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Famous Cartoon Dogs

By Paige

SnoopyThroughout the years there has been some great animation, both for us and our kids.

Many of our favorite animated characters have (or are) dogs.

We all have one we like the most – a favorite cartoon dog that captures our hearts. Which one is yours?

We put together a list of as many as we could find to help make the decision easier.


Asto appeared in the 4th episode of the Jetsons when Elroy found him and had to convince his dad to let the family keep him.

Voice By
Don Messick


A groundbreaking preschool television series, Blue’s Clues was created through extensive child development research.

Voice By
Traci Paige Johnson


Brian Griffin
Brian is the snarky, martini drinking dog from the Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane uses vocal modifications when he voices the other characters – but Brian is his actual speaking voice.

Voice By
Seth MacFarlane


Clifford was the runt of the litter, until he grew up, to over 25 feet tall. Forcing the his family to leave the city for more room.

Voice By
John Ritter

Deputy Dawg

Deputy Dawg
The The Deputy Dawg Show was about a deputy sheriff in the Mississipi bayous and his trials and tribulations keeping the peace.

Voice By
Dayton Allen


Every good stone age family had a dog and The Flintstones were no exception. Dino was known for being a little hyperactive but very sweet.

Voice By
Jerry Mann


Richie Rich is the richest boy alive, it makes sense that he has a dog with dollar symbol spots.

Voice By
Frank Welker

Droopy Dog

Droopy Dog
Droopy Dog is a droopy jowled bassed hound with a slow drawl that belies the sharp wit behind it.

Voiced By
Bill Thompson
Tex Avery
Daws Butler
Don Messick
Frank Welker
Richard Williams


Goofy is Mickey’s best friend and well-known for his silly logic and clumsy antics.

Voice By
Pinto Colvig
George Johnson
Bob Jackman
Hal Smith
Tony Pope
Will Ryan
Bill Farmer


Wallace & Gromit is a claymation series about an inept man and the silent dog who keeps him out of trouble.

Voice By
Gromit’s emotions are conveyed by body language


A minor Looney Tunes character, Hector can usually be found attempting to protect Tweety from Sylvester the cat.

Voice By
Frank Welker

The Hound

The hound from Fox & The Hound found that in the end friendship wins, even if it is with an unlikely friend.

Voice By
Kurt Russell

Huckleberry Hound

Huckleberry Hound
Huckleberry Hound speaks with a slow drawl and can’t seem to find anything he is actually good at.

Voice By
Greg Burson
Greg Burg


K-9 is Marvin Martian’s dog in the Looney Tunes cartoons and helps his master in his bumbling attempts to thwart Bugs Bunny.

Voice By
Frank Welker


Lady & The Tramp is a story about a high class cocker spaniel named Lady who falls for a stray.

Voice By
Barbara Luddy

Mr. Peabody

Mr. Peabody
Mr. eabody is the genius dog from The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show, who is usually shown with his rather dull boy, Sherman.

Voice By
Bill Scott


Odie is Garfield’s arch nemesis, a slobbering ball of fur with not much going on upstairs.

Voice By
Odie doesn’t speak – he just slobbers


Pluto is Mickey Mouse’s faithful dog and unlike Goofy, he is portrayed as a pet.

Voice By
Pinto Colvig
Lee Millar, Sr.
Jimmy MacDonald
Bill Farmer


Ren & Stimpy is known for its potty humor and creepy characters. Ren is a Chihuahua with a serious attitude problem.

Voice By
Billy West
John Kricfalusi

Santa’s Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper
Santa’s Little Helper was a rescue from the greyhound track that the Simpsons took in at Christmas.

Voice By
Frank Welker
Dan Castellaneta

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo and his gang solve spooky mysteries. Scooby’s characteristic speech patterns bear a striking resemblance to those of Astro (above).

Voice By
Don Messick
Scott Innes
Neil Fanning
Frank Welker

Scrappy Doo

Scrappy Doo
Scrappy Doo is Scooby Doo’s nephew and where Scooby is timid Scrappy is feisty and full of vigor.

Voice By
Lennie Weinrib
Don Messick
Scott Innes


Charlie Brown’s dog in the Peanuts comic, Snoopy proves himself to be smarter than the whole gang.

Voice By
Bill Meléndez


Also referred to as Butch and Killer, Spike is the arch nemesis of Tom in the Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Voice By
Billy Bletcher
Daws Butler
John Stephensen
Lou Scheimer
Dick Gautier
Maurice LaMarche
Frank Welker
John Di Maggio
Michael Donovan


Sprocket is the faithful dog in the Jim Hensen Fraggle Rock series. He sees the fraggles, but never seems to get Doc’s attention in time to prove it.

Voice By
Not found

The Tramp

The Tramp
In the story of Lady & The Tramp, the Tramp is a stray who falls for a high class girl dog.

Voice By
Larry Roberts


Most of what Underdog says is in rhymes, he’s the clumsy, rhyming, doggy superhero.

Voice By
Wally Cox

Whil E Coyote

Whil E Coyote
Another member of the Looney Tunes family, Mr. Coyote is full of bright ideas that always seem to turn sour.

Voice By
Mel Blanc
Joe Alaskey
Dee Bradley Baker
Maurice LaMarche


Jack Skellington’s faithful dog in Nightmare Before Christmas, Zero has a jack-o’-lantern nose that glows to light Jack on his antics.

Voice By
Zero wasn’t much of a talker

Missing A Cartoon Pup?

If I’m missing your favorite dog cartoon charactor, be sure to let me know so I can add them.

194 Responses to “Famous Cartoon Dogs”

  1. Bender says:

    How about Preston

    Preston was Gromis arch enemy in Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave

  2. johnny says:

    the dog named doger from oliver and company

  3. beth says:

    i love cats HAHA!

  4. zo says:

    lol cats they fogot santas girlfriend lol

  5. Emerald Greene says:

    Goofy!!!!!! Goofy’s a dog? I thought Pluto was a dog and Goofy was some mutant dog. Pluto walks on all fours Goofy dosen’t. Explain how he is a dog.

  6. Tim says:

    How about Bitzer from Shaun the Sheep.

  7. Dave says:

    Huckleberry Hound was originally voiced by Daws Butler.
    Dino from the Flintstones was originally voiced by Mel Blanc.

  8. Will says:

    what is the name of that dog that appeared in several cartoons like Hanna Barbara or whatever Deputy Dog is. I can’t remember his main one, but he might have been Deputy Dog’s dog… if that makes sense…. He didn’t speak, and went around grumbling “rack ’em frack ’em”, fake cussing… and had a wheezing sinester laugh???

  9. Manmeet says:

    what about Snowy from Tintin??? :(

  10. Will says:

    Ooooooh k…. nevermind….

  11. Kelly says:

    Will the name of that dog is Muttley

  12. G says:

    Question.Who was the cartoon dog that would point at his mouth for a snack to be thrown in going “AH,ah,ah,ah.ah!”He would wolf it down.Then he would fly into the air going”MMMMM!,MMMMM!!,MMMMMMM!!! while holding is fat tummy and then float down like a feather going “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  13. Judy says:

    How about Dug, from Pixar’s film, “Up”?

  14. Bob says:

    Not “Up”, this dog was from the 60’s. Please let know his name, it’s driving me & my wife crazy.

  15. Judy says:

    Bob, you are talking about Snuffles, from Quick Draw McGraw I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zldJlUSJ9OI

  16. Liam says:

    Will I think you are thinking of Muttly “not sure if correct spelling” but he was Dastardly’s dog.

  17. Katlin says:

    and there is Frisket from Reboot And the sheep dog from Bugs bunny

  18. Sandi says:

    Great site. . . how about COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG . .:-)

  19. Olivia says:

    Penrod Pooch from Hong Kong Phooey!
    And Emerald Greene, You are getting fussy about Goofy being a dog, but you accept Dino as a dog? DINO is a DINOsaur. Not that I have a problem with this site calling him a dog because he is the Flintstones version of a dog.
    Also, you described him as a “mutant dog”. A mutant dog is still a dog.
    Explain how a dog can be a superhero? Explain how a dog could order bombs and traps from ACME and set them up to kill a bird? Explain how a dog could be a Deputy? Explain Explain Explain


    Sorry I got so irritable. I just had a baby and I’m still a little hormonal.

    Anyway you should add Ponrad Pooch from Honk Kong Phooey to the list. :)

  20. Olivia says:


  21. ethan says:

    how about dynomutt from dynomutt, dog wonder. he was the blue falcons sidekick

  22. gary smith says:

    What about Chopper and Yakky Duck?

  23. jen says:


  24. Karan says:

    What about Chester, Spikes friend

  25. Becky says:


  26. Melody says:

    Hey, what about Bolt from the movie:0)

  27. Melody says:

    Bolt from the movie was a great dog!

  28. Ann says:

    What is the name of the dog that would bop around in some of Bugs Bunny skits and be like an anxious friend?

  29. Rowlins says:

    The voice of sprocket was Jim Henson.

  30. person says:

    The hound’s name from Fox and the Hound is Copper. Trust me, i know. I named my dog after him.

  31. lucas says:

    what about charlie barkin and itchy from all dogs go to heaven

  32. malak says:

    how about: marmaduke, brain, dogbert & courage the cowardly dog?

  33. Cindi says:

    G asked a question back in Oct 2010, about the dog that floats into the air. Can’t find the answer. What is that dogs name PLEASE?????

  34. David says:

    Judy, how did you EVER remember Snuffles???

  35. Kris says:

    Did anyone mention Barclay from Sesame Street? He deserves a shout, don’t ya think?

  36. Kris says:

    Sorry- I think it’s Barkley

  37. Roger T. says:

    What about Charlie B. Barkin from All Dogs go to Heaven? He is a badazz dog that shows his soft side in all of the movies. He is voiced by Burt Reynolds in the first one and badboy Charlie Sheen in the second movie.

  38. BeastieBalls says:

    Auggie Doggie and Doggie Daddy. Also Hong Kong Phooey.

  39. Hopie says:

    what about freakin gir from Invader Zim!….. even though hes really a robot…. I LOVE GIR!!!!! XP

  40. Christina says:

    Looking for the name of a cartoon with a Tramp-like dog named pete. I think it was “The Adventures of _________. It was out around the same time as the biskitts. Anybody know? It’s not Pete and Pete.

  41. Christina says:

    Other great dogs include 101 Dalmations, Scuffy and the dog from the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

  42. I Say says:

    Pluto an Goofy is the best of all.

  43. cw says:

    what cartoon had two dogs. one that would say “right” and the other would say “sah right”

  44. snakey says:

    person’s got Copper right, so I’ll throw in another forgotten favorite…who besides me remembers Amazing Stories and their most famous episode, “Family Dog”? :) http://www.toontracker.com/familydog/familydog.htm He’s never given a name that I know of, and I have a stuffie version of him somewhere in my vast pile of aging plush toys to this day. “Quivering, snarling white-hot ball of canine terror” anyone?

  45. StBernardMama says:

    What about Bolt? & Wyle E isn’t a dog.. he’s a Coyote.. in the dog family.. but not a dog.

  46. Cmontecristo says:

    What about the 90s cartoon “two stupid dogs?”

  47. Join the event ‘Save the cartooned dogs’ on Facebook!


  48. K says:

    G: You are talking about Precious Pup!

  49. Wendy says:

    Pudgy – Betty Boop’s dog.

  50. Stephen Rhodes Treadwell says:

    If you listed the hound from The Fox & The Hound why didn’t you list the fox? They’re in the dog family, just like coyotes are. Did you not know that?

  51. Masha says:

    What about that pup, that lived with rabbits? What movie was he from?

  52. Fivetone says:

    What is the name of the cartoon that featured the dog packs and the mean one saying “chicken dog”?

  53. Apilef says:


  54. Fred says:

    Add Hot Dog, Jughead Jones’ fluffy white companion. Also, where’s Snowy from TinTin?!

  55. Sophia says:

    what about the cut puppy named Sammy from How the Grinch Stole Christmas…..

  56. Myles says:

    Well i think Courage the cowardly dog and cat-dog should be in there =)

  57. Myles says:

    and also who can ever forget 2 stupid dogs, sam sheepdog (loonytunes), charlie dog (loonytunes), mark anthony (loonytunes), slinkey (toy story), spike (tom and jerry), max (the grinch), auggie doggie and doggie daddy, and spunky (rocko’s modern life) can you tell ima huge dog lover =)

  58. Leonard says:

    Anyone know the name of a 60s or 70s cartoon dog that wore a red beanie? He seemed to be like a stoner.

  59. Dino says:

    How about Bandit from Johnny Quest?

  60. shil says:

    Add VEENIE from Oswald

  61. ryan says:

    What about Yuck? The dog that was so ugly he had to wear a doghouse on his head.

  62. Omg says:

    I think you’ve missed literally 101 dogs, Dalmatians to be exact!!!

  63. Audrey says:

    How about Goliath from Davey and Goliath.

  64. Christine says:

    I’m trying to remember the name of the dog character that was droopy/hairy/saggy that could switch its head and its tail. Do you remember which dog that was? He was my favorite!

  65. Wanda says:

    What about Ruff from Dennis the Menace

  66. mgotts says:

    As mentioned, Bolt & Balto, two dogs that are the title character in their own feature-length film.

    Pongo & Purdy from “101 Dalmations”

    What about Max from “The Grinch That Stole Christmas”, the Grinch’s dog that pulls the sleigh.

    My favorite: Bandit from Johnny Quest.

  67. LeAnn says:

    How about the Colonel and his dog Belvedere from the cartoon “Dog Gone South”… Colonel: “Oh Belvedeah…..come heah boy!” The way he called that dog always made me laugh!

  68. Steve says:

    Where’s Chopper from Yakky Doodle?

  69. Gson says:

    Ladybird from king of the hill.

  70. Robin says:

    Do you remember a cartoon dog that had a gambling problem and tried to be good all the time but had a flea of some type on his shoulder and when it bit him the dog would say ” I want to bet, I want to bet?” My brother has been searching for this answer for months! Thanks.

  71. rene says:

    the name of a dog witha red tie with a funny face,, nobody remember its driving me crazy

  72. Jim says:

    Olivia —
    “Explain how a dog could order bombs and traps from ACME and set them up to kill a bird?”

    It was not a dog — he was Wile E. Coyote. Get it, “Coyote”.

  73. panchgani says:

    i have named my dog Panchgani , it a place name but some how i like this name very much

  74. Linda says:

    What was the name of the animated dog, probably from the 70s but maybe not, who said the word “flower” so it sounded like “flar”?

  75. Tyler says:

    I named my dog Taz! From looney tunes. He was bugs bunny’s dog!

  76. dimitrijon8 says:

    Great website about the cartoons

  77. eric says:

    what about goddard from jimmy nuetron

  78. bruce says:

    on quick draw macgraw there was s dog named snuffles,that would do anything for dog biscuit.

  79. tabitha says:

    i have a few:
    krypto the super dog
    batman’s dog from krypto the super dog
    little dog and big dog from two stupid dogs
    spike’s son from tom & jerry
    the two dogs from looney toons buster and spike
    the wolf from shrek
    the puppy from betty boop
    the old dog who’s leg got broke from the fox and the hound
    odd’s dog from code lyoko
    max from a goofy movie
    pete from mickey mouse
    p.j. from a goofy movie
    the dog from the little mermaid
    the group of space dogs from kyrpto the super dog
    dog from cinderella
    furniture dog from beauty & the beast
    lady from the bearstain bears
    talking dog from powerpuff girls
    dog who stole pooky from garfield

  80. Scott says:

    And we left out MAx why???? You know the Grinchs dog….

  81. kaci cunningham says:

    Mighty Manfred, Tom Terric’s dog!

  82. Kit says:

    Spike from the Rugrats?

  83. Don says:

    Don’t forget Max, the Grinch’s dog. He was great!!

  84. Jim says:

    My dog takes offense! Dachshunds are underrepresented. No Augie Doggy and Doggy Daddy. No Little Dog (or Big Dog for that matter) from 2 Stupid Dogs

  85. Kelly says:

    What about the Grinch’s poor little dog that loved Christmas?

  86. Makkayla says:

    ;)he’s here.
    got 2 go.

  87. Bill says:

    What about that one movie…
    i forgot what it’s called…
    but it was when a wife and husband were having sex and their dog walks up to the couple and they quickly get up and then the dog (Buddy) goes to the woman and starts humping her. then when the dog goes to the living room, the couple starts making out and gets naked, and starts having sex again.

  88. Bill says:

    I’m sorry to say that movie was rated r.
    i just like dirty movies….

  89. Example says:

    bolt should be there………..

  90. Example says:

    and also i don’t think goofy is a dog

  91. Bev says:

    Who was the dog that Jumped up in the air and as he slowly came down criss-crossed his legs and hugged himself right and left, at the same time saying hmmm,hmmm,hmmmm ? I don’t believe it was Snuffles, I think it was a different dog.

  92. just me says:

    wow you guys know alot about cartoon dogs. :) try this one please.

    a tan yarn dog the yarn is neat with a blue ribbon on him

  93. Manda says:

    How about Muttley?
    From Dastardly and Muttley?

  94. beachbunny says:

    How can Bolt be missing from this list? How about slinky dog?

  95. kaya says:

    im looking for a cartoon i used to watch as a kid (early 90’s i think the main dog was called doogle? it had other talking dogs in it and they would steal sausages etc lol if anyone knows the name please let me know :))

  96. person says:

    what about dukey from johnny test

  97. M. Garcia says:

    How about Hong Kong Phooey????? He should be on this list. Crime fighting dog with the help of his striped tabby cat sidekick named Spot.

  98. M. Garcia says:

    How about Snoopy??????

  99. Joel says:

    Where’s courage the cowardly dog , he deserves to be on the list

  100. dic heaf says:


  101. @person aww thts cute u have a hound named copper says:

    What i just said up there

  102. woofestlover says:

    Aww no woofest the dog his names woofest

  103. Tayron says:

    What about Dooky from Johnny Test

  104. Rose says:

    What about the sant pups? They are dogs so lol anway my fav dog is blue

  105. kayla says:

    what about ruff ruff man<3

  106. Steve Lawson says:

    Nobody knows for sure what Goofy is, but “dog” seems like the closest possibility.

    Also, how about Super Dog!

    BTW: great site — Just what I was looking for.

    I suggest you add a way to upload pictures of Cartoon dogs, then people could fully augment this post with their comments.

  107. N & O P. says:

    How about Mungo from Mary Mungo and Midge.
    Also Hector from Hectors house.
    (Dear old Hector).

  108. stray says:

    So nobody remembers Porkchop from Doug & how about Jake from Adventure Time? Great site…

  109. stray says:

    And Poochie from The Simpsons’ “the Itchy & Scratchy show”!

  110. Lucy McManus says:

    i like odie the most

  111. i love fox and the hound reminds me of my childhood

  112. Darrell says:

    Dick dasterly’s “muttley”
    Or tin tins “snowy”..?

  113. conrad says:

    what about simon’s sister’s dog/ Oscar from the simon’s cat videos and books

  114. P says:

    This is well good but weres bolt in it it can be a bit rubbish and Wat about dug from up

  115. Dyasten says:

    What was the animated cartoon about 2 wolve groups? There was a good group and a bad group. The leader of the bad ones has a scar as far as I can remember. I think it was from the 90’s or the 2000’s

  116. pat says:

    Tige-from Buster Brown
    Pete the Pup-Little Rascals
    Spuds MacKenzie-Bud
    Fleegle-Banana Splits

  117. Jimi B. says:

    Ahh…Another one missing is McBarker from Mr Magoo!

  118. dianne g. says:

    What was the name of the dog that would hug the missile and call it Dasiey, late 50’s early 60’s?

  119. Michael says:

    Magoo has been the name we have loved for our Maltese

  120. joy says:

    what about the pound puppys
    i cant remember there names

  121. ana says:

    That dog that was also half cat. Catdog. What a bizarre cartoon. So many others are missing but I’m not going to mention those what have already been mentioned in the comments. Either way, it’s probably not easy to think up all of them, it’s a decent list which got people going on whichever ones were missed. Yay fictional dogs!

  122. ana says:

    also I thought that little dog from Mulan was super cute…

  123. ana says:

    Little Brother!!!

  124. Chris says:

    I am trying to remember the name of the dog who wore a straw hat. He was guarding either chickens or sheep. Talked in a southern drawl. Used sentences like “there is a fox in the hen house”. Like eating chitlins and hog jowels. I believe it was a loony tunes cartoon

  125. Christina says:

    What a fun site.

    How silly is the Goofy debate? Goofy is as much a dog as Mickey is a mouse, Donald is a duck, Horace is a horse, and Clarabelle is a cow. Pluto and the little female dachshund are representative of their canine companions. I mean, com’on. What is a mouse without a pet? :-)

    Thanks to all for the walk down memory lane.

  126. Christina says:

    Yay! I finally found the cartoon that I have been searching for since 2011. No wonder no one coule help me. I made a slight mistake in the question.

    The name of the cartoon was “Puppy’s Adventures” featuring 5 dogs Petey, Dolly and a couple of others. It was a Saturday morning cartoon and I had the coloring book. (Smiles)

    Oh, yeah…And I think “The Biscuits” deserve another mention.

    Thanks again to all ya’ll.

  127. Linda says:

    There’s no need to fear……….Underdog is here

  128. Jon says:

    I remember a cartoon, back in the 60’s, with 2 dogs in it, I believe one of them was named Schnoops or something like that. The other dog, a smaller one, spoke with a sort of lisp, that’s why I think the first dogs name is Schnoops. The littler one would say something like: “Hey Schnoops, what are we going to do today?” I’m thinking it was a Hanna Barbara one, but not sure. I would like to know the name of the cartoon, because I named my pup Schnoops after it. Thanks in advance for the answer.

  129. Wanda says:

    Hello all Great site..
    Go Fleegle… but I am here to add weight to this question posted by::
    kaya says:

    October 7, 2012 at 2:24 am

    im looking for a cartoon i used to watch as a kid (early 90?s i think the main dog was called doogle? it had other talking dogs in it and they would steal sausages etc lol if anyone knows the name please let me know :) )

    Further to her comment I am looking for a UK cartoon I think.. its about a boy with an old english sheep dog that has several dog friends that talk to each other and has political over tones as there is a irish terrier talking about the IRA and waveing the flag stopped soon after they signed peace papers over there…

    not sure if some cartoon but sounds similar

    any help please people .. great site glad to have found it..


  130. Wanda says:

    P.S. I am from New Zealand and It aired here on TV in 86..
    Happy New Year one and all..


  131. cat says:

    you forgot catdog

  132. jenny says:

    hey!!! wat about courage the cowardly dog he is more famous than them

  133. hope says says:

    how about Lassie who didn’t grow up with her saving the day. or Rin Tin Tin. Or how about Cat Dog he showed up on the list for being half cat shouldn’t he be on this list for being half dog

  134. anthony Scott says:

    You all mentioned a lot but how about Oblio’s dog Arrow and the Goofy Gaurds Yippy, Yappy, and Yahooie

  135. RTS says:

    Kipper (and Tiger). From the kids series. Popular for parents with small children in the UK and USA.

  136. CWFang says:

    ok how bout a full list of what i think you missed

    the full dog cast of all dogs go to heaven 1,2, series (charlie B barkin, itchy, sasha, carface, killer, annabelle, gerta, bess, belladona)

    the road rovers (hunter, colleen, blitz, shag, exile)

    fox and the hound (dixie…. ok dont remember the other’s names)

    house pets dogs (peanut, sasha, king, fido, bino, bailey, fox)

  137. Cris says:

    Uh how about spike from the rugrats

  138. Lisa says:

    Trying to think of this one big dogs name, I think he was a great Dane and looked kind of like Scooby Do. I think I would remember if I saw the name and i didnt see it mentioned.

  139. jhondevera says:

    Wow! you got a list. Besides being a great researcher and writer, I bet you are a very good dog owner.

  140. Leah says:

    Why would goofy not be a dog. i mean look at him what else could he be. So what is there to explain? He more if a dog than dino is. dino thinks he’s a dog. and And Wile E Coyote.is up there because he’s in the dogdog family along with wolves. Coyotes bark,growl,howl, and bite. you could call hjm a dog so why shouldn’t be up there with the rest of them. the only things thag

  141. Leah says:

    Anyway i think you should put spike from tom and jerry. but don’t forget about his son. 😉

  142. Leah says:

    How about spike son? See spike but not his son.

  143. cassie says:


  144. Rebecca says:

    What about puppy brute from rainbow brute cartoon.

  145. Rebecca says:

    That was supposed to say rainbow brite and puppy brite

  146. Rebecca says:

    You also have Sam the sheepdog from Looney tunes,loyal heart dog from the calendar cousins, buster the slinky dog from toy story, field from the Muppets.

  147. Rebecca says:

    That was supposed to say the care bear cousins

  148. Rebecca says:

    And rowlf from the Muppets

  149. Bulldawg7 says:

    Precious Pup…
    What dog would squirm and grit his teeth while the kitten prepared his “nap” spot on the dog’s back….then nestle down to sleep while purring on the dog’s coat

  150. Amy says:

    Ok maybe all of you dog people can help me. I have googled this repeatedly but can’t find an answer. Looking for a little white dog with a long pointy noise, maybe a black ear and black nose? If memory serves he’s pretty modern, and pretty small, and pretty quiet. Sooo sweet and cute. Any ideas?

  151. Old Grandma says:

    To answer all the questions about the dog floating in the air after getting a dog bone, there are two answers, both from Hanna Barbera. Snuffles was the dog on The Quick Draw McGraw Show, and Precious Pupp was the dog with Granny Sweet on The Atom Ant and Secret Squirrel Show.

  152. Robert says:

    Nobody mentioned “Fleegle” and “Drooper” from the TV show in the 70’s – “The Banana Splits”.
    The opening song went like this:
    Fa la la…. Fa la la la. Fa la la. La la la la!

  153. Bonnie S says:

    I’ve been looking for the title of a preschool cartoon that has two giggly, very competitive, football jersey wearing twin bull dog brothers. I best remember as always play fighting and saying, “me first, me first”, then always giggling. My son loved those two characters as a child. The cartoon might have aired between 2002-2004.
    I just cannot remember their names or the name of the cartoon.

  154. Dranse says:

    Pork Chop from Doug and Poochinnie from PoochinnieAnd Strawberry Shortcakes dog

  155. Dranse says:

    Spike from Rugrats

  156. Dranse says:

    SCOOBY DUMB (SCOOBY Doos’s Cousin.) SCOOBY’s mom dad too.. and the Secret 7 (puppies from SCOOBY doo cartoon)
    The Pound Puppies
    I’m searching for a cartoon that has a dog that drives a car and he’s all white with very short hair and a black solid ring around one eye.. I thought his name was cu Joe but I was like 8- when I seen it .. I’m 389 now.. ANY THOUGHTS?

  157. Thanks in favor of sharing such a pleasant idea, post is good, thats
    why i have read it fully

  158. Saad says:

    There was this cartoon dog whose name I can’t remember. He was a round, fat dog that hung around this kid dressed like a superhero. The kid had no superpowers but wore a yellow and green outfit. Anybody remember?

  159. MARY says:

    Am looking for name of small white dog with pointy nose who lived with a family that ignored him. He wanted to go outside, but instead the little girl dressed him up, the mom fed him food he didn’t like so he spit it out in her slipper. The mom and dad got to arguing so the dog took a whiz at their feet. They finally put him out to his relief.

  160. Tiffany says:

    How about the puppies in the old movie scruffy?

  161. Mimi says:

    Bonnie S: the dogs are from timothy goes to school

  162. AlfredWefs says:

    ??? ?????? ???????????? ?????? ???????? ???????? ???????????, ?? ??? ?????? ?? ??? ?????, ?????? ??? ??? ???????? ????? ??????????, ??????? ?????? ????? ???? ?????????? ????? ??????????? ???????????? ????????. ???????? ????? ?????? ? ??????????? ?????? ???????????? ?????

  163. Iiane says:

    What was the name of the blue dog that had a son. the son would say “………… dear old dad of mine”

  164. andrew says:

    You should put on most of the characters on the secret life of pets like max,gidget, etc…

  165. Hollie says:

    Trying to remember the name of a cartoon where a dog watched a baby all day and the baby would always be getting into danger. The mom would come home and pat the dog on his head? Anyone remember this? I want to say 90’s?

  166. Klar says:

    Rts from 25 feb. Thank uuu so much!!

  167. Diana says:

    Who was the kinda roundish white dog with the really skinny legs? I have no idea what cartoon he was from, just a picture of him in my head, sorry I can’t describe him more.

  168. Marie R says:

    Hi everyone! i’m looking for a dog which had a flashy red nose( when he found a clue I think)a sort of hound.Late 70’s early 80’s.I’ve done 4 websites,Wikipedia but nothing.The story happened in the Everglades they used a fan-boat, and one of the sheriff was named Gopher I think. Thanks .

  169. Mary E says:

    What about brain from inspector gadget?

  170. The Shadow says:

    What about ‘Reddy’ from ‘Ruff and Reddy'(Ran 1957-1960)?

  171. Kochanie says:

    This post is over five years old, and no one’s thought to correct the author that Sprocket isn’t a cartoon? He’s a dang puppet!

  172. Renee says:

    Does anyone remember the cartoon dog from the late 50’s/early 60’s that walked around saying “worry worry worry”?

  173. Joe says:

    Augie Daddy and Augie Doggie had the phase “desr old dad of mine”

  174. Lisa says:

    Paddle foot from Clutch Cargo. I believe he was a dachshund

  175. Cindy says:

    What was the name of the dog from the 70’s or 80’s cartoons that was either a cop or detective and would use his ears as propellers? Please post a pic also if you can find one. Thanks so much!

  176. Mason says:

    You forgot Bimbo from the 30’s, he was Betty Boop’s boyfriend

  177. Tom Zurn says:

    Are we forgetting Sweet Polly Purebred?

  178. Dan says:

    What cartoon was it that had that hillbilly talking dog with an underbite and it said “When I get ta thinkin’ of food, I think of Grits, and squeezin’s , apple drippin’s etc..
    I must know! :)

  179. Stanmoreijd says:

    ???????,??????????! .

  180. Me says:

    Was this a short lived cartoon back in the 80’s? I remember the dog as gray but could be wrong. I think it had a nintendo or sega game too….

    “Am looking for name of small white dog with pointy nose who lived with a family that ignored him. He wanted to go outside, but instead the little girl dressed him up, the mom fed him food he didn’t like so he spit it out in her slipper. The mom and dad got to arguing so the dog took a whiz at their feet. They finally put him out to his relief.”

  181. Ken Reaburn says:

    McGruff the Crime Dog.

  182. Josephrip says:

    friendly passage chap

  183. Emily K Miller says:

    I would add the Bassett hound and Blood Hound from the Aristocats movie. Napoleon and Lafayette!

  184. Feltmann says:

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  185. Ann K says:

    How about Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life..If it’s not up there!!!

  186. Rick Mint says:

    I would add:
    Spotty Dog from The Wooden Tops (although a puppet).
    Alistair from Crystal Tipps and Alistair.
    Sweep & Butch from the Sooty Show (also puppets, but appeared as cartoons in comics).
    Dill the Dog from The Herbs [im a dog called Dill, ou ha, ou ha]
    Snoopy’s brothers & sisters, Spike, Belle etc.
    Rowlf from The Muppets (you’ve got his son).

  187. Rick Mint says:

    Fred Basset

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