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Clever Dog Advertising

By Paige

Clever Calgary Zoo Dog Ad

Dogs are funny animals by nature and we’ve never met one who didn’t fancy themselves a comedian.

Perhaps that is why advertising aimed at dog owners (and sometimes non-animal types too) is often quite clever, if not downright funny.

All In One Place

We did some research to found some of the funniest dog advertisements out there, and put them all in one place for your enjoyment.

Clever Frontline Ad

Clever Dog BMW Ad

Clever Pedigree Ad

Clever Pedigree Ad

Clever Pedigree Ad

Clever Pedigree Ad

Clever Dog Law Firm Ad

Clever Dog Ad

Clever Cesar Ad

Clever Cesar Ad

Clever Science Diet Ad

Clever Happy Dog Ad

Clever Puppy Chow Ad

Clever Iams Ad

Seen Something Even Funnier?

Be sure to let us know so we can add it to our collection.

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