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Homeless Dogs

By Paige
Homeless man and dog

Image from wvs

We’ve all seen (and passed judgement on) the homeless guy on the street with his dog. Many think it is terrible that a man or woman without a home should allow an animal to suffer with them.

Who Are We To Talk?

Considering the amount of animals at overfilled animal shelters and the number of cases of animal neglect and starvation we see every day, these dogs have it pretty good.

We’ve never seen a homeless person with an animal that was in particularly bad shape. In fact we imagine dogs represent the best friends some of these folks have ever had.

It’s not hard to imagine that the people and the animals that society doesn’t want anymore should find solace in each other. We are doubting that any of these people want to be on the streets, before passing judgement be sure to consider what it’s like to walk a mile in their shoes.

Homeless Dogs & Their Best Friends

Homeless man and dog

Image from daveblume

Homeless man and dog

Image from liber

Homeless man and dog

Image from Syowoe

Homeless man and dog

Image from relapsed nun

Homeless man and dog

Image from Franco Folini

Homeless man and dog

Image from BL1961

Homeless man and dog

Image from Franco Folini

Homeless man and dog

Image from preciouskhyatt

Homeless man and dog

Image from colros

Homeless man and dog

Image from viewerblur

Homeless man and dog

Homeless man and dog

Image from Orfgen

What’s Your Take?

This is bound to be a controversial topic, what do you think?

67 Responses to “Homeless Dogs”

  1. Retta says:

    What wonderful people these are! Their dogs eat what they eat (“from their master’s table”) and their dogs are not lonely or abandoned during the day or night because their masters don’t leave to go to work, shopping or socialise.
    These wonderful and beautiful people care for their dogs faithfully 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    Now what kind of world would it be…if everyone were to love their dogs like this?
    May God bless them all :)

  2. cristian says:

    yeah but these dogs i believe need a better home :( but i do like how there masters care for them alot more than them selves at least

  3. Devian says:

    The point is that these dogs would not have found a better home; there are more dogs then there are people who want and can afford dogs. If they weren’t with these people they would just be strays.

  4. Ray Holley says:

    You do not get to choose who you love or who loves you. Unconditional Love does not have a list of qualifications you must meet, nor boundaries or restrictions. Dogs don’t judge you for who your are, where you’ve been or what your potential is. They just accept. Animals are the Master Healers of the Soul. We should all be so lucky in this life to feel loved.

  5. olly g says:

    The other thing not noted here is that a night it gets REAL cold on the street, and having a dog to hug and get warmth from, really makes such a difference and actually saves lives.

    Also another thing not noted here, is often it is the dogs who choose the human friend (don’t like the word master/owner)…the dog, most of the time, homeless beforehand (most of the time it was NOT the case that somebody became homeless and brought their dog onto the street with them) will start to follow the person, especially if they’ve given the dog a bit of their food…and thats often how the lifetime friendship occurs… to say these dogs need a home – i’m sorry – dogs cant build houses and so its not natural for them to be inside a house anyway…

  6. I never used to care says:

    But I guess life changes people. How America can allow this to go on is beyond me. I’ve learned to hate Republicans and Democrats equally, and how the people we send to Washington can ignore this while padding thier own pockets is simply unacceptable. We have the resources to end this, yet we choose not to. Dog or not, every being wants to be loved. Americans really suck. We keep telling ourselves we don’t and how we’re so great, but we’re really not. We’re very selfish and that needs to change.

  7. Huskylover says:

    This is very sweet. With the horrors countless dogs face in the homes of abusive owners, squalid kill shelters, or puppy mills, being a homeless person’s companion is hardly the worst thing that could happen to an animal.
    It’s clear in many of the photos how much love these people and their animals share. Really beautiful.

  8. Melanie says:

    I feel really badly for both of them, the owners and the pets. We should work with those who want help to get off the streets. I understand that some are into drugs and won’t stop right now. Others really did have bad luck, left abusive situations, or got mentally ill. That’s not their fault. It’s wrong to allow this to go on. And I actually have no problem with their having dogs. As pointed out, most of them are probably already homeless anyway. At least they find some love.

  9. wolf_canis_lover says:

    very deep. dog, the best friend of humanity!

  10. chanyaha says:

    um how much a shitcwe cast

  11. Mike says:

    A dog is a pack animal, so roaming the streets with a homeless person is probably very rewarding for them as well as the person. I would much rather see a dog on the street with a homeless person then penned or chained up in someones backyard never getting out. Every homeless person I ever encountered with a dog always seemed to cherish and love that animal more than anything.

  12. SUPARNA says:

    I believe that animals are far better than we human beings specially when it comes to dogs!! we should learn fron them how to be faithful, honest and love unconditionally.when we are in bad phrase of life we realise that ppl around us starts to vanish but we will never find our dogs doing the same no matter what ever happens but they stay till the end with us. I SALUTE ‘THEM’.

  13. Frenulum says:

    A dog you see on the street with a homeless person is probably perfectly happy, well cared for, and most likely well satisfied with its life. Dogs have been bred for centuries to work alongside humans, and homeless dogs have important jobs to do, 24/7, right along with their human or humans. Just because a dog doesn’t have a plastic kennel to sleep in doesn’t mean it’s cold, unhappy, or unloved. Most homeless dogs I’ve met are much better behaved than domestic, at-home dogs – calm, patient, and watchful.

  14. Kathy says:

    Isn’t it amazing how the love of God reaches every person…. through the love of a little animal, no matter who they are, or what their situation is?

  15. emily says:

    that is soooo sad the people have friends or some body tom talk to i bet they keep them happy i hope they get a better home….

  16. rafael says:

    what i dont like about people is that they always say,”homeless people should get a job”,dont you people understand that most of them are homeless because they cant get a job anywhere,nobody wants to give them a job, but i do agree there is some people that are lazy to work but many of them try hard in life to have a good life but life betrades them,many of them have kids and a wife/husband but they go broke for some reason and their kids leave them and there wife/husband doenst want to be with him or her no more, and they end up in the streets.
    About the dogs that so great that even if they berly have food,they share with mans best friend,they have their best friends with them,the ones that wont betraded them,the ones that will always be with you no matter what,dogs dont care if your ugly,pretty,rich,poor,if you have problems,you give them your heart and they will give you their’s. god bless this people.

  17. Brianna says:

    well i think that u should not say “homeless dogs”!most homeless dogs are living in the U.S.A!!!!Won’u go o ut their and buy a dog!!!!!!they need homes .save the poor dogs!!!!!!!!……

  18. Zack says:

    I would like to start a foundation to help them but dont know were to start eney ideas???

  19. Paige says:

    Hi Zack,

    Perhaps the best way you can help is by contributing or donating to a shelter or a charity that works with homeless people. :)

  20. gabriela says:


  21. Pama Walker says:

    I see all the pictures show healthy dogs. Look at the people thats moving and get rid of them like their gabage.They may not have a roof but you can tell they are truly loved.

  22. awww i lovee dogs i have 4 (: its soo amazingly sad how dogs are like abanded and homeless dogs ):

  23. Rachel Brian says:

    These dogs have all they need, food, water, shelter, and love. Though i agree we should help their owners finacally but this doesn’t mean we should take the dogs away from their homeless owners. Their dogs are the only thing they have, it would just be worse to take this from them. By giving their owners help we would be giving the dog help, but by tearing the love and friendship apart it’s not helping anyone.

  24. marielos says:

    Lord Knows, He sends a Guardian Angel to take care of Homeless people, After all this kind of Dogs are on a mission from God. Bless them all

  25. david says:

    my wife and i have been homeless for fouteen weeks i am 62 we were made homeless due to a family row but we did not go into a hostel because the hostels would not take our two dogs and cat they are all well looked after well fed and happy they show no signs of distress the cat and dogs spend all day and night with us they are well excercised even the cat has a walk about in the night but recently we had to stay in a hostel due to ill health the lady there let us keep the dogs in the car at night the rest of the time we spent with them but neighbours there have reported us to the sspca who have now called out twice they wanted us to hand over our animals to her she said they would be rehomed and that when we found ourselves a home we could always get another pet we could not believe that remark we thought they believed a dog was for life anyway we refused to give up our dogs and cat she will probably call out again but we will just have to leave the hostel people do care about there animals you do not get rid of them because you are going through hardship

  26. Paige says:

    Thanks for sharing your story David & cheers to you for holding on to your pets. They will always be much happier with the people that love them, regardless of financial circumstances. The best of luck to your and your family (furry members included).

  27. MTArtchic says:

    I think the love between these people and their dogs is very evident and I can’t imaging anyone saying the dogs deserve a better home. Of course I would love to see the dogs and people alike enjoy more comfortable surroundings, but the connection they share is much more important. I’ve seen plenty of wealthy people who don’t deserve the company of a dog because they are treated like accessories–a pair of shoes they eventually get tired of. In these pictures, you can almost feel the love and admiration that each have for each other. We should all be so lucky to have that connection with another living thing. šŸ˜‰

  28. shweta says:

    its a good thing atlest people love sweet dogs n every human being also help those kind of dogs give them sheltter.

  29. lauren says:

    awww pooor dogs people could atleast give them money to the poor man and the dog to get a nice warm house instead of just walking past them and dont care about them …. just think when it is winter and it is frezzing cold and people are all covered up and warmmm i thinkkk people should help him and take them to a homless homee ….

  30. Ray Holley says:

    “He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, and his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.”

  31. Liza Null says:

    Well it could be worse; these animals could be locked up in a cage all day in a beautifully-appointed condo, with nothing to do, nothing to look at, no one to interact with. A dog’s needs are simple, and the most beautiful “home” in the world is often the one that provides NO LOVE for a dog. So, next time you look at a homeless person with their dog, and think to yourself, “Oh, the poor thing! It has no home!” Think again. Think about all the poor dogs who belong to stupid yuppies who
    “crate” them all day, bladder hurting, legs trembling from clenched muscles from NO EXERCISE, so lonely, and ask yourself, “Which dog gets the better care?”

  32. Evin says:

    These dogs are very lucky because dogs don’t need coats, shoes, fancy food.. All they care about is love. And these people provide them what all they need: LOVE… I wish the best for these people and their best friends.

  33. Kaye says:

    I think that a person who has no home, barely has food to eat, and clothes to cover his/her back is a wonderful person for having plenty of love for a dog which also has none of those things. A dog needs love and companionship and that is what they are providing. And I’m sure that the dogs fulfill their already difficult lives by returning the same unconditional devotion and loyalty. Neither of them will ever be alone, and home is where their hearts are.

  34. robyn says:

    my heart aches watching this,but these dogs are so loved,although i live in a home i understand these people,sometimes all we have is our dogs and pets,although these people would be better of housed who are we to judge,the love between them and these dogs is unconditional,unlike some humans that dont know what love is…….

  35. Francine says:

    I tried to contact you personally through your site, but couldn’t get it to work.
    Just letting you know I’ve used one of your photos with a link to your site. My post was about the homeless. Thanks for a good post!

  36. lizeth says:

    Aww They Are Cute And I Love To Have A Dog But, I Can’t Cause I Have A Dog Already :(

  37. Lene says:

    I think that it’s sweet, that inspite of being homeless and having to worry about where their next meal is coming from they make sure that their dogs are well taken care of…it’s wonderful that a person even though they don’t have a job or home could care so much for his or her dog. I think that the homeless has lots of love to give, and some of them treat their dogs better than some people who have homes and jobs. The dogs of the homeless are truly blessed to have their masters, and their masters them.

  38. Em says:

    This is the most heart breaking pictures I have ever seen!!!!! I don’t really think you choose the dog, the dog chooses you. If you get a dog and the dog hates you, the dog will be living a poor life and dogs don”t deserve to be treated like that. We have already taken the dog away from its mother what else can we do to hurt it. Its just not humane to judge against dogs! These people love there dogs more than ever because that is the only family they probably have!!!

  39. Ernie Carico says:

    My favorite place is Key West, FL. I used to think that it was unfair to see the homeless using a dog to beg for money. Playing music and the dog joins in but now I have changed my mind. This page is wonderful. All a dog wants is food and love and gives so much in return. I just lost another dog to cancer. It kills me. I just miss them but ALL DOGS GO TO HEAVEN. I think I need another member of the family here. My problem is vets. They may be kind but they prey on human emotions and are too well paid. Cant blame people for wanting to be wealthy but how many pets are not adopted because of the cost of the vet. They are on the top of the list of well paid docs. I live on a farm and if it wasnt for the high price of vets I would adopt at least a few dogs. I love them all.

  40. heads off to those people who are not that capable but proves that there is still humanity in this world. i have no words……………..

  41. Tcorpus says:

    The dogs are very special, if not for the homeless taking them in (off) the streets almost, they more then likely would have been put down. If you want to help these dogs then help their owners. How much more these people could contribute to the world if given the chance , just look how they have share the little they have with another living thing that accepts them and passes no judgements to their past or present situation , just to their ablity and desire to care for them.

  42. yesa says:

    Well I actually agree with cristian they BOTH homeless and dogs need a nice and warm house… But if the society dosen’t want them anymore…. That gives then hope… To both animaly and persons… Homeless persons they don’t have a house to go.. So the only family that they have are the animals how are in the same position.. I believe is a beautiful thing that animals and homeless people are soo dedicated to the only family that they have..

  43. jayme says:

    this is soo sad D:
    ive i feel so sorry for these ppl

  44. dimebag4ever says:

    Here a story from Holland, I met a homeless man in Holland, he was walking the streets with his dog he saved out of a shelter on death row, they were together for half a year and the dog always looked great. One day he asked me if I could take care for the dog for 2 days because he wanted to sleep in a shelter for a couple days, he could not take his dog there and he was ill, i did, but he had to go to hospital with pneumonia and after visiting him in the hospital for 2 weeks, taking the dog with me, they said goodbye, the dog is with me now for 2 years, but still likes it best to sleep outside and we can walk the streets for ever, he loves it, can never get the street out of my dog, and Jesse will be in our hearts for ever…

  45. jamie says:

    its not right i think you should only be able to have a dog if you can afford it…….

  46. The homeless are not only without a home but many of them are without purpose, hope and the company of loved ones which is the worst thing that could become any person, homeless or not. The humble dog is man’s best friend and no matter what, the dog will do what they can to help man. We could all learn a lot from the humble dog. Keep doing all that you can for the homeless and the dog as it is the small things that we do for each other that amount to a greater good for all.

  47. khaila says:

    i think that awl dogs should be loved like these people love theres…..dogs are special to them <3

  48. VICKIE WAGNER says:

    I think a heart is a heart and we all have them, no matter where we place are heads at night. If someone has the love to give to a dog and the dog loves the person we have no business judging anyone. Life is tough for so many people right now, and we need to start honoring people and not judging them.

    I will honor all people and dogs that I see and pass no judgement,pass this on and remember it :)

  49. Larry says:

    I think it is the dogs themselves that are the saviors in these pictures. When you look at these people they have nothing by society’s standards.They have a million reasons to give up roll over and die,yet every day they wake up again and fight to suvive.I think knowing they are responsible for anothers life gives them the will to get up each day and try.Who is really saving who here? Maybe angels are real,maybe they are here among us, maybe …they are DOGS.

  50. Katherine says:

    I agree that the dogs probably get plenty of love from their owners. But what will they do if something happens to the dog, something potentially life-threatening that requires a visit to the vet? They would be SOL there :(

  51. Judy says:

    Heartbreaking, especially for the human, maybe not so much for the canines. These humans want/need love and the canines provide that. Hopefully the homeless humans can give the canines what they need too–food, warmth, security. What a cycle of hoped for love/need/want.

  52. Annie Clark says:

    As long as a dog has its pack-mates it ISN’T homeless!
    “Home” is not a building- it’s a place in the Heart.

  53. peter greenall says:

    these pictures really piss me off…..the dog is being used as a tool to pull on the heart strings of people.
    and anyone who thinks i am wrong…i spent 2 years as a freelance volunteer fighting to set up a project for homeless people in Wigan Lancashire England. it took 2 years hard work, fighting the local authority and government to get the project commissioned.

  54. Mohammad says:

    Tear may God bless us ! the number of homeless people have got increase last years, perhaps it’s one of the signs for the last day ? God knows !

  55. JunKee says:

    The guy at the bottom doesn’t look homeless
    he has a nice watch on with nice clothes and a swell
    handbag I know looks are deceiving but come on

  56. Andrew says:

    That last guy defiantly isn’t homeless.

  57. Margaret Espinoza says:

    I live in a city where there are an abundance of homeless people with dogs. After doing a lot of research on this subject for a class paper. I found that most homeless dogs are treated better than dogs that have homes. Not to mention that these dogs are out all the time with their human friend and not bored at home with no one to keep them occupied or loved. These “homeless dogs” are lucky to have a constant companion and such unconditional love from their human friends. Also, dogs are animals and I think they enjoy being outside instead of being locked-up in the house. I leave the back door open from the time I wake-up to the time I go to bed for my dogs, They both prefer to spend most of their time outdoors and of course love going for long walks.

  58. jacob says:

    just thimk without there dogs most of these people wouldnt have anything to be with that will be by there side and to keem company

  59. Hellain H says:

    please post this: I agree that the dogs have more love than they may receive in a “proper” home for one reason: their owner depend on them as much as the animal depends on the owner. They have a true bond. Most People are lucky to come across that even once in a long lifetime. Loyalty, love, what human being can repeat the attributes of a dog? And one more thing, dogs instinctively do two things that many people do not: They are and demonstrate unwaivering loyalty and even a dog can feel shame.

  60. Ace.Symetric says:

    These look like happy dogs! So many “family” dogs are tied out away from the family, forgotten with no companionship. That is a terrible, lonely, frustrating fate for a dog! I would pick one of these homeless people any day. Their dogs probably provide the only unconditional love and companionship these people ever get…and the dogs get to be with their person all the time. A match made in Heaven.

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