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Dog Head Types

By Paige

Dog Head Types
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Different Dog Head Types

Apple Head
Domed skull with a smaller snout.

Examples of domed head breeds: Poodle & Chihuahua

Blocky Head
Head is cube shaped with blunt upturned nose.

Examples of blocky head breeds: Boston Terrier & Boxer

Domed Head
Round top skull with slight convex of the nose.

Examples of domed head breeds: Cocker Spaniels & Rottweiler

Broken-Up Face
Upturned nose with a deep stop and an undershot jawline.

Examples of broken-up face breeds: Pekingese & Bulldog

Down Face
A deeply convex profile from the top of the skull to the tip of the nose.

Examples of down face breeds: Bull Terrier

Dish Face
High set nose with a slightly concave muzzle profile.

Examples of dish face breeds: Pointers & German Shepard

Snipey Face
Long & thin with a pointed muzzle.

Examples of snipey faced breeds: Saluki & Greyhound

4 Responses to “Dog Head Types”

  1. Kim says:

    I hope every shelter in the country will get this info. I wish they would just stop guessing the breeds. Or at least try to be a little educated when doing it.

  2. shaun leach says:

    Helo i have bred and owned poodles (all 3 sizes)for 25years and they DO NOT have a domed head!!!!. A Poodle and chihuahua have completley different heads shapes.

  3. Rachel Guy says:

    What shape do schnauzers have ?

    Is the shape of the head – taking in to perspective the ear shape?

  4. Shannon says:

    What about Pit Bulls or Doberman head shapes?

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