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Basic Dog Anatomy

By Paige

Dog Anatomy
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The Basics Of Dog Anatomy

Learn a little about your animal.

The area just above the eyes and before the stop.

The indentation in a dog’s forehead just above eye level & varies in depth by breed.

The muzzle is the area from just past the stop to the nose & varies in length based on breed.

On the front of the face, the nose in most breeds is black (sometimes multi-colored or flesh colored) and usually kept moist.

Located below the nose, the mouth comes in a variety of shapes & sizes.

The upper lips, especially if they are long & thick (think St. Bernard).

Located just past the bottom jaw, where the neck meets the head.

The muscular upper section of the upper arm.

Point of Shoulder
The front of the joint where the upper arm and shoulderblade meet.

The front part of the body between the forelegs & below the chest.

The top area of the upper leg.

Or the carpus connects the lower leg to the paw.

Includes the toes, feet & pads at the end of all four legs of the dog.

The area of the foreleg between the wrist and the foot.

The joint that connects the upper arm and the forearm.

Under section of the abdomen.

Similar to our knee, the stifle is the joint that connects the lower thigh to the upper thigh.

Area of the hindquarters between the hip and the stifle.

The joint that connects the lower thigh to the lower leg.

Back of the upper thigh.

Come in a variety of shapes, sizes and positions.

Area of the back from the root of the tail to the front of the pelvis.

Area on both sides of the vertebrae between the last few ribs and the hindquarters.

The area from the withers to the root of the tail.

The top of the shoulder blades and the highest point of the body, located just behind the neck.

Thick, dense hair around the top of the neck.

The upper, arched area of the neck (some breeds grow thicker hair on their ruff).

Usually located on or near the top of the head, ears vary in size, placement & shape based on breed.

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  1. Deb says:

    It seems my 13 week old lab puppy has her femur bone out of place. It protrudes near her anus. It is only on one side. It doesn’t seem to be bothering her. Any thoughts?

  2. yourmomsdog says:

    how big is the dogs anus relitively speeking

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