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Funny Dog Pictures

By Paige

Daydreaming Dog

Image from devilsdocry

If there is a creature with a sense of humor, it is the dog. They can be serious, but more often it seems they prefer to be the joker of the animal world.

We look through a lot of dog pictures and that means we see a lot of good shots.

Here is a collection of the funniest dog pictures we’ve seen in awhile.

Dog on a bike

Hey, who didn’t start with training wheels?
Image from Ronn ashore

Dog Vs. Snowman

Dog Vs. Snowman
Image from ohad*

Dog swimming with swan chasing

Ahh, a little help here?
Image from Grant MacDonald

Dog on a motorbike

Getaway driver
Image from Yann!s

Dog jumping

I’m sooo happy to see you!
Image from kangster

Dog kiss

I got smacked
Image from BL1961


Image from Olaf

Happy Dog

Big smile for the camera

Bat Dog

Na na Na na Na na Na na Bat Dog!
Image from r0sita

More Giggles?

If these gave you a chuckle, never fear there are more on the way. Keep an eye peeled for part 2. Until then, why not check out some dogs in sunglasses for a laugh?

3 Responses to “Funny Dog Pictures”

  1. Tamra says:

    I love funny doggie pictures. I raise Irish setters and really liked the one on the moped. Our web site has many dog breeds on hand towels, kitchen towels and aprons too. This brought a smile to my face today!

  2. Oh that’s so funny. I can’t stop laugh =))))))))))))))))))

  3. Tyler says:

    The pictures are funny. The one which has dog riding bicycle is interesting. Thank you.

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