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Whatever Happened To White Dog Poop?

By Paige

Anyone remember white dog poop? We do too, it brings back nostalgic memories of childhood and playing in the park.

Seen Any Lately?

When was the last time you saw (or almost stepped in) a white pile? It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Although this is a strange mystery to pursue, the answer is perfectly logical.

As it turns out, diet is the defining factor.

Back In The Day

Meat and bones used to comprise a large part of the domestic dogs diet, as a result their poop was rich in calcium. After a few days, water and organic components evaporated from their poop and what remained became dry, hard and turned white with calcium.

Diet of Convenience

Today’s dogs are fed from bags, tin cans and packets, with the occasional table scrap thrown in. None of which are natural. Dogs these days rarely consume enough calcium to create the whitening effect on their poop.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Do your own experiment, throw your dog a bone or two, (preferably beef, don’t feed your dog chicken bones) and see if it gives you a taste of bit of childhood nostalgia for white dog poop.

68 Responses to “Whatever Happened To White Dog Poop?”

  1. Burnt african says:


  2. Russian Commie says:

    In Soviet Russia, calcium eats dog!

  3. asy says:

    white shit

  4. That looks yummy-liscious.

  5. fishboy says:

    actually the thing about chicken bones is a fallacy.
    chicken bones are fine,as are any other bones,as long as they are raw.

    believe it or not dogs are evolved to eat raw food
    as in the wild they do not have the secret of mans red fire,and they do not have access to tinned dog or even dried dog food

    cooked bones can splinter,in a dangerous way,raw bones do not.

  6. Ugly United-Statesian says:

    Great comments – entertaining and even informative (dogs not having the secret of man’s red fire, nor access to tinned or even dry dog food in the wild).

  7. Angry Conservative says:


  8. Bumhole Smells like Facehole says:

    I used to dress my dog in cute little Hitler outfits. A neighbor complained, so I stopped. Now he poops a range of colors.

  9. American Dreamer says:

    White dog poops are great in soups. They add a nice mellow flavor to most roadkill stews too.

  10. Trumpetard says:

    I want to eat Donnie’s golden poops of wealth and intelligence!

  11. Griffin says:

    My dogs regularly eat raw bones, including chicken bones which are perfectly safe if uncooked, and never have any white poop.

  12. Anal Fungus says:

    But.. I thought it was anal fungus.

  13. PooP expert says:

    white poop matters (WPM)

    don’t discriminate, white and brown poop are equally important; just different

  14. Jon says:

    This proves “white privelege” is old shit.

  15. I’ve never seen white poop, because if I don’t pick up my dogs shit out of the yard every day, my father beats me with jumper cables.

  16. white shit -- typical says:

    in *my* country, we used to shoot nazis in the head.

  17. The lone adult says:

    Cool cool cool just a bunch of tired and lazy racist jokes. I really love the thought and effort you each put in to regurgitating them.

  18. Lilt the Catto says:

    I love daddy Rory.

  19. I used to feed my dogs exclusively raw food. My English Mastiff would eat a whole raw chicken in 8 minutes. His poop was always white, never smelled bad, and generally would dry out and blow away in a day or two. Much healthier too!

  20. Canadian Nihilist says:

    I’m stuck on the comment from “Raped Canadian” left in 2011. Is it a literal reference to a rape that you cannot get past, or is it a Aboriginal thing that is meant to provoke thoughts on genocide of culture? …Or could it be that we Canadians are still held under the monarch? It would be great to know why that’s your name.

  21. White guy says:

    This is where my people originated!

  22. Poopiebutthole says:

    I would like to add that, (most), dogs today are inbred slaves who’s only purpose is to entertain and soothe the suffering of humans and these dogs have (d)evolved beyond recognition of what they used to be in the wild. Fucksake some breeds can barerally breed or breathe properly.
    So yeah.. hooray humans!

  23. Hairy Latvian says:

    In my country we are cook white shit and pretend is potato.

  24. DICKHEAD says:

    This is my Breakfast.
    Eat Dogs

  25. DontMatterIfRaw says:

    To the idiot who says they feed their dogs chicken bones regularly as long as their not cooked, it doesn’t matter. All it takes is 1 splintering to fuck up your dog, not a lot over time.

  26. Tummy Ache says:

    I ate a white dog shit as a double dare when i was 15, it was so dry.

  27. ScatFetishist85 says:

    mmnnn… that’s a real good poop….

  28. Kardaki says:

    I knew a boy used it as chalk, very talented artist. Bring these retro art tools back!

  29. where the fuck am i says:

    how did i find this webpage what the fuck even is all this

    what am i doing with my life

  30. My dog has no nose says:

    Kardaki made me wander, do you think poop-chalk smells like Picasso?

  31. KansasSings says:

    All they pooped was dust in the wiiiiiind! Ohhhh hoooooooo!


    Yummy! Not as spicy as brown shit but more nourishing.

  33. Bleedinganusbuttfart says:

    Is there a character that could even possibly EVEN TOUCH Madara Uchiha? Let alone defeat him. And I’m not talking about Edo Tensei Uchiha Madara. I’m not talking about Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara either. Hell, I’m not even talking about Juubi Jinchuuriki Gedou Rinne Tensei Uchiha Madara with the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnegan doujutsus (with the rikodou abilities and being capable of both Amateratsu and Tsukuyomi genjutsu), equipped with his Gunbai, a perfect Susano’o, control of the juubi and Gedou Mazou, with Hashirama Senju’s DNA implanted in him so he has mokuton kekkei genkai and can perform yin yang release ninjutsu while being an expert in kenjutsu and taijutsu

  34. Rebekah L. says:

    I was concerned something was wrong with my dog because I see white poo around. I only clean up the poo once every other week or so so I guess in that amount of time, the sun turns them white. She eats a raw diet with bones ground in.

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  37. wellwupdeedoo says:

    Chalk in dogfood also acted as a kind of doggy toothpaste.
    Dogs had bright shiny white teeth back in the ’70s.

  38. Modern slave says:

    My dog eats lots of toothpaste, so he allways has white poop. Thats great, just like living in the old days.

  39. big fat dong says:


  40. SirBaconLeNarwhal says:

    As a leading Reddit moderator of Atheism, Philosophy and TIL, One must assume that this compunction of theist ideology of a “god” (notice no capital letters) is nothing but the same white rigid feces which we currently cast our eyes upon. Nither has one ever seen such a bare faced lie right infront of ones face, I would say I was rather offended but i’ll leave that to the femenists (joke for my fellow enlightened redditors 😉 Let me just finish my lecture by adding that I am currently a single male, I am 5’9 (6′ with my authentic samurai sandals) I am a muscular 230lbs and I am cultured in the fine arts of far east culture. If any ladies would like to give me a call then I will happily reply with a light quip, with a small glass of expensive brandy in one hand and a cigarillo in the other. My username is /u/gallowboob

  41. NiceGuy22 says:


  42. niggers says:


  43. Now watch me whip,
    Now watch me Nae-Nae ..

  44. DoTheStankyLeg says:


  45. 1970's says:

    Ahhh nostalgia!

  46. Steven Boyle says:

    jesus man thats fucked up, makes me wanna get wrecked on loads of drugs hahaha

  47. QuarterPrice says:

    What in the fuck are these comments? How did any of you find this page? Did Any of you get here cause of Yogscast – Moon-quest? This whole comment thread is so weird…

  48. Big dumb nigger says:

    Fuck black people

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  50. Claire todd says:

    I love white dog pooh,
    I cook it in my stew.
    I love white dog pooh,
    I hope that you do too.
    Im not so keen on brown,
    It really makes me frown.

  51. Uneducated German says:

    but at least I’m not a nazi like everyone in AfD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Shot to set out and blue on and five seconds now we know right now we have from this oh i mean in this situation right the unless it’s free damage.

  53. Ligma says:

    Wowowlwow this is new species of dog shit ?

  54. Calcium says:

    “Fuck yall, I’m done”

  55. AWeirdUserNameLikeEveryoneElse says:

    What the fuck these comments have killed me, Someone said he’s 5’9 (6′ with his authentic samurai sandals LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO)

  56. My mummy says there are no real monsters. Only the giant turds that come out of my gaping anus.

  57. Would you like to spurn me with a sausage mallet?

  58. A freak! A freak! Spake they at the day seminar when I called my friend ‘Rubber Jonny’

  59. Look. All dog shyte is evil. Eat it.

  60. Dave Lumps says:

    You can find my latest research on white dog shit in part two of my posts about it.

  61. whitebuttrip says:

    I just ripped a white fart and it puffed out a cloud like steam looking thing

  62. Hitlolf Adler says:

    Hapi 2020 to all purebloids. May al ur poopies be the brightest of white just like ur children’s skin xxxxx

  63. RedRidingHood says:

    Do all of you here know each other? Because man, times have passed, and you all seem to get it in the same exact way. I understood very little, but laughed my arse off.

  64. Davros says:

    I thought it was because now days It gets cleaned up so it don’t get a chance to sit there get mouldy a go white and even sometimes white hairy mould

  65. monster energy drink says:

    black lives splatter

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