resulting pups were used for breeding, thus causing the larger size genes to be dominant. The was done is the distant past. To-day the dogs are modified by gene splicing for size, colour, strength and temperment. Not many breeders have access to genetic modifying, but continue the breeding practice of old….mating individuals who possess desired characteristics. This is brief history of Malamutes. Recommend you contact old-time breeders listed in Candian Kennel Club and American Kennel Club (on internet). Most of them will be happy to go into further detail.

  214. gunveer says:

    hey thanks for the info
    it was very fasinating

  215. gunveer says:

    yo you missed the dire wolf mainnnnnnnn onee

  216. neisha says:

    i love wolves <3

  217. Jahn says:

    wolves are so cute and awesome 😀

  218. Kiki says:

    Wolves are the best! <3 😀

  219. Christal says:

    wolves are so awsome they are wonderful creatures!
    i love wolves so much they are very unice! and very
    beatufal! :) :) :)

  220. emma olds says:

    save all wolfs thay rule pepole hunt them every day i say stop and save them all thay should live sstttooppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  221. Starr says:

    I hate it when people kill woves for their own needs. They have lives, and family, and never hurt people! I have talked to a person who breeds wolf as a living, and he told me personally that wolves never kill humans because they are so terrified! Wolves are beautiful, harmless creatures, and we need to save them! I am well, young, and I can still see the unfairness of what they are doing! I am a writer, about to publish a book, and one day, I am going to write a documentary on wolves! SAVE THE WOLVES!!

  222. nathan says:

    wolves are awesome

  223. jack says:

    thats ok

  224. nathan says says says says:

    hi i like wolves they are awesome

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  226. Kim says:

    What are black wolves called? Like theres Canis Rufus and all that for these wolves but what about the black wolves?

  227. Roze says:

    Interior Alaskan wolf?

  228. Dara says:

    I’m running a wolf club and I would like to send this site to the members, but i don’t know if it has all of the wolves. I thought there were more wolves, but whatever.

  229. Dara says:

    Are there more wolf breeds? I need to know.

  230. Dara says:

    There are some wonderful pictures on this site.

  231. Dara says:

    The members f my club love pictures.

  232. GothicWolf12 says:

    OMG! I am 100% obssesed with wolves! My whole envoirnment (room) Is covered with them! I am tremendously heartbroken! Everytime I either see a wolf on T.V. or go outside I feel at home, adnat peace with them. It makes me very sad to see all these gorgeous creaters dissapear year, after yaer. And these creatures are the most timid of the dog breed. DON’T HURT THE WOLVES!!!

  233. adyl says:

    i love wolf.i want to have wolf and will take a good care and make it my pet and friend.

  234. GothicWolf12 says:

    I love these pics!!! They are awesome! I also like learning the Latin words with them!!!!

  235. bob says:

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  236. bob cc says:

    pc to the i really love u guys
    too lexi d and hannah p and beaner vv.

  237. wolfman says:

    I have a wolf she is the most tender loveing animal i got her before her eyes opend and feed her from a bottel every 2hr for a month stop killing thes beautiful animals for there skin

  238. madison says:

    you for got the hudson bay wolf, greenland wolf, and the bernards wolf i work at .U.O.W. university of wolves.And it is cruel to kill wolves.i am an expert at wolves and have found a texas grey wolf which is known to be extinct.It might be the last one in the world.

  239. madison says:

    to those who hunt these beautiful creatures stop now and let there be peace with wolves in the world.there is a limit to those who hunt wolves which is 3 wolves per week. who ever goes over the limit we arrest.

  240. madison says:

    Dara, there is more wolf breeds go to uow.com and ti will have a list of all the wolve sin the world.

  241. madison says:

    black wolves are called british colombian wolves and there is usually a black wolf in every pack to those who do not know

  242. Starr says:

    I just got done listening to some of the howls that wolves make. I love them, they are such beautiful creatures. They make absolutley beautiful music and I just wish that people would respect them more. =)<3

  243. David says:

    I find it amazing how much you can prove yourself wrong when you just explore the web. I always thought they were harmfull. boy was i wrong! :)

  244. emily says:

    cool, its amazing how many wolves you included(I’m talking about all of the names each one has) I looked for a rocky mountain wolf cause sum1 said it wasnt on here. Turns out the fourth one i looked at the description was the Northwestern Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis), or ROCKY MOUNTAIN WOLF! Well, now I know they have more than 1 name! I love all animals, but wolves are my favorite, and my favorite wolf is Canis Lupus Baileyi, (yay! I remembered it!!!) or Mexican wolf. It’s so sad such a beautiful wolf is endangered!!! It’s a crime to kill something beautiful… *mumbles* actually I’m speaking for all of them, but mostly the Mexican.

  245. Krista Rene says:

    I’m in love with the Northwestern wolf. They’re so pretty!! :]

  246. emily says:

    what about the maned wolf? it’s name doesn’t start with ‘canis lupus’ so does it count as a wolf? but still… u should put all of the suggested ones down. There’re a lot, so i dont blame you for not having them all. I’ll try to make a list of wolves to help you out. but still, you’re really good at this!

  247. AMANDA says:


  248. AMANDA says:


  249. Lys says:

    Is there such thing as a timber wolf?

  250. Lys says:

    only because im doin a report so…. cha i wazzzz just wondering i just did the report and timber was included and its not up there….. 😀

  251. Paige says:

    We haven’t forgotten the Timber Wolf. They are one of the most common subspecies in the continental US and are also called Great Plains Wolves. They are listed above, along with the Eastern Wolf which is also called Eastern Timber wolf.

  252. sarahy says:

    save the wolfs

  253. emily says:

    I’ve found 51 different kinds of wolves! I didn’t even count their other names. You have 16 of them here. I can get you the list if you want. Just ask.

  254. emily says:

    13 of 53 wolves (that’s OVER 1 of 5.3 every five wolves) are EXTINCT!!! Then there are 9 endangered wolves, ALMOST 1 in 5 wolves! In total, that’s 22 in 53 wolves that are either extinct or endangered!!! That’s OVER 2 out of 5.3 wolves!!! I feel so sorry for them… that almost half of the wolves!!! (In my last post I said there were 51 wolves, but I forgot to list two other wolves, so there are 53.)

  255. emily says:

    for everyone here’s the list of wolves:
    1. Gray Wolf
    2. Arctic Wolf
    3. Tundra Wolf, Eurasian Arctic Wolf
    4. Arabian Wolf
    5. Mexican Wolf *ENDANGERED*
    6. Russian Wolf
    7. Italian Wolf, Apennine Wolf
    8. Egyptian Wolf *ENDANGERED*
    9. Eurasian Wolf, Common Wolf, European Wolf, Carpathian Wolf, Steppes Wolf, Tibetan Wolf, Chinese Wolf
    10. Eastern Wolf, Eastern Timber Wolf, Eastern Canadian Wolf, Eastern Canadian Red Wolf
    11. Great Plains Wolf, Timber Wolf, Buffalo Wolf *ENDANGERED*
    12. Northwestern Wolf, Rocky Mountain Wolf, McKenzie Valley Wolf, Canadian Wolf, Alaskan Wolf
    13. Indian Wolf, Desert Wolf *ENDANGERED*
    14. Iberian Wolf
    15. Ethiopian Wolf, Simien Jackal, Abyssinian Wolf, Simien Fox, Ethiopian Fox *ENDANGERED*
    16. Red Wolf *ENDANGERED*
    17. Alexander Archipelago Wolf
    18. Baffin Island Wolf
    19. Bernard’s Wolf
    20. Kenai Peninsula Wolf *EXTINCT*
    21. Newfoundland Wolf *EXTINCT*
    22. British Columbian Wolf *EXTINCT*
    23. Vancouver Island Wolf
    24. Dingo
    25. Domestic Dog
    26. Cascade Mountain Wolf *EXTINCT*
    27. Manitoba Wolf *EXTINCT*
    28. Hudson Bay Wolf
    29. Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf
    30. Labrador Wolf
    31. Mackenzie Tundra Wolf
    32. Mogollon Mountain Wolf, Southwestern Wolf *EXTINCT*
    33. Texas Grey Wolf *EXTINCT*
    34. Greenland Wolf
    35. Interior Alaskan Wolf
    36. Alaskan Tundra Wolf
    37. Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf *EXTINCT*
    39. Steppe Wolf
    40. Tibetan Wolf, Mongolian Wolf, Chinese Wolf
    41. Hokkaido Wolf, Ezo Wolf, Ezoookami *EXTINCT*
    42. Honshu Wolf, Yamainu, Mountain Dog *EXTINCT*
    43. European Gray Wolf, Common Gray Wolf
    44. Iranian Wolf
    45. North American Red Wolf
    46. Florida Red Wolf *EXTINCT*
    47. Dire Wolf *EXTINCT*
    48. Golden Jackal
    49. Egyptian Wolf
    50. Maned Wolf *ENDANGERED*
    51. Falkland Islands Wolf, Warrah, Falkland Islands Dog, Falkland Islands Fox, Antarctic Wolf *EXTINCT*
    52. Caspian Sea Wolf *ENDANGERED*
    53. Himalayan Wolf *ENDANGERED*

  256. emily says:

    You can use that Paige to help you get all of the wolves. The first 16 are from you.

  257. emily says:

    SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!

  258. emily says:

    write this after your post if you love wolves (u dont hav 2)
    SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!
    if u wanna on this post and other chat places.

    SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!

  259. emily says:

    Cool, I found another subspecies of the red wolf!!!
    54. Swamp Wolf

  260. emily says:

    Sorry to tell you, but,
    54. Swamp Wolf *EXTINCT*
    Soooooo sad!!!

  261. ivory c says:

    nnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo save them no kill wolfs

  262. Lys says:

    awesome how ya no bout all doze wolves!!! wow if i put all those in my report my teacher would haf ta giv me an a++++++++
    thy paige

  263. Lys says:


  264. ivory c says:

    i hate people that kill wolves

  265. jewe miller says:

    wolves are awsome

  266. mikayla says:

    omg i hate sarah palin she kills theses aniamals

  267. Jaime S. says:

    hi i’m doing a science project on wolves, I was wondering if I could please use the information about them. (I don’t need the pictures) and I will NOT use it as my own. Please reply as soon as posible

    Thank you, Jaime :)

  268. Jaime S. says:

    Also another thing is if there were really werewolves out there I would be one! I LOVE them soooo much! I think it’s what makes me such a dog person! <3 😀

  269. Emily says:

    Thanks guys! I’m looking up other animals now, but if I missed any wolves (I doubt I did but still) tell me. They are amazing animals and if they destroy 1 more wolf species it’ll be war!


  270. Shelby says:

    Save the Wolves!!!! I love wolves! :)

    Dara do you have science/social studies with Mrs. Nelson?

  271. Mary says:

    There have been red wolf sightings in South Mississippi along the Gulf Coast in the past few years. They live in the areas destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, an area approx 26 miles along the coastline by about 2 blocks deep. Some has been repopulated with businesses and homes, but most is still largely vacant land, now going to woods. A lot of the land to the north, formerly heavy woods, has been cut down to make way for people moving off of the coastline.

    I saw 2 red wolves in my back yard a few years ago. I got a very good look and by my internet search of pictures on the internet, that has to be what they were. Other people have seen red wolves too in the same area.

  272. wolflover81 says:

    from mari i realy like wolfs! SAVE THE WOLF SPEICES! THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THIS WEB SITE SHOULD DO IT ON BEAR,foxs,and other endangered spiecies!peace out wolf lovers;)

  273. wolflover81 says:

    my last name is nelson ago wolfs

  274. Shelby says:

    I just looooooooooooooooove wolves. I even pretend to be wolves!!!!:):);):);)

  275. Shelby says:

    Give me a :) if you abbsolutely adore wolves!!!!

  276. Shelby says:

    Wow Mary!!! You saw wolves in your backyard?:)

  277. Shelby says:

    Jaime. How do you make that huge smiley? <3?

  278. kelly says:

    is there such thing as an alpine wolf? im trying to find a wolf that lives in the alps

  279. Jaime S. says:

    Never mind about the project thing I found a better website with more information and the responded to me within a day.
    Thanks (for nothing), Jaime S.

  280. Jaime S. says:

    And shelby you do : D but without a space inbetween.

  281. Jon B. says:

    just great alot of info and gd pics

  282. Calvin B. says:

    that is so cool:) i didn’t know how many types there were but now i know i am obsessed with wolves !!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish i was one !!

  283. Shelby says:

    Me too Calvin 😀

  284. katie says:

    what are the main soecies is it just the gray wolf .

  285. Michael says:

    Save the wolves they are my indians tribe sacred animal. i am part of a wolves pack. Im the alpha male. Everybody calles me wolf boy. I don’t care what it takes. I will save my family of wolves and any other pack of wolves i would die to save them. People just don’t know how they were here first. If they knew that dogs came from wolves. Maybe they would think and treat them better.

  286. Lys says:

    i hate it when wlves are killed by traps or anything but, i bet the still do feel the pain of loss even if they dont understand each other like we do. all animals probably do even if they do look well dumb. even if i do eat meat, still i would rather be a vegitarian. i actually was one for a lomng time last year but i got sick from it.

  287. Lys says:

    after seeing that list of wolves and then seeing endangered or extinced next to it is just so terrible

  288. SadieA.G. says:

    After so much they’ve been through wolves are still here. I think thats AMAZING on how they can survive. I have a club Called Pack Night Fall when we all grow up we are gonna try to save wolves :]!!!

  289. Tara says:

    I love wolves. To me, they are amazing creatures. They run at extreme speed, are furry, big, cute and lovable. They’re life facts thrill me! I guess you could say that wolves are my fav animal!

  290. mya guadalupe says:

    how can we save wolves from going extinct?wolves are cute and cudly but what can we do to save them.

  291. Emil says:

    i love wolves much much but why do urope poeple think there freakin withches or demons just what the heck and dont hunt wolves or my knife will go in your head

  292. Emil says:

    when i was 4 i lived with wolves but the humens took me away :(

  293. Rebecca says:

    I am obsessed with wolves. I can’t wait to c 1 when I go to the wolf reserve in the summer.. :) :) :)

  294. Erick says:

    You forgot the “Big Bad Wolf”. Haha. Just kidding.

  295. Emily says:


  296. Jaime S. says:

    lys, just think of wolves as people. they have feeling too the have pain and thoughts and family just like humans do. And not just wolves, it all animals!
    So everytime you see an animal, all of you, just say hi…… and even though you might not here it, they say hi back.

  297. Shelby says:

    I litterally act like a wolf. every day I walk around making my hands look like paws.

  298. anthony says:

    WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who are gay

  299. anonumuss says:

    Wolves are legendary because of their spine-tingling howl, which they use to communicate. A lone wolf howls to attract the attention of his pack, while communal howls may send territorial messages from one pack to another. Some howls are confrontational. Much like barking domestic dogs, wolves may simply begin howling because a nearby wolf has already begun.
    Wolves are the largest members of the dog family. Adaptable gray wolves are by far the most common and were once found all over the Northern Hemisphere. But wolves and humans have a long adversarial history. Though they almost never attack humans, wolves are considered one of the animal world’s most fearsome natural villains. They do attack domestic animals, and countless wolves have been shot, trapped, and poisoned because of this tendency.
    In the lower 48 states, gray wolves were hunted to near extinction, though some populations survived and others have since been reintroduced. Few gray wolves survive in Europe, though many live in Alaska, Canada, and Asia.
    Red wolves live in the southeastern United States, where they are endangered. These animals actually became extinct in the wild in 1980. Scientists established a breeding program with a small number of captive red wolves and have reintroduced the animal to North Carolina. Today, perhaps 100 red wolves survive in the wild.
    The maned wolf, a distant relative of the more familiar gray and red wolves, lives in South America. Physically, this animal resembles a large, red fox more than its wolf relatives.
    Wolves live and hunt in packs of around six to ten animals. They are known to roam large distances, perhaps 12 miles (20 kilometers) in a single day. These social animals cooperate on their preferred prey—large animals such as deer, elk, and moose. When they are successful, wolves do not eat in moderation. A single animal can consume 20 pounds (9 kilograms) of meat at a sitting. Wolves also eat smaller mammals, birds, fish, lizards, snakes, and fruit.
    Wolfpacks are established according to a strict hierarchy, with a dominant male at the top and his mate not far behind. Usually this male and female are the only animals of the pack to breed. All of a pack’s adults help to care for young pups by bringing them food and watching them while others hunt.

  300. now i’ve seen many wolves!!! :)

  301. William Johnson says:

    To all you bleeding heart liberals with hate in your veins: come to Idaho, I’ll show you what the reintroduction of the Canadian Grey wolf has done to our ecosystem. This wolf was not native to our area-the Rocky Mountain wolf is native, and was here in limited numbers before reintroduction circa 1995. Actually reintroduction is a misnomer–you can’t reintroduce something not native to the area. Perhaps ‘introduced’ is more apt description of this Federal power play.

    The Yellowstone elk population was around 25K animals before being introduced to our ecosystem. Now the estimated population is down to around 7K animals. So much for them not being killing machines. The total Idaho elk population was around 125K animals before introduction and is now down to around 119K at last count.

    I’ve seen wolves in Idaho since 1993, mostly around Bear Valley and the Frank Church. We stopped hunting Bear Valley in 1998 due to the lack of animals, all driven out by the wolf. We drove last summer (2010) down Stanley-Landmark road from Idaho 21 to Deadwood Reservoir hunting Huckleberries. We saw one elk and no deer. Pitiful. We started hunting Area 51 but saw wolves again this year (a pack of 5) so not sure how much longer that area will continue to be productive. No place to go to get away from the wolf now. Except maybe Kentucky. They have a herd of elk now close to 10K animals but they don’t know how to hunt them.

    I’m not anti-wolf, just prefer the didn’t eat everything in sight. So if I’m lucky enough I will shoot every wolf I can, whether legal or not. I’d prefer it was legal to do so with a valid season and tags available. Thanks to tree-huggers and other green renigging enviro-wackos, that isn’t possible.

    By the way, you go Sarah Palin. We need more people molded in her likeness, not less.

    I read many of the comments posted here and this website seems to attract un or undereducated younger people who haven’t taken the time to do proper research. Not to mention they don’t know how to properly phrase a thought and then put it in writing. The use of grammar and punctuation seems to be dying art and is pitiful in these comments. I wonder if thats a function of our teachers, or just our society. Maybe cheap communication such as texting and Facebook have exacerbated the problem. No wonder even with union teachers in Wisconsin they still can’t get 66% of their eighth-graders to read at a proficient level.

    Two last thoughts to Emil and Paige:

    Emil wrote “…my knife will go in your head.” Quite a bit of bravado from someone who probably doesn’t even know the business end of knife. So this is the civility we want in our society? You sir are nothing but a fool.

    Paige wrote “Also what kind of people do you imagine it attracts to offer a $250 bounty on a wolfs head?” I’m not sure Paige what type of person you’d attract but I’ll do it for free. Heck, I’ll even do it legally by purchasing my license and wolf tag, which means I’m paying for that honor. My license and tag fees go to support all the wildlife in Idaho, not just those I hunt. None of you have any business espousing your hatred of hunting while you eat you munch on your Big Mac at your local McDonalds. As for me, I have four college degrees and I am a retired Air Force Master Sergeant. I have more integrity in my left little toe than most of you have in your entire bodies. Then again most of you probably don’t even know what integrity is.

    Wolves can stay, but like all animals they need to be managed. Hunting is the only way to manage them.

  302. Shelby says:


  303. william johnson says:

    So what this website will promote is only their beliefs and views, but not those that disagree with them. You may as well be from China.

  304. miceala says:

    what about the timber wolf?

  305. cassandra says:

    Ok I have the red wolf mixed with husky very good dog.

  306. Nick says:

    Wolves are killing all of my families cattle and the elk and deer that i hunt to survive during the winter they need to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  307. Gia says:

    Emily where did you get that list of wolves? Is that every type of wolf? Anyway I LOVE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO WOLVES!!!!!!!!! WOLVES ARE THE CUTEST THING KNOWN TO MAN!!!!!!! I <3 WOLVES!!!!! SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!!!!!!

  308. ayden says:

    thanks it was helpful i needed for my essay on wolves.

  309. Blueice says:

    thanks so much for these wolf pics and info… i love wolves and i want to help them so this will really help me!!!

  310. Tim from Idaho says:

    these wolves in idaho kill pets livestock and anything else they can get a hold of. including 30000 elk and deer a year. the wolves need to be managed not irraticated.

  311. court loves wolves says:

    i love wolves scrach that i adore wolves and i’m upset that people are killing them oh and thanks for the info i needed for my project

  312. Sammy says:

    i love wolves they are my fav animals…… they are everywhere and they need help alot of places took over their homes and their habitats…… houses and stores they are all building all these things in deserts and forest and pretty much EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!

  313. Diyanah J says:

    is coyote the same as any above?

  314. Chenyll says:

    I Love Wolves there My favorite Animals Too :] I’m Like Writting About Them 😀 And I KNow Much About Them ,, !!!!!!!!!` save The Wolves !!!~

  315. Itchy says:

    I find it amusing that there are people ranting about how much they hate wolves in the comment here. Personally, I’m curious to know why they are even looking at this website.
    I support wolves and those who work to save them!

  316. Itchy says:

    Thank you so much! I needed some of the information on this website for a story I’m writing. (I’m so excited about it!! xD) I noticed another comment asking permisson to use this information. I guess I should ask as well!
    May I please use some of the information from this website? (Not the pictures, just the info.)
    Thanks so much for putting this website up, it has really helped me with my story!!!

    I’m glad to see not too many wolf haters are still commenting on here. I had asked earlier why those type of people were even looking at the website. That just doesn’t mack much sence to me, haha.

  317. CaSsIe MuRrAy says:


  318. Cassie says:

    I love wolves. They are my favorite animal. My favorite wolve is the gray wolf.

  319. Rox says:

    Wolves always facinated me, the way they live in packs, their ranks, their way of communication. Very interesting animals, love them! Live forever wolves, whatever type!!
    Long live the wolves!!
    BTW when i was in primary school there was a system where every child gets into a group: Tiger, eagle, bear or wolf. I was in wolf, the one i originally wanted to be in :) They are the best!!
    Hoooray, hooray, long live the Wolves! hooray, hooray!!

  320. Meranda says:

    I <3 wolves soooooo much, dis i a awsome site 😀

  321. Kristine says:

    I love the website. I actually have a wolf 100 percent as a pet. Where I live they are constantly in the paper for sale and the hybrids. They are amazing animals nothing like a dog but they are so much easier to deal with I think. I do have a female lab/golden retreiver and well she sort of adopted the pup as her own and they are never apart and they dont fight it is crazy…. but I love going outside and letting them in and cuddling to the creature that has a horrible reputation. :) she is now 7months old and she is close to being full grown and all I can say is WOW… she isnt aggressive to strangers either. We try to keep her social and she gets walked and loves going bye bye to the store and park. I always get the same questions or responses and I do have a 1 and 4 yr old and she is great with them too.

  322. Kristine says:

    I love my baby xena !!!

  323. Sydney says:

    Jason Sweatt, she is not killing some she is dieing them down, she has killed families and is still killing more, instead of killing them why doesn’t she think about moving them to an area that could use wolves Der Der DER you are ticking me off with this KILL THE WOLVES IS GOOD thing so please think of other ways to HELP wolves, not to kill them

  324. Sydney says:

    BTW it it is NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY to murder FAMILIES how would you like it if you and your family were just walking around and someone came in from a helicopter and murdered you and your family? Move wolves do not kill them what you said was RUDE and HURTFUL to most Viewers and we do not respect that, whatever you have to say about that is also RUDE and HURTFUL to me and all wolf lovers all i have left to say is this

    SCREW Sarah Palin because it is not doing wolves a favor by murdering them, if you have ever watched wolf’s rain the episode that is what will happen if we keep killing them and listening to Sarah Palin, she is not our mother, don’t obey her, defy her terrible decision, shame on you Jason Sweatt for agreeing with that TERRIBLE WITCH on murdering wolves, it is a shame, please agree with me my fellow wolf lovers because this man (or boy) thinks it is good to kill wolves. when i say PUT THEM IN A NEW HABITAT LIKE THE ONE THEIR IN BUT IN A NEW AREA FROM ALASKA TO ANTARTICA OR SOMEWHERE ELSE BOO TO MURDERING THEM!!!

  325. Sydney says:

    I threw up when i heard the news that Sarah Palin is killing wolves, my teacher said it in class and i puked up all over the floor, that is a SICK and TWISTED RESPONSIBILITY you THINK we have. Diiiiissgusting ! Horrid! I gagged when i read your comments SICK!

  326. Sydney says:

    I hope that you learn that is ISN’T a good idea to kill WOLVES AND THEIR PUPPIES. She is also not just allowing hunters to kill wolves she is sending out people to INVADE THEIR HOMES, KILL THEIR PUPPIES FIRST, THEN KILL THEM AFTER


  327. Sydney says:

    Oh my goodness Kristen where do you live ?! Once i can afford my own house i will come up their to live forever and ever woo !

  328. jeremy says:

    i live in canada an no wolf up here has ever killed anyone in-fact my papa was hunting with his freind and they came across a very hurt nothern timber wolf he said that the wolf did not attack them and it was very hungry so they feed it and wanted to help but thay were more thay 150 miles away from town.
    i love that story but anyways i love wolves i will be makeing a blog on wolfs check it out plz


  329. Mickey says:

    you forgot the Timber wolf

  330. Kristine says:

    I live in arkansas around Fort Smith. We just moved and I have my wolf bording where I got her at the wolf sactuary in Chester,Arkansas. This guy who owns and runs it has devoted his life, money, and home to take care of these wonderful creatures. He is taking care of mine because I do not have a place to go right now nor her. Xena is so cool and fun to be around. She is timber wolf, red wolf, and artic white wolf. He has so many different types of wolves and sort of become an expert in them. He has a few he just rescued from Alaska and also from Montana. He has plenty from oklahoma and I forget where else. He breeds a few of them and that is how I got mine. She is so pretty and sweet. She minds better than a dog. They arent very cute when they shed. If you have anymore questions just ask me!!

  331. Anais says:

    I am writing a book on wolves. It’s called “Wolf: Lost in the Shadows”. Hope it’ll be big one day. For more info, email me at supercooldog05@gmail.com . I would love to here from you!

  332. Anais says:

    I have more questions for Kristine. Could I please get your email? That would be great!

  333. Alecia Cole says:

    @Jason Sweatt – How about we “thin out” your family – by you?!?!?! That’s the most ignorant statement about overpopulation of wolves!! Man is WA-A-A-A-A-AY overpopulated. We must thin him out first. I say let’s start with people like you who have such a misguided, uneducated opinion!

  334. Alecia Cole says:

    @Tim from Idaho – How about someone managing YOU?!?! You are another, like Jason Sweatt, who has a terribly ignorant and misguided idea about wolves. They kill only to eat. They are necessary. If they are overpopulated, how did they end up on the Endangered Species List??
    Wolves only kill livestock because greedy cattlemen want to graze their cattle in the wolves’ territory. I doubt you’d turn down a steak if someone put it right under your nose and you were hungry! Man needs to keep OFF the wolves’ territory. They take their space, taunt them with prey (cattle), then kill them and hate them for doing what comes naturally to them for survival. Man is a stupid, greedy, ignorant, self-centered species. Wolves are beautiful!!

  335. Alecia Cole says:

    @William Johnson – You, Sir, are just full of yourself, aren’t you? For one thing, this is not a forum for you to give us your resume. No one here is impressed with your four college degrees. Ignorant people can get a college degree. It is also not a forum for correcting everyone’s grammar ,punctuation and spelling!

    As for the wolf, I’d rather have 10 million wolves hunting the elk and deer than to see humans (and I use that term VERY loosely on you and your hunter friends) who take pleasure in shooting everything that doesn’t get out of their way. The hunter mentality is a violent, brutal, greedy one that is totally out of control!! Like the Palin bit**, you just want to do away with wolves so that you and your kind will have more animals to murder!!

    And, NO, I do NOT munch down on burgers, chicken, pork or any other murdered animal’s flesh!! My diet is a peace-sustaining one where animals are allowed to live their lives free of the fear of being slaughtered for their flesh to be eaten by a so-called “superior” (HA!) species of animal.

    Let me share a few of my favorite quotes with you:

    “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” – COUNT LEO TOLSTOY

    “As long as man continues to be the ruthless destoyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” – PYTHAGORAS

    “Cruelty to dumb animals is one of the distinguishing vices of low and base minds. Wherever it is found, it is a certain mark which all the external advantages of wealth, splendor and nobility cannot obliterate. It is consistent with neither learning nor true civility.” – WILLIAM JONES – English Philologist and Jurist

    “With all things and in all things we are relatives.” – SIOUX

    ” . . . peace, justice and equality cannot exist in a world that slaughters billions for the trivial reason that they taste good.” – MAC MCDANIEL

    “But for the sake of some little mouthful of flesh, we deprive a soul of the sun and light and of that proportion of life and time it had been born into the world to enjoy.” – PLUTARCH

    I could continue, but I’ll leave you with the quote that probably fits you and your kind best:
    “Some minds are like concrete – thoroughy mixed up and permanently set.” – ?

    Now, Sir, get out your red pencil and start correcting my grammar and spelling,etc. Any mistakes you see would be typos only. I only have ONE college degree, but I consider myself better educated than you.

  336. Alecia Cole says:

    @ Chaney – Chaney, dear, you need to educate yourself on a subject before you take part in a forum/discussion on them. Wolves do not kill people. They are shy, peaceful, family-oriented animals. Man is the worst killing machine on the planet. Read up a little more on wolves, please.

  337. joe says:

    they ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  338. Taylor wind says:

    wow u guys go in deep with wolves. they are amazing! i wish that we could save them all. i am so a wolf lover! i wish people could learn to just get along with these wonderful animals! WOLVES FOREVER!!

  339. OMFZ i love wolves im 12 and my room has posters and posters of these awesome creatures im obsessed i have been doin a report about em i i think i got all the awesomeness i luv em<3 dont forget the itty bitty babies i have a gaint alaskan malimute / wolf he is soooooooooo beautiful his name is khonna !!!

  340. you can reach me at
    if u luv wolves and wanna save em cantact me

  341. hayli says:

    i love wolves they rae my life and i would do anything to protect them

  342. crystal says:

    i agree i love them and most are endangered so i would love to save them. go on my website its a wolf roleplaying one here it is. whispering-wolves.webs.com if you want to go on my friends here it is silverskieswolfpackrp.webs.com

  343. Harriet says:

    I think that people need to leave every type of wild animal alone they are not the type of animal you play with you should never feed them or try to befriend them you are a known threat even if you’ve done nothing wrong its the wildness telling them that and you never know whether they have cubs with them its a known fact that they are very protective of there cubs all types of wild animals know us as threats and if people think that if they play with them and get close to them they’ll be fine but there wild animals and when there wildness kicks in thats it people should expect there being atacks when you are there territory and your not surpose to be there expect them to attack what would you do if a stranger entered your house you may shout and tell them to leave but with any wild animal they cant tell you to leave and they do make threatening noises but some people dont understand it we all should expect there to be attacks now and then

  344. Jackie(13) says:

    People who hunt and kill wolves should get the Sh*t knocked out of them. They have feelings just like any human being !

  345. Joe Toney says:

    I have a wolf pup of my own he looks like an arctic wolf but he doesn’t have the rite fur its all fluffy and stuff. and ive never seen a other wolf like him or similar. and i love wolves there so interesting to me and iam only 12 years old. and i would help any wolf program i can if i was old enough to. but iam not. and i think more people like us should protect wolves and save them. its cruel that people hunt them for fur and just for the fun. its not rite. i say save every wolf let them thrive in the wild. don’t shot them for fun or for fur. they have family to that cares. like our family does i mean your family would be sad if you were shot for fun. its common sense people use it.

  346. nilajah says:

    i agree with harriet. it is so important that people realize that all animals-including people-have a range of personal space they need in order to feel comfortable. mutual respect people! GOD gave man/woman dominion over the earth & we are expected to be good stewards. let’s take care of our earthly inheritence & all that’s in it…ok? including eachother. peace be with you

  347. lizzie says:

    they’re SOOOOOOO CUTE!!

  348. ANA ...... says:


  349. George says:

    I love Wolves. Great post. Congrats!

  350. emily says:

    @Gia – I seriously took about a week going through millions of sites and putting down every new wolf I found plus other names for the wolves. It was extremely difficult but somehow I managed. I am 99.99% sure those are all of the wolves. Sorry if I’m not on much!

  351. Pops says:

    Sorry but i dont like em..

  352. Pops says:

    My friend hannah is a wolf!

  353. liv says:

    hey ..im doing a project and would live to use some info and pics please can i there are lots of difforent types of wolfs and they are lovely animals thanks ! xx

  354. John says:

    Non-native Canadian wolves they’re SOOOOOOO CUTE!! destroying our native wildlife here in the United States.
    Not really all you non-native wolf lovers are abunch of sick people!

  355. John says:

    People who hunt and kill wolves should get the Sh*t knocked out of them. They have feelings just like any human being !

    Sorry but you are very wrong wolves have no morals, no compassion for other animals that they slaughter just for fun and not eat, abort calf elk before they are born and leave the mother elk to bleed to death and die and not eat the mother elk either.

    I do not beleive any human could do these things to an animal and be able to live with themselfs.

    These non-native Canadian wolves need to get the Sh*t knocked out of them !

  356. yadiel says:

    and what about the black wolf?

  357. TabbyLuvsWolves says:

    wow I love wolves. I really want one for a pet but no such luck. My parents wont let me. haha Why would people hunt them them living is worth more than their fur. So Stop Hunting Them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save Wolves Now!!

    P.S. Paige awesome website very helpful

    I Luv Wolves<3

  358. BlackWolf says:

    wow I love wolves. I really want one for a pet but no such luck. My parents wont let me. haha Why would people hunt them them living is worth more than their fur. So Stop Hunting Them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save Wolves Now!! :)

    P.S. Paige awesome website very helpful


  359. REBECCA says:

    :( (cry cry) wolves are hunted everyday rather it be grey or red it is wasted it is sick they are endangered not enough people are helping save this graceful howling creature by going to savewolves.org/alaska make a donation OR send a letter aka e-mail or go to defenders.org/savewolves OR go to protectors.org/savewolves i have done every one here oh and does anyone have any clubs you help protect wolves for 11-16+ :) yeah im 11 so……….i live in TN and might be moving to alaska though (hope so :D) thanks hope there is

  360. REBECCA says:

    oh i made a typo haha im not 11 im 13 i keep wanting to put two ones together 😀 lol silly me but i do have a sister who is 11 her name is emma 😀 we both love wolves and want to help so…….any clubs oh tell me price,location fyi im looking it up so do not give me a FAKE ADRESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!me get mad >:l
    hope that makes a mad face 😀 but anyways…..WOLVES NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  361. REBECCA says:



  362. Jessica B. says:

    Wolves are my favorite animal!!! My favorite type of wolf is the Gray Wolf.

  363. rosalie10167 says:

    wolfs are cool do not hurt any of them they are too cool to be killed for fur and fangs, bones etc…

  364. Antonio says:

    the tundra and grey wolf are the best

  365. Antonio says:

    lets not forget the eastern and northwestern wolves

  366. Lansey says:

    No one knows the stories of the wolves they do not kill for pleaser they kill to survie and thrive in the wild. Once the wolves romed all over the land now there are only a few that rome in the territory that was once theirs.Now the only place the kids will see a wolf is in a zoo where the wolf is unhappy and traped in a habitat instead of the wild.The people who killed these animals for the fur should be ashamed what did these masters of their domane ever do to you?

  367. Kayte says:

    Hey, this is the first time I’ve ever looked up anything about wolves and I have to say, I was shocked! I never knew that there were so many different species. This is an amazing cite, and based on all the comments left here, a very popular one! I didn’t know Sara Palin hunted wolves, but I have to say, it doesn’t surprise me. The Mexican, Tundra, Northwestern, Iberian, and Ethiopian Wolves are some of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen. Haha, this was a really looong comment, I’ve probably bored everyone who read this to death. Thanks for the great info!

  368. Kayte says:

    And, um John, your comments make no sense. Haha

  369. Shai-Anne says:

    can i use the info please I’m doing a project

  370. leo mills says:

    yer all talking shite

  371. Jessica B says:

    Hey if any one wants to hurt a wolf in any way they will have to go through me first

  372. Tasia says:

    Wovels shall not die anymore

  373. dnawolf says:

    omg u forgot the timber wolf dire wolf and the C diruswolf !! i know alot about red wolf but ya know good try :) to to be mean :3

  374. dnawolf says:

    and OMG u have know idear howe much i WOVE wolfs there so cute i feel like eating them!! plus tasia your right people should use fake fur wen ijm old enough i going to band reall fur!

  375. Clara J says:

    A friend of mine says there is a big wolf the is really called a Werewolf and is 5ft tall when on all fours even, I already think I know the answer but I have to ask is there any truth to what he says, because he REALLY thinks its a real wolf, he says he would like to have it as a pet! I have no idea where he got the idea, I have found nothing anywhere to back up what he said, but he is the type to believe just about anything! So I am thinking he read some myth about a giant wolf, and also maybe got the name wrong as well, sense I can’t even find a myth about what he talking about!

  376. Johnb413 says:

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  377. jasmin says:

    save these wolves most of these wolves are endangerd think of the indian wolf it must almost be extinked with the weather it hasto cope with

  378. Axel says:

    Gg wp

  379. It does not have barely any info at all! It has just what one paragraph for each wolf? Another reason about what bad stuff this web has is it is 99% comments!

  380. Whoever created this kinda needs more info…..

  381. hey peeps, check out the web on my name! if you have a dog, this web has tons of info!

  382. Guest says:

    i mainly draw ethiopian wolves and i never knew that there was a breed that had a slightly thick fur and pointy ears, i thought i made up what a wolf looks like

  383. maegan says:

    i love wolves so much and think its wrong to kill them i want to help save wolves i got to actually see a real live wolf at forest park zoo grey wolves were under a rock cuddled together sleeping it was adorable i think that someone should do something about people killing wolves

  384. CharlyWolf says:

    I am doing a report for science fair…. I need this info.. may I use it? And the photos are just amazing! I need some…. If that is okay.

  385. CharlyWolf says:

    Like seriously you delete my request… Wow! Anyway I am going to use these anyway…. No offense.. So bye.
    P.S. Wolves are the superior animals of the world. If we hadn’t been born into existence, they would be the ones building houses! So yeah!
    Wolves are the Gods! lol Charlywolf signing out! (;0)

  386. CharlyWolf says:

    Is it

    Think before you speak canines!!!

  387. AlexBlackRavenx says:

    Wolves are amazing animals and people are just killing them off like really they are so important to people and my friend is trying to find wolves around the world so she can try to protect them! so Save the wolves…Welcome to the Pack <3

  388. CharlyWolf says:

    Welcome to the pack.
    I’m Alpha- so listen up
    1. Wolf killing is ilegal
    2.Back off
    3. Stop killing wolves
    4. There are millions of endangerd wolves around the world
    5. Save the wolves
    6. Be kind
    7. I’M ALPHA…..
    Any questions?

  389. CharlyWolf says:


  390. CharlyWolf says:

    Hello,How are you? I’m in californa dreamin of back when wolves ruled the world!!!!!!! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo. STOP KILLING WOOOOOOOOOOOOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  391. Jake says:

    i am doing a project on wolves and this was a big help

  392. veronica says:

    I’m new on this but I’m on Caninest and I found a lot a wolf species there amazing.

  393. i know right!
    To me Wolves are everything! and i don’t know why but my name is weird to!
    i just love wolves so much and i know what you mean
    someone should help them I’m so happy that some one else can relate to this love of wolves 😀

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  397. 4th grade wolf guy says:

    i love wolves so much!! no one should kill them!!

  398. 4th grade wolf guy says:

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  399. Sophie says:

    I love wolves they are my favorite animal, and I hope that they can be saved or not be as harmed much. Please and Thank you

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  401. sam says:

    wow thanks for the info im doing a project in class and this really helped to know what types of wolves there are!

  402. Liz says:

    I am writing a document on reintroducing wolves back into the UK and this website will help a lot.

  403. Jujutsujoy says:

    My husband and I owned two hybrid wolves, Gracie and Geronimo. We lived on 10 acres up in Northern Cali where there were mountain lions and bears. We had a ten year old Daughter that needed protecting and the wolves were the perfect babysitters for the job. We were the most wonderful pack; fun, loving, caring, cozy and most of all protecting of each and every one of us. There was never any tracks of predators on the property again.

  404. laylataydragon says:

    me and a couple of my freinds are making a game called mini wolf, this helps a lot because we want as many types of wolves as possible

  405. Brett says:

    Wolves are amazing please do not kill?????

  406. Brett says:

    Wolves are amazing and I never knew that there was 16 breeds of wolf????

  407. ?Wolf lover? says:

    Do not mess with the powers of the greatest animal of all time the wolf.

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  417. bannana says:

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