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Dog Dreams of Running

By Paige

Click to see VideoAny dog owner can tell you that their dog dreams.

They whimper, yip, twitch, grunt and you know they are dreaming about doing something – don’t you always wonder what it is?

This dog doesn’t appear to wake up right away, even after he is on his feet.

6 Responses to “Dog Dreams of Running”

  1. LMAO says:

    LMAO….thats funny

  2. Sporbie says:

    Lol he got a boner at the end.

  3. me says:

    I hate when that happens…

  4. sporbie is retarded says:

    thats his tail not his dick

  5. wolf_canis_lover says:

    sometimes my pitbull barks while sleeping

  6. LOL O GOD! XD says:

    That’s funny as hell XD But I hope he didn’t damage his head o_o I too thought that was his dick [LOL AREN’T WE PERVS XD]I wouldn’t have realised that it wasn’t if that dood hadn’t said it wasn’t x3
    Though wouldda been a massive dick omg X3

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