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Real Poodle Colors

By Paige
Poodle with purple sunglasses on

Image from The Pack

A few weeks ago we did a post about the ghastly practice of dyed dogs.

More often than not, the subject of this is the poodle, perhaps because they don’t shed their hair.

A Breed Apart

People often joke about poodles and their haircuts, but really they are intelligent and kind animals who make great pets for those with allergies. Not to mention they come in a rainbow of colors, naturally.

Let’s face it, if Mother Nature wanted poodles to be pink, she would have made them that way. What we should do is celebrate what she gave us, not try to modify it.

The Colorful World of Poodles

A look at poodles, the way nature intended.

Apricot Poodle

Apricot Poodle

Image from JoF
Black Poodle

Black Poodle

Image from Gayle N
Brown Poodle

Brown Poodle

Image from Pictr 30D
Cafe Au Lait Poodle

Cafe Au Lait Poodle

Image from Caomai
Cream Poodle

Cream Poodle

Image from tarnalberry
Parti Poodle Black

Parti Poodle

Image from ulatramega
Parti Poodle Brown

Parti Poodle

Image from ulatramega
Phantom Poodle

Phantom Poodle

Image from Willowbrook Farm
Red Poodle

Red Poodle

Silver Poodle

Silver Poodle

Image from fallsroad
White Poodle

White Poodle

Image from domat33f

This is Just A Few

There are many different parti and phantom combinations which are all quite rare and hard to find pictures of. If anyone has a better picture of a poodle color they’d like to share, drop us a note. We’ll give you credit for your shot.

42 Responses to “Real Poodle Colors”

  1. Kat D says:

    I grew up with a mix-breed poodle. She was black when young, then turned silver. She mostly looked like a poodle, but she had a teri nose. She lived till she was 16 and was the toughest little dog I’ve known. We miss you Buffy!

  2. aimee says:

    i read the other post ‘poodles wronged’ and was very angered by it as im a dog groomer myself. you keep saying about poodles are lovely just the way nature inteneded, but you have failed to realise that poodles were not breed in the wild by ‘mother nature’ they are a man made breed, created purley by people over a long period of time. ‘mother nature’ also did not intened them to have clipped faces or feet as you have shown in your pictures yet, many dogs suffer from clipper reactions when groomed, yet you seem to have no problem with that?? your argument does not logically have a leg to stand on. you should actully understand something befoe you decide you are so opposed to it.

  3. aimee says:

    also in many of the photos here, the poodles have docked tails. how can u be opposed to dying their hair and not cutting their tails off? you obviousy have a very naive opinion about the world of dog breeding, grooming and showing.

  4. Paige says:

    Although we’ve always had dogs (usually rescued mutts) admittedly we are still new to the barbaric world of purebred inbreeding, tail docking and the rest of the atrocities forced on the canine population. We are learning as we go along and will definitely be addressing your concerns.

    Thanks for the feedback, it will be considered as we write future posts.

  5. wolf_canis_lover says:

    i have a cafe au lait poodle, her name is wissis 😀

  6. emma j. howie says:

    hello. i was working on a school project when i found this. it was really helpful thank you very much!

  7. emma j. howie says:

    by the way, mine is a cream standard named Lady!!

  8. Cathy says:

    I have a young (6 months) phantom brindle standard that comes in to be groomed by me. Beautiful dog. I’ll see if I can get a pic next time he comes in.

  9. Galen Duckles says:

    I have a gorgeous Apricot Standard, she is a rescue and definitely all poodle, best dog ever and more people than dog.

  10. patrick says:


  11. patrick says:

    poddles are cool i love poddle so much

  12. i love poodles i have one at home is black his name is rex!!!!! :)

  13. Smarty says:

    I have a gorgeous miniature black poodle called Mika, he has a great curly tail and wherever we go with him people want to stroke him and tell us how gorgeous he is. I think this site is wonderful.

    This is how poodles should be represented and not dressed up like a doll, dyed or cut into strange designs. This only perpetuates the negative image that many people have of this beautiful breed. Many breeds have docked tails and thankfully the practice is dying out but the sooner it is completely banned the better.

    Well done Paige for putting these fantastic, positive images of poodles together.

    Finally, Angry Aimee, man made dog! you need to check out the history of the breed, which has been around since roman times before you make your venomous comments, if the dogs you groom have clipper rash you should be cutting them by hand or looking after your equipment more adequately.

    I think I am done now, Poodles rule! peace, love and happiness to all the kind people of the world :-)

  14. Carol says:

    The Poodle you have listed as “Cafe” is an Apricot. Cafes are part of the brown spectrum and always have liver pigment (note that dog has a black nose).

    Also, I believe the dogs you list as Silver is actually a Blue Phantom.

  15. BellaRoo says:

    I have to agree with Aimee, to a certain extent. They are a man-made breed and the cuts given to them by groomers were very effective when the breed was very commonly used for what it was bred for, going into water and retrieving game. They keep the cuts these days to represent what this breed once used to do. So this is not exactly a breed created by mother nature, therefore a dog would never have its fur color changed from mother nature’s ways.
    But there are certain people who go slightly too far in coloring and dressing up their Poodles, but if the dog truly likes it then what does it matter to us? Some dogs really do enjoy being dressed up, dyed, and getting attention.
    I must say though, there are those that force their animals to look ridiculous, and some really dislike it.
    I must have to say though, the colors presented here are not accurately named. For one, in the AKC breed standard book there are no real names for the colors of the breed. And lastly there is no dog that is actually ‘white’, white is usually considered cream since no dog on earth would ever be born and live it’s life with perfectly white hair, no matter how clean the dog stays, unless you artificially dyed the animal, even then it would never be perfect. So white and cream have virtually no difference.
    I have been professionally handling dogs and I came across this message and hoped that this would give you some tips.

  16. BellaRoo says:

    Smarty- The docking was intended to be used on the dog for good reasons.
    I highly doubt it will be banned because it reflects the breed’s history. As long as dog shows go on, docking will go on.

    Please, everyone read on AKC.com about the breed.

  17. BellaRoo says:

    And even if this dog was originated in Roman times, there were still humans there to breed it and manipulate the breed. Every dog breed (besides wild ones) has been tweaked by mankind in some way.

  18. emma j. howie says:

    I tried the wibsite and found that it is actually AKC.org. I already knew most of the information personally but if someone does not know about poodles it would be very informative. I found a book from Animal Planet Pet Care Library it is called Poodles! It has a lot of good info about the veterinary, grooming, exercise(and more) care. It is by Amy Fernandez. Hope this helps someone!

  19. Maggie says:

    we just got a phantom min i thin its a rescue but looks closest to the phantom

  20. Chrissy says:

    I have had poodles my entire life. THey are a smart, beautiful breed.

    Right now, I have two standard poodles, one red and one brown. Terrific family dogs, they are very quick learners, and don’t shed.

    From what I am reading, they are also very effective retrievers.

  21. poodlelover123 says:


  22. Jane Murphy says:

    I have 5 standard poodles who all share my home alongside my family. I have found these comments very interesting.

  23. Yen C. says:

    I love my Kloti so much.. He’s a Black Miniature Poodle, He’s so smart and lovable.. He always wants to play w/ me. Naughty but we love him..

  24. peggy b says:

    I would love to have a phantom poodle like the one pictured. I haven’t had a dog since I was a teen but I’m finally ready to snuggle up to another one. Can to you tell me where to find one?

  25. POODLELOVER says:

    I have a poodle thats name is sassy and she is soooooooooo adorable and we use to have a dog named Jessie and she was a standerd poodle. our dogs name that we have is sassy! shes a toy poodle! :p :) so this website is the bomb i go on it evry day

  26. POODLELOVER says:

    i see cool animals evry day! :)

  27. POODLELOVER says:


  28. POODLELOVER says:

    HEHE :}

  29. POODLELOVER says:


  30. Miss Nomer says:

    Aimee is correct in saying that poodles are not a product of mother nature. No domestic dog is. We’ve selectively bred them for certain tasks or looks for many hundreds – or in some cases thousands – of years.

    I personally dislike the practice of dyeing/ dressing up/ docking/ ear cropping dogs. I think in most cases it’s cruel and in all cases it’s unnecessary. Why breed a dog to look a certain way and then modify it with surgery or chemicals?

    I also dislike the idea of “breeds” and “pedigrees”. The whole notion is quite ridiculous. All dogs are dogs. They’re all one species, splitting them up into little distinct groups and breeding only within these groups creates unhealthy animals with disgustingly homogenous gene pools. Eventually all dogs of the same breed look like clones of each other with little to no differences in personality. Why would anyone WANT a pet like that? Why not just buy a robot instead, it would probably cost less.

    The worst offenders are the breeders that breed for looks alone with no thought to function and health – from these idiots we get disfigured breeds like bulldogs – requiring help delivering its pups as the heads are so abnormally large, can barely breathe, cannot walk or run properly and has a plethora of genetic disorders. Other malformed breeds include daschunds (many back problems due to unnaturally elongated spine), any “toy” breed (immune sensitivity, weak skeletal structure), and the “smushed” face breeds: boxers, bulldogs, pugs etc (not enough space for nasal passages, tongues, sinuses causes respiratory ailments and heat regulation issues) In extreme cases like this breeding for looks is horrendously cruel, anyone claiming to be an animal lover who buys one of these breeds is deluding themselves.

  31. MUFFIN1963 says:

    I have a 6 mth old parti toy black and white poodle , before him we had a silver ( was black when we got him as a pup ) 2 year old, he was loved by us all , but we moved and he ran onto busy road and we lost him only a few weeks after moveing . He will be forever missed.

    I dont think docking of tail is needed in this day and age, but I have nothing against putting pink purple or green etc on white poodles to pretty them up, its special dye it doesnt hurt them , so if the owner wants to why not, they look so cute and im sure they know how good they look , Poodles are so smart and wonderful dogs, I use to have mini foxies but from now on its poodles and esp love the way they dont shed.

  32. kat says:

    The “silver” poodle appears to be a blue poodle. Silver are a light platnum grey while blue are a darker steel grey sometimes with lighter highlights on the head and legs. Blues usually start off black and turn blue by the time they turn 2. Silver usually turn silver by the the time they are 12 weeks old. Some breeders don’t know the difference and will mistakenly call a blue a silver. I have a blue though my breeder tried to tell me she would be a silver even though she was almost black at 12 weeks with a few highlights showing she would change to blue later. Here is a real silver http://www.poodleforum.com/attachments/poodle-rainbow/26177d1341283901-silver-poodle-thread-img_0146.jpg

  33. Ivey says:

    I have a small brown poodle. We did not get him fixed. We did not get his tail docked. We do not send him to be groomed. We do brush his teeth. We cook him fish and broccoli each day. We make him carrot mango smoothies every morning. We cut his hair each month, carefully with small blunt children’s scissors. We treat him like he a full family member. He adores us, and we adore him. To us he is the best dog in all the world. When we have a conversation he understands us. He just has to go to heaven with us……..

  34. Pita says:

    I have a 6 month old SP that was all over chocolate for about 3 months but is turning a brownish gray. Her face is almost white. She looks like a totally different dog, but is the most adorable light of our lives. In fact, her name is Joy!Does this sound like a phantom? We are new to the breed and didn’t know they change color.

  35. Terry says:

    Pita – sounds like she’s going to be a silver. Some colors are not dominate till they are older. Phantom poodles are black and tan in color. Yes there are white poodles…cream is a very pale faded apricot genetically (watered down color)

  36. Sarah says:

    The “brown” ones listed are actually technically called chocolate. I have a chocolate parti standard poodle and everyone thinks she is a mix because they have never seen that kind of color before as they are pretty rare.

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